Ro Woon Sets Older Noona Won Jin Ah’s Heart Fluttering in New Poster and Preview for Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick

December has been chock full of great new drama arrivals so perhaps it’s smarted to have noona-dongsaeng romance Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick (She Will Never Know) premiere in January 2021. I didn’t think I would be that excited for this drama but I am solely for male lead Ro Woon. He’s the reason I finished Extraordinary You, a drama with a great concept idea but fell flat for me in the second half and because of the female lead. But Ro Woon showed that his acting may be green but he’s built to be an actor, with a very expressive face and commanding a screen with his physicality. Won Jin Ah totally looks taken aback around him in Sunbae, she’s the stand in for all us noona/ahjumma fans who know this younger boy isn’t the right on paper fit but can’t help but be won over by his earnestness.

Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick:


Ro Woon Sets Older Noona Won Jin Ah’s Heart Fluttering in New Poster and Preview for Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick — 6 Comments

  1. you have strange taste, ockoala.
    when everyone think Kim Hye Yoon hard carried Extraordinary Me, you think out the box. It’s okay to be strange.

  2. Baek Kyung made me wartch extra ordinary you. but i has to drop it at episode 2 beacause the female lead acting and voice so annoying…..i cant stand her acting.

  3. Rowoon is really good looking but dunno when I see him act I can’t really feel it(same case like cha eunwoo)..I don’t know why they only seem like really beautiful mannequins who are just there for the sake of it..
    Even in extraordinary you his scenes seemed bland to me although he looked cute..So I don’t know how to feel abt him in this noona seducer kinda role haha

  4. His role in EY was difficult. His character had no background, no familly, no friends, etc. He was just existing without a purpose. His only interest was Danoh’s happiness.
    In this one, it will be easier because he will be able to understand his character. And he will speak a lot.

  5. Ah, Koala, you and me are in complete sync about this. Even if I didn’t adore Rowoon with all my heart prior to Extraordinary You, I still would’ve fallen in complete love with him because of the drama. He truly made that show magical.

    Sunbae is looking better and better with every teaser they’ve launched. Rowoon is the epitome of the brooding, lovesick puppy who’s in love with his noona and even Won Jinah looks at the top of her game. I’m praying to all the gods that this becomes a success and jet sets his career a la Jung Haein in Something in the Rain.

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