Kairos Heads into Final Episode 16 Still as Tightly Written and Tautly Executed in Near Perfect Dramatic Form

I have recommended plenty of K-dramas that started off well and fell apart, and sometimes so horribly it’s like falling off a cliff, getting revived only to be smashed to pieces again. It’s just the worst because you invest so much so the disappointment is magnified. This year’s most underrated drama is likely going to be MBC Mon-Tues thriller Kairos, the only one to attempt time-shifts and do so without flailing. This drama is my precious under the radar watch, it’s so good when I watch each new episode its such an immersive experience and I feel like I’m genuinely surprised along with leads Shin Sung Rok and Lee Se Young when their characters learn new facts and come up with new tactics, whether in the month prior or in the month later selves. Episode 15 is bringing everything to a head, from the present day machinations of the selfish wife which set everything into motion with her orchestrated kidnapping plot to the real baddie and secret of the Chairman actually committing mass murder for his own personal gain. I love seeing the characters gain agency, learn to adapt, and still plow forward to try and change their fates but without making things worse in a different way. If you’re confused please be, and then come join us to watch this most excellent thriller drama.


Kairos Heads into Final Episode 16 Still as Tightly Written and Tautly Executed in Near Perfect Dramatic Form — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve been meaning to watch this. I start EP1 but I can’t quite finish it and find myself moving on to another drama. Maybe I’ll try again after I watch the first episode of Secret Royal Inspector.

  2. rating wise its a big F….l…O…P. koreans chose to sleep than watch kairos? lol
    Lee Se young and Shin Shun Rok had no star power? the dramas rating was at 2%-3% range only. and the rating had decreased in the last episodes.

    • Regardless of ratings, the drama is excellent and highly praised but imo it got buried under highly anticipated mega makjang Penthouse which premiered on the same day and the time slot overlap.

    • joane takes pleasure in degrading actors and drama its her own way directing her frustration and stress girl need to cleanse her soul and do some activity away from internet

  3. It is sad, very very sad what happened with Kairos, it is so well developed and acted, its plot is so exquisite, this is one of those cases where quality is not synonymous with success, because if people value quality their audience ratings they were much, much more superior

    • What happened with Kairos?! It’s still there for our viewing pleasure and not going anywhere.
      People who care too much about Kdrama ratings, or which actor is better, remind me of female characters who snob each other over their brand name purses and which bag more expensive than the other.
      If people should argue, let it be over the drama’s purpose, philosophy, hypocrisy, misogyny, emotional reach, artistic vision, directing, acting. And not over who fan, stan better actor. They are people not the bags you own.

  4. One of the best time-travel dramas ever. Clearly explained and sleekly executed, not to mention superbly acted. One of the few time-travel dramas where audience could clearly follow the multiple time shifts and still keep hooked.

  5. I liked Kairos, so glad I decided to watch it. It kept me interested and entertained until the very end. Congratulations to the cast and crew.

  6. I’m glad to have choose this drama . It was captiving and actors were good . But you must connect the neurones .I recommend “The uncanny counter” too . If you just want have some fun … you can pass and choose ” My Queen” or ” True beauty” . It’s light and you can do something else at the same time ( i wrote all my greeting cards while watching them )

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