Lee Do Hyun and Go Min So Go From Siblings in Netflix Drama Sweet Home to Romantic Leads in KBS 2021 Period Drama Youth of May

This year’s big breakout male lead Lee Do Hyun had to share the limelight with veterans Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun, and hopefully he learned lots from them on top of his own excellent performance in 18 Again because he’s getting the solo top billing next year. Lee Do Hyun is confirmed for the summer 2021 KBS drama Youth of May, set in 1980 South Korea. Every time I see 1980 I know it’s going to be about Gwangju Uprising and this time it centers around a university student and a nurse who get swept up in the tides of change. Rising actress Go Min Si is confirmed as well as the female lead and when I saw it I just yelled “OMG, they are pulling a Aaron Taylor-Johnson/Elizabeth Olsen!” In 2014 those two played a married couple in Godzilla, complete with smoochies, and six months later in 2015 they played superpowered siblings in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si are currently the bickering brother/sister living without parents in the apartment within Green House in monster mash drama Sweet Home so it’s pretty hilarious casting directors want these two to switch romantic gears. Rounding out the cast is Lee Sang Il and Geum Sae Rok so it’s a very talented group for sure.


Lee Do Hyun and Go Min So Go From Siblings in Netflix Drama Sweet Home to Romantic Leads in KBS 2021 Period Drama Youth of May — 7 Comments

  1. I like Go Min Si. She need more appreciation. She was outstanding in ‘Hundred Million Stars From the Sky’ and ‘Secret Boutique’. Looking forward for her 2 new projects in 2021.

  2. Go Min Si is female lead material? I’ve seen her in love alarm and sweet home. But I don’t know, because of her roles there, I can’t see her as a FL yet. Probably she would change my mind in this drama.

    • @Kara I agree. No hate for her, girl is quite good, but she doesn’t have lead actress aura/star appeal. Let’s see if she can prove us wrong lol

  3. I really like GMS. She was good in Secret Boutique and I was disapointed they didn’t deepen her relationship with the male lead. They were cute together.

  4. Lol. When I first saw them together I already felt the chemistry even their roles are brothers and sisters. Go Min Si’s performance is good in Sweet Home, I like her despite of her rebellious role. It is also my first time watching Lee Do-hyun in Sweet Home, boy was so handsome I immediately fall in love with him.

  5. Loved their chemistry in Sweet Home! I remember thinking that it’s a shame they were cast as siblings so I’m doubly glad that they’ve been cast as a romantic couple. Lee Do Hyun exudes an earthy sexiness without even trying. I remember that he had more chemistry with IU in Hotel del Luna in his limited scenes than Yoo Jin Goo had in the entire drama. It’s a rare quality that many a male lead would give eye and teeth for, and it’s something he has naturally. I admit to being smitten with him. With the right projects, in a few years, he’ll end up being a star. I can easily see Go Min Si in a lead role so I’m glad she had the opportunity. She has an unforgettable face and the acting chops to pull it off. More power to her!

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