Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong Do the Noona-Dongsaeng Romance in K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up

The casting musical chairs went around multiple times for upcoming melo-romance Now, We Are Breaking Up and the leading lady ended up being the very first name offered the role. Song Hye Kyo will indeed be the female lead of the drama with the production reportedly heavily persuading her because she was the actress they envisioned for the character. Joining her will be Jang Ki Yong, so talented but still waiting for a highly rated drama on his resume and this could be it. The female lead is the director of a fashion label and the male lead is a rich and successful photographer. The second leads are also confirmed as Choi Hee Seo and Kim Joo Hun, and he worked with Song Hye Kyo previously in Encounter (Boyfriend). The PD on the drama directed You From Another Star and Dr. Romantic 2 with the screenwriter of Misty. The drama is scheduled for second half of 2021 airing on SBS.


Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong Do the Noona-Dongsaeng Romance in K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up — 44 Comments

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  2. Another Noona romance…..(groan)… Honest question, has Hye Kyo reached the age where most of her onscreen partners are her dongsaengs? I’d really love to see her in a same age or older man pairing. (My personal preference, no offense to anyone). I guess I’m reaching the age where I find the mature vibe of older actors sexier and more appealing in some scenarios ?.

    • I second this. I find men generally the sexiest when they are in their late 30’s and early 40’s. To me, its the maturity and wisdom they exuded that surpass whatever physical advantage younger men have.

      Anyway, I am all for JKY. I hope he finally get the big breakthrough and recognition he deserves. And having SHK as the leading lady is a bonus for him due to her starpower.

      The team behind seems pretty solid given the track record of the PD and the writer.

      Wish the drama and JKY especially, the very best of luck.

    • These young actors have zero sexual appeal. I’m with you. Give me a smexy oppa who looks like he’d know a thing or two ANY DAY! I honestly thought most women felt this way.

    • Yawn indeed. I was just lamenting about this in the PMY post. Another Noona drama for SHK (her last 3 and each time they get younger). She is 40 and he is 28. Kim Joo Hun is 40 as well, why not have him as the ML? He is soooo good.

      Asian male actors already look much younger than their age so a late 30s/early 40s ML will still look plenty young.

      As someone in my mid 30s in getting harder and harder to find a good romantic kdrama when all the leads look about 19.

      /rant over.

    • Agree, first reaction – “oh, another one of those noona-dongsaeng stories. Ho-hum.” I like the body of work of the PD though, so I’ll check out the first few episodes and see if I’ll get suck into watching it.

    • Err.. probably it’s easier to get a younger new actors to be on board than veteran actors, those actors most def are picky about the scripts and their costars

      • Also not a great sign that SHK herself passed on this drama at first, and it was turned down by others before circling back to her.

    • Okay, I know it’s a very superficial thought but I always wanted to see it with Gong Yoo. Young actors are fine but I would like to see her with someone close to her age (a more real romance) although she looks very young and pretty.

    • Honestly this. I guess I’m reaching the age where I much preferred matured men in the mid to late 30s now. I mean, it makes sense since I’m reaching 30 soon myself. lol. I think I only realized this when I was watching Start Up LOL. I realized how much more attracted I am to Kim Seonho than to Nam Joohyuk. By default, I would’ve liked Nam Joohyuk since I’m originally a fan of his and the ‘pretty boy’ type has always been my preference. But Kim Seonho and his mature vibes really got me though. So it’s like ahh, my preferences are changing as I get older lol.

      But yes, I’m quite tired of age gap romances. Whether it’s noona or a way older guy. Can’t we have more of similar age romances?

    • Yes I agree with this completely. Unlike some kdrama fans, I just don’t like noona romances (romance with older actors are much more appealing to me), and also because the last time I loved Song Hye Kyo in a romance was in That Winter the Wind Blows with Jo In Sung. She doesn’t even have to be with a-listers if the production can’t afford it. It would have been a great opportunity for lesser known or rising actors to shine. Someone like Yoo Teo or even Kim Seon Ho.

      • I agree with you. I love her with Jo In Sung as he is of the same age as her, reason why That Winter The Wind Blows was a success and relatable. I don’t understand why she is always paired with younger actors. Maybe they need her starpower but also again you are right with saying that if they can’t afford A List actors, there are other second leads who are very good but wasn’t given a big break. I love the story line though and I am still watching it because of SHK .

    • Totally agree. So tired of noona romance!
      There are so many same age good actors, can’t they just cast one.
      Why always noona romance in k-dramas??!!

  3. Song Hye Kyo coming back to dramaland with confirmed cast.
    Oh yes. Super excited for this..
    And from a good writer and PD. Double yes…

  4. Wow!!2 back to back dramas from SHK..that’s a first I guess?? Her role in encounter was the melo and well behaved one..I hope this ones savy..

  5. I find her very bland and limited in her ability to emote, but have only watched her more recent dramas. Would someone recommend a drama where she really shines?

    • That Winter, the Wind Blows is the drama where she is said to have really improved. I liked her there, so I guess she really works well with intense characters.

