Sports Seoul Article Discusses the Upcoming 2021 Sageuk Dramas of Child Actress Turned Adult Female Leads Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun

When I read this article this week I hoped that the reporter knew there was a crazy underbelly that likes to pit these two against each other when really the majority loves having double the talent and styles in K-ent young leading ladies. Sports Seoul newspaper released an article this week discussing the return of child turned adult actresses Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun in 2021 each with a high profile sageuk drama. First arriving is Kim So Hyun in River Where the Moon Rises, which is not her first sageuk since she became of age, that would be Tale of Nokdu. The reporter expects to see further maturity and transformation in River as she keeps building her expansive career which has toggled between successful modern dramas in different genres like Let’s Fight Ghost and Love Alarm as well as sageuks like Nokdu.

Kim Yoo Jung doesn’t return until fall of 2021 with Hong Chun Gi, but the reporter calls her the sageuk empress due to her childhood sageuk roles as the young female lead always being huge hits including Painter of the Wind, Dong Yi, Gyebaek, and The Moon Embracing the Sun which was her most famous child role opposite Yeo Jin Gu. She also had the hit sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds with Park Bo Gum in her late teens but Hong Chun Gi will be her first sageuk lead since becoming an adult and will also be directed by the PD of Painter of the Wind. The reporter goes on to say the two are good friends who grew up in parallel under the public eye and don’t see each other as rivals, though they share very similar career trajectories including recently changing agencies. The reporter concludes that K-ent is really thrilled to have both with their different onscreen acting styles which expands to pool of top young actresses in their generation and also pave the way for future child actresses to follow in their success roadmap.


Sports Seoul Article Discusses the Upcoming 2021 Sageuk Dramas of Child Actress Turned Adult Female Leads Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun — 50 Comments

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  2. Kim So Hyun as Queen of Historical Dramas and Kim Yoo Jung as Saguek Empress. Yas! Hail to these top girls of their generation.

  3. I hope Kim Yoo Jung next projects will be much better than her last two. She is far too beautiful and talented to be relegated to questionable and sub-par scripts. She has so much potential and everything it takes to catapult her to a higher status, I don’t know why her former management keep giving her bad dramas to star.

    • I’ve wiped Ruler of the Mask out of my memory. Thankfully Tale of Nokdu was better. My first KYJ drama was her opposite YJG in Iljimae as children and then all 3 in METS. These 3 are great in sageuk, I’m always excited whenever they go back to that genre.

      • Gosh, everytime the three actors I mentioned, I can’t help but be sad for actor Lee Tae Ri. Hate how he is often ignored when the three are mentioned (he, just like the three plays the child actor of the FOUR main leads in Moon Sun). Glad he’s getting more attention due to Extraordinary You and Tale of the Nine Tailed

      • I’m happy for the success of the trio though, I just wish the other actor Lee Tae Ri (young Jung Il Woo) is mentioned together with them. I cant separate their names since there’s an interesting trivia on their childhood careers.
        YJG & KYJ – played the young version of the main couple in Iljimae 2008.
        Lee Tae Ri & KYJ – KYJ was one of the main actors in Grudge the Revolt of Gumiho 2010 drama while Lee Tae Ri as supporting actor is her love interest and they even had a kiss scene (yup, its right, Park Bo Gum is NOT KYJ’s first kiss partner). I believe KYJ’s role in this drama had prepared her for Moon Embracing the Sun, she also sort of “died” in this drama and appeared and haunted her enemies just like the young Yeon Woo did in Moon Embracing the Sun to the adult evil queen.
        Lee Tae Ri & KSH – played the young version of the main couple in Thorn Birds 2008 kdrama
        YJG & KSH – played the young version of the main couple in Missing You 2012-2013 drama

      • Ah, I remember how tiny KYJ and YJG were in Iljimae! I used to watch sageuk a lot, these young stars practically grew up right in front of my eyes. I remember loving these three in TMTETS so much. So beautiful, skilled and cute, they outshone the adult casts. I have such a soft spot for these 3, I hope they would have a bright future ahead. The competitions are stiff, but all they need is the right project.

  4. Okay, I understand that they are unarguably the best but, where is Sae Ron? Is she downgraded to a second class actress? Is Hye Yoon already above her?

    • Unfortunately her star power dimmed. She hasn’t had a leading drama since 2016. That’s 5 years ago. Her status is a little bit above a rookie actor. Idk what happened to her but I hope she can resurrect her career since she’s still young.

  5. I guess comparisons couldn’t be helped between these two.

    Though they’re both gorgeous but I think KSH has this X factor when it comes to visual appeal. Though to be honest I find her acting in guest or child roles more memorable.

    KYJ like Yeo Jin Goo seems to shine more in sageuks than modern dramas since they played the child counterparts of the adult leads.

    Here’s hoping both dramas will do well since I like them both since Moon embraces the Sun days.

