Song Hye Kyo Posts First Script for Now, We Are Breaking Up as Drama Announces Additional Casting of Shin Dong Wook, Sehun, and Yura

Well, this really is happening and I’m so curious if it will be good. K-actress Song Hye Kyo posted a picture of the episode 1 script for her upcoming drama Now, We are Breaking Up, which feels like half of what was happening all the time in her last drama Boyfriend (Encounter) lol. It’s once again a noona-dongsaeng pairing for her this time with Jang Ki Yong. This week also added additional supporting cast members to the drama including Shin Dong Wook, Sehun of EXO and Girl’s Day’s Yura. The second leads will be Choi Hee Seo and Kim Joo Hun, with the drama scheduled for the latter half of 2021 on SBS with the PD Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 and the writer of Misty.


Song Hye Kyo Posts First Script for Now, We Are Breaking Up as Drama Announces Additional Casting of Shin Dong Wook, Sehun, and Yura — 19 Comments

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  2. Oh I reallyl liked Shin Dong Wook in Live and in My Unfamiliar Family.

    I’m not interested by this drama for now. I’m not a big fan of Jang Ki-Yong, even less in a romance.

    Sehun and Yuna are the typical idol actors…

    I wonder if it’s written as a noona romance, it looks like more a normal one.

  3. I’m on the fence with this one. Again, i hoped she chose a different genre and not a noona-donseang melodrama because she already did this with encounter. I think this will be more of a fan service and PPL for all her endorsements. I like the PD and writer so I hope her character will be a strong female lead.

    Based on the title, I will be on board if this story teaches women to grow a backbone and walk away from toxic relationships kinda like the modern break-ups books but only in reel form.

  4. I am seeing lots of concerns abt a surge of Noona romance dramas these days.. That’s why i am a
    bit conflictedd too…
    Besides, announcement of idol actors who aren’t known for their acting didn’t help it either..
    Anyways who knows, it can work well atleast in the international market if it gets to air in Netflix…I will wait for first few episodes and then decide.

    I m personally excited abt Mt. Jirisan…both the actors are quite par on so many terms…from age to looks etc.

    • Agree it’s too much. How about pairing SHK to an actor in his 30s there’s plenty of attractive ones about and it’ll give it a mature hotter vibe like misty. Jang ki yong is about park bo gums age ugh…

    • Poor guy. He had a serious illness and to take time off (almost 10 yrs). Which lost him a lot of footing. And taken off as 2nd ML off of Touch Your Heart due to family stuff. Sucks. I understand why actors (esp. starting off) don’t take time off, as they’ll lose their standing/roles.

      • Kim Jae Wook said no for some first roles after Coffee Prince, he didn’t feel ready for that, and after he had to wait for a long time to get new propositions. Entertainment world is not a nice one…

  5. Casting two idols as cast members isn’t a good sign for me. And the ten year age gap doesn’t help plus I’m not a fan of JKY. The only thing that’s good is the PD writer combo. I’m wary of this kind of drama thanks to Temperature of Love.

    • I find myself imagining SHK in a hospital setting with Shin Sung Rok, Lee Sun Kyun, Park Hae Soo with Ji Jin Hee as Chief Head of Hospital. With Shin Hye Sun as second lead. If only.

      • To M::: Omg i love that setting and the cast you imagined. Yup, Sungrok, Sunkyun,Jinhee,and Hyesun, whoa, that kind of casting is great and medical drama like what she did in DOTS. She rocked her role as a medical doctor in that drama. Wohoo, if thats the drama genre surely viewers will be glued to even only its synopsis.

    • Idol casting ensure fan to watch. And SHK also has a huge loyal fanbase. Even if the project didn’t charming this factor will make it hit. After all everyone is for business.

  6. I don’t like encounter, I hope it will better than that one.
    sometimes I hope SHK can find another genre, she’s pretty and I think her acting is good too, please not just only romance, kinda tiring to watch that kind of drama..

  7. I just hope SHK to stop accepting this kind of drama/role. I love Encounter drama to the core. I am a fan of that drama and I love Bogum-Hyekyo tandem but I hope for her next project she accepts genre like legal / criminal/ detective / law / revenge drama or another genre that will challenge her acting ability since she is a talented actress. Also, there are so many older men that can be paired with her like Ju Ji Hoon, Lee Jung Jae, Gong Yoo, Song Seung Hoon, Lee Joonki, Jung Woosung, Ha Jungwoo, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo Ah In, Cho Seung Woo, Cha Seung Woo, Jang Dong Gun etc but why this kind of pairing again. Yes the visuals are so explosives but when an actress came from a noona-dongsaeng drama like Encounter, the viewers are hoping the next drama should be another genre. I thought the Glory drama about revenge/legal genre will be her first project to accomplish. Well what to do, gonna try to watch this at least since SHK is one of my fave actresses.

    • SHK will still be doing The Glory after the filming for NWABU is done so you can still see her in a revenge type of drama and those names you mentioned, they are all top way they would wanna be seen as only ‘supporting’ SHK in her drama.

  8. Hi Nad! But uri Hyekyo is a top actress so she needs to be paired with top actors. Just like Kim Hye Soo and Ju Ji Hooon in drama Hyena. They both are A-listers. It is so great to see her paired with Lee Jung Jae or Jung Woosung or my fav Yoo Ah In. However, this drama is on the way already. I am just thankful that she will have two consecutive dramas to make at this time – NWABU and The Glory so we can watch her good.

    • Agreed but then SHK also said in her recent interview that she prefers women’s stories but let’s hope someday there’ll be a project where the leads get equally important characters so we can see her acting with one of the three actors you mentioned. They’re friends with each least we know that the chemistry department is already secured. 🙂

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