New Preview for River Where the Moon Rises Establishes Tense World of Goguryeo Political Warfare and Stolen Romantic Moments

Ugh, so many feels! Every time I see a new preview for upcoming KBS sageuk River Where the Moon Rises it’s just a tidal wave of drama addict adrenaline fuel injected into my veins. It’s been a quiet few years since a really crack sageuk has dropped, probably not since Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and even then it doesn’t have this drama’s warfare aspect since it was a traditional Joseon palace drama whereas River is set in the wilder days of the Gorguyeo era. What I would love is for this drama to take everything that was cracktastic about Queen Seondeok, perhaps the brilliant teen years and if Deokman fell outright for the wild Bidam, then we have a fun story ahead here. The latest preview expands the world beyond Kim So Hyun‘s warrior princess and Ji Soo‘s ondal to more characters and honestly everyone looks great and can I have this NOW?!

Preview for River Where the Moon Rises:


New Preview for River Where the Moon Rises Establishes Tense World of Goguryeo Political Warfare and Stolen Romantic Moments — 190 Comments

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  2. KSH Queen of Sageuks, Chemistry and Action is out for blood! Already delivering Daesang level acting in teasers and sizzling chemistry! Rage on girl!

  3. Koala, can you do a post every once in a while about “dramas worth watching”?
    I want to get back to dramas but real life is so busy that I don’t have time to browse and catch up on everything that has aired, to choose something new to watch.

  4. Warrior Princess is the prefect term to describe her. When was the last time we got THIS amazing character description for any female in any historical drama. Empress Ki is the only one I can think of.

  5. Among the teasers, why am I not seeing Jisoo’s transformation to a general? I only saw a part where he was fighting in the previous teaser but he wasn’t wearing her general armor so I guess it’s not the ending part? I only see On Dal in his countryside clothes. Season 2 is not possible with this one right? Hope not

    • He was wearing armor but it was made of leather. Secondly he was wearing royal robes because generals don’t always go to the battlefield. Thirdly he doesn’t become general till much later in the story possibly the 2nd half of the drama. They won’t spoil the whole drama in the teasers. Have patience and you’ll see him. This drama isn’t focused on him so his growth will be captured less than her’s.

      • He died in the battle of Silla. When you go there, you can’t wear an armor only made of leather clothing though tht’s why I was just guessing if that was actually the ending.

        As for the exposures, I know Kim So Hyun will get a big percentage of it because the story revolves around her which I really found interesting because in the folktale, it has always been On Dal and how he rose to be a general. This time, it is pyeonggang so that’s why I am anticipating for this drama because I always loved strong, empowered women and female centric themed dramas.

    • @mizz
      I totally forgotten that he will transform into an amazing general, I’m glad that they didn’t reveal his glow up yet because it will be fun to watch his growth ?

      • I actually almost forgot about that too because it’s most like because there are so many happenings in the teaser that we forget there are still big character developmens that are yet to unfold.

      • @mizz
        Exciting times!!!. I can’t wait to find out what happened to her after witnessing her mother’s death and see who is her master. And I’m wondering who are they are fighting in the battle scene. A different kingdom or is it a civil war? Haha

  6. I’m just so proud of my Queen So Hyun being chosen for and playing this kind of strong, fierce and badass character at such a young age! Literally got goosebumps during her fighting scene in the trailer with her flying and all!
    The Goddess of Historical Drama, y’all! ? ???

    I wish I could hibernate until Feb. 15!

    • Writers and Directors are always lining up outside her door to cast her. She doesn’t flaunt it but So Hyun always has offers lined up and makes rejections in private so that it doesn’t cause problems for others. Smart and sensitive we stan the right girl. Culture Depot declared she was the top actress in the 20s. Her fees must be very high.

      • It wasn’t translated by the english articles but they said it in the original korean articles that came out when they signed her. They said they recognize her as the top actress in 20s. Huge praise coming from them.

      • @Lenny Definitely. She even had to turn down the lead role in the TV adaptation of Miss Granny, way back in 2019 when she’s too busy with Love Alarm and TTON. I’m still sad that she had to turn down the role, but that just goes to show how in demand and busy she is. Her management just doesn’t mediaplay it, but she’s one of the most in demand actresses of her gen, and I’m so proud of her ?
        And you’re right about her fees being high, it says on her wikipedia page that she’s one of the highest paid Korean actresses, deservedly so! ?

      • Being in demand and high fees go hand in hand. Don’t know how high it is but her dramas since Love Alarm have been big budget. Did you see the list of most popular actresses 2004 – 2021 on YouTube? She entered the list in 2015 and never left it. Almost nobody from her age group even made it on the list but she stayed consistent and kept rising even when she didn’t have dramas. Legendary her.

    • @Lenny Yes I saw that just last night lol
      Hoping she’ll top the list soon, but her being so consistent and stable on the list is enough for me, what a Queen ?

    • I’m so proud of her too! I’m totally proud and happy for sso for being trusted such a difficult roles at such a young age. I’m not kidding.. this is a totally a difficult role to act.. and not every one can pull this role effortlessly. but i believe with sso that she can do it and will amaze us with her actings ❤️?

  7. She has no competition. Knetz are smitten by her acting and voice. Among her peers she’s the one top when it comes to acting. Nobody does it like her. Popular and talented is rare but she got it.

    • also duality queen. maybe she also acts as the mother of pyeonggang, the queen. how insane is that if she’s really the one that will act the queen role? I’m totally speechless if she’s able to pull the role of a mother queen at such a young age! and how insane her acting abilities is even the pd and writer trusts her to play such role… it isn’t easy tho..i hope her roles as a queen would be well received, and it would be her breakthrough roles that can lead her to obtain numerous award. I’m praying hard for this thing to happen

      • she’s already going to act two different roles, yeom gajin the killer/commoner and pyeonggang the princess. but if she’s also the one that will play the queen role.. I’m really proud of my baby

  8. This is most likely going to be one of her centerpiece dramas that will allow her to showcase many of her talents that she hadn’t shown before. She will be showing many different sides, she is unlimited, rainbow actress : )

    Watching the trailer is already making me ponder on so many different things and coming up with many scenarios to explain what happened and why. I think it’s going to be a interesting and a beautiful story, I hope the scripts deliver on its great potential.

  9. I hope this drama will catapult So Hyun to higher level of critical acclaim and whole new heights of recognition. I am curious how much she is paid right now considering she is already signed with Culture Depot. Along with Yoo Jung, she used to be the highest earning child actress of her time. She is raking 4 to 6 million won per episode. Maybe she is getting 15 to 20 million per episode? What is your guess guys?

