Episode 8 of Queen Cheorin Halts the Ratings Increase to Garner 12.271% as the King Starts to Really Care About His Queen

I’ve been waiting for the drama to really give me a balanced OTP to care about, to make both ends of the main leads equally invested in the outcome. Episode 8 of Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen), by taking the Queen out of the palace and making the King actually think about what he’s dealing with, raised the stakes and intensity for the first time. It’s no longer about Bong Hwan’s soul trying to return to modern times, or what the heck is going on with real Queen So Young’s soul, but the interactions between Bong Hwan in So Young’s body and discombobulating the King in ways more than as entertainment that makes this drama meaningful. I think Kim Jung Hyun has been doing a fantastic job so far, it’s not his fault that the King is hard to like in the exact opposite of how easily it is to love the Queen, but finally he starts to get his head of out his proverbial ass and stop thinking in linear terms about the factions and politicizing in the palace. The ratings for episode 8 plateaued for the first time with 12.271%, a teeny drop from the previous but does put a wrinkle in the path of domination this drama has been on since it premiered.


Episode 8 of Queen Cheorin Halts the Ratings Increase to Garner 12.271% as the King Starts to Really Care About His Queen — 38 Comments

  1. Amazing acting! Some actors just have instant chemistry between them but not with others, and some have the ability to generate it with whomever they are partnered. The two leads are very capable and reliable, leading to something explosive. Thank you Koala for providing us a platform to squee.

  2. From episode 9 preview, I don’t know if The King really slept with The Queen (like the original) or he is only teasing her like their wedding night….hahahahahaha…

    KJH does a fantastic job as The King. The King has a solid reason to detests The Queen in the beginning and The Cousin hates him for all the right reasons too.

      • I don’t think so. The cousin is getting creepy and annoying, there’s more likely he will turn out as the villain.

      • Maybe. But if we’re talking about potential villains, it will most likely be the King’s stepbro Prince YP, who is obviously in love with the Royal Concubine and will eventually side with her. How
        annoying a person is is a matter of opinion. Cousin is acting on the belief that the King is hiding something and made the Queen miserable, which Cousin is right on both counts. Even the Royal Concubine is merely desperate to keep the King’s love and attention. I’ll reserve my judgement until they do something truly evil. So far, I don’t find Cousin’s almost kiss creepy. He stopped himself, so . . .
        Anyway, it’s just wishful thinking on my part. Maybe you’re right.

      • The Cousin seems to be a righteous man. He was a top notcher but refused the positions offered to him in the palace. He accepted a position AFTER he saw how The King humiliated The Queen by siding with The Snake Concubine and chose to went to her even after The Queen told the truth of her lake incident while risking herself.

        I don’t find Cousin to be unreasonable in his action after he saw all the bad treatment that The King “bestow” upon The Queen. The ones for sure will turn bad are The Snake Concubine and The King half brother.

    • I think he is just teasing her. It’s so cute.
      Can’t wait to Our King and Queen’s first date, shown in the preview. And, she just became the member of The King’s fan club, lol. We want to join his fan club too.

  3. I personally think Kim Jung Hyun is the one who is carrying in this week’s two episodes. First, his character was not good enough to compare with SHS’s character. KJH is doing an excellent job on his own. I’m glad to see more of Our OTP’s romance and chemistry.

  4. Personaly, I don’t like the way Kim Jung Hyun is talking. It’s boring and lack charisma even when he’s angry. For me, it’s KHH who made his character boring and not the writting.

    For the story, it was pretty funny that the Queen’s memories are back and her feelings are mixed with Bong Hwan. I’m happy that the King is finally interested by his wife. It will be nice to see them working together 🙂

  5. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t stop laughing when she was beating herself with the flowers in one scene, and the wine cup in another, to get the real queen soul out of her body LOL and his look at these scenes is gold. Plus the tango at the end wahahahaha this drama is just the type of show you’ll watch in a pandemic and laugh yourself silly. I like it

  6. Wow, coming from CLOY’s success, KJH is here to secure another big hit under his belt. Hope he ventures to Chungmuro after Mr. Quern because I see him also doing great there.

      • I’m also thinking he has great potential. Not the most pretty boy kind of looks but he has a unique voice (it’s very identifiable) and I think he’s got enough basic acting chops plus charisma so he can work on to make it to another level. He’s also getting a lot of opportunities so pragmatically speaking he’s got a good agency with the connections

      • @Stardust
        I don’t think his agency is that good with connections. His agency is just smalll. I think so. Correct me if I’m wrong.
        You’re right. He might not be a flower boy, but he is handsome in his own way. I hope he will have a lot of good opportunities.

    • KJH do not have the backing of an agency with good connections. I guess his current success is due to luck which all started when he starred in CLOY. So, I wish he continues his hit streak after Mr. Queen. I also wish he starred in another drama that will be a syndrome domestically and internationally. I know he is not a flower boy to attract a hallyu following but he got the talent and charisma to be widely recognized in and out of Korea.

