Episode 16 of River Where the Moon Rises Stays at 6.0%, 7.8% Ratings as the Plot Barrels Ahead into Fighting, Deaths, and a Thwarted Coup

I’ve stopped digging too deeply into the why, where, how, whats of River Where the Moon Rises, the early episodes I was super excited about and tried to analyze only to realize stuff just sorta happened and the foundations were not properly laid. It’s really come to a head in episode 16 as a full scale coup went underway and then was thwarted just like that, zero tension and just a lot of easy plotting to get people to switch sides. Ondal went dark for a teensy second before we realize he will do ANYTHING for Ga Jin and man that just breaks my heart. She’s not using him per se but she puts getting revenge on Go Geun’s daddy above all else. Speaking of which, I actually understand that dude’s mindset in this episode and it’s Go Geun who went full Voldermort and still without proper explanation for what he wants. To make his dad’s ambition come true, or his own, and if its the latter then what does he want because he seems to want to make out with Mo Young more. It looks like the action and fast progression continues into next week with a newly grown up crown prince (maybe new king) and what seems like the conclusion of the coup. Fun times, hope Gorguyeo friends and family discount figure their shit out because the Shilla hordes are coming right around the bend.


Episode 16 of River Where the Moon Rises Stays at 6.0%, 7.8% Ratings as the Plot Barrels Ahead into Fighting, Deaths, and a Thwarted Coup — 9 Comments

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  2. RWTMR is being submitted for the International Emmy Awards nomination. Proud of them for coming this far after the controversy and gaining more international recognition.

  3. Take the revenge on Go Geun’s daddy that

    – defame and kill her mother
    – crush Sunno’s tribe
    – has affair with her stepmother
    – drugging and controlled her father
    – salt’s monopoly
    – control the tribe council
    – has owned armies that go against the king
    – want to take the throne

    yes, he’s worth to be killed

  4. I was trying but I don’t get how Geon went on insta love with the herb lady in a span of 1 episode. Like man I was rooting for you to become a Snape, but you’re the Dark lord after all lol.
    Just give the otp the happy ending they truly deserve. Let them live in the Ghost Valley peacefully with little Ondal and Ga Jin?!

    Ondal is such an innocent and overall best husband and my heart broke for him many times in this episode.

    My girl nailing every scene she’s in and remains beautiful when crying. That bathtub scene and their confrontation at Hwangju Fortress were my favorites??

    Emmy’s, tho it’s still only a submission, I’m still proud! RWTMR fighting!❤️

    • You got me on that Snape and Dark Lord. I can’t stop laughing ?? I see a potterhead here. Anyway, I’m swooning over to Go Geon from episode 1 until last week’s episode. Now I’m swooning over Princess Pyeonggang. Man, she’s just a whole level gorgeous as a warrior and princess. Her eyebrows are on flick. That bath tub scene is also my favorite. But honestly, I want this to end like that they say in the folktale. I’m sorry because I’m on to crying my eyes out.

  5. The rabbit scene got me so good ? It represents him losing himself over fighting wars. The bathing scene, the conversations between the two was so raw and so emotionally beautiful. The writer continues to deliver. The artistic filming/cinematography was spectacular especially the montage of war scenes, well done. Looks like time jump is happening next week. I think this is the first drama in a long time where they have enough material to make it a longer series, that’s why it’s so fast paced, I really enjoy it. I heard they cut many chapters and scenes from the novel. It’s not a complicated drama to watch but it’s so enjoyable, like a disney movie.

  6. I cant relate to the drama. I dropped it already. Hoping in the future days to gonna pick it up and watch again. I’m just pitiful to my baby Sohyun.

  7. KSH is cool in battle armor and slashing down enemies left, right and center. She was right to pick up this drama because the character is made for her.

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