    • She donates a lot and last year she gave boots, coats, and handmade bracelets for her staffs (or RWTMR staffs not sure) with her own expenses. She must be earning a lot and also sharing a lot. I stan a totally beautiful angel ❤️

      • I guess she earned a lot from her Love Alarm contract. Netflix is known for giving big bucks to their talents.

    • Suzy earns about 70 million and KSH is estimated to earn about the same if not more. She’s the highest earner in her age group but since idols always earn slight less than actors KSH could be earning between 70-80 million per episode. Netflix will obviously pay more than the regular plus she has over 100 million won worth of shares in Kakao. Epitome of young an rich.

      • That is delusional on your part. So Hyun will never earn that amount at her current celebrity status. She has no mega hit drama to demand that kind of fee. And even Yoo Jung cannot ask for that kind amount eventhough she is a more prominent child actress and has one big drama under her belt. But, I believe that Netflix paid So Hyun a lot for her to be inactive for year 2020.

      • Marga what you’re talking about is in the past. Layla is more accurate because So Hyun in the last few years has become the most prominent actor among her peers and is competing directly with IU and Suzy. Her competition isn’t even her own peers because she’s a Hallyu star. Not everyone needs a big hit drama to become Hallyu stars anymore. Kim So Hyun is the top most in the 20s and her popularity never dimmed even when she wasn’t active. She gained more followers on Instagram last year without any works. You don’t need to be bitter. People overtake and rise in popularity all the time. Kim So Hyun worked without any breaks for the last 6 years and made her own name. Culture Depot would not have signed her if they didn’t see her as the top most actress of the current generation.

      • Layla I think your estimate is closer to reality. Especially because all her last dramas have had very big projects and Viu recently announced that the budget for this drama is huge. Most of her dramas are hugely popular even without ratings and these days focus is more in international popularity rather than local. So Hyun has both so obviously she’ll be paid at least that much. 10 million followers at her age is no small achievement. Variety, Times and Forbes have all been talking about her and this drama. She worked hard and she deserves all the fame and recognition. Her fan base is massive and global anyone would want to cash in on that.

      • Not everyone needs a big hit drama to become Hallyu stars anymore? When did the bar get set so low? Then the Hallyu star title isn’t as sacred as it used to be? The horror! Lol.

        And i-fans are always trying to make themselves feel important with talk like “international popularity matters more.” Koreans are a nationalistic bunch, loves. Local recognition from their people matters to them first, before the international side.

      • @Lenny, do you think international popularity really that matters to South Korean entertainment industry? Every star is dying to work with big writers and directors because of hopes to hit a mega successful project and elevate their stardom. So, the lack of So Hyun’s big hit domestic project will not justify your claims. Comparing her to Suzy is improper because Suzy is an advertising magnet and she can command high fees.

      • Yes ratings hit isn’t a priority anymore. Why else do you think Extraordinary You and True Beauty qualify as but hit dramas? I already said So Hyun has local popularity she’s always had it. However Hallyu refers to international popularity not local and she has both so obviously she’s going get paid big. None of her peers have her level of local or international popularity. The only ones who do are IU and Suzy. I’ve already explained myself you just want to fight because you don’t like the facts. Kim So Hyun is huge and she has School 2015, Love Alarm, Let’s Fight Ghost, Tale of Nokdu and her cameo in Goblin that made her into the huge star she is today. Like I said she worked hard without rest for 6 years and earned her place. The locals love her and adore her since she was 12 now international fans love and adore her. She has been a household name in Korea since she was a child now she’s a household name abroad. Dramas are more than willing to pay for that popularity. She’s the youngest to achieve it and she was a clean image with no criticisms of any kind.

      • International popularity has become priority since Netflix entered the market. Literally when South Korea was bashing #Alive Netflix proved it was a huge hit and then the locals changed their tune. CJENM and Studio Dragon have themselves admitted that the focus is now on creating dramas that reach high popularity among international audiences. New metrics are being invented to measure real popularity beyond ratings because the reality of a digital word is that ratings aren’t important anymore. Even local audiences focus more on watching dramas online. All top actors have their eyes on Hollywood now because the avenue opened up to them. Lee Min Ho to Son Ye Jin are all looking outside the local audience because international fame brings in more opportunities and money. This is how we changed the K-drama field because more international audiences consume K-drama and K-pop than local audiences. We bring in more money to them. Our contribution matters more now than it did before.

      • 25-30mil per terrestrial ep which is half hour. If you count 16 one hour eps 50-60mil per ep

    • @Lenny Exactly, very well-said. So Hyun is literally dubbed as “Hallyu Fairy” by the Korean media, I don’t know what more proof some people want that she’s undeniably the Hallyu princess of her generation (excluding idol-actresses) lol
      And the Instagram thing, she’s not even that active these days, but she even has more followers than some idols. She did that even without any mega hit drama under her belt. What more when she finally hit it big with her next dramas?

      • People who are making these comments don’t want proof. They haven’t understood the reality of how big So Hyun is now because she’s been under the radar. Truth is her popularity exploded since 2015 and then again in 2019. Normally a drama like this would not have built up this much anticipation but because of her popularity alone it has built up huge anticipation. People now watch dramas because Kim So Hyun is in it irrespective of plot, director or writer. It’s not a small thing when people are willing to watch something only because of one person. Not only that she’s been the only one catching eye balls since the promotion started. People have been raving about her even before the premier. We haven’t understood just how big she is just because she stays aways from doing too many Cfs. If she wanted to she could dominate Cfs but she wanted to first grow as an actor so her focus was on her acting and not being CF Queen.

  10. It looks really beautiful! I’m really excited to watch it except for Ji Soo. I don’t find him charismatic and if I can picture him as the “fool”, for the part where he will become General, it’s more complicated.

    KSH looks stunning in all her costumes.

  11. Epic but why? Why? I just cannot buy Ji Soo being the male lead. His voice just turned me off.

    Guess I will need to put in a lot if effort to get myself to watch KSH being so badass here. Unless Ji Soo could prove me wrong, otherwise I just could not feel the complete epicness.

  12. Everyone please observe that the ones bashing Jisoo are not KSH fans because this is not a toxic fandom. We all know whose toxic fandom loves to bash and is out here pretending to be KSH fans to bash her male lead. They can’t stomach the fact that KSH is the bigger and better actress with the better drama. Come out lurkers we see you.

    • yes.. the real sohyun fans (i mean the one who belong to the fandom or called as oris, not a seasonal fan) will never ever bother to think about her male leads: weak or not, handsome or not, old or not, popular or not, rookies or not, or whatsoever. coz we mostly focused on sso’s development only. from my observations, the one that dislike jisoo didn’t belong to the fandom. Did u get what i mean? i don’t want to be sound as a rude, what i mean is the ‘oris’ never bothered about this. so don’t confused us as with seasonal fan. actually i don’t really know what is the right term to call the ‘seasonal fans’ is. what i mean is someone who just likes sso, but didn’t belong to fandom (standby). but the one who always bashing jisoo, i don’t know who are the belong to actually. maybe just a fan of kdrama, but obviously not oris

    • Giving an opinion is not bashing. I don’t think he’s the lead material. His last drama was pretty bad and showed that he lacks as a lead. I don’t think it has any rapport with KSH, it’s 2 different things.

