Queen Cheorin Hits 12.414% Ratings in Episode 7, on Pace to Surpass Mr. Sunshine, Goblin, and Crash Landing on You as Highest Rated tvN Drama

A new record is getting set and I’m getting more interested in following the ratings than the drama itself. It would also be cool to see tvN gain back the throne from rival jTBC. Sat-Sun drama Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) increased in ratings yet again, crossing the 12% mark to hit 12.414%. It’s tied with Goblin as the fasted tvN drama to break 12%, currently the highest rated tvN dramas in order are Mr. Sunshine which broke 12% in episode 11, Goblin that did it in episode 7, and Crash Landing on You in episode 9. I say Queen Cheorin is on pace to become the highest rated tvN drama of all time because it’s 20 episodes the same as Mr. Sunshine whereas Goblin and CLOY were both 16 episode dramas, so there is a longer runway to keep increasing in ratings. It would also take back the highest cable drama ratings crown from The World of the Married, so that would also be nice to see the original cable network powerhouse get back on top in the new year. It’s a bummer that Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) was botched so badly in the directing and screenplay adaptation as Bu Bu Jing Xin really is the best time-travel into another body and fall in love with the King story of all time, whereas Go Princess Go was totally an intentional cheesy meta homage to BBJX. Alas, I’m glad to see this talented cast got a good PD because this drama is so fun to watch.


Queen Cheorin Hits 12.414% Ratings in Episode 7, on Pace to Surpass Mr. Sunshine, Goblin, and Crash Landing on You as Highest Rated tvN Drama — 24 Comments

  1. Shin Hye Sun is the whole drama, I try hard not to ff to see only her scenes…Kim Jung Hyun is a great actor but I still not care for his character

      • I 100% agree, I never found him appealing in his previous work but his acting yesterday was impressive. He really took over the driver seat, I can’t wait to see him more as a lead.

      • I 100% agree, I never found him appealing in his previous work but his acting yesterday was impressive. He really took over the driver seat, I can’t wait to see him more as a lead.

  2. It’s currently at #11 on the list of highest rated cable dramas of all time. And this is just seven episodes in? Damn. Watch out WOTM, Mr. Queen is really coming for the crown! Off to watch this episode now. Will be back with my thoughts.

    • The King got some good scenes this episode. But I still find the character bland and missing that spark. That standoff scene was supposed to make him look badass but I was just rolling my eyes like whatever. Byeong In and Prince Yeongpyeong looked more badass to me. (My opinion, I’m entitled to it. Don’t come under my comment to tell me you disagree. I don’t care.)

      The concubine. Does she truly love the king? Or does she just want to be queen? Or something else, I wonder?

      So the queen dowager wants revenge? Okay.

      Replacements for the queen on standby? Man, the Grand Queen Dowager and Kim Jwa Geun are wicked to the bone. And I love it!

      So Yong is resurfacing? More secrets to be revealed? And that preview?

      Okay, sh/t’s about to hit the fan!

  3. Kim Jung Hyun owned this episode. His acting was superb and the audience loved his performance. His character development and brilliant acting skills were the stars today.

  4. I feel like KJH is not getting the recognition he deserves. SHS’s character obviously is more entertaining and fun to watch,but we have to give KJH his credits too. I’m very sure we wouldn’t be able to bear the portrayal of the King’s character if it was acted by someone that cannot hold his own. KJH facial expressions is gold. He is perfect for this role.

  5. I thought of binge watching this drama bit couldnt now i m crying becoz waiting for the next episode is killing me
    Awsome drama great acting
    I initially watched chinese version but tell you this korean version is 100times better for me

    • The Chinese version is low budget parody when they even do their make up by themselves. Crude adaptation of the novel while Mr queen is a TV polished version, I think both is good at their own merit since they kinda fall into different genre. the Chinese version is like indie web drama parody of historical drama

  6. I think it’s a long shot for Mr. Queen to dethrone World of the Married, because it exceeded 12% at episode 4 and hit 18.5% at episode 7, and its finale rating of 28.4% is just too high to reach at this pace.

    What I find likely is that in terms of average ratings, Mr. Queen may be the first TVN drama to break 13% (the average ratings for Mr. Sunshine, Goblin, Reply 1988, Crash Landing on You, and Hospital Playlist were 12.955%, 12.811%, 12.428%, 12.15% and 10.965%).

  7. The real glaring issue with the difference of Mr. Queen and Scarlet Heart is the actor choice, most of the actors in Mr.Queen is actors and have experience so even the simplest scene and the perverted inner monologue handle a lot better.

    I think Mr.Queen team also does a great job handling everything so you can feel the energy from them as a whole. KJH and SHS is doing wonders.

    I don’t think word of married will be dethroned soon because it was a phenomenon with everything it has. Good luck for Mr queen, it’s an enjoyable show

  8. The sad reality is new kdrama viewers are still willing to pick up the botched SH Ryeo and often praise it; meanwhile not many new cdrama fans are interested in picking up the classic iconic BBJX, its so under-appreciated.

  9. Congratulations, Mr. Queen! Honestly haven’t followed a k-drama since Goblin. It’s fun, and the leads are superb actors. I know some are overthinking the plot, and some are trying to be politically correct about it; but I guess a lot of us, based on the ratings, just want to be entertained in the midst of this crazy pandemic. And now that *SPOILER* the romance is kicking in, and there are two swoony guys for Mr. Queen, my interest has doubled!

  10. Mr Queen is a really really good drama. Even it has 20 episodes, it would not take the crown from TWOTM which was 11,9% at episode 3 and 14% at episode 4 (addictive drama of 16 episodes) Maybe would surpass CLOY and Sky Castle ?!

    • You’re so right, dear! With a son in his teens, I suppose I am an ajumma who prefers Mr. Queen over Bridgerton. Well, if only the former will have sexy times like the latter. An ajumma can only hope!

  11. It seems that I’m the odd one out to find this drama boring. Not the actors fault as they deliver well. Just the storyline that doesn’t pique my interest.

    • It’s okay, dear. It’s called preference. It’s not “odd,” it’s very normal. It’s what makes you an individual and a human at the same time. So, don’t feel bad. Cheer up! Happy Holidays!

  12. I can’t help it. I love a good sageuk. I haven’t watched a kdrama since WWWSK. So nothing in 2020. I really wanted to wait to binge watch this one but I took a stab at ep 4 and when back and watched everything by else. I do like both actors – but not sure about their characters. I have seen many sageuk so I know how politics work. I don’t necessarily think this is award winning but it sure is entertaining for me and that’s a winner in my books. It’s also my preference as some of my favorite kdramas are all sageuks from TMeTS and LILJOJ. So liking this one is not far fetched.

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