Netizens Revisit Two Iconic K-dramas Cinderella Unni and Will it Snow for Christmas, Considered Lifetime Works for the First 4 Episodes Before Falling Apart

When I saw this post circulating among K-netizens it was such a walk down memory lane. Both dramas aired in 2010 and then it felt like such hope for the new creative and emotional heights for K-dramas in the start of that decade. Netizens decree that two dramas Cinderella Unni (Cinderella’s Stepsister) and Will it Snow for Christmas are both “lifetime dramas”, but only for the first 4 episodes before then disintegrating into blah. For CU it was after Moon Geun Young‘s Eun Jo cut her epically beautiful super long locks (i.e. the time jump) and for WISFC it was after the teen portion that gave us the perfect pairing of Kim Soo Hyun and Nam Ji Hyun plus a bonus Song Joong Ki as OPPA! When I think of WISFC I never once think of the adult leads Go Soo and Han Ye Seul, lol, and no diss on them but they really were overshadowed during their entire run by the kiddos doing an unforgettable performance.


Netizens Revisit Two Iconic K-dramas Cinderella Unni and Will it Snow for Christmas, Considered Lifetime Works for the First 4 Episodes Before Falling Apart — 21 Comments

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  2. SJK looked so young, even younger than KSH. Wow

    Does anyone feel that young actress playing Eun Byul in Penthouse looked a lot like Moon Geun Young when she’s not smiling like a lunatic?

  3. I’ll add “The Moon Embracing the Sun” on this list, only the childhood portion was engaging. KYJ and YJG were so good and so full of chemistry, as evidence by knetz request till now to pair them still on dramas. Kim Soo Hyun was good, but chemistry with FL was blah, and this particular drama breathes and lives on chemistry.

  4. WISFC made me so mad when the adult portion kicked in because I loved Nam Ji Hyun’s version of the character, and Han Ye Seul’s version bore little resemblance to her and was much less appealing.

    It reminds me of Angel Eyes– Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun were all kinds of awesome in the childhood portion of the story, then the drama was just meh when Gu Hye Seon and Lee Sang Yoon took over.

    • Agree for both drama , They were so young and already so talented ! 10 years later they are all doing great . And Song joong Ki , i cried so much when he died . He was the only reason i finished ” Triple” . And his cameo in the 1st ep of the drama ” Take care of the young lady” , i wanted him not to be fired !!! As @Sayaris , i only liked the kids potion in Angel Eyes after that the adults were so boring that i left the boat ( even if i like Lee Sang yoon I recommend “The scale of Providence “.

  5. I enjoyed CU, I remember it got rather draggy in the later episodes, but I’m sure I enjoyed more than 4 episodes. MGY hair was epic, just like in Merry Me. I haven’t seen her in long hair for ages,

  6. WISFC’s story was not that great in the adult portion even if Go Soo looked good.

    But KSH and NJH had so much chemistry, I needed to see them being together.

    • Agree! I simply adore NJH with KSH and KHN. I even ship her with SJK hoping they will have a reunion someday as adults. I was reading all the comments about NJH being the chemistry queen with PHS. This girl is truly a diamond shining brightly, well loved by Korean viewers and GP. Such a waste to see her act in very few projects nowadays. Oh well, wish her all the best and hope someday she’s ready to tell the world what’s she has been doing on her long breaks/hiatus. Heehee.

      • She didn’t act so much, it was because during one semester she studied psychology at university and the second one she acted in a drama. But now, she has her diploma I think. So she will be able to act in more projects.

      • NJH is one of my fav , her . She had fantastic chemistry with Ji Chang Wook too ! I love how natural she looks , her next door girl image and her acting . She can act in anything . She’s not type casted .

  7. That scene of MGY being chased was epic. He manages to get hold of the pencil holding her hair up and she looks back with the glorious hair flowing, her face ferociously beautiful and he’s left standing there in awe. It was very cinematic and the BG music was so haunting. I go to youtube once in a while to watch that beautifully filmed scene. So much packed into a few seconds scene.

  8. Go Soo said he was exhausted from how much he had to cry in that show. The end part was soooooooooo long and sooooooo crazy. What GS had to go through was not very realistic, to say the least. I did stick with it though. I declared that OTC the most deserving of happiness of all time based on the ringer the writers put them through. Also, he PUT A WINDOW in her WALL. I always wanted a BF who would put a WINDOW in my WALL! lol

  9. Cinderella Unni was the drama where Moon Geun-young really shed the image of young Song Hye-kyo in Autumn in My Heart for me. So intense and fierce, yet so haunting.

  10. Wowee, Koala is on a roll with Nam Ji Hyun related articles! I really miss my girl Ji Hyun. Please for whatever reasons, as other fans have been hinting, whether dating, married or having a kid, Ji Hyun please don’t ever stop acting. If she really has a secret bf hiding somewhere as gossiped by fans, I would really love to hit him on the head with my fly swatter as being responsible for her working so sporadically these days. Coz I’m still waiting for that magical chemistry of Ji Hyun with Soo Hyun as adults. I hereby pronounce them the HyunHyun couple or 2Hyunstars. I also don’t bother watching the adult portion after the teenage portion in WISFC and Angel Eyes. Lol.

    • Her two-episode drama “Off the Course” just aired last week on JTBC and got higher ratings than the one-shot dramas aired by TVN.

      • Yes @Dakchigo, our girl is either a ratings magnet or acclaimed drama magnet. Looking forward to see her in Witch Restaurant. NHJ please please consider the Park Hyung Sik sag remake. I can’t imagine she taking a break again after Witch. She’s as free as a bird to star in more projects after uni graduation last year. Please don’t disappear girl. Sigh.

  11. Omg KA you are funny. I like the sound of hyunhyun coz the other fans dubbed jcw and njh as jiji couple, the exo do fans call them wonshim nation. Me thinks sjk-njh chemistry will be sizzling.

  12. KSH delivered an unforgettable performance. Ugh, so much rawness and intensity. To me, his portrayal of the troubled young Cha Kang-Jin is the standard. A standard that few young actors have managed to equal.

  13. Live-shooting and ratings!
    The two “plagues” that pre-fiming and NETFLIX “cured” for good (I hope)

    PS I can think of more than a dozen kdramas that I REALLY loved their first 4-episode “movie”… and the disasters kicked in right from ep.5

  14. Fans using njh’s psychology studies as excuse she didn’t work so much is getting old. njh zero drama 2019, graduated feb 2020 did one drama that year. This year she shooting current drama and go on break again said lydia1 (she claimed she industry insider work in SK). lydia1 said njh is definitely out of tvn Golden Hairpin remake with phs. Haha njh is really lazy girl unlike ksh & kyj.

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