Kim So Hyun and Song Kang Attend Press Conference for Netflix Drama Love Alarm 2 Premiering March 12th

Oh lord, seeing this makes all my maternal instincts rise up and I just want to take care of Kim So Hyun. She was at the press conference this past weekend with Love Alarm 2 costar Song Kang, with the other male lead Jung Ga Ram appearing by video. She looks so tired, she looks like me after cramming for college finals with an all-nighter that went 5 nights in a row. She must’ve been filming reshoots for her currently airing sageuk River Where the Moon Rises already since replacement male lead Na In Woo is expected to have the most scenes with her as love interest Ondal. I’m just glad Love Alarm 2 is finished filming and once River is done please let this hardworking girl get a long overdue rest. I hope LA2 continues the story well and adds to the robust K-drama offerings on Netflix.


Kim So Hyun and Song Kang Attend Press Conference for Netflix Drama Love Alarm 2 Premiering March 12th — 51 Comments

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  2. My poor baby girl. She looks gorgeous as always, but yes, it’s obvious how tired she is. I watched some parts of the press con and despite everything, she still gave her best smiles, what a sunshine ?
    Really hoping she’ll get a proper rest after all this!

  3. Did So Hyun also enter an agreement with VC not to charge any talent fees for the reshoot of the RWTMR episodes? I heard that some of her co-stars did not charge any talent fees for the reshoot. Or is So Hyun too big or money hungry not to agree with free talent charge for the reshoot?

    • Most of the casts that did not accept the appearance fee because they doesn’t need to reshoot much since they have less scene with Ondal compared to Sohyun that need to reshoot everything since she has most scene and loveline with Ondal.

      Does that mean she’s money hungry because she need to reshoot everything again?

      • Yes, as a sign of respect to the production team, she and her agency should not charge anything.

      • @Marga and getting paid for working is disrespectful now?
        I think no matter how much we explain to you, you won’t understand. You’re mind is closed because you’re clearly hating. Pathetic really ?

    • Oh!! @Marga here you go again with your sly comment. If her costars agreed to not receive payment, she should not be pressured to do the same. After all, she has the one with most of the scenes to reshoot. It’s her right to get paid. I believe it’s not her decision alone because she has to discuss this with her manager and agency.

    • @marga Are you freaking serious right now? That’s what you will comment under an article about how she’s all tired and stressed out? We get it, you hate KSH with all your heart as if she killed your pet or something, but it’s really not the right time for your pettiness. She’s the main star of the show, she’s doing the majority of the scenes which are super draining and taxing, she’s entitled to whatever pay they’re giving her.
      You’re just like that Lai Pei Yee who’s bringing up ratings in an article with a serious tone.
      I swear you all haters lose all your empathy when hating on a celeb SMH

      • Seems like marga’s days of pretending to be neutral is now over and she’s showing her true colors now lol

    • This is ridiculous.

      Earning money respectfully for working your a** off should not be shamed. It’s her rights.

      Why don’t u ask has Ji Soo decided to donate all his earnings from this drama to cover the production cost due to his scandal?

    • Being compensated fairly for your work is not being “money hungry”. It’s called making a living as a human being. Such a simple concept is also too hard to grasp? You must have never had to work a day in your life to have a twisted narrow-minded view.

    • What the hell?what have Sso have done to Marga?like you really do hate her with passion huh? This amazing 21 year old actress have putting her efforts and all twice because of someone’s mistake thus she must have been tired yet here you are blabbing shit like an amoeba?trash like Marga must have been insecured to the bone,just go support your own fave, whoever she/he is must be so unlucky having a sht like you as a fan!

    • How about you go attack Keyeast for not covering the extra reshoot charges like they should so that everyone can get paid. She’s the one who has to region more than half her scenes for someone else’s fault. Getting paid to do her job is not only her right it’s exactly what should be.

    • That’s such a disingenuous comment I can only laugh at how absurd a comparison. Reshoots for Ondal scenes will require the most reshoots with Kim So Hyun, everyone else is like a pittance of their time. Say 90% for her alone and 10% for everyone else together. So for the supporting actors and actresses to donate their time is fantastic and makes sense. At most a few days maybe a week. She’s got weeks of reshoots because their scenes require interaction. A lot of Ondal scenes are being reshot with Na In Woo and then spliced or CGI’d into the drama and won’t need anyone else. But if it did require someone to act opposite him it would primarily be her. I hope she doesn’t donate her time that would be absurd she’s exhausted working as is. The production needs to pay their staff for the reshoots and get the money back from KeyEast for breach of contract.