      You’re making KSH’s fans looking crazy.

      Thinking only to KSH and not the drama as a work by a lot of people is weird. Are you a cult?

      • You are the cult and KYJ fans are the most toxic and unnecssary commentators. Its not opinion its bashing when you do it on every article. Don’t come here and don’t watch the drama. KSH will still outsell KYJ in every department like she always has.

      • You’re making yourself look crazy by pretending to care when we all know you don’t. Sorry but this is KSH drama and people are 90% watching this for her. The cult is you trying to come here and diss. Your abuse is unecessary. Don’t pretend to give opinions when your bias is a flop hence you have no taste when it comes to good acting or chemistry. Flop fans of flop actress.

      • @sayaris

        did ur reply intended to me? my comment is general.. i didn’t even noticed if u is bashing or not. maybe my comment being misinterpreted. I implied that oris didn’t look down on sso’s co-star. and I’ve checked ur reply. u didn’t buy jisoo’s performances is ur own matter. but i see his performance is good and perfect as ondal. so there’s no such thing that I’ll think that it will affect the teamwork or the drama. and the reason why I’m saying this coz there’s some ppl who already accused oris to accuse jisoo to bring down the rating. maybe this ppls saw someone bashing jisoo in previous posts. my clarification is the one who bashed jisoo not oris.. that’s all ? cult? what a nonsense

      • @sayaris I agree with you, expressing their opinion of not liking Jisoo is not bashing and people have the freedom to do so.

        However I think you’re going too far by calling people a part of a cult.

        @tan please breathe, everyone had the freedom to express their criticism.

        @protection squad. There’s no need to make accusations without concrete proof. I’m in love with this drama already but we don’t need to go too far with accusing people of things.

      • @tan and protection squad
        From ur comments its obvious who is toxic and bashing
        R u even a fan or troll
        Flop or hit her fans will always b loyal to her
        So worry abt ur bias dont think u guys r even the loyal types only troublemakers

    • @mel Let’s not make generalizations. People can dislike Jisoo as an actor and still be a part of the fandom. Let’s not mention other fandoms. It’s fair to have opinions of not liking certain actors or not. Let’s not argue with co-fans and respect their thoughts.

    • @mel

      Let’s just respect everyone opinions. It’s honestly not a big deal if some people don’t like his acting. It’s called preference 🙂 and can we not mention other fandoms? It’s not relevant. You’re making things worse by instigating. Let’s just enjoy the drama ❤️

  13. I have been observing the comments here lately and here we go again. I wish koala would not make articles for the kims anymore honestly. This just became a feeding program for the trolls entertainment. How I wish everyone could stop pointing fingers on each other’s fandoms. As fans, it is really even possible to support your faves without crossing the line too much? Sometimes we are all being too protective that we do not notice that we are being defensive in a wrong way. Does it always have to be like this? *sigh*

    • @mizz Well you didn’t need to add up to it by bringing up KYJ’s name and saying she’s “more successful”. And now you’re acting like you’re above fanwars? lol ?

    • I’m sorry @mizz but from my observation, you’re the first one who mentioned the other Kim and made the comparison.

      If only fans stop mentioning other names in an unrelated articles…

      • @Ma Yes, and now she’s acting innocent and like she’s above fanwars when she’s the one who said KYJ is more successful than KSH.
        Oh please spare us your acting like a victim lmao

      • @ma @lmafo

        Tbh it’s just her opinion, it doesn’t make her right or wrong. It’s probably for the best that she doesn’t mention other celebrity names but the thing is that someone else already brought up her name earlier, so she might as well share her opinion. And personally I don’t see any harm in her opinion. It’s up to us on how we react to it.

        And she’s trying to advocate peace now. Let’s do the same 🙂

      • @Laura I appreciate you being the voice of reason here, but you can read all the comments here, we were just peacefully hyping up So Hyun and the drama’s teaser, but it seems like @mizz didn’t like it and so she started bringing up KYJ and how she’s “more successful”. Why? Because in her own words, we were being “too delusional” and we “need to be more realistic” lmao, when all we were doing was praise KSH without bringing anyone down. So she’s allowed to have her opinion but we can’t even hype up our girl? Honestly, she’s the one who started it. Apart from myrrrana, no one even mentioned KYJ but her, and now suddenly she’s acting innocent? Sorry but that just doesn’t sit right with me..

      • @lmafo

        I’m trying really hard to be fair since I like both actresses. I scrolled up and I believe that @mel was the first one to mention the other fandom. And that caused a domino effect. He made a very bold accusation with very little evidence to back it up.
        And I conversed with @mizz in the past articles and he/she is chill in my opinion. To be fair, it would have been best if he/she didn’t bring up her thoughts on the other girl(because I know it will trigger some people) which I also like but then again it’s an opinion and I don’t like preventing people from saying things as long as it’s not hurtful haha

        I also disagree with the “realistic” comment and I also do support people hyping up the actor or actress they like because I love to hype as well ❤️

        I think it’s good to disagree with other people as long as we respond to them nicely without mentioning other unrelated things like different fan bases or accusing them of being a fake fan and etc.

        Tbh no one is truly innocent but let’s do our best to be civil despite the difficulties haha

      • @Laura Yeah, I don’t agree with the super aggressive ones here like @ivory either, they’re way too intense lol and KSH fans are allowed to not like Jisoo or any of KSH’s leading men, that doesn’t make them a fake fan or whatever lmao
        I’m just really against some people feeling the need to stop fans from celebrating/hyping their faves when it’s literally not harming anyone, and that’s why I didn’t like @mizz’s comment and the comparison she made and then she’s wondering why people can’t just stop mentioning KYJ in KSH articles when she’s done it herself. That’s just my issue with her.
        But you’re totally right, we need more civility here lol

      • @lmafo

        Haha yes @ivory is a bit too dominating for my taste.

        I absolutely agree, we should be able to amp up our enthusiasm as fans no matter how hyperbolic we can be!

        Yes it was in poor taste to bring up that thought although I personally think it’s harmless, it’s just there are some people who are on the edge here and are easily triggered by such comments, so I personally wouldn’t have shared thoughts as those but that’s just me haha When there is high risk of fire, hide away all the kindle and matches haha I think she realizes her mistake, we can’t learn without making some mistakes haha

  14. Will we ever have one KSH article — just one! — where some troll doesn’t bring up another Kim to stir up fan wars and ruin the ambience? They’re not Siamese twins joined at the hip. They’re separate individuals carving out their own separate paths in the industry.