  6. Both girls have their own style in acting but equally good and both still are just 21 yrs old

    They are queens of their generation their power is unbelievable
    Whatever roles they r playing they give it their all and always remembered as that character
    All the best girls for your future

  7. I admire their transitions from child to adult actresses. The only one I can remember who made such successful transition is Park Shinhye. They are both great in acting, but I like watching KSH more. She is so charismatic.

    • i think nam ji hyun is also a child artist that smoothly transferred into adult roles… i guess its because she has a mature look and didnt had an agency creating a particular image of her when she was a child… so people easily accepted her as an adult actress and didnt face any backlash for hot kissing scenes in suspicious partner…

  8. Idk but whenever there is KSH, KYJ together in domestic articles, KSH is always the underrated one. I hope she’ll receive more recognition after this RWTMR.

    • But Kim So Hyun is more popular internationally than Yoo Jung. So it’s kind of balance. ? I’m an I-fan and whenever they asked me who’s my fave actress I say Kim Yoo Jung and they’re like who is that? And when I see like compilation of beauties in K-drama I rarely see Yoo Jung in it. Though love in the moonlight is a hit, park bo gum was the one who has had more limelight internationally. So I hope through Hong Chun Gi she’ll be much more known. But Backstreet rookie which aired on iQiyi has also helped her to be a little bit known that a news outlet in the country I origin at has released an article about her for the first time.

  9. Both of them really has their own charms.
    I can’t wait to watch Yoojung’s Hong Chun Gi.
    Her over-all aura is really magical for me.
    She is one of my most loved korean actress. Keep up the good work Yoojung shi.

  10. I like both actresses.

    My concern for their next dramas is their ML, I’m not a fan of Ji Soo or Ahn Hyo Seop and sageuk is not easy genre. I didn’t like AHS’s look in the teaser neither. For Ji Soo, I found funny that Soompi made an article about the second leads in Kdramas in 2020 and put the character of his last drama, when he was actually the main lead.

    • i agree with you… the MLs dont seem to be that promising… ahn hyo seop is quite mediocre and even though jisoo isnt a bad actor he dont really have the screen presence to be the lead guy is a high profile drama… seems like both the girls will have to carry the drama…

      • @rjpv
        Dont know why but i have this feeling this red sky drama will make him very popular
        Fingers crossed and hope both d dramas do well ratingwise and give boost to our respective girls career

    • I agree with you on their male leads. From what I’ve seen they are both subpar actors, and therefore unattractive because they don’t have the screen presence.

  11. It’s refreshing to see none of the toxic comments in here. Will savour this moment until they decide to come by and spread their venom.

  12. Ddloaded and subscribed to VIU for RWTMR tho I’m still trying to figure out how it works. Lol.
    For Red Sky, I hope it will be available on Netflix as I’m planning to cut my viu subscription once River ended and I feel like LA2 will be shown after this?

    3 more days.

    • @yepeu tho the first thing I google-d after was “how to unsubscribe” coz the plan that needs credit card info is more economical but I’m afraid inputting ccard info to something I’m not familiar
      @winterbear things oris would do fo sso ?

  13. Just want to drop by and express my support to Goddess of Historical Drama Kim So Hyun, my favorite Korean actress of all-time, she has it all, she is beautiful, a great and versatile actress, and has great personality to boot! No wonder she’s the ideal type of many korean celebrities!
    Will always support her in everything she will do in the future!

    And no doubt, these two are the future of KDramas. Sageuk Queens! Glad that they’re still great friends! All the best for their future endeavors!

  14. Both are doing great . Just don’t want them to suffer from people who want to compare their merits, looks,… They are different and good . Good luck girls !

    • @ladykays
      Same here waiting for redsky like crazy hope they can release it before september
      At least another teaser or anything for fans sake

  15. I am always fond of KSH. She has the vibe like my classmate-turned-successful actress. Nevertheless, I have been watching both of their dramas. Kdramas for life!

  16. Idk but I feel like Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun are the Han Hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won (from late 2000s to early 2010s) of this generation (especially if their sageuks both became successful). Both Han Hyo Joo and Kim Yoo Jung became popular and got lead roles first (or in KYJ’s case, she always play the child version of the lead female). Not to mention Kim Yoo Jung played Han Hyo Joo’s child version in the past. Both Moon Chae Won and Kim So Hyun played the second “bitchy” female lead to Han Hyo Joo and Kim Yoo Jung before becoming leading ladies themselves. And then, just as Han Hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won had successful historical dramas that made them top actresses (Dong Yi and Princess’s Man), Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun will have historical dramas (Hong Chun Gi and River where the Moon Rises) this year which is funnily the 11th/10th anniversary of Dong Yi and Princess’s Man. The media did not always pit Han Hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won together (though this had something to do with HHJ choosing more movies than dramas) so I hope the same for Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun. I hope KYJ and KSH are also friends just like HHJ and MCW.

    • i also always thought the same that ksh got mcw vibes while kyj got hhj vibes. but i didn’t notice that mcw and hhj had drama together before..but instead, i felt the similarity in different of times. i thought that kyj resembles hhj during her teens while ksh resembles mcw during her adulthood.

