Fractures Appear in the OTP as Episode 15 of River Where the Moon Rises Shows the Price of Playing the Political Game with Ratings of 6.7%, 7.8%

It’s the final stretch for KBS Mon-Tues sageuk River Where the Moon Rises, and that hubbub of the earlier real world distractions have abated and now it’s back to the same old shallow drawing board in terms of telling a compelling story. The drama remains sageuk for kids, rudimentary in politicking and plotting and even now after 15 episodes not being able to sell the good guy side so that audiences root for them to win. I don’t care if the Gorguyeo King holds onto his throne at all, the only character I like is Ga Jin and she’s made keeping her family in power and destroying her enemy her main focus. Sure she has to strike first because she can’t live her life normally without worrying her enemy will take her out but she’s losing a lot of what made her character have heart now that she’s playing all the usual palace games. It also highlights her and Ondal’s chasm in their innate personality and driving motivation, I’m sure their romance will withstand all this but without them being super I Got Your Back the energy falls flat. Much like Go Geun and Mo Young who I went from meh to actively disliking, just because she got a new hairstyle and he’s suddenly all loverboy just highlights how forced their pairing is. Overall I’m mentally prepped to finish up this drama come what may, and if there is any consolation Kim So Hyun‘s princess attire and outfit changes make for entertaining visual treats in each episode.


Fractures Appear in the OTP as Episode 15 of River Where the Moon Rises Shows the Price of Playing the Political Game with Ratings of 6.7%, 7.8% — 11 Comments

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  2. The writing is really a problem with only the OTP characters I care about. What makes a compelling drama is when I care as much for the supporting characters as well. The problem from the very first episode is I don’t even like the king.

  3. My absolutely favorites scenes from this episode was the market date (so sweet) and the “three” brothers participating in a fun game of archery. Those scenes helped lessen the heaviness. It was a slower episode but very enjoyable for me, it builds up to the next war scene, episode 16 I think ❤️

    • Same!!! Ondal’s happiness when the prince called him maehyung??

      We’re nearing the end so I expect the angsts! And I’m with VC, I prefer sad ending for this drama?

      not buying geon’s feelings for HMY. I’m really hoping it’s just a plan and he’s still a good person.

      • hmmmm brother in law ❤️

        I’m fine with any ending as long as it makes sense! Haha I’m fine with crying my eyes out haha

        I’m not buying it either. I expect a sad ending for the both of them too. I hope he can redeem himself before he disappears forever.

  4. I just don’t understand why some viewers think that the princess is changing and it’s not good. I mean, her actions just make sense than her doing nothing. Gogoryeo is her first love. And On Dal belongs to the people she wants to protect that’s why she’s excluding him. We don’t expect her to just stay still and watch her beloved country fall to the baddies. Sure, this episode is a bit slow but it doesn’t get me bored. I’m with the Princess and I’m excited to see how far she can go. The actress playing Pyeonggang is totally a visual treat. She’s so pretty and regal but she’s beautiful when she’s the queen.

    • Yes kim so hyun is indeed pretty. Even i am confused as to why people are calling her selfish just because she is thinking about her country first.Today’s episode is going to be an emotional one

  5. First off, wow, Kim So Hyun really is beautiful, especially in that red/brown dress. I’ve watched some of her dramas and I’ve always found her pretty in a cutesy doll-ish kind of way, but here, she’s just totally regal and beautiful.
    Anyway, Go Geon used to be my favorite character, he had principles and was really interesting and complex in the earlier episodes, but now he just turned into a one-dimensional baddie after getting rejected by Pyeonggang. I like both Pyeonggang and Hae Mo Yong, I think they’re both strong in their own ways, and Go Geon doesn’t deserve either of these ladies, he’s such a loser.
    Also, am I the only one, or Go Geon’s delivery of his supposedly romantic lines for Mo Yong is just so flat? I dunno, can’t feel the romance of these two at all. I agree with Koala that it feels so forced. I hope Mo Yong leaves his ass in the end, which is unlikely seeing she’s so head over heels for him, but whatever…

      • @Bubble Honestly, not sure about that lol
        It’s just not believable to me. I mean, if you go back to the Northern Zhou episode, Geon was still clearly in love (or obsessed.. or whatever..) with Pyeonggang, he even commanded his men to take that arduous to try to take Pyeonggang out of the battle and save her, and then in the same episode, when he saw that he has no hope in having Pyeonggang, he’s suddenly declaring he’s in love with Mo Yong and kissed her? It’s just ridiculous to me. Would’ve been more believable if they took it slow, with Geon slowly opening his heart for Mo Yong, but no, he just suddenly decided he’s over Pyeonggang and is “in love” with Mo Yong. What? One moment he’s blackmailing her, and then the next he’s telling her she’s the most important woman to him. Okay, Geon… ?
        And if he’s indeed not faking it, the writer is definitely not doing a good job in making viewers buy their romance lol like I said, their supposedly romantic scenes fall flat to me
        I personally don’t ship him with either female leads, they’re both too good for him lol

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