Son Ye Jin, Youn Yeo Jung Among the First Actresses Released in the Korean Actor 200 List

Here comes the first look at some of the ladies in the Korean Actor 200 list and hoo boy it’s a great cross-section of age, experience, and charisma. The actresses in the first batch of stills include living legend Youn Yeo Jung and Ssangmyundong cheetah Ra Min Ran and with these two I’m already swooning. Then comes the hit-making leading ladies Son Ye Jin, Honey Lee, Han Ye Ri, Moon So Ri and Park Ha Sun, followed up young actresses representing the long term future of the industry Park Shin Hye, Go Ah Sung, and Kim Da Mi. Seeing the actresses I’m glad K-film isn’t focusing only on the male actors and are giving these talented beauties their own recognition and due. Now give me the full list please!


Son Ye Jin, Youn Yeo Jung Among the First Actresses Released in the Korean Actor 200 List — 43 Comments

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  2. Some of the best indeed! I wish they were all in B&W. Son Yejin’s eyes are always so expressive, even in a photo. And how amazing for Youn Yeo Jung getting her Oscar nomination today at age 73. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the list.

  3. To group Park Shin Hye with such incredible, talented women is so………ugh. When will everyone putting this girl on a pedestal already???

    Anyways, the actually talented actresses here look absolutely gorgeous. Son Ye Jin especially, looks stunning. Amazing to know how impactful CLOY has been worldwide and how she and Hyun Bin are so deservedly leading the charge for a new Hallyu K-Drama wave in the digital era.

    • Ok so you said what I was thinking. I don’t want to be rude, but what am I missing when it comes to PSH? I have seen two of her dramas (The Heirs and MOTA) and she is always playing the crying damsel type with a constant look of fear. I did see Alive which was a bit better but she was rather forgettable there. Can someone recommend a project that shows off her acting chops or an entirely different side so I can understand why she is so loved?

      • For me, I prefer her in the movies I’ve seen her in, like in Miracle Cell No.7 and The Royal Tailor, than in dramas. I would say she’s good enough as an actress, but I still personally wouldn’t put her up there with the best of the best. This is my opinion only, of course..

      • Please try to watch her old drama. My favorites are stairway to heaven, tree of heaven, you’re beatiful and doctors. She is outstanding and lovely.

      • Try the call on Netflix. Though her role didn’t have enough material to begin with, she pulled off every emotions needed for her character there. And her movies always fare better than her dramas, although she’s just supporting role (except for #alive & the call).

        But for dramas, I personally like Pinocchio, doctors (only episodes when her character still in high school) and flower boy next door. Her old drama tree of heaven is quite good. But it’s too melo for my liking

      • I think this is just a list of the most influential actors whether in acting, popularity or both.

        We all know who the top talents are in Chungmuro and they rarely top the popularity chart.

      • agree with you.. it is not objective but since Heirs she got to popular and it gained her many followers but it also attracted detractors. this negativity is the remnants of heirs detractors. It has been nearly 8 years they need to let it go.

        sometimes it is not good for actors-actresses getting to popular this is what happens you will always have a few selective dedicated detractors following your career. the fact that this detractors EXIST means that she is the biggest name on this list..

      • Ha delusional ??
        Seriously woman if you don’t like her you don’t downgrade park shinhye is bigger doesn’t need your approval you all she already successful

      • Wake up and smell reality, kiddo. She is NOT the biggest star on this list. Stating mere facts is not downgrading her. And she doesn’t need you to defend her, either. So stop getting your panties in a twist and go fly a kite.

      • Park Shin-hye is the biggest name on the list by a margin. Son Ye-jin is second biggest name. I am talking International scale and recognition PSH by a good margin is biggest name. Tho she is being victimized due to being overexposed but it is not entirely objective or fair. The social media presence hugely diiferent. PSH has a big reach and probably is second biggest actress active after Jun ji-hyun and SHK. She is also way underrated for someone as successful as she is

    • Yes your favourite can take the crown for a new Hallyu K-Drama. Lets yours favourite feel like a new hallyu. Because PSH has always been hallyu for many years since 2009. It’s been over 10 years. The dramas and movies he stars in are always international hits. Hope your favourite can feel the popularity for a few years and make you happy…you can happy with your favourite and at the same time degrade a great actress which proven her popularity and talent over the years. I don’t want to downgrade yours favourites. I just hopes their international popularity can long lasting.

