Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon and the Cast of Moon Rising Over the River Send Christmas Greetings

Call it two birds, one stone, as the cast of upcoming 2021 sageuk drama Moon Rising Over the River (River Where the Moon Rises) gave fans a sneak peek at the filming and sent Christmas wishes. It must be so cold to be filming lots of outdoor action sequences right now during December not to mention it’s holiday season so I really hope the cast and crew stay warm and healthy. I’m finding myself really captivated by second male lead Lee Ji Hoon, he’s great at playing that thin line between good and evil as he did in Legend of the Blue Sea and Dinner Mate, and honestly he’s got a baby face but killer smexy voice and vibes. Kim So Hyun looks beautifully in character as the princess who doesn’t mind getting down and dirty to keep her country safe, and I’m going to need more convincing from Ji Soo that he can handle a sprawling sageuk and not come across as a time traveled college bro dropped in life and death warfare.

Christmas Wishes From the Cast of Moon Rising Over the River:


Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon and the Cast of Moon Rising Over the River Send Christmas Greetings — 24 Comments

  1. KSH is honestly owning her character just the way she carries herself. I’m not worried about JS being a weak link because this drama doesn’t look like it’s going to focus on the romance only. LJH and KSH in the same scene will be acting heaven.

    • Sohyun and Jisoo already look cute together and have great chemistry so the romance is already sorted. If this is more focused on politics then we already know Sohyun is going to kickass on her fight for the throne. We stan supportive men and fierce women.

  2. Everyone looks so amazing! She looks so so beautiful! I love the cast! I’m very happy with all the progress pictures and updates we are receiving! March can’t come by fast enough! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. @mewde

    I truly hope it centers on her character throughout the series, she is truly talented enough and deserves great material, so far the writers in some of her previous works have failed to tap her deep ocean of potential.

  4. Filming during Christmas! Couldn’t thank victory contents enough for providing fans contents. It must have been hard filming in winter, take care of yourself sso and the whole casts and crews of RWTMR fighting!

  5. I think this one will fail to attract big ratings because of the following factors:
    1. It is a Weekday drama
    2. Aired in KBS
    3. PD and Writer are not big names
    4. Only So Hyun and Ha Neul are big names in the cast.

    Nevertheless, we do not know what the future holds. This may be a surprise big hit. So, let us see. Moon River, fighting!

    • most of sso’s fans are well aware about these factors, that’s why most them are keeping a low expectations about this drama. nevertheless, high or low rating, we’ll keep supporting this drama from the beginning till the end. hopefully the outcomes will surprise many of us.

      • Yeah. It is better to lower expectations rating-wise. What fans need to focus is the quality of the drama and the character development of So Hyun’s role in the drama.

  6. Imagine looking that pretty even when bare-faced ?
    She’s so simple yet so beautiful! Goddess of Historical dramas indeed! ?
    Wishing all the best for this drama! Can’t wait!

  7. I have observed your bias against Ji Soo. In every article that involves him you never miss commenting about his acting as if he has never been that good. Have you seen Angry Mom? Page Turner? Amanza? and all other dramas he is into? My gosh… you keep repeating the same comments in your articles and it does not escape my attention who is willing to give others the chance to improve themselves. It is obvious that you do not like him/ his person, and not just his acting. As a writer/blogger, you should maintain objectivity in your articles even if they are for entertainment only. Yes, having favorites cannot be avoided but you don’t have to put others down. One bad comment is enough you know. You don’t need to repeat all the time as if rubbing more salt in the wound. Please do not say this is your platform of expression and thus you can write anything you like, but you know, bloggers who write responsibly beget more respect and admiration.

    • @gyspy

      Actually she’s a fan of his acting if you have been following her for awhile. She is only expressing her skepticism on his acting in historical dramas, because it requires a different technique/style. I remember her praising him in past performances such as angry mom and page Turner.

      She is not doing this blog to make money, it’s for her own pleasure and entertainment, also it is a legitimate excuse, that she can say and express how she feels since this is her platform and medium. She can criticize a performance or an actor if she likes, as long as she doesn’t cross the line of personal insults. Just because she’s the owner/manager/blogger doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a right to her own viewpoints and opinions even if we don’t like it. Just gently disagree with her opinion and move on in life.

      • Thank you for your reply. It is all right to comment or criticize, and like what you said, as long as does not cross the line of personal insults. Isn’t repeated remarks in her articles involving Ji soo kind of inciting or sowing dislike on the person and thus, crosses the line…?
        Well, you have your opinion, as she does, just as i too have… and that is the purpose of comment section anyway…
        I just expressed my opinion not merely to defend Ji Soo who i am certain does not even know about this but just to remind about responsible writing not just by current bloggers but even to future writers/bloggers.
        Yes, you are right. Time to move on…

      • Errr…this might not be her main source of income. But there are ads all over the site so she IS making money from the blog.

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