Queen Cheorin Inches Back Down to 12.797% Ratings for Episode 13 as the King Fights Back and the Queen Finds Herself Even More Invested

The speed at which time flies continues to astound because I remember being so blown away by the first episode of Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) when it premiered and now we are not only done with the plot setting episodes but rounded the corner into the second half headed towards setting up the denouement. Episode 13 dropped below 13% from last week to bring in 12.797% ratings, still most excellent but like this drama story just so uneven even til now. A big explosion added a boom to the ending of the last episode but alas it’s still plot, plotting, and conniving in the palace despite the King’s brush with death. At least that made the King basically show down with the Great Dowager Queen as well as make his Queen totally and openly worried about him. They are adorable and honestly the OTP is so sparking with each other and I just don’t care anymore whether it’s Bong Hwan (guy) or So Young (girl) who is controlling our Queen as she becomes totally on the King’s side.


Queen Cheorin Inches Back Down to 12.797% Ratings for Episode 13 as the King Fights Back and the Queen Finds Herself Even More Invested — 12 Comments

  1. The show is trying to tell us that at times , so yong soul return, at times, it’s the chef soul. I think it work both ways. When the Chef is needed in the story, comedy or to solve problems, he can resurfaced, if romance and memory, so yong exist. It’s brilliant.

  2. I think the ratings might rise for Sunday’s episode. QC usually shoots up on Sundays. TUC on the other hand has been stuck in single digits after it got 10.5% for EP12. [EP13 – 9.3%. EP14 – 9.9%. EP15 – 8.9%.] Maybe a consequence of the original writer leaving after the 12th episode? But I’m sure people will tune in for the finale.

    Wonder if Koala will write about APAN…

    • TUC is definitely becoming bad because of the original writer leaving. I wonder how they will make it for season 2 (they already confirmed it. The new writer does not know the route/direction which the former created.
      I don’t really want season 2 to happen if they won’t get the original writer back.

      • Even though the production/network claims it was an amicable split, I still feel like they did her dirty. Perhaps they got overconfident with the high ratings and decided she was replaceable after she voiced her misgivings with the show’s direction. Who knows? But I’m not really looking forward to S2.

      • I also think they did her dirty. Isn’t like copyright/patent issues between them? For the work she created, she deserves to have proper credit till the end. Now when the show makes it big, they kicked her out and stole her ideas. I’m sure everything will go wrong in season 2 without her brilliant writing.

      • Ep 15 was terrible. Disjointed and felt like a filler episode. Very badly written. The son ho jun cameo was such a waste of time and its totally incoherent. So now there are 2 yung spirits living in Somun? What kind of rubbish is the splitting of the demons back and forth. Its nearing the end and yet they threw audiences into more confusion instead with the supposed twists than tying up the story nicely with what was introduced. Within 2 sec scene, Hana got healed of her past trauma?? Interaction dialogues were awkward and terrible as well. Im just gonna remember this drama till ep 13 where they faced off with Ji Cheong Sin and believe they took him out then and there. So mun meets his parents. Counters find new demons to catch. Finish.

  3. I think the chances of Queen Cheorin breaching 20% has been rather slim now. Its competitor Marriage Lyrics, Divorce Music is doing extremely well with 5-6% ratings, and is already the highest-rated TV Chosun drama with only one episode aired so far! Im Sung-han dramas tend to be guaranteed hits, so I think that even if Queen Cheorin will remain the leader, it will just be held back from reaching higher highs.

    • Im Sung-han is the makjang queen so I’m not really surprised. But to get these numbers after her hiatus is impressive. I think other networks will be chasing her after this. It’s interesting. I’ve seen Koreans turn up their noses at makjang and yet they still eat that sh/t up. Lol. Have you watched MLDM? Is the story good?

      • Haven’t seen it yet, but I do wonder how she’ll adapt to the miniseries format since this is her first. The last Im Sung-han drama I watched was “Princess Aurora,” and I imagine that’s what doing acid feels like. “Miss Mermaid” was at least relatively sane.

  4. IMHO, KSY is positively dead at the bottom of the lake. It has been totally JBH now. In the preview during her own monologue, she admitted that even if it was CheolJong during the hot night, she is still like it….haha

  5. It is quite a smart move of the King. How he planned all of this explosion leads to achieve his own power at the court. It’s like killing 2 birds with a stone. I’m impressed.

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