Episode 7 of Sisyphus: The Myth Continues Ratings Decline to 4.633% But Starts to Give More Exposition with a Side of Awkward Rom-com Crush

Some old movies and dramas, albeit dated, still hold up on rewatch. The original Terminator holds a near and dear place in my heart not for Ahhhhhnold but for it’s decisive execution of its story. In that time-travel story, the moment our male lead (swoony Kyle Reese) reaches mother of the future savior Sarah Connor and they escape from the baddies, the moment they are in a calm place he lays out the who, where, what, when. He tells her about the AI apocalypse to come, his role, and her future role in it. Knowing the exposition doesn’t ruin the excitement, the tension, because the thrill is in HOW they are going to escape the killer terminator. Sisphyus: The Myth reverses that and hides ALL the details about the future war, who Seo Hae is, why she is back, her plan to save Tae Sul, who Sigma is, none of that needs to be kept secret and dribbled out in excruciating ways where people have a chance to just explain and refuse ad nauseum.

Episode 7 ratings dipped yet again but at least this episode wasn’t as stupid as the last four. We spend half of the run time finding out Sun won the lotto, felt bad/crushing on Seo Hae so tracked her and Tae Sul (and we know Control Bureau and Smuggler Crew can’t), therefore was there right in time to drive up to the front door and offer her a ride to freedom during the shootout. We learn Seo Hae was 8 when shit went down which makes her banana eating with the skin on stunt in episode 1 even more eye-rolling. She calls her mom in present time but that’s it, no warning to RUN. She saves Tae Sul with help from the Smugglers in exchange for the key which opens Tae Sun’s safe to discover the blueprints for the Uploader isn’t in there but a mopey letter from Tae Sun is vowing to protect Tae Sul at all costs. Honestly dude, if the world ends y’all dead anyways. In the end Tae Sul goes back to Quantum and Time to bait Sigma baddie while Chairman blows his brains out after being outed and Sigma baddie cackles in the background like this is all pointless struggling. I feel you Sigma baddie!


Episode 7 of Sisyphus: The Myth Continues Ratings Decline to 4.633% But Starts to Give More Exposition with a Side of Awkward Rom-com Crush — 16 Comments

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  2. All this while I literally thought the WORLD ends but it’s basically just SOUTH KOREA that got nuked. What about the rest of the WORLD? What about aid packages and the UN?What does time travel have to do with anything? They added that plot for no reason. Logic is too much for this drama.

  3. Meanwhile, Mouse rose to 5.985%. Some Sisy fans would rather attribute its dropping ratings to Trot (which airs on Thursdays with no time clash, if I’m not mistaken), not its sh~tty storytelling. Nowadays, they console themselves with the “it’s sci-fi so old people in Korea won’t understand” and the “it’s trending at so and so on Netflix” excuses.

    • Trending on Netflix after the introduction of top 10 shows feature in Feb last year, is not a big deal nowadays especially if you got some Hallyu star as ur cast..Kdramas are obviously on rise …But what abt ratings..?? Especially when Sys got amazing ratings for the premier week but it then started to go downhill..If the drama lived upto the hype, ratings would have gone higher instead.

  4. To be honest Kdramas regarding time travel haven’t been getting much love from audience since the story usually is made too confusing, leaving those still watching with more questions than answers.

    Alice started out great which was a shame. As for Sisyphus it feels like something is lacking and I am starting to lose interest. It feels like it had all the right ingredients for a but the way it was presented is such a mess.

    • If Sisyphus is a flop, then Pinocchio that averaged 10% on a public channel when there was little/no live streaming can also be considered a flop.

      • Pinocchio was the #1 highest rating drama at that time. So no it was not a flop. You can hate the drama & whatever but was still considered a hit drama. It also garnered good reviews.

        I guess I wouldn’t call Sisyphus a huge flop but ratings wise it seems to be going downhill. Also it’s plagued with bad reviews so far. Who knows maybe next week the ratings will go up. Miss Trot which airs on ChosunTV is #1 on Thursdays with 30%? While Mouse on TVN is hitting 6% that airs Wednesday- Thursday. So just 4% from a high budget mega star drama is not a hit. Well right now anyways.

      • You can love the drama and what not, but ratings wise, Pinocchio was no where near a hit as fans make it sound to be.

  5. I on the other hand think both ep 6 and 7 were great. There were some lull in ep 3-5 but story has picked up and interesting to me. I like the comedic touches in Sisyphus much better vs “in your face” Vincenzo. Not a fan of Park Shin Hye but she’s good here, action suits her better. CSW is good, but if I had a tad complaint, I wish he was dressed better with better hair. Techie people can be chic casual no? But it’s minor, he is acting well.

    • CSW is acting well ??? just “well”?
      I am a tad perplexed by that. There is just so much one guy can carry. and Sisyphus just dumped everything on him to carry all things of WTH mess that this drama is.

    • 16.7%?????? Hahahaha you must be dreaming or confused. Its highest rating is 6.677% and that was for EP2. Although the ratings are steadily dropping, I think it’s way too soon to call it a flop. The drama has 8 more episodes to turn things around. Anything can happen.

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