    • My most favorite role of hers was in Full House. Her character was cute and lovable, cheerful, naive, and emotional. It’s a character that stands out among her more mature and melo roles, and she did it very well.

  6. but Jang Kiyong…He’s a bit stiff, good in quiet and sad characters, he’s a bit limited but not that bad much like Nam Joohyuk (but Joohyuk has improved a lot)

    • * I meant that his acting style and range is like Joohyuk, but Joohyuk is better…not that Joohyuk is bad…bad grammar

  7. I agree with some of the commenters. She should skip the noona-dongseang romance drama because she already did one. And honestly its getting kind of old. Veteran actors her age would give more depth to their characters.
    She should have trusted her instinct when she first passed on this role. A different genre that will show her acting skills would be better for SHK at this point of her career. Just the same, i hope for the best for her.

  8. Maybe it’s slim pickings for SHK. The PD + writer team is top notch so the fact that they are adamant in having her onboard is probably a big temptation for her. Sigh. I’m in my 30s so I’m sick of noona romance. Younger guys in their 20s bumbling around still trying to find their way in life don’t hold much appeal to me. I do Encounter tho, I think the story was pretty good although the execution fell short.

  9. No offense but she is really really beautiful, looks stunning every photoshoot, pretty goddess of Korea…. Then that’s it! Nothing more.
    She didn’t grow up as an actress of her age. She never challenged herself, yes there are some project of her that sound interesting at first then the same vibe.
    I really wish to see a seasoned SHK. One day… May be.

    • Right, SHK should try something else.
      Look at the three female leads of Penthouse doing great job there.
      SHK should venture out of noona romance.

  10. Yes, I’m quite tired of age gap romances. Whether it’s noona or a way older guy. Can’t we have more of similar age romances?

  11. Is it really a noona romance? I mean it’s not because the actors are no the same age, that it’s the same in the story.

    Personally, I like noona romances like I like other romances. The important is how it’s done. Her last drama was a noona romance, so maybe it’s a little bit too soon.

    I’m not a fan of the male lead. He made really bad choices for his past dramas… I liked him in Come and Hum Me but at the end Kim Kyung Nam was the one who impressed me.

  12. for me misty is carried by PdNim Mo Wan Il. the directing is so inspiring and make it full of suspense.the writing is underwhelming towards the third act for me. but if Song Hye Gyo’s character is as fierce as Kim Nam Joo, it will be real challenging for SHK.

  13. No offence but from Park Bo Gum to JKY it is a downgrade..Okay , i m not saying that the ml should necessarily be an A lister but if not then atleast the story should be interesting.. Stone hearted director and a free lance photographer..It looks like Encounter all over again.
    Last time the news abt this drama was circulated,i hoped she rejects this. Like her comeback shouldn’t be another romance drama.
    Anyways, atleast her role in Glory is different from her usual roles..But again KES has a habbit of doing her female leads dirty..Let’s see .

    • I would rather SHK take this roles than KeS. I believe at least this writer can wrote more organic storyline than KES. genre doesn’t matter much if the story has depth. the execution is what matters. we haven’know what this drama is all about just by synopsis. who knows it will be alot darker? but if the execution is as suspense and meaty as misty. SHK better take this.

  14. If SHK’s co-star is popular, viewers will accuse her of riding on oppa’s popularity and credit the whole success of her drama to him but if she chooses to act alongside a less famous actor, they’ll say it’s a downgrade. She can never win lol

  15. not a fan of noona-dongseng, get tired of these themes, pls stop ?.
    not a fan of FL’s stiff acting. one drama to ditch bye.

  16. Can’t they find someone who’s closer to SHK’s age? When she co-starred with PBG some already didn’t like the age difference. I’m not sure about JKY’s acting. Is this confirmed or just another name dropping to make the drama talked about?

    • You’re not alone Laura :)) I love me a good romance. Age gap doesn’t matter as long as they keep it ethical and in good taste.

  17. Writer of Misty . I was addict to this drama . Ji jin hee is a good actor that i find sexy but underated and kim nam Joo was fantastic . The last drama i watched with SHK was ” That winter the wind blows” I didn’t finished DOTS and Encounter . My fav with her stills The world they live in (2008 ) really good with great actors Uhm Ki Joon, Daniel Choi ,Bae Jong Ok,…

  18. I have a good feeling abut this drama. I can already feel the chemistry between SHK and JKY.

    Why people here are talking about this drama being a Noona drama? Is the plot like that or some people narrow mindly mix up real life age and their drama characters. Sorry for saying this (not) – Grow Up. These actors are professional, their real age has nothing to do with their characters.

  19. So excited for the come back of SHK.
    Whoever will be paired to her for me personally is welcoming.

    Will be looking forward for the airing of this soon to watch K drama.

  20. I would love to see SHK paired with Ji Jin Hee, or Gong Yoo, or Lee Jung Jae or Gang Dong Won or even Hwang Jung Min, or Cho Seung Woo or Ji Sung. But this is just me who is dreaming for her to be paired with an actor around his age or older than her and NOT MELODRAMA again but another genre.

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