    • Go away hater… she is there on the list whether you like it or not … yes Park Shin Hye I’m so happy to see you on the list my beloved … my you continue shining like have always been …..

    • Why would anyone put her on pedestal? She’s surely not the best one out there, but she worked hard to get where she’s now at. While she did typecast in melo & roco, she show her ability that matched what the writers/ directors wanted her role to be. Non fans always gave credits to her male co-star for her high rating dramas, but never thought about that co-star previous/ following work ratings which mostly low. Haters hate her because lots of korean loves her?.

      And perhaps ur not aware that this campaign only about movies, not dramas. And yes, her movies deserve praises, although she’s only supporting role there (except for #alive & the call)

  4. I don’t know who Youn Yeo Jung is (shame on me) but cheers to her for being nominated for an Oscar, BAFTA, Critics Choice and two SAG Awards for her performance in Minari, which makes her the first Korean actress to be nominated, I hear. Cheers to all the other actresses on the full list as well!

  5. Maybe others should watch Park Shin Hye in a movie like Miracle and Call. She was also good in some of her drama like Tree in Heave, Doctors and others. Also, the list is based on Talent, Charisma, Experience not to mention that their are all respected actresses. And PSH is one of the most prominent face of Kwave since she was young

  6. I wonder why fans of someone what ever a name coming to say why park shin hye in this group and giving how wonderful her fave she is and mention two works for park shin hye !!
    Really ignorance and stupidity just mention your actress in silent without showing your bitterness over park shin hye choice
    And Park Shin Hye deserved either you like it or not Woman .

    • Hahahaha… look at this delusional dumbass angrily posting under different accounts. Calm down, kiddo. Hahahhahahahahahaha

      • What a cute corgi you are! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. It is the downside of getting to popular few dedicated detractors will also come with the package. You can’t never have your cake fully and eat without spoilers. But these detractors shouldn’t not be given any voice and fans of these actors-actresses who get to popular should count on their existence and guard against them. It comes with the territory

  8. Ha delusional ??
    Seriously woman if you don’t like her you don’t downgrade park shinhye is bigger doesn’t need your approval you all she already successful

  9. @on and you don’t need to act like a dog bark because you don’t like her just deal with it just congratulate your faves without trashing others

  10. Congrats to PSH & all the ladies mentioned above.well deserved..happy to see the women dominance…same time sad to see the comments here.rather than praising the actress ppl downgrading a particular one.this is not any fan choice.this is official & a fact.why this much hard to belive it.psh is in this list bz she is deserving.if you cant praise anyone then at least don’t downgrad others hard work
    I don’t understand why some ppl obsessed with psh more than thier faves..

  11. Yikes.. why are people degrading Park Shin Hye..I m a Son Ye Jin fan and I think all of the mentioned ladies here deserve to be accoladed.And it is just the first week, the list is according alphabetical order …Besides PSH has worked hard since her childhood..Why do I think some people genuinely want to bash shin hye by token stanning Yejin because their actual biases didn’t make it to the list .

  12. So happy for Yoon Yeo Jung’s nomination, Minari is that movie that made me hug my mom really tight after seeing her. Those pictures are beautiful although I would prefer that they all be in black and white.
    Son Ye Jin is so pretty and her eyes say so much.
    Some comments here are quite unpleasant, you have a list with 10 actresses of which some preferred to stop congratulating nine to attack one. I still wonder what this girl did to have so many people devalue her work over and over again.
    As a personal opinion. PSH is not that bad, in fact in the movies he does it quite well, Call was one of my favorite films of 2020. He also has this movie where he wears the most beautiful Korean dress I have seen in my life. The photo of her here so well is very dramatic and I love it.
    congratulations to all, Korean cinema is a quality cinema that deserves to be recognized.


  14. Congratulations to all the actresses that have been included. Surely they have their own X factor that have been seen by KOFIC that we fans are not seeing so they all deserve their positions. Those that ain’t included BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.

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