      Meanwhile, i thought that instead, kyj and ksh are just like suzy and iu. both pairs had hit drama together in 2012, and later they’re soaring into fame together. kyj vibes is like suzy (1st lead back then) while ksh vibes like iu (2nd lead back then). and now the position of respective pairs among their peers today also the same. just my opinion

    • They are still friends. Its just that they cannot bond usually because of thier busy schedule. Or maybe they have bonding moments that we dont know. Hahahah

  17. Omg my Sageuk Empress KIM YOOJUNG.?
    Im crazilly waiting for Hong Chungi / Red Sky.
    The two Kims are amazingly good actresses, no doubt to that. Its just that my heart captured by Kim Yoojung. i love YooJung so much.?

  18. Rather than the actress, I hope the story is actually good than banking of the actress name.

    The ruler of the mask and the tale of nokdu has great premise with heavier stake and seems like better story than moonlight drawn by clouds but moonlight execution is like a beautiful Manhwa so everything looks good.

    I’ve been disappointed by ruler and nokdu, even if moonlight has juvenile story, I definitely see the charm of the production team.

  19. Yoojung, keep up the good work!!!
    You’ve been my favorite since your child actor days and I’m very thankful that you are really well-known as a talented and beautiful actress. Plus you are such a great human being! Thank you for always donating anonymously with your family.
    I’m very proud of your acting career and also being the youngest member of Childfund Korea’s Major Donor Club.
    You are such a pure girl and continue to be an inspiration to many people of all ages!
    You are indeed a Sageuk Empress.
    I hope HCG will be as successful as Moon Embracing the Sun! Fighting!!!

  20. My impression is that KYJ excels at brighter roles while KSH is good at darker roles.

    I’m more of a KYJ fan, as she is so gorgeous, always with a beautiful aura on screen. She also has a gorgeous figure, but I didn’t feel comfortable watching her recent modern dramas as I feel she is going for sexier vibes there, so much so I’m glad her next drama is a saguek. It will be interesting to check out if she can maintain her sageuk-winning streak in her new drama.

    KSH naturally have darker aura, which is why she is also cast in darker roles since young. She does not have the easy-going vibes like KYJ, which is good for her as she can portray dark, mature roles. I don’t usually check into KSH dramas but she looks so good in character in RWTMR, that it is the top of my watchlist.

    • Instead of darker, the correct term would be “serious”. She has an aura of a savage queen that’s why she doesn’t have an easy-going vibe to you. I felt the same way when I first watched her in TMETS But I really like it and her Eun Byul character in School 2015

    • I agree with you.
      But I know both of them can act in any kind of roles, bubbly roles or darker roles, they can both nail it.
      Red Sky and RWTMR, Fighting!

      • Yes that’s true even Yoo Jung acted as a bully in Thread of Lies and So Hyun as an innocent county girl in Pure Love. They can act diverse role which make them truly the best ?

    • Actually when it comes to movie mostly kim yoo jung plays a serious and dark character that’s why in drama series she plays bubbly characters.

  21. I just wanted to give a warm message to the actor I admire the most in all aspect of her career and personal life! My greatest star!

    Yoo Jung, thank you for being an actor who gives wonderful, amazing acting in any production she’s part of.

    I eagerly waiting for your next project. Want to see your another master work piece.

    Please stay healthy!
    You are irresistibly charming person and a true inspiration for your fans.
    May God always stands behind you.

    Anyway, As Theodeore Roosevelt said, comparison is a thief of joy.

    But I know that in the entertainment industry, pitying actors/actress with each other is fun for them. It’s sad.
    But I know they will not be affected because they are both great people.
    I actually watch their dramas.
    I like it a lot. So I hope we can enjoy heartily the works that they are doing.

  22. I’m a bit anxious while scrolling to read comment and I’m more than glad that I see no toxic and negative vibe lurking around. Anyways I both loved these actress, they have their own charms that is seriously incomparable. As for their upcoming drama, my opinion is based on the teasers okkayyy.. HCG seems more like a fantasy melodramatic romance,it’s aesthetically pleasing, I loved AHS hairstyle tho,and KYJ still serving her elegancy and beauty. whilst RWTMR is more of the hardcore sageuk, compact with ground battles and political wars along with the melancholic and beautiful romance between the leads,the visual between them is exquisitely alluring. I’m both looking forward for both sageuks, I’m just more of a darker and action packed drama so I’m anticipating more of RWTMR team.

  23. I have been crushing with Kim Yoo Jung since I watch LITM.
    I was really captured by her charms.
    I was not just mesmerized by her beautiful face but also her exceptional acting.
    My sisters are KDrama addicts most specially sageuk.
    I search Yoojung’s filmography and watched her other dramas since Iljimae up to her recent modern drama.
    I enjoyed all of it.
    I’m excited that her next drama HCG has a touch of fantasy.
    I’m just hoping it will air earlier.
    Ber months is still far away.

  24. I love this article for these two beautiful actresses since the comment section is so healthy and full of positivity for both fandom.. love it..

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