Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin Confirmed for Romance Sageuk Yeonmo, to Start Filming with Fall of 2021 Premiere Date

KBS young romance sageuk River Where the Moon Rises hasn’t been the awesome drama I had hoped it would be but now I have not one more but two more potential sageuk romance dramas to look forward to in the latter half of 2021. There is Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob of course, but now I’m also totally stanning romance sageuk Yeonmo (Affection) with confirmed leads Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin. River was an original script, Hong Chun GI adapted from the same name novel, and Yeonmo is based off a manhwa about a Joseon King who is a woman in disguise and the man who is her tutor and first love who was raised as a girl when he was young. A few young actresses have tried the sageuk cross-dressing including Kim Yoo Jung, Park Min Young, and Moon Geun Young so Park Eun Bin is definitely walking in big shoes to see if she can pull it off. I kinda zoned out in Extraordinary You during the past life sageuk section so I can’t say if Ro Woon has the chops for a true sageuk role but he’s currently on my can-do-no-wrong list lol so I hope he can master more than just charisma and actually deliver the gravitas. The drama is headed into production right now with pre-filming planned and a fall 2021 airing date, with the PD of Another Oh Hae Young and The Beauty Inside with the screenwriter of Clean with Passion for Now and Joseon Gunman.


Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin Confirmed for Romance Sageuk Yeonmo, to Start Filming with Fall of 2021 Premiere Date — 13 Comments

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  2. Another unimpressive idol-actor in a sageuk? Great. Just perfect.

    “River was an original script…”

    Wasn’t River adapted from a novel based on the Ondal folktale?

    • Rowoon was actually really good in the Sunbae Dont Put On That Lipstick drama and he did okay in the saeguk portion of Extraordinary You so I think he can pull this off

  3. There are lot of Sageuks this 2021 but yes I am looking forward for Hong Chun Gi the most. And after reading the synopsis of Yeonmo, it will be added as well on my list. Though cross-dressing is not new anymore, but its still has an interesting plot.

  4. The writer of CLWPFN? *side eye* Oh hey, this is that upcoming sageuk about a woman disguised as a man and a man disguised as a woman? I remember being intrigued by the premise when I first read about it but I’m not feeling the choice of ML at all. Sigh. Maybe it will be good.

    (Off-topic but Koala, have you seen the Vogue Korea pictorials of uri Kim Soo-hyun??? Omo omo omo!!!)

  5. I’m so happy with this pairing! I just love Park Eun Bin! She’s great in all her roles and she’s good in sageuk. I loved Rowoon in EY and Sunbae. In his last drama, he really shined in this role. Now, the sageuk part in EY was too short to judge how he will be in sageuk.

  6. The PD’s style is fine with me but the writer I am not sure. I didn’t like Joseon Gunman and did not watch CWP.

    Eunbin sure has big shoes to fill. Ro Woon I liked in Sunbae but not sure how well he will fare in a sageuk.

    I hoped there would be an equally riveting second male lead to make it more interesting.

  7. Isn’t Rowoon in danger of being typecast? This is his third romantic drama in a row, albeit a saguek, if he continues playing romantic roles, pretty soon the public, and producers won’t see him capable of doing anything else, he should try what Jang Dong Yoon is doing and accept work in a variety of roles to ensure the longevity of his acting career and broaden his depth as an actor.

    • He’s good at doing romance genre guess that’s why offers coming in for him for it, I think it’s okay because he just starting to establish himself as a male lead I’m sure there will be more variety of roles coming for him in future

  8. Rowoon is a visual monster in sageuk. When I saw the historical portion in EY, I was totally amazed by his looks and charisma wearing hanbok. He’s the hottest male lead in hanbok! His built is perfect for this genre, so manly! He is going to suit this role well I just knew it. Plot is also good and the most interesting among the long list of upcoming period dramas right now. I think my love for sageuk will come back again after seeing this drama and also Hong Chun Gi.

  9. It’s been long since I read it but I don’t remember much about ML character, he’s kinda only there pining/angsting over the FL in the manhwa, it’s not the kind of role that requires that much acting skill. FL is the one going through all kinds of emotional turmoil so Park Eun Bin is a great choice, she rocks all her roles so far even though they’re so different from one another, what a chameleon.

  10. Does this boy rest ? I guess not. He might not be the best actor but he definitely has something that makes him watchable and unlike a lot of long time idol actors he’s growing . I’m actually excited to see his full potential

  11. His look in Sageuk in extraordinary you is to die for. I watched it and he did well in Sageuk part. He has a very attractive visual and charisma that will make him stand out in every project he is in.

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