Kim Sun Ho Makes Cameo Appearance Opposite Shin Se Kyung in jTBC Drama Run On

I’m banking jTBC Wed-Thurs drama Run On for later to binge, I watched the first two episodes and liked it enough but it wasn’t immediate crack addiction for me plus it seems like the perfect drama to mosey through on a quiet weekend. All I hope for is the drama not falling apart in the end but there is one finale guest appearance that sweetens the pot – Kim Sun Ho will be making a cameo and the official stills are out where he sits across from translator Shin Se Kyung. He looks so different from his most recent drama character the tsundere prickly sweet inside Han Ji Pyeong in Start-up. He looks sooooo boyish I love it, he’s definitely riding high into 2021 with his beloved turn in Start-up and also with 2D1N. His name has been bandied about for two 2021 K-dramas so far but neither have been confirmed.


Kim Sun Ho Makes Cameo Appearance Opposite Shin Se Kyung in jTBC Drama Run On — 8 Comments

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  2. I started it but I’ve never been too keen on SSK. I think her acting has gotten better but I usually pass on her dramas. I watched half of episode 1 but stopped and didn’t return. Maybe I’ll watch it later if nothing else peaks my interest. What episode is KSH’s cameo? I’ll watch that! ?

  3. I love Run On and have been following it avidly, but I must confess to be somewhat underwhelmed by its penultimate episode and don’t hold out much hope that the final episode will be any different. It’s a sweet, slice of life romcom where nothing much really happens, the stakes have no real impact and the writers are quite in love with the cleverness of the dialogue; somewhat at the expense of the plot. It’s a good way to pass the time. Both couples have some sweet chemistry. As much as I love it, I will say it’s a somewhat forgettable drama; I’m not going to remember much about it, say, in a year from now.

  4. Run On is the only k-drama I am watching at the moment. I haven’t been a fan of SSK or her dramas but she’s pretty good in this slow burn contemplative piece. I really love her character. And she has so much chemistry with ISW!

  5. The first 2 episodes were weird. The 3rd episode got me sitting up watching. My interest started waning by the 10th or 12th episode. I didn’t like the second lead’s love story at all. I only powered thru to the end because teenage daughter was into it and insisted we finish together. Not gonna lie, Kim Sun Ho was the incentive to finishing it. Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed in his cameo. It was..bland. I was hoping he would be the “Ryan” they kept mentioning thru out the episodes.

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