    Anywho, everything about the teaser looks awesome! RWTMR, fighting!

  15. I am saying this without bias but I do think that Yoo Jung is more successful in Korea and is a step ahead among her peers. This is why she has worked alongside A list actor like Ji Chang Wook and has been casted for Hong Chun Gi which is a really anticipated drama of the year. It has been rumored to be a drama since 2016 or 2017 I think? (Correct me if I am wrong) and many people are excited about it after the success of Sungkyunkwan and TMETS. I don’t really get the point why would fandoms would always brag about something that is a bit slanted from the reality. I know we want to hype our faves but we should always be realistic and remain truthful.

    • She was more popular but isn’t anymore. Her agency always media plays her and acting opposite JCW isn’t a big deal now unlike in 2015-17. His last dramas have been huge flops and he isn’t getting any better. HCG was first offered to KSH in June 2020 but she turned it down and it isn’t an anticipated drama anymore. It’s like Dinner Mate people in 2017 expected it and then in 2020 didn’t care. When it comes to dramas and acting in Korea KSH is considered superior. She delivers good dramas and great performances.

      • @lily

        I’m kim sohyun fans.. but i beg to differ if u say sso’s acting is superior than yujung. it is a bit of excessive. coz i see korean praised them almost like the same.

        but if u choose the words sso is slightly better in acting, i kind of agree. I’ve some opinions even facts on why I think so. but i think I’ll keep it to myself coz I know certain ppls will not like it

      • @ana

        i actually wonder how far this rumours from the truth. there was actually a discussion happened during that time about ksh might be a potential cast for hcg. if u type 김소현 홍천기 in Google, you’ll be directed to the sources traced back in june 2020. but we need real insider to confirm this. maybe @Lydia1 can help as she claims that she’s a korean and knew a little bit of things in k-ent.

      • Are you really a Kim So Hyun fan or a troll pretending to be her fan?

        Kim So Hyun is indeed popular in overseas but I am not mentioning popularity. What I am talking about is their career. Remember they are Korean artists, their domestic performance matters the most because it is a determining factor if you can be considered as a top or hallyu star. Though it doesn’t really matter for me, I am just here supporting them individually. I just said that because we need to remind ourselves to always be realistic.

      • @everyone

        Is it really important who is ahead or not? I don’t think we need to have huge debates with people who have differing opinions. But if you do decide to have debates, please refrain from mentioning other fandoms just like what @sarah said. Let’s be respectful to everyone 🙂

      • KSH fans is the one that keep asking for validation, calling her Queen and such,
        has no real hit drama, just netflix buzz, I mean, Noah Netflix ix popular but he is no real in par with the kid in stranger things

      • @buzz lmao who is asking for who’s validation? We don’t care about validation from other fandoms ?
        All fans call their faves Queen or King, that’s just how it is with stan culture lmao you’re one of the people here who take things way too seriously like the ones who took offense with the Oscars and Katniss comments when those comments are obviously made in a joking manner. Seriously why are you all so serious and so bothered with us hyping our girl? Hype your faves too and leave us alone in peace ffs ?

      • @buzz Also, like @winterbear said, we’re not just blindly hyping up our QUEEN So Hyun, we’re using numbers and data. She may not have a mega hit drama, but her dramas are still very popular and at least she doesn’t have a drama with 1% ratings ?
        School 2015 and Let’s Fight Ghost even have remakes on other countries, and Love Alarm is one of Netflix’s top releases in 2019.
        She’s always one of the most popular and most searched Korean actresses since 2015, you can look up the video in YouTube.
        Also, even Koreans consider So Hyun a Queen, with titles such as:
        Queen of Child Actors
        Goddess of Historical Drama
        Teardrop Goddess
        Hallyu Fairy
        Little Son Ye Jin
        Come-out-of-Mahnwa Girl
        and I’m sure her titles will just increase as the years go by. We don’t need or want any of y’all’s validation, she’s a Queen, so deal with it. Again, hype your fave all you want, call her queen too if that makes you happy, and let us hype out girl in peace ?

      • @puute No, @buzz is not right, and neither are you. You are just both too damn serious. Imagine being offended at harmless light-hearted comments? Can’t relate.. ?
        I swear, I wish all commenters here are like @Laura and @Sarah, not offended karens like you and buzz lmao

      • @lmao True, I don’t know why they’re even here if they hate KSH so much. It’s a KSH article, of course the comments will be praises and fans will hype her up, what are these people expecting? Can they use common sense for once? Haha
        And validation? These fans of other actresses are the ones who barged in a KSH article, so who exactly is asking for validation? I can’t with these people ?
        Honestly, it only happens in KSH articles that people are offended that we are hyping up our girl. It’s so bizarre! lol

    • @mizz

      if i saw someone bragging about their fav actress, I’ll just think that that’s their freedom to do so. but it’s an obvious fact that sohyun is more successful than yoojung for international level. but for the domestic level, myself isn’t so sure who is more successful.. coz their achievements are just about the same, their ratings dramas which them being the leads are also the same. but for drama, the differences only is sohyun always acts with rookies like songkang, jang dongyoon, and jung garam, but yoojung always acts with established actors like ji chang wook, yoon kyun sang, and park bogum. if working with established actors is your definition to be more successful, then that’s your freedom to do so. but i disagree with it. Working with more popular actors doesn’t mean u r more successful.

      but if you said in term of cf, yes i agree yoojung is more successful than sohyun.

      About who is more popular domestically, I’m also not so sure. need to do polling then we know. but i remember back than sohyun always topped the korean moolmang power ranking in school 2015 and let’s fight ghost era. but i don’t know this time coz it was already years ago.

    • @mizz Except Ji Chang Wook is not an A-list actor lol he’s mostly popular internationally, and that’s why international fans think he’s more popular in Korea than he really is.
      I would admit that KYJ was a little bit the bigger child actress, but it’s totally different now. Domestically, So Hyun and Yoo Jung are about the same in popularity, even Koreans say so. But internationally, obviously So Hyun is a lot more popular, so she still has the edge. It’s very telling that Netflix cast her in a lead role. Also, So Hyun is being paired with rookies/new actors because she can carry a drama without a popular leading man and also because she can elevate those rookie actors’ names.
      And just look at any polls voted by KOREANS themselves, be it a beauty or popularity list, So Hyun is always included in those, and often the youngest in the list. We’re not just exaggeratedly hyping her up, the numbers show it, and numbers/data don’t lie

    • (I don’t know why my reply disappeared, but I have to type it out again, so apologies if my reply doubled)

      @miz Except Ji Chang Wook is not an A-list actor, he’s mostly popular internationally, and that’s why international fans think he’s more popular in Korea than he really is.