      • The one who should pay is Ji Soo . Still don’t understand why the other actors are not taking fees . Because they are kind ? Sorry to say this and be blunt but being kind in this industry doesn’t generate any good . I may be wrong but when Park Yong Ha ( RIP) commited suicide a decade ago , a drama was cancelled and Yoon Eun Hye who was supposed to be the lead actress promised to the production to do another project with them to save the company’s production… and see how she was treated when she needed people to stand by her . So even if, i’m always ready to help some associations , i will not blame KSH . Work is work. Donations is for people in need and not for producers . Sorry to be harsh but my experience made me more aware of priorities . Once again, sorry Miss @Koala for my schooldays english .

      • Poor girl , i’m not her fan but not only she seems tired but her mental health may have taken a stroke too . She’s unlucky, when i think she used to be a big fan of Park Yoo Chun and now his partner turns to be an a…you get what i mean .

      • @Cahill

        It’s their personal decision to forgo the fees knowing the loss suffered by the production. Being kind is not about expecting anything in return. The ones affected here are not actually the top people in the industry. I am sure the concern of these kind considerate actors are the people working on this show, the crews who work day and night with menial pay.

      • @cahill KBS thought to stop airing this drama. Dramas about 3 Kingdoms cost more than the others, I read that, in the past, a lot of productions couldn’t pay totally their actors. So if the production and the actors wanted to see their drama on screen, sacrifices would have been made. I think a drama is a team effort and everybody wants people to remind a good story more than a bad scandal.

      • Someone below pointed out that all these articles about RWTMR fee donations might be part of a media campaign to pressure Kim So Hyun (the biggest star and like you pointed out, the one who will have to do 90 percent of reshoot scenes) into waiving her fees too. Which is deeply unfair since the one whose fault it is is Ji Soo and if anything he and his agency should be made to pay for the losses to the production, not his costars and least of all KSH!

      • Thanks @Royal We to write what exactly what i wanted to say . To @Sayaris, @Alexa, i wasn’t implying that they are being kind to have something in return . Just that the workers ( including the actors) shouldn’t pay for Ji Soo’s mess . Of course , they can give up on their fees but by doimg that they are making the ones who don’t ,looking bad . And the drama doesn’t need another polemic . That’s all .

    • Nope. Why should she? 1. She has the bulk of scenes with Ji Soo 2. this is a professional job not a charity. 3. Her agency might not allow it as they will have to spend money rebooking her beauty team and likely hire ground logistics again to support her extended schedules. Add to changing advertisers schedules, promotional plans for other projects, have to pay compensations on her own due to delays in other projects that her company has accepted on her behalf… the list goes on. That said – for such situations, they will likely discount heavily her usual fees on drama projects to help the production out and give goodwill. But if the intention of the article is less of humanity and more to give pressure to her side to waive her fees then shame on the production company for the mediaplay

    • ….how is she “money hungry” if she takes the fees she has a right to under her contract?

      The reshooting of half the drama is not her fault, it’s her former male lead’s fault, you expect her to work for free when most of the reshoot work is going to fall on her shoulders?

    • hey, it’s her money fgs! she deserves it. and the production will gain more if the drama is success. so why bother not taking money

    • She is the star of the drama so it is her right to be paid. It is not her fault that the drama will be re-shot. It is Ji Soo’s fault so why this young woman will be dubbed in your question statement a “too big or money-hungry”. That is not REALLY FAIR. Put your shoes in hers so you will know what’s the answer.

    • That settlement will take months and ugly lawsuits if no agreement gets reached. VC will have on hand yet another troublesome situation.

