River Where the Moon Rises to Re-film First 6-episodes as Well with Na In Woo in Order to Qualify Full Series for Domestic Streaming

I’m going to enjoy the second half of River Where the Moon Rises even more now that I know one can’t take K-dramas for granted, who knows what might piss off the domestic mob and have them petition to pull it off air for one grievance or another. KBS has managed to salvage the drama after male lead Ji Soo left when his school era bullying and sexual assault allegations scandal exploded after the drama premiered on the tail end of the unfolding Bullying MeToo movement. Replacement male lead Na In Woo has proven to be just what the good doctor ordered, even better than Ji Soo in every way for the role and his chemistry with Kim So Hyun. I’m a convert towards him and K-netizens so far have nothing but praise for his can-do attitude stepping in ASAP and also for leaving them a good impression in his last role as the second male lead in Queen Cheorin. KBS announced that the production will re-film the first six episodes that aired as well with Na In Woo as the Ji Soo episodes have been pulled from streaming and will not be allowed back. So for the full series to be available for streaming in the future, this is the only way and it also provides better continuity with the same male lead. I hope this production doesn’t burn out from the re-filming hard work but being able to stream the full series will help recoup the cost down the road so it’s a very practical decision. Wishing the cast and crew the best and thankfully this drama is set in the Gorguyeo era based on a folklore so I don’t forsee any netizen complaints on distortion of history even with in the impending Northern Zhou invasion coming in next week’s episode 13.


River Where the Moon Rises to Re-film First 6-episodes as Well with Na In Woo in Order to Qualify Full Series for Domestic Streaming — 8 Comments

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  2. I wouldn’t put it against them to find something wrong in the second half of the series and dragged it down a black hole. Mr. Queen and JE now erased. Dear M, I wonder what’s going to happen with that one. I hope they reshoot it and erase the FL role if the allegations are true. Snow drop is in danger because of assumptions. Please allow at least one episode to air before you release your grievances. Give it the benefit of a doubt. I wasn’t even going to check it out because I’m not a fan of that genre and I’m not a Sky Castle/Pent house type of viewer. But I might check it out now for curiosity sake haha

    I’m looking forward to episode 13. The battle scene clip released was amazing and my heart is racing! Also I heard episode one is completed and will also be released on the same day. What a marvelous, hard-working team. I’m re-watching it with anticipation of my girl and in-woo reenacting the scenes and making it even better than before. I’m confident it will be leaps of improvement ❤️ It’s a terrible shame that the Knetizens are not tuning into this drama in droves to help out this production team to recoup its financial losses and to reward everyone involved. The ratings are stable but it’s not enough. People tend to be loud when they want to cancel others but not loud enough to help those in need.

    • @Laura I miss your reviews on episodes 11 and 12 of RWTMR. I thought you’re gone for good but I’m glad you’re here.
      RWTMR Team is the best. I’ve watched this drama because it is set in Gogoryeo and I’m not a fan of anyone in it. But I happen to love it more than I expected. I’m truly in the minority haha. I hope the drama ends successful and all the casts and crews will be rewarded for their hardwork. Especially, KSH who happens to film a 40 episode drama instead of 20 LOL Like salvaging what was a sinking ship. Kudos ✊

      • Cassie! Whimsical life took some of my time so I wasn’t able to be active on this site in the past week more or less. But episodes 11 & 12 was amazing. Patience really paid off and it finally gave us the heart-breaking story of the mercenary chief. Now we understand why he wanted to use Gajin to go after her own father, the king. His poor family was wiped out and he blamed the king ? Ondal’s foster mother’s love and determination to protect her son was just simply well done and her finally coming around and accepting Gajin was so beautiful. Gajin and Ondal had several deep but necessary conversations on what was important to them, and seeing Ondal being traumatized and scarred from taking his first life with his sword was so devastating to watch. We also received flash-backs on what happened to Ondal’s birth mother and KHN deserves awards for his grieving scene. Gajin brother was also spectacular in how he stood his ground against the scheming scums and expressed how he didn’t want to be controlled. He and his sister are truly siblings that shares the same wavelength. Ondal and Gajin love scenes makes me giggle with joy. I love it. Innocence and passion intermixed ❤️ The drama mighty strengths easily allows me to blink on its weaknesses. I recalled how some people complained that the first 10 minutes of episode 1 gave away the ending but that’s not the truth because episode 13 will resume what happened in the first ten minutes of episode one according to the previews ? Okay I’m going to stop talking on this haha

        I’m so impressed with their work ethics and their ecstatic energy to deliver and please its viewers. Everyone in this drama deserves to take month(s) long vacations after it ends. I’ve never heard of any drama going through such lengths, replacing an actor although they’re almost finished filming and then reshooting the new actor in every episode even the ones already aired. It’s remarkable and not an easy feat.

      • OMG @Laura Thanks so much for this. I actually stopped watching the second half because I want to at least binge watch 10 episodes and episodes 1-6 remake with NIW. But I’m feeding myself with previews and spoilers LOL. I will continue to read your reviews on the succeeding episodes so please don’t ever go away again. Haha. Until the next episode of RWTMR and it’s tonight ?

  3. I couldn’t praise RWTMR team enough for their dedication. Specially to KSH, she had to re-shoot 36 episodes yet you’ll see from the new making video released that she’s all laughing and making inwoo feel comfortable with her. They are really the best team❤️

    Btw, drama’s DC gallery are planning to send another coffee truck support for them. If you’re interested to join, here’s the link:

  4. i noticed that inwoo got a lot of buzz. and i like the fact that inwoo version of ondal is better than jisoo and he has better chemistry with sso. but if i want to point out the flaw, the only thing that i hope is his melo scenes is great as jisoo. coz i miss the pyeongon scenes where they cried together on the cliff when gajin tried to suicide. that scenes alone got the highest rating ever for this drama. i need melo scenes so that i can bawl my eyes out due to crying ???? hope that the next melo scenes can reach this kind performance. and i hope the same for that scenes in reshooting coz i plan to rewatch all of the episodes with new ondal version

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