      It’s not 2012 anymore. Domestically, So Hyun and Yoo Jung are about the same in popularity, but internationally, obviously So Hyun is a lot more popular so she still has the edge. It’s very telling that Netflix cast her in a lead role, they’re aware of her massive popularity and wants to bank on it.
      Also, So Hyun is being paired up with rookies/new actors because she can carry a drama even without a popular leading man and also because she can elevate those rookie actors’ names.
      And just looks at any polls voted by KOREANS themselves, be it a beauty or popularity poll, So Hyun is always included in those, and she’s often the youngest in the list.
      We’re not just exaggeratedly hyping her up, we use numbers and data because those don’t lie.

      • “Lee Na-jung cast Kim So-hyun as Jojo because of a high synchronisation rate in appearance and her rich acting skills that were beyond her age. Moreover, Kim was the first choice to play Kim Jo-jo of Love Alarm webtoon author Chon Kye-young and online fans.”

        Not trying to undermine you but she was the choice of the S1 director, webtoon author and online fans. Not Netflix. But your point still stands, though.

      • Obviously the director chooses but if Netflix didn’t want her they could have dimissed the choice. You don’t know this but Netflix had private meetings with her and even hosted a big dinner to convince her to sign the role. She initially didn’t think she was suitable for the role but Netflix threw in every thing they could to convince her.

      • @Kelly that’s what I wanted to say too. Netflix can change the choice of leading lady if they want to, but they didn’t because they know the power of So Hyun’s popularity.

    • @mizz No offense, but Kim Yoo Jung is definitely not ahead of anything, not with CWPFN’s 1% ratings ?
      She hasn’t proven yet that she has enough star power to carry a drama without a popular male lead, so until she does so, my opinion won’t change.

      Oh, and JCW is definitely not A list actor ?

      • @lmao can you give an opinion without digging at the other actress? You’re just fueling the flames.

    • @mizz

      for me, without being prejudice, over these past 5 years (where they took important roles) kim hyanggi is the most successful as overall among her peers in terms of career (9 awards with several prestigious awards) followed by kim sohyun (14 awards for both drama and entertainment) then kim yoojung (9 award for drama). i don’t know any of their circles or peers that continously got awards these past 5 years. for kim saeron, I’m sorry, i don’t think she’s still in the picture.

  16. All my reservations about this drama flew with assassin yeom ga jin?

    Girl, I now believe how much you really love to do some actions scene, it shows. Worth the wait.

    This teaser is really AH-Ma-zing!!! The chemistry and specially KSH’s sageuk tone?

    Drama gods, I promise to watch more K-dramas just make this as awesome as what victory contents have been teasing us.

    And also, is viu going to show this same time as it’s KBS broadcast?

  17. I have a feeling this drama will be a ratings hit. 2021 is the Year of Sagueks, after all. And the sageuks airing so far (QC, SRI) are doing well.

    That’s one swell teaser, btw.

  18. @mizz
    Plz dont bring yoojung in other actors articles it can create fanwar if misunderstood

    All fandoms are delusional for every fan their idol is the best so plz refrain bursting their bubble

    • @myrrana is especially guilty of this. She’s always bringing up and comparing the two Kims in each girl’s articles. And then she checks out when the fan war starts.

      • That @Myrrana always mentioning Yoo Jung in So Hyun’s article. And So Hyun in Yoo Jung articles.

    • Sorry I just wanted to say my opinions based on what I have observed because I don’t really get the point why we have to exaggerate just to up or let others feel the superiority of the certain idols we stan. Being too delusional actually is not good, fans will become possessive and over defensive of their idol over time. I guess it’s so much better for me to support from afar so people would not misunderstand. Would not reply to any comments from now on.

      • @Mizz But there’s literally no harm in hyping up your fave, right? As long as the fans are not bringing down any other actors/actresses, I don’t understand why people have to police those comments even if they’re exaggerated. Just look, most comments in this comment section were harmless until someone brought up other actresses names, and then you even added up to it by comparing So Hyun’s success with KYJ’s, so… ?
        Call out the ones being toxic, not the ones just harmlessly hyping up their fave because who cares if they do? They’re not harming anyone

      • @mizz

        Awwww, I know personally you don’t mean anything bad with your comments. I think everyone needs to eat some ice cubes and chill haha Feel free to leave your opinions, I don’t think it’s fair to let people muzzle your opinions as long as it doesn’t cross the line.

  19. Oris, Jisoo/KHN/LJH and all these casts fans please subscribe to victory contents YT channel if you haven’t yet. They will release moving poster or something and others once they reach 5k subcribers. So please subscribe

  20. OMG, I will try to tune in to this drama and see the notes that this blog publishes, but I will not read the comments again, so many praise and praise are cringe, that is to say KSH is good, I really like her as an actress, but there are comments about her deserving an oscar, who is better than another actress of her age range who is very good so well and who personally I think has more recognition in her country, creating speculation with her salary (I don’t think she’s the same as Suzy, it’s say Suzy is not my acting teacup, but she’s a walking advertisement), giving them Hallyu headlines I’ve never read (well it may be my misinformation) and arguing with anyone who tries to oppose her opinion.
    This is all really weird, from my point of view it is good to support your favorite celebrity, but I read the notes on this blog about this drama and the comments are so extreme, that they even forget that there are more people in the cast, it is overwhelming.
    I’d rather enjoy this promising drama without getting involved with the fans.

    • I love So Hyun but to be honest even I skipped the comments above because I would like to enjoy her as a celebrity with looks and talents and even she wouldn’t want to brag those things as a humble person. Sorry You might think I’m not a real fan or anything but Yes I found those opinions overwhelming and cringe.

      • Comeback here in 5-6 years then we’ll talk. Why should she brag? Fans exist for bragging. We will brag her achievements and hype her up. We’ve been quiet all this while but now we won’t. KSH can ACT circles around anyone and that is FACT.

      • @Mik @BunBun

        I know, right! Putting Katniss Everdeen to shame? Oscar? Yada yada yada? Yeesh, the sheer sycophancy makes me wanna throw up. Like chill. Overhyping a bias is the quickest way to turn off potential fans.

        And that immature k-pop hive mind? Give even a respectful critique and they descend on you like hyenas. Funny thing is, they’re always accusing THAT fandom of being bad (which they are) but they don’t see that they’re just as bad, if not worse. Case in point: read @Ivory’s silly comment down there. Taking note of names? What are you gonna do? Take them to the principal’s office? Put out a hit on them? Because of an actress living her best life who doesn’t even know you exist and whom you will never meet? What a dumbass!

