A Smartly Won Battle Gets Ga Jin and Ondal Back to the Palace in Episode 13 of River Where the Moon Rises as Ratings Stay at 6.8%, 8.7%

It’s wild to think that a week ago the worst thing to befall K-dramas in 2021 was the male lead swap in River Where the Moon Rises, and then Joseon Exorcist came along and went “Hold my beer.”. Mon-Tues remains thin on drama offerings and I’m happily still enjoying River, a drama that has gotten better narratively but still a long ways to go to be considered anywhere resembling a “solid sageuk”. Episode 13 was heavy on the action and fighting as the Northern Zhou dynasty of China has breached the borders of Gorguyeo and started to attack, and rather than uniting as one the cartoonishly evil Go Won Pyo has roped his so Go Geun into going along with the underhanded plan to sacrifice Ga Jin, Ondal, and the plucky Sunnobu tribe. That poor tribe, they never catch a break and I wish this drama didn’t need to get Ondal and Ga Jin back to the palace because I genuinely believe those two would be happy living in a remote village just being lovebird farmers for life. My Go Geun-ie love is all evaporated (though my Lee Ji Hoon love remains strong!) because I just like him with Hae Mo Young whether for realz or playing her. She’s just talks slow and acts shady even if she’s not trying to act shady lol. I’m glad the drama has managed to re-film so much because the OTP scenes really spark when we can see them acting in the same screen rather than spliced together.


A Smartly Won Battle Gets Ga Jin and Ondal Back to the Palace in Episode 13 of River Where the Moon Rises as Ratings Stay at 6.8%, 8.7% — 25 Comments

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  2. What a brilliant episode! It truly gets better and better! The writing was impeccable. I was cheering alongside the ghost village and the Sunno tribe as they prepared for battle and victoriously overcame their enemies. I felt so patriotic and I’m not even Korean haha They achieve the unexpected. Tribe Sunno is now officially back and recognized by the entire kingdom! Hooray! The war battle scene was a build-on from episode 1 but more epic and so thrilling! The king and the crown prince having complete faith in Pyeongyang abilities was so endearing. I’m still crying, we lost Tarasan. Nooo ? Having O wearing his father’s armor was heart-wrenching and the parallelism between son and father’s victorious campaigns from past to present was just beautifully done. This episode you can obviously tell that they had to reshoot so many scenes because O was in so many of them. Bravo everyone for their efforts. Pyeongnang strategy to outwit the enemy was clever but unfortunately they didn’t fall for it but fortunately O and the gang was able to improvise haha The cliff hanger! Will P & O make it in time to save her father and brother? This was a near perfect episode for me, Ep 14 hurry up now ?

  3. RWTMR has been sold to 190 countries which could mean Netflix bought it. Technically it’s a Viu Original but Viu is only available in 18 countries. Possible that it was sold to Netflix via Viu. Anyways congratulations to the team for the achievement.

    • I’ve been wanting to ask someone abt this, but I’m quite embarrassed if my thinking is true, but reading u wrote this, I’m quite relieved.. wat i mean is, if it’s viu, viu is only available on 18 countries. i thought that could korean medias be wrong abt this? coz i checked naver, almost abt 13 articles reported that rwtmr is sold to 190 countries. but it’s make sense if it’s sold through netflix. and i hope my doubts isn’t true. anyway, I’m happy for the team, especially for the production house coz they can compensate for the loss fromm reshooting.

      • When it becomes available for streaming on Netflix we’ll have the confirmation. It is the only platform available in 190 countries as far as I know.

      • @Lydia It is obviously a distribution deal. However the production house stated they were able to recoup their entire production cost plus cost of reshoot which as we know was 20 billion + damages so close to 30 billion most likely. The fact that Netflix or any OTT paid that much for the drama shows it’s popularity. It’s remarkable for them to achieve that.

      • Yet it has so obviously you’re wrong and the experts as usual are right. Deal with it because the Knetz just named KSH as the Hallyu Goddess. If you don’t believe me go to Storykpop. Ciao.

      • Omo I almost applaud your constant idiocy as well as how you enthusiastically hate KSH, your prefrontal cortex must be so proud that it made your cerubrum shrink.

      • It’s real. I just saw the article. @Marga You’re too salty and too obvious but you can stay that way as much as you want LOL. After all, you’re an exposed troll in this site and you’re days of pretending to be neutral is over. I’m just surprised you’re still lurking here. Yikes!

      • If its going to be shown on Netflix. Its simply a distribution deal. Like how it is with older titles showing on Netflix now. The commissioned ones where its invested by them run concurrently with the showings in Korea. Like Vincenzo, Hello Me, Navillera etc. Their own in-house productions are fully uploaded all eps like their international original productions. Still they pay decent money for distribution. I think the drama should still be able to recoup a portion of their losses with this deal.

      • I checked the storykpop post and it’s an instiz post that’s been viewed 1000 times and one commenter called her the hallyu goddess… is that the standard now?

      • Obviously it’s a distribution deal did anyone say it wasn’t? According to the production they were able to make up all their costs from this sale which is basically 20 billion won original cost + the extra costs of reshooting which would be close to 30 billion won. The fact that Netflix or any OTT operator would pay that much for this drama proves it’s obvious popularity and investment potential.

  4. I agree with Koala, they are much happier in the remote village with their own people.

    I wonder if the story could have been more interesting if it was the concubine later turned Queen who is the main antagonist. If she was someone as scheming as Mishil. GG’s father is just too boringly written.

    There are too many characters who I don’t even care about.

  5. I’m very proud of Kim So Hyun, she is amazing in this drama. It’s not only her acting and face + eye expression that she shows, but the actions are also good. I’m glad she can play this role. This role makes all her abilities explored. Everything she gave in this drama will definitely pay off well in her future. I always wish her all the best and keep watching this drama until it ends.

  6. I think the real conflict is just about to start. With the princess political war and Ondal another ground battles, real problem are just to arise between the OTP. The slight change on the princess reminds me that, she first dreamed to be a ruler and Goguryeo is her first love even before meeting Ondal so ya.

    • The FL is becoming more ambitious and this will obviously hinder her relationship with ML. Its rare to have such strong, complex and ambitious female characters it makes the whole drama more interesting.

  7. Am I the only one who notice The herb lady’s emotion and the way she speak doesn’t match?
    It’s very, idk, monotone?

    But really, that kiss with LJH was??
    They finally “did” it and yet he’s still full of angsts lmao

    • I enjoyed that kiss though it looked so force. Their whole “falling in love with each other” is so fast and unnatural. Go Geon turned 360° from “I refuse to be manipulated” to “I’m exactly like my father” but I’m still swooning over him. I hope that both leads and second leads will have a happy ending.

  8. I love this episode more than episode 4!!!
    The battle was epic as sso’s hair staying upright while riding that horse lol!
    My girl can do o believable action, I was wow-ing the whole battle scene?

    I no longer ship Geon with PG. Him and HMY are match made in hell lol.

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