Kim Go Eun Cast in 2021 K-drama Adaptation of Popular Webtoon Yumi’s Cells

Now this sounds like a project way more suitable for Kim Go Eun than her last role. She’s picked her next acting gig and it will be the K-drama adaptation of widely read webtoon Yumi’s Cells. The story is based on female lead Yumi who is an ordinary office worker who grows through love and professional learning and the twist is that we view her life through the cells in her brain. This sounds so much like Inside Out which was a great premise. The drama doesn’t have a network yet but will likely land on cable as the production team is the PD and writer duo behind Queen In Hyun’s Man and Nine: Nine Times Time Travel along with a rookie new screenwriter joining the writing team.


Kim Go Eun Cast in 2021 K-drama Adaptation of Popular Webtoon Yumi’s Cells — 26 Comments

  1. Saw this on Twitter yesterday. But I read there that the writers are: Alhambra writer, Find Me In Your Memory writer, Shopping King Louie Writer and a rookie writer. If true, I wonder how epic this project must be to require all of them. And yeah, the premise does sound a whole lot like Inside Out.

    • Quick one: can anyone kindly recommend some good C and J-dramas? A saram experiencing K-drama fatigue would like to try them out. No historicals. No fantasy. No people flying in the air or turning into animals. Just really good stories set in the modern world. Thanks.

      • I haven’t start it yet but I I heard “Go Ahead” is a great slice of life 2020 Chinese drama and it got a 9.0 rating on mdl

      • Oh cool. Just read up on it and it sounds interesting. A bit long though. Being used to the mostly 16-episode sprint of K-dramas, 46 episodes feels like a marathon. Will check it out though. Thanks, Laura!

    • So many writers, I hope it has a very, very epic theme, when I read that one of the writers was the one who wrote MOA and W, I was a bit scared, but seeing that he is not the only one who will write the script and that this part of a Webtoon, I think I anticipate this drama.

    • There’s a term call skip if you don’t like. Why being rude? She’s actually prettier than most of the actresses. Natural is Kim Go Eun.

    • I might get slander by saying this but she’s the only natural Korean actress who hasn’t done any touch up to her face. The most natural of all. Lol Korean actresses are all mediocre when talking about their acting skills. I don’t see the reason to tell her to quit. One more thing, she’s prettier than all the popular visual actress.

      • Beauty is in the eye of beholder. And to say she is prettier than all the popular visual actresses is really overboard.
        Just my subjective opinion.

      • @Song No need to put down the visual actresses just to elevate Kim Go Eun. And I agree with Ta on, it’s a bit of a reach to say that she’s prettier than them. She’s pretty in her own way, but they’re known as visual actresses for a reason

      • “Only natural Korean actress who hasn’t done any touch up on her face? Most natural of all?“

        Htf do you know that? Are you the exclusive plastic surgeon for ALL the actresses in S. Korea?

        “All Korean actresses are mediocre in acting? Prettier than all the popular visual actresses?“

        Not only do you sound stupid but you also sound like a troll setting up KGE to get hated on.

      • All are mediocre.

        If all of them are mediocre, they wouldn’t be recruited for movies qbd dramas overseas Heck, some of them even won awards from international tv or film events.

    • Like you, there’s an actress that,simply put,I can’t stand. But unlike you I prefer not to embarrass myself by identifying or expressing my opinion of her in a manner similar to yours. I say embarrassed for a variety of reason. The first reason is because it’s insensitive to say in a public forum. Then there’s the fact that mine is a minority opinion. Like Kim Go-eun she has millions of devoted fans. To express my opinion in a similar way, I would be unfairly dismissing someone else’s feelings about an artist. And art is about how it makes you feel. It’s the reason some people sit or stand studying a painting that others move on after a brief appraisal. What you’re doing is not just showing contempt for the artist but the people she gives a good feeling to. Like Kim Go-eun, the actress I don’t care for is mult-talented, considered pretty and even beautiful by some, and had acting skills that appealed to more than one casting director. I say this to show the futility of showing your disdain.
      Aside from the fact that KGE continues to thrive despite your mean assessment, it shows a lack grace and intelligence that you’re unable understand this.

  2. Yo, just saw the first teaser videos for both River Where The Moon Rises and Hong Chun Gi.

    Kim So Hyun in warrior mode is pure fire, y’all! And Kang Ha-neul!

    Hong Chun Gi isn’t as action-packed but still cool. Wondering why the male lead (?) has red eyes.

    Can’t wait for both!

      • Deliberately choosing to use a vulgar term to change her name is a reflection of your own vulgarity, And of course no one can or should have the right to change how you express yourself. If you’re referring to her with that term, I guess it’s for her first movie. It’s just a little over 2 hrs long. The scenes you obviously feel merit calling her a name are but short compared to the length of the movie. That you’re fixated on the more salacious parts says you either didn’t watch all of the movie or you formed your opinion on hearsay. KGE has spoken on this and is aware people have strong opinions. She expected it to be controversial. What didn’t expect or deserve is to be called a “Ho.”

    • Attention seeker fan of Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung. This post is about Kim Ho eun. Have some respect. Annoying. annoying..

      • PamPam or is it DumbDumb? Go eff yourself, love. And her name is Kim Go-eun. Not Kim Ho eun. If you’re going to spew nonsense, at least get her name right. Dumbass.

  3. Finally, At least, I don’t have to suffer to watch her on screen at least once in 2-3 years period. I miss her, and her latest drama is really hard to get through.

  4. @Pampam
    If you don’t have amything smart to say, please SHUT UP. As much as i dislike certain actresses or actors, I won’t simply insult or degrade in favor of mine. You are too much!

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