    • Same with me. I’m originally neutral with KSH. But I’ve reading this blog and its comments too much I guess haha. Now I’m so turned off with KSH and it not even the actress’ fault ?

      • I still love KSH though. I guess I might have to refrain reading comments from now on. I will support her in my own way as I always do.

  21. Mik,mizz, Sayaris, Alex all the other actress fans we take note of you and your passive aggressive comments on every article. Don’t even try it we are the bigger fandom and we can bash your actress into oblivion if we wanted. She can barely act, relies only on popular male leads and is not even relevant anymore. This fandom and our actress is bigger than you think and once you find out how big it won’t be pretty. So take yor toxic under handed passive aggresiveness and pray that your bias still has a career in 10 years.

      • Your passive aggressive comments from articles dating back to 2017-2018. We’ve been watching you for years. Don’t try to whitewash yourself now.

      • I said that I don’t like some of her dramas like Radio Romance (she wasn’t ready to act as an adult), Ruler (it was badly written and she deserved a better character), Love Alarm (the concept was very interesting, the characters not really). But I like her. I think she’s a good actress. It’s the same for the other actor like Yoo Seung Ho or Yoon Doo-Joon.

        It’s not my fault if you can’t see the difference.

      • And you’re wrong about all of them. Here’s how to put it – KYJ was terrible in CWPN she wasn’t ready for the role, BSR was atrocious and she had no chemistry with JCW, LITM was the PBG show and she didn’t contribute to anything. So I guess I think KYJ is good with bad choices and terrible chemistry. This is exactly what you sound like.

      • @watching @watching again

        Please respect @sayaris and please don’t bring up other actresses and dramas since it will not do anything good. Please don’t make accusations without 100 percent proof. And please respect people comments if you disagree with them. Respond kindly.

      • @watching again
        Whether yoojung contributed or no there is one hit under her name whether u agree or not

        I dint find anything wrong with chemistry with jcw but that is personal preference again

        Yes cwpfn even i couldnt see them together (its casting prb not the actors) but acting wise i couldnt find fault with both

        U have a right to opinion but when u make it sound rude and absolute is where i have a prb

    • hey calm down, there are two actresses that I have followed closely, one has been hallyu for more than ten years and the other was good in a movie that won the oscar, a new young generation is coming that I no longer follow and it’s super good, but Just look at your toxic answer and tell me if the comments are not being biased under the heading that they are passive aggressive.
      Now if you think that I follow that actress with whom the comparison seems to almost hurt, what can I do in that sense, I am not interested, I only replicate what I occasionally hear, locally she has the physical characteristics that Koreans love, she has a drama with incredible indexes, just that, KSH is doing well internationally, that is, it has these fans who yell at anyone who thinks differently.
      Also my point was that someone like me whose adolescence I left some time ago will see this drama without stopping in comments like yours, because the only thing they do is that one has a negative predisposition towards an actress who really does not deserve it.

      • If you don’t want to stop in then leave and don’t comment anything. Just go who even wants you here? KSH is doing well in everything and everywhere and the only one hurting is you. You deserve to be given harsh comments when you make these kind of comments in every article. Don’t tell us how popular KSH is because we know who she is. Your stupid comment about looks just proved you know nothing because SYJ is considered prettier than JJH and we all know which physical feature matches who. Nobody is crazy enough to think KSH is less popular in Korea when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Don’t try and pretend to be mature when you’re engaging in word wars and basically trying to discredit KSH.

      • @Ivory II
        In each article? God are you wrong, I don’t think I’ll ever comment on another article, and believe me I’ll never comment on an article in this drama, I had my full dose of toxicity.
        If I comment on appearance, read well because I never discredit the actress, I never said that she was ugly, that she was not beautiful, it would not be so mean for that, I only admitted that there is an actress whose physical characteristics seem to be similar to what the citizens Koreans like him, is that saying the other party is ugly?
        I will never discredit your favorite actress, but neither will I lend myself to her immature hatred. My criticism, which was more an opinion than criticism, was to her fans, not to the actress, but I give up, this is really shameful.

      • @mik

        I respect your opinion although I don’t agree with everything you said. I’m sorry people like @ivory have to be super aggressive on you. I’m sure ivory means well but she needs to take some time to ruminate over her actions and allow people to express how they feel without being antagonistic

      • @Laura
        I think that disagreeing is part of life and I also feel that it was partly my mistake since I only wanted to express a thought that had been accumulating when I saw the notes and comments about this drama, I apologize for that since when I saw it from a different perspective apparently I did not get it right.
        The fans have the right to exaggerate and no one can limit their enthusiasm, maybe some of us find it somewhat funny, but I should not minimize or misinterpret their enthusiasm, so if in any way my comment caused any discomfort I apologize for that and from now on for my peace and that of others I will refrain from commenting on articles of this drama, thanks @Laura for being the voice of reason.

      • @mik

        I wholeheartedly agree, disagreeing is a part of life but how we choose to disagree is important. There’s no need for some people to be belligerent and hostile or ornery towards others that disagree with them.

        It’s so cool that you’re willing apologize for your errors even if others won’t do the same! ?

        If you think it’s the best for you personally to avoid commenting on this drama in the future, more power to you but if you change your mind, that’s okay too. Don’t allow others to control your thoughts unless it’s harmful. I know what it is like to be accused of things that aren’t true and therefore I don’t like seeing it happen to others. You do you ? it’s always great to have more perspectives, positive or negative.

    • Literally, I do support Kim So Hyun if you have read my previous comments on her articles. I am not a hardcore fan but I do support her. I am really surprised with this sudden behavior because I do not see anything wrong with my comment. I just wanted to remind everyone that we should always be realistic and it’s just my assumption based on my own observations.

      Truthfully speaking, I wanted to join the fandom but it really scares me how people can be so overprotective of their faves to the point where you can accuse and threaten someone. Some fans can be really territorial. If I am a fan of the other actress, then I can’t be a fan of the other. Can’t we normalize this thing?

      • @mizz

        I honestly don’t see anything wrong with your comment either. It’s sensible and it’s meaningful 🙂 I think some people don’t have good discernment and needs to take a nice long hot bath and relax 🙂 I’m also a fan of multiple of actresses, there’s no rules against that haha

      • @Mizz I have the same thought as you before I joined KSH fandom but now I’m here. I hope your support did not stagger for KSH because of some fans and I do apologize if you ever feel unwelcomed. Not all fans are like this I promised you. ?

    • @ivory please don’t do this, everyone is allowed their opinions and perspectives. When you are accusing people, it’s mostly speculation without concrete proof. People can like and dislike certain projects of an actor. They can like an actor one day and dislike them in the future. It’s called being human. Please respect. And just ignore comments that you don’t like.

