Ahn Bo Hyun in Talks to Join Kim Go Eun for K-drama Yumi’s Cells

K-actor Ahn Bo Hyun is on the cusp of transitioning from second male lead to male lead and after his last I think he’s ready for it. He was excellent in Kairos, of course overshadowed by Shin Sung Rok‘s powerhouse but Ahn Bo Hyun did show me he’s got charisma which I didn’t think he had in prior dramas. Kim Go Eun is already confirmed as the female lead for Yumi’s Cells as the titular Yumi with the drama being told from the perspective of her “cells” and her world as an ordinary office lady in her 30’s. The drama is billed as light and heartwarming with the PD of Knowing Wife and Shopping King Louie and the script a joint writing effort with the screenwriter of Memories of Alhambra and W: Two Worlds and the writer of Find Me in Your Memory. The drama is slated for the latter half of 2021 airing.


Ahn Bo Hyun in Talks to Join Kim Go Eun for K-drama Yumi’s Cells — 11 Comments

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  2. It would come from the screenwriter of W? I will watch it then. She is my favorite screenwriter more than other famous star writers. She wrote Queen In Hyun’s Man, W two worlds and MOA. All were my favorites.

    • Hi, she’s my favorite screenwriter too. Here she teams up again with one of her old friends, co-writer of Nine Time Travel. And another newbie screenwriter, Kim Kyung Ran. I don’t know if he’s the manhwa writer or one of the others’ former assistants.
      Instead of writing a story of her own, she chose a manhwa, maybe because writing 4 top dramas with same style requires to take a step back and refresh her ideas. Nevertheless, I observe that the theme of the mawha corresponds to her style, with two worlds. The inner and psychic world of the character, and her real adventures.

  3. This is the kind of drama I’m looking for in COVID era. The PD’s previous work Shopping King Louie comforted me a lot during last year long lockdowns. It was an escape for me into an old school romantic, feel good magical world. I trust the PD and solid writing team to deliver light and warm-hearted vibes. Confidently anticipating this one.

    • he did a netflix series along with Han So Hee. why not him? i think popular star+rising star pairing has become a trend in this covid times. and some of them has success.

    • It should not be a problem as long as the script is good.. Atleast this time she will not be overshadowed by her co-star’s star power..I am saying this despite not being a fan of either goblin or tkem, but i think kge can do better.

    • As opposed to leading men who became more famous/are got their fame from their more famous leading women? Examples: Hyun Bin/Kim Sun Ah, Park Bo Gum/Song Hye Kyo, Kim Soo Hyun/Jun Ji Hyun, Song Joong Ki/Song Hye Kyo. It’s basically a way to gain more fans and name, plus he’s been rising in the last few years so its no surprise. Plus, I think they are a good pairing, I mean have you seen his body, dude works out a lot lol. Him and Kim Go Eun should be a fun pairing!

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