Hyun Bin Buys $4.3 Million Dollar Mansion in Gyeonggi Province and K-ent Calls it a Marital Residence in Anticipation of Marriage with Son Ye Jin

K-ent and likely K-netizens is turning the Hyun BinSon Ye Jin relationship into a fervent wish for these two perfectly paired pretties to get married. It’s like in Answer Me 1988 during the secret santa game and if two people got each other then the chants of “gyeolhon ae!” start. I’m happy for them and hearing some speculation of marriage makes me smile for sure. K-ent is reporting that Hyun Bin just bought a $4.3 million USD mansion in the outskirts of Seoul and it’s for his impending marriage to Son Ye Jin. The residence is villa style so good for raising kids, is in a quiet upscale neighborhood, and remains close to Seoul for work. Hyun Bin’s agency said it’s a personal home purchase from the actor and won’t comment on what it’s for. Let’s keep marriage watch on the radar but it’s also fine if these two just want to enjoy the dating life for longer.


Hyun Bin Buys $4.3 Million Dollar Mansion in Gyeonggi Province and K-ent Calls it a Marital Residence in Anticipation of Marriage with Son Ye Jin — 22 Comments

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  2. VAST denied it was a marital home but they also denied dating rumours for 2 years so who knows! I’m just so happy that they’re basically chilling as a couple and know they have the support of pretty much all of Korea (plus the hordes of international fans) behind them. Binnie’s speech at APAN was so cute, especially when he mentioned Yejin so, so sweetly. After suffering through 2019 and 2020 without any confirmation news, I believe we deserve a marriage announcement this year so this just gives me hope for that LOL

    • Why would anyone suffer over the personal/love life of a celebrity they’ll never even meet? Deserve? The entitlement of some fans is pretty weird.

      • It’s just soccer, Greg ?

        “‘Deserve” was said in a humorous sense, being a long term fan of both YJ and HB. They’re basically middle aged at this point and both have commented in the past about how eager they are to get married, so yeah, I think it’s a valid statement to make. Maybe go focus on other shit and stop policing random things people say on the Internet.

  3. Dammit K-ent, butt out and let them figure it out on their own without flipping jinxing them with all the pressure and expectations!

  4. Well it’s not a marital home until they are married? LOL from the way they deny numerous times about dating they will probably deny numerous times until it can’t be denied. I’m behind this way of handling, no need to fuel gossip. They are like approaching 40s, if they get married congratulations, if not happy dating. I mean what’s there not to like about these two. Obviously in love (swoon on his nice little thank you speech) and her cute IG post after going public. Leave these two alone world and let them be *hearts*

  5. Happy for them whether marriage comes or not. Could not miss those adoring gazes Ye Jin gave Binnie during Negotiation filming way back in 2017. It was obvious she had a huge crush on him then but he was with Kang Sora who’s now happily married and baby on the way. Glad things worked out the way they were and this pair finally found their way back to each other in 2020. I’m such a sucker for fairy-tale romances like this. Lol. One down, one more TL pair to go. Keeping my fingers crossed. 2021 will be a good year for marriage and babies.

    • That’s so interesting haha I always thought Bin was more into her – especially considering that one press conference where he stared at her in .jpeg mode for like 5 minutes. He rarely interacts with his FLs aside from professional banter but he was laughing it up and getting touchy feely with her, all for a movie where they weren’t even a romantic couple. They were fishy from the start y’know?

      • I think for me it’s quite binnie first – the first time I read that he said he wanted to act in a rom com with her and breathe in the same space and air. I’m like woah Binnie that’s kinda …direct I mean who says that to a normal co-star LOL and in a couple of interviews he was like just looking at her with that gaze like he was in picture mode while everyone was in video. It was surreal and I don’t think he ever acted like this at least on camera. This was one OTP that I smelt the fish right from the onset haha I was thinking if they never came out, it must be because it’s just a fling or very short but whatever something did happen and it just didn’t last because the mutual attraction is strong. But with the coming out, I guess it’s more than that!

      • @June, thanks for your reply. Mine came way down below in a separate comment for some weird reasons.

      • @Stardust Omg yes I couldn’t quite believe it when he said he wanted to breathe the same air as her and look into her eyes in a romantic project, really thought he was messing around but he was dead serious. If that wasn’t a come on than I really don’t know what is lol it pretty much proved to me that he was probably the one that asked her out. Bin’s always been one of my quiet favs who has everything going on behind the scenes so the fact that he made his very keen interest for Yejin public before and after they got together is eyebrow raising, that’s for sure.

      • Yes, I also saw Hyun Bin as totally being attracted to her with all of his adoring gazes, smiles, goofy self around their promotion videos and interviews.

        They look great together and I’ve shipped them since the grocery store news!

    • Right, Kang Sora married a doctor and will be a mother come April.
      Binnie and SYJ should also tie the knot and be in the family way since they are already close to 40. Their baby would look gorgeous!

    • I think Hyun Bin had a crush on Son Ye Jin during their 1st collaberation, judging his body language during the interviews and the way he glanced at her most of the time. I’m happy for this couple. Hope they will last long.

    • I echo @Queen Lambert’s reply, she could be bi-sexual. Plus Son Ye Jin did say that “I’ve homosexual energy.” And she has several lesbian friends in real life, and that she wanted to do a romance with a woman in a film. Who knows?

    • Lol that’s just a blind item without name that people have been spreading for over a decade. So ? that people this naysayer talk on the internet as a fact and spread around irresponsibly

    • If there is no proof then its a rumor.. jus bcs she had no dating scandal in 20 yrs of her career doesnt mean she is a lesbian.

  6. @June, I agree. This pair really polarised fans for sometime. The media-play created by CLOY brought out a lot of mixed feelings, avid discussions and angst. Some fans abandon HB whilst others came out to say YJ would never bat for the other team. The thing is we never truly know what went on behind closed doors. Truth is a matter of perception. Since 2020 was such a shitty covid year, I’m just happy to go along with this joyful news instead of dwelling on what could have been or should have been happened in the past.

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