    • @ivory

      I don’t understand the point of you listing people names down. I think people have the right to say what they want to say even if it’s negative as long as it doesn’t cross the line. I’m beginning to think that you’re an anti fan similar to @joane. But that is just my perspective. Please respect others. And by chance even if people’s comments are passive aggressive, it’s no big deal haha Also people can be a fan of both girls, because I am ❤️❤️❤️

    • @ivory
      U have crossed ur limits
      Showing shortcomings or bringing down others actors in no way boost ur idols popularity it just shows ur insecurity as a fan and ur bitchy personality
      Dont know abt ur girl but yoojung will definately reach new heights in 10 years u just wait and watch

      • @.on
        Yes i see her as one of the most successful and established actress in 10year period unlike what ur co fan or troll thinks

      • I never even once mentioned kim sohyun or her fandoms and replied to them thinking them as trollers (using word ur bias)

        Ur comment is making me think u support these trollers

  22. Okay, can everybody just calm down? Let’s just stop bringing up other names, which is almost unavoidable sometimes, but still, can we stop now?
    Anyway, back to the teaser! I didn’t think I could get even more excited, but my excitement just tripled! Kim So Hyun looks like the queen she is even when wearing commoner garb! So excited for her and Kang Ha Neul!
    Wish it’s on Netflix tho ?

  23. The advances of this drama have been an authentic roller coaster from my opinion, the first seemed normal to me, the second was a no for me, but the third and fourth advance so beautiful I totally bought myself, it seems that it was a series that mixes drama, romance and action, it looks very classic and I love it.

    Mrs. Koala, I think you have to start moderating the comments, everyone is free to give their opinion, but comments like that of a user where he practically threatens other users with his mega fandom is toxic. many blogs do not allow such actions.

    • Fans(if you truly are and not just some trolls who only wants to instigate fan wars) let’s just enjoy this trailer and wait patiently for feb 15 shall we?

      And Agree with @isabel. please @koala try to moderate the comments specially in this article, if possible remove the unnecessary ones. They are Not good for the eyes.

    • Toxicity and fan wars are the lifeblood of Koalasplayground. It’s been that way since the dawn of time. Not condoning it; just stating things as I’ve observed as an active visitor to this site. And sometimes Koala herself is the one lighting the fuse. I wouldn’t count on any moderation happening anytime soon.

      • Exactly my thoughts. We are like a source of entertainment of koala actually and I think people should realize that.

      • @/// Exactly. I would even bet that Koala is happy with the many comments this article has generated lol. Still wish this site is more like Dramabeans tho, where hateful comments are deleted

      • She even inserted LITM in the caption lol. There are lots of double digit historical dramas to compare to after 2016 but she still chose to use it anyways. She could also choose not to insert that one though. It’s a joseon era meanwhile this is goguryeo. This site has become a total circus. Wish fans could have more discernment.

      • Let’s not point fingers at koalas. Everyone is responsible for their own comments and everyone is responsible for how they react to comments. There’s no solid proof to anything.

      • @Laura You’re right, Koala can’t control toxic people, but she can still regulate the comments, similar to what Dramabeans does, they delete any hateful or below the belt comments, and as a result, it’s enjoyable to read comments there where it’s more civil. But of course, more comments equals more engagement and traffic to this site, I guess…

      • @winter bear

        I agree that she can regulate comment but we have to remember that she’s only one person and has a daytime job and is a mother and has her own life to live. The other sites have more people to regulate and moderate haha I just don’t like to speculate too much without truly knowing individuals haha

      • @Laura Maybe she can make it so that only approved comments get posted or that only registered accounts can comment? I don’t know, but I think Koala can do something haha
        She did block joane months ago, which I really appreciate. Wish she can block other toxics too lol

      • @winter bear

        Those are potential good possible solutions, I don’t if it’s hard or if it costs money to implement those changes.

        Approving the comments, I’m not sure that’s a good idea because that means she has to set aside a lot of time reading each comment haha And then we have to wait some time to see our comments, which I don’t like.

        Registered acts is nice but like I said before implementing it may take some time and maybe cost more money. I don’t know the logistics behind it. It already cost money hosting a site.

        There’s pros and cons for both. I wouldn’t be surprised if she contemplate about it before and maybe saw more negatives than pros. But Idk haha

      • Maybe she did contemplate over those ideas before but maybe she saw more cons than pros? Idk haha

        The approving the comments, it will take too much time for her to sift through each comment and also I don’t like to wait for my comment to appear haha

      • @Laura Fair enough haha
        But I personally would prefer it if there’s some kind of system where no one person can pretend to be multiple people just to instigate fanwars, like joane and F who turned out to be the same person. But yeah, that would be too good to be true, I think, haha

        I guess best thing we could do is just take notes of the usernames who always mention other actors/actresses irrelevant to the article just to create fanwars. Of course other people can bring up other names without ill intent, but surely we can notice the ones who always do so in a shady way? Take notes of those commenters and don’t engage with them. I saw joane commenting on the recent IU article, but everyone just ignored her, so the comment section remained peaceful. It can be done if we want to lol

      • @winterbear

        I think that’s a grand idea to ignore people like @joane and other similar annoyances. They thrive on responses. They enjoy stirring the pot of anger. They lose power when people neglect them. They continue to post because they know people will take the bait. They are weak when they are treated invisible haha

  24. what i can say is u didn’t belong to the fandom that’s why u feel cringed. fans who are belong to the same fandom tend to exaggerate.. coz when they discuss things with the same wavelength and interest, they tend to be excited then the bragging happen. and they bragging to satisfy their own self. it’s kind sort of satisfaction.. not to please others…tell me who didn’t brag their own fav?

    and someone even mentioned about oscar and katniss everdeen. isn’t it a joke between fans? and u guys took it seriously? either u can’t relate or u actually dislike the fandom

    • @jijie I agree, it’s normal to brag and to exaggerate a little, there’s no problem with that. And I agree it’s just fun to make comparison to Katniss, no harm at all lol

    • @Jijie lol the Oscars and Katniss comments are obviously a joke and not meant to be taken literally! Some people here are too serious, like, lighten up! lol
      I don’t see the harm in hyping up faves as long as people are not bringing down other actors/actresses. Obviously, the toxic ones have to be called out, but can some people here just leave the commenters leaving harmless comments, no matter how exaggerated, alone? There’s too many negativity already lol

  25. @ everyone

    Please, oh please don’t make assumptions about anyone without 100 percent iron clad proof. Please allow people to make negative comments without rebuking them heavily and without mentioning other fandoms and other celebrities. Please don’t make accusations such as questioning someone’s fan hood or loyalty to a celebrity or idol. Everyone is different and entitled to an opinion. If you disagree with an opinion, and you feel the need to respond, do it nicely please.