      • Just a theory…..With the wordings of economic loss to the production company, it makes me wonder if there is no specific clause on Jisoo/Keyeast contract that would force them to return his appearance fee and pay up all other relevant fees to the production company. The bullying #metoo was quite recent, hence some drama contracts might not have been updated. I do know that brands/ads have this on their clause (maybe coz of idols), hence they are prepared to recoup their money. Dramas, not too sure

  4. Baby still beautiful but looks so tired. I hope she’ll get enough rest before she accept new project after these two.

    I’ll miss the LA trio once the drama ends. She really looks comfortable with them. Reminds me of her TTON fam. Hope these trio reunite again someday.

    Fighting uri JoJo!

  5. Wow, I’m not even a Kim So Hyun fan but even I am getting tired of seeing hateful people using this whole fiasco to drag her. She’s a hardworking, talented actress, she doesn’t deserve to be tainted with one co-star’s scandal. Like someone above said, people can really lack empathy a a lot. Glad to see her fans protecting her from malicious comments. I’d definitely do the same had it happened to my favorite actress lol

    • Thank you, exactly. I’m losing faith in humanity seeing that some commenters here still have the audacity to shade her when she’s already so down. I thought the haters would rein in their hate a little during this situation, but I guess I gave them too much credit. And when we defend KSH, they’ll label us “oversensitive”, “overprotective”, “toxic”, blah blah blah. It’s so damn tiring, sigh

    • LOL. Why Love Alarm Season 2 is not that good? Have you watched it already? It is yet to premiere on March 12. I’m just asking. Sorry if I sound like rude.

      • I read the webtoon and season 1 is actually bad in term of story, season 2 doesn’t seem to be that hopeful.

        I meant to write that LA 2 doesn’t seem to be good, I wish her success but knowing the story, it just doesn’t give me much hope.

        To put it in better way, I’d like to see her play with role that has more weight like river where the moon rises or more mature role than the highschooler in a play like LA. Sure she is always booked and everywhere but her drma hardly get super big or something critically acclaim or even get reccomended often when people are asking for drama.

      • School 2015 OST literally dominated music sites in Taiwan and has 2 remakes. LFG Thai remake just started airing. Radio Romance was personally mentioned by the directors of Spies in Disguise as their most fave kdrama. TTON and LA popularity is crazy and is basically recommended all the time. Please don’t make up lies because you can’t stand how crazy popular she and every single drama of hers is.

      • @Tara Her dramas “not recommended often”? How about School of 2015, Tale of Nokdu and Love Alarm? I literally discovered her because I’ve been seeing School 2015 always being recommended by KDrama fans, so I watched it and that’s when I was first blown away by her acting skills. I don’t want to automatically assume you’re a hater, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t help but think you have shady intentions when you’re stating false narratives like that. Like, how hard it is to just wish her the best especially with what she’s going through right now, without shading her and her dramas?

      • yeah, I only see her drama get recommended for cheesy fill in the spot drama,
        school 2015 hardly get recommended because people get SLS all the time,
        tale of nokdu is just jang dong yoon shows, LA 1 only get views because of netflix

  6. Fighting my beautiful girl! ❤️❤️❤️ Ignore all those who look down on you because you will continue to rise higher and higher haha

  7. Sso is gorgeous but she looks tired and pale. It breaks my heart how people can still shade her. She doesn’t deserve hate. People can really be judgemental sometimes and it sucks.

  8. Kim so hyun not only looks tired but it looks like she also lose some weight. I hope she will take a good rest after the shooting finishes.

  9. Hope this team doesnt suffer becoz of someone else bad deed and get rewarded for their hard work instead
    Fighting RWTMR team

  10. @marga
    Even if she is taking the fees its her hard earned money

    She is a busy person and reshoot will need a lot of rescheduling which will drain her of not only energy but time also and time is money(why should she suffer for others she dint do anything wrong)

    Even if she decides to not take money the production team should pay her its their duty as for her efforts

    Its easy to pass comments on others but difficult when u go through it I m 100% sure u wont do the same what u r expecting from her

    Anyways keep hating (the more haters it means the more popular she is)

    Best wishes for this drama

  11. I didn’t like the first season except Jung Ga Ram’s character and the idea of the plot. After watching the trailer, I’m not convinced by it. It doesn’t look the characters learnt about their past mistakes…

    • yeah, the drama is overrated and the characters are annoying and bad people. again, this is the drama and characters criticism, not the actress/actor.

      I want to know how it ends but I can’t say I like the 1st season

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