Vincenzo Episode 7 Has Ratings of 9.241% and Showcases More Outside-the-box Lawyering and Negotiations as Attention Turns Back to the Fate of Geumga Plaza

This drama narrative moves so fast, nothing kept secret (for the sake of using it to tell the story) as the focus always remains on the problem that the secret pertains to. How to resolve it is the joy of watching Vincenzo think outside the box with his new right hand woman Cha Young meeting him beat for beat. He’s got a crazy idea, she adds to it, he calls in favors for her, she tells him that he did a great job. I can see the relationship building through the partnership, nothing overt but beautifully nuanced and noticed between them. Just lovely stuff. The detour to Babel Chemicals criminal misconduct was wrapped up quickly, taking down the corrupt doctor always providing false medical testimony through his beleaguered wife who is more than ready and able to take revenge. Joon Woo gets even madder which sends Lawyer Choi into framing Cha Young but then the tables reverse as Vincenzo cuts a deal with her to give her something she wants even more. I don’t know how many more times he can pull rabbits out of a hat but it’s hella entertaining. The residents of Geumga Plaza are back to being wary and weird because, as expected, the strange homeless dude from the last episode did indeed tell them about the 12 billion won worth of gold bars buried underneath. It’s weird that I always thought it was Vincenzo’s gold but now that the Chinese businessman is dead it’s totally finders keepers and no reason for the residents not to covet it. Especially with Joon Woo turning his attention back to demolishing it to build his Babel Tower (lol). The final “battle” for liberty was yet another brilliant operatic comedy that this drama is so great at delivering.


Vincenzo Episode 7 Has Ratings of 9.241% and Showcases More Outside-the-box Lawyering and Negotiations as Attention Turns Back to the Fate of Geumga Plaza — 8 Comments

  1. @ aurora

    I recently read an article that explains that the drama never filmed its Italy scenes in Italy or any foreign country in episode 1, it was all CGI and green screen ??

    • Laura! How I’ve missed you! I commented under your comment in the Goong/Princess Hours post but it looks like you didn’t see it.

      Yes, I read it in a comment on DB complete with a Twitter video link on how it was done! Impressive, right? Damn. Haha…it had some beanies using it to throw shade at Sisyphus. Lol.

      How have you been?

      • Omg, I’m sorry. I just went back to the article and I realize I also ignore @cahill as well. @cahill if you’re there, thank you for recommendations and your insights.

        When I was younger, I didn’t watch Korean dramas with my grandmother. We would normally watch cheesy Chinese/Taiwanese/Vietnamese dramas/shows together and classical u.s films or Disney shows haha So that’s probably why I didn’t hear of princess hours and etc.

        I miss you as well 🙁 I watched the video clip, and I was mighty impressed 🙂 LOL the Sisyphus people definitely should had hired the Vincenzo cgi crew. I’m doing well overall despite how busy and draining life can be, at least I’m living and breathing haha how are you?

        There hasn’t been any new drama that I’m particularly excited to check out but I’ll still give Joseon Exorcist (I’m not a horror/zombie fan) and Naverilla a shot.

      • Aww. Haha. In addition to our usual Western fare, there were a lot of telenovelas, Hindi movies, Filipino series, Chinese & Japanese movies. Then one day, out of the blue, Hallyu hit with Winter Sonata (didn’t watch this, too boring), Full House, All In, Jewel in the Palace, Princess Hours, other titles I can’t recall and here we are. Ah, sweet nostalgia.

        Busy and draining, indeed! But all is good here, thanks for asking.

        I’m currently watching Vincenzo, MLDM (don’t ask me why), occasionally watching Hello Me and stocking up Penthouse 2 for a binge.

        Soon-to-air shows I’m eagerly anticipating so far include Joseon Exorcist, Oh My Ladylord, Bossam: Steal The Fate, Writing Your Destiny, Destruction. Navillera doesn’t look like my kinda drama but we’ll see.

      • Just replied. But my comment is not appearing. Typical KP glitch. ? Guess you’ll see it later when it finally posts.

      • You are a k-drama veteran! It must be difficult to please you haha You watched so many diverse projects!

        I’m glad you are doing well 🙂

        LOL crazy melodramas must be your guilty pleasure. I don’t judge haha

        It feels like you are excited for almost every upcoming project haha Im planning to check out Bossam as well!

        @cahill Thank you! May you also breathe with relaxation! I’m so sorry you went through bouts of depression, I hope you’re doing better nowadays. Stay strong my friend ❤️

    • Hi @Laura from old @cahill . Thanks for your kindness . Keep breathing well ! I’m watching Vincenzo wich is a good medecine in theses times . I used to watch BBC clasical dramas and one day Hallyu hit me when i was going through a severe depression and Youtube just opened , so at that time i watched only rom coms 18 VS 29, 9 end 2 outs, Hello, my teacher ( Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin ) and many others… Hope that dramas would do the same for you .

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