    Strive for people. And let’s say there are those who are just having fun starting wars, let’s not entertain them and let them win by getting mad and leaving an angry comment. Just politely disagree or ignore it and get on with your precious life. Tbh it’s probably best not to engage.

  26. Oh!! I’m late but better late than never. The amount of comments here is insane with 100+ overnight.
    Anyway, trailer is good for RWTMR I just have to breath until Feb 15. God!!!! I miss So Hyun so much ? A whole year without her dramas is pure torture.

    • Oris (and other fans of other casts) please subscribe on Victory Content’s Youtube Channel so we’ll get more BTS footage and moving posters for RWTMR. We’re getting closer to 5K.

  27. @ivory ll
    Comparing ur idols to successful idols dont make them successful everyone has their own destiny

    Regarding looks everyone has their own preference

    Both syj and jjh are popular and coexist
    Why cant the kims do the same
    Ur attack on yoojung was unnecessary and dont b too proud becoz the earth is round what u give ull get it back so mind ur words
    Hope u grow out of ur immaturity soon

  28. I m an international fan
    I dont care abt popularity as long as my girl is happy and doing well
    But still to those comparing them on the basis of popularity i would say she has enough fans and popular enough internationally with just 3 dramas as lead
    With more dramas shell reach the level of popularity which u fandoms deem fit so stop making unwanted future predictions abt her

  29. WOW! 150 comments!! Koala really knows how to pick her articles, in contrast with dramabeans which is completely bizarre with their selection of posts. They even recap dramas with no one watches. I have already unsubscribed.

  30. Even if she needs to rely on strong ML (according to some fans) the PDs think her worthy enough to pair with experienced actors becoz they know how good she is and can match their level
    So keep ur biased opinion to urself becoz it doesnt make any difference to yoojung career

  31. Oh wow! I came here for ksh article but the comment section is something else! Lol!

    Anyways I love ksh but I am not that invested with jisoo as the lead yet! Hope I will be proven wrong though.

    • This blog is obsessed with rating so i connected some jisoo comment with rating
      It was not meant to b with ill intent still got misunderstood and i apologised
      Even i dont want to constantly bug ur girls article with yoojung content but as a fan i m forced to fo it irrespective of my repetitive request not to mention our girl and fandom
      Learn to ignore some comments or defend without mentioning others

      Hope real fans dont have to suffer next time and just get to enjoy ur girls success so request u to heed my advice

  32. Even though i m triggered with so many slanderous remarks against yoojung and her stars i never once mentioned kimsohyun or her fandom becoz i believe some or all can be even trollers
    So i hope u all show the same consideration next time(at least fir genuine fans)

  33. Those who r always mentioning her 1%drama its just one failed project it doesnt make yoojung a failure

    Despite 1%rating and categorised worst drama this girl is still enough popular and gaining enough followers
    What will happen if she gives another hit ?

  34. @Myrrana succeeded in smoothly making comparison of both Kim’s led to fanwars. Well that cannot be undone since everyone bite the bait. Even those outsiders who foolishly get themselves between a sandwich bread had their reasoning becomes fuzzy. Well @Layla was straight about her facts and @Marga said it was delusional to think of that because she doesn’t have a hit? Alright who cares if they don’t have a hit. So Hyun has enough projects to keep a good salary. I maybe late but let us welcome your bias to kakaoM So Hyun’s last parent agency. Good thing they aren’t on the same roof or else it’s unimaginable. Also please, Suzy is a former idol and IU is a singer so they had extra money on their hands. But the greatest clown is that “Just wait and watch in 10 years?” Pfft seriously no one can predict the future or are you deluding yourself as some kind of wizard because of watching so much kdramas.

    • I am new to this blog but I have read a handful of @Myrrana’s comments in So Hyun and Yoo Jung articles where she always mentions the other on other’s article subtly. I’ll be watching her from now on.

      • @..on
        Its called a fans faith in her idol
        If ur fandom can brag cant i even predict abt my girl

      • @Ana You’re wasting your time replying to this @..
        If you notice the avatar, it’s the same with @KES. Yes, the very person on this blog who always makes nasty remarks about your fave’s nose. And she’s pretending to be KSH fan but she calls KSH fan annoying in the same account but in the name of @Pampam.
        I’m no detective but I take note of every avatar and username her. Please don’t be fool.

    • Apparently only that person can nostradamus that person’s favorite lol.

      The ridiculousness of some comments here. When is hyping a bias became an issue in that bias’s article? Only in KP lmao

  35. For those some ppl who always accuse her of relying on her male lead my personal opinion is Pds think her good enough to work with experienced actors and cast her with them and so many of ur biased opinion doesnt matter nor required

  36. Her 1@%drama is always brought up to bring her down
    Its just a project failed that doesnt make her a failure or bad actress
    Any one can have a failed project but that shouldnt be a factor to weigh their acting ability

    • Yes! Ignore that troll. Just like @Joane, she hates both Kim Sisters but pretending to be a fan of one. They are not worth our time. I won’t be surprised if it turns out they’re just one person because they love using different accounts. Tsk!!!!

      • @keke, kiki

        just focus yiur attenton to your soon to be (oscar and katniss acress)

        i will change now my name from joanE to oscar Nd katniss, as a reminder of how delusional fans of katniss (errr kim so hyun) can get

      • @Joane but not as delusional as you

        Guys, please ignore this troll here. I’m gonna reply to this once because like I said she’s not worth the time.

        A kind reminder to everyone ?

      • @joane the crazy
        Just give it up, we longtime commenters on this site already know that you’re a troll. We’re not even affected by your trolling comments anymore. We know you hate KSH, KYJ and just about everyone, and is just instigating fanwars, but sorry, we’re not taking the bait this time, troll ?

      • Yes just ignore that troll @joane whatever, she’s been exposed by Koala as the same F who was bashing KYJ in one article. She’s trying to get a reaction from us, so let’s make sure she won’t get the attention that she wants. Just ignore that waste of space lmao

  37. I thought the war is over already? ?
    I’m just laughing at @joane the crazy’s comments, I’m not even affected by her trolling anymore ?
    Everyone please just ignore her, she wants to trigger you all, that’s how she gets joy in her miserable, pathetic life lol
    And don’t let the killjoys here kill our enthusiasm and excitement. Let’s listen to @Laura and be more civil

  38. many are expectant huh oh well let us see who among them will bring ratings and win baeksang award at the end of the year i bet if one won of the won, there will be so much more bullying that is going to happen

  39. Hahaha @Joane is so funny ?? such a clown rather @JoaneSoonToBeOscarAndKatniss phew what a very long name. I think she’s late at the party but she take her time to read all of the comments. It might get on some people’s nerve but everyone should be reminded that this girl/guy is a troll. So don’t reply to her comments or else it would be a long ending discussion.

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