Episode 7 of River Where the Moon Rises Stays Constant with 6.7%, 8.7% Ratings While Adding a Very Schmoopy New Ondal

It’s a new dawn for KBS sageuk River Where the Moon Rises with this Monday’s episode 7 and other than the removal of one very toxic cast member everything else makes me want to yell “Go back, put it back the way it was!” Luckily the rating’s didn’t tank but stayed the same as last week, but the arrival of Na In Woo made me feel like a soothsayer who predicted doom and gloom but am too tired to say I Told You So. The production had him film snippets of scenes solo that were already filmed and then cut him into the scenes with his own standalone face shots or CGI’d together with the previous filmed scenes. It was mostly the same facial expression carried over from Queen Cheorin I dub “Mopey Constipation”. I know he’s asked to essay a character last minute and I applaud the effort but this young man has thus far demonstrated very limited to straight up bad acting talents so why does anyone think he can do well all of a sudden here? Conversely second male lead Lee Ji Hoon in every drama I’ve watched from Legend of the Blue Sea to Dinner Mate to here gets the obligatory one-note emo plot device type character (like Na In Woo’s Byung In in QC) but his acting always elevates it to capture audience interest. That’s the difference with good acting. Le sigh, Na In Woo aside the narrative continues to paddle in the kiddie pool with Ga Jin immediately getting smacked down by the villains in court with her first attempt at a tussle.


Episode 7 of River Where the Moon Rises Stays Constant with 6.7%, 8.7% Ratings While Adding a Very Schmoopy New Ondal — 17 Comments

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  2. Considering the hell week this drama had the ratings is surprisingly good. The writing can’t be saved but the actors are doing their utmost best so hats off to them. KSH and LJH are still delivering top chemistry every episode.

  3. Can they not just get killed off d original Ondal (Ji Soo) and reveal the real Ondal to be Lee Ji Hoon who happened to be the twin of Go Geon or his lookalike. Or maybe play up the styling a bit to set the two LJH apart. Pay LJH more would be a better option and set everyone free from the misery especially @MsKoala. Lol (You tickled me funny with those spot on description of NIW).

    • I think that’s going to be more logistically challenging since they’re going to basically rewrite the whole show. They won’t just reshoot scenes. They’ll have to shoot new scenes. It would require more work and more money.

      • Noted. The comment was not meant to be taken seriously actually 😉 Thanks for your insight.

      • Sure. ? Just that I’ve been reading a lot of comments similar to this and thought it would be nice to offer a perspective.

  4. More than the ondal and pyeongang, I am leaning toward pyeongang and go goen ship. I am actually enjoying the politics. Ksh is killing it. excited for today episode.

  5. It’s not like the actor was asked to something else than sulking in these scenes…

    Anyway, the interesting couple is Go Gun and the herborist :p

  6. He does have a mopey, sulky face lol. No offense to the actor but I couldn’t get past the Ondal scenes, I’ve decided to continue following the drama mainly by reading blogs. KSH is killing it as always, her grace, charisma and aura are so suitable to the character. She worked really hard on this role. This had the potential to be a breakout drama for her, it’s a shame that the scandal happened mid-drama. I’m glad ratings are doing better than expected, and I hope it continues this way. The lack of any appreciable drop in ratings may mean that viewers tuned in for Kim So Hyun, Lee Ji Hoon and other actors.

    • ^same, I feel so bad for KSH and the staff who’ll have to reshoot all that footage but it can’t be helped :/

      Previous male lead turned out to be an awful person, present male lead is whatever as an actor but it’s KSH’s back this whole show is being carried on and I’m glad the ratings didn’t collapse.

  7. Without the romance, Episode 7 stood out for me. I love that the Princess still held her posture after she got into trouble. The politics is starting to kick in and I’ve been waiting for that for 6 episodes. I’m still swooning over Lee Ji Hoon. The teaser shows him saying “I won’t give up on you” got me off my feet like can you just please tell that to me instead. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

    • The lack of romance was the best part because the Princess herself is interesting. Her scenes with her brother and working together with the general were the best parts.

  8. I want to go on the defense for NIW because I think this is borderline rude. But, people are awarded their own opinion, especially if it’s their blog. Part of me thinks it’s also borderline cyberbullying as it’s not just about the acting anymore, and almost attacking the physical appearance. thank god the actor doesn’t see this.

    • She’s talking about his facial *expression* and acting talents…. he’s an actor, those things are choices to be judged by the viewer.

      • Totally agree about facial expression, that’s not physical appearance (and even that is subjective) but it’s most definitely a crucial part of acting and therefore totally valid to be scrutinized and criticized. I am personally not sold at all and will stop following this drama

  9. I have nothing against the new Actor or his acting but he just doesn’t give me the on dal vibe and he looks like he is yet to let go of his previous character in Mr. Queen.

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