Jo Byung Kyu in Talks for Male Lead of Fusion Sageuk Drama Royal Inspector Joy Chronicles

Strike while the iron is hot and it’s no surprise K-actor Jo Byung Kyu is the It Boy to start of 2021 thanks to the success of OCN drama The Uncanny Counter. Sure it’s an ensemble piece but he’s definitely part of the special sauce not to mention he’s been on a roll for the last two years first breaking out with Sky Castle then following that up with Hot Stove League. I wanna buy whatever lotto number he picks lol. Jo Byung Kyu has been offered the male lead in fusion sageuk Royal Inspector Joy Chronicles, about a secret royal inspector Lion and his crime solving partnership with bossy, power hungry, and nosy lady named Joy. C-netizens are saying this sounds like the K-version of popular C-novel turned drama The Golden Hairpin. It could be but heck sounds like fusion sageuks and royal inspectors are also popular topics for 2021.


Jo Byung Kyu in Talks for Male Lead of Fusion Sageuk Drama Royal Inspector Joy Chronicles — 12 Comments

  1. He looks so damn sizzling with that look. Had me at all black ensemble esp. the turtle neck, swept up hair, dreamy eyes, swagger pose. Swoon. Hot Oppa in the making.

  2. Very talented young man. Impressive acting chops with a natural easy charisma, i hope he has a good personality in real life. His friend circle and some comments he made in the past are already red alerts that keep me from rooting for his success and becoming a fan. I hope the concerns are unnecessary.

  3. Really talented, I hope he continuous with his great decisions. What’s with seoul institute of arts alumni making it recently?

  4. He and his company are great in choosing drama scripts. Like all his dramas did well and his roles are also good. It is also an advantage for him that he looks young for his age because he can still play high school student (Sky Castle, Uncanny Counter), and at the same time, it is not awkward when he plays a role that suits his real age (Stove League).

  5. If this is the golden hairpin adaptation, Park hyungsik didn’t accept it? Also, from Prince Li Shubai, he became a royal secret agent? Either way, hope this is a good drama.

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