  7. Queen Cheolrin is a bonafide hit at this point. No doubt when it ends, both leads will be able to access top scripts, top directors, top co-stars as it shows their bankability. This drama is not an emsemble cast drama but hard carried by the two of them. Advertisers are already going crazy with screening time allocated to the drama close to 100 min long to include commercial breaks before, in between and ending and yet the actual episode is only around 70min. A huge congrats to both actors really. I already super like their chemistry together. His deadpan expression is a perfect compliment to her exaggerated ones. They are just funny together. Looking forward to next week’s eps. Weekends can’t come sooner with this drama and Uncanny Counter 🙂

  8. Wanted to point out something else interesting. Looks like the KBS School series midas touch has not missed the mark on their leads. Kim Jung Hyun – Queen Cheolrin. Kim Sejeong – Uncanny Counter. Both are dominating the ratings in the respective tv stations and up against each other while Jang Dong Yoon is not falling too far behind. His new exorcist drama looks primed to do well too. The supporting female lead in School 2017 is none other than Jo Hwa Jin in Queen Cheolrin as well.

    • You’re right. School series actually produced many famous stars. Not just in School 2017, other school series made today’s top actors, LJS, KWB, NJH, etc.

      • Jo In Sung, Jang Hyuk, Lee Dong Wook, Ha Ji Won, Gong Yoo, Kim Rae Won and even Shin Hye Sun (School 2013) waspart of the franchise. Thats why the midas touch continues… pretty amazing really

      • Do not also forget School 2015 which produced Kim So Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk and Yook Sung Jae. Truly, School series works wonders in one’s careers. I wonder if the alleged new School series will continue that magic.

  9. Random thoughts as I watched EP8:

    — Why won’t Byeong In tell his father about the assassination attempt on the queen? Is he trying to be a hero?
    — That Kim Hwan character is mildly annoying. What is his purpose again? Comic relief? The third line to mark another love triangle?
    — Someone needs to knock that concubitch off her high horse. I hoped with the kinda sorta merging of Bong Hwan and So Yong, they would have told her off wo(man) to woman, snark for snark.
    — Grand Queen Dowager has been scheming to get rid of the Queen Dowager since EP1. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, what is she waiting for? Why give a defanged snake the chance to grow back its fangs and bite you?
    — Queen’s Dad is painfully gullible.
    — Ok, this pissing contest between the cousin and king is pissing me off.

    I felt the king’s care for the queen more in EP7. In this episode, it came off like he was just using her in his agenda and also to make Byeong In jealous. I really hope they won’t dumb down Bong Hwan (like they do with initially strong female leads) and make him lose his ferociousness now that he’s merging with So Yong.

  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Kim Jung Hyun is a k-industry legend. An actor that manages to survive a scandal + leaving before the drama ends controversy while being a rookie, is an actor that is bound to blow up. Before he went on hiatus he was already hitting the brand reputation rankings because he’d impressed the viewers and media A LOT with his acting in Time. His coming back with a big project is not because he’s lucky, it’s because he’s unique. This basically translates to: the industry needed HIM because they couldn’t replace him with the pool of actors they had. There are many good actors, but how many of them remind you of KJH? Not a single one. Lee Jae Wook is the closest I can think of, but he doesn’t seem to have KJH’s eye for projects.

    Kim Jung Hyun is unique and uniqueness translates to success when you turn it into your “thing” and own it. His looks aren’t the typical “handsome” but he’s a special type of handsome that works miracles for him (since he was chosen the face of a cosmetic brand and Panasonic Korea after CLOY). He also has his own brand of acting which is extremely popular with directors ,writers (did you know that Park Ji Eun herself had a hand in his return? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s her next male lead…), producers & CEOs(A CEO from Studio Dragon fell in love with KJH’s talent and now we can see it because this is his 2nd Studio Dragon project in a row this year) and, of course, the audience. If you read the comments on Naver, there’s not a single k-net complaining about his acting skills. They call his voice a “honey voice with perfect diction and vocalization” and his acting skills “hella crazy” AND they also talk about his “strangely handsome” charm. If he were a typical pretty boy with very good acting skills, he wouldn’t have this impact because there are many pretty boys with very good acting skills.

    • I agree. He is a special kind of actor. It’s like he tackles each role with gravitas and thoughtfulness. I first saw him in CLOY, and I was impressed by how he shone in spite of its superstar leads.

    • I saw him 1st in tempted and school 2017. He is a good actor. I also watch time and he is great there. When he took a break I thought he’ll get hard time and idk that he is in Cloy, as much as I don’t think the drama is great, I am happy that it helps him gain momentum.

      I like his portrayal of the king here because he is a king that hide and concealed his true self and intention which is why he talk is such a low voice and act dumb. Looking at his antic is as fun as the queen. I think the queen has more modern ear speaking and reference so we get it more but the king with all the Saeguk dilemma he has is also funny.

    • I’m also very impressed with him. His talents are the main things that helped him to go this far and even more. He is the kind of actor who become successful because of the acting skills. It doesn’t mean he is not handsome. I found him very handsome and even sexy.
      He is definitely the be

    • I agree with you. Imagine if this King character acted by other guy, most of the actors will go through acting complaints. I’m sure most idol actors will avoid this kind of male lead character, because his character started out as a bad husband to the female lead. KJH is doing a fabulous job ???

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