Dispatch Releases Pictures of Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung Hyun Entering His Building After the Two Sides Deny Earlier Dating Rumors

Crash Landing on You really IS the drama that keeps on giving, Ratings record setting, one real life OTP in leads Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, and now a second set of real life dating lovebirds. This week K-ent reported that CLOY second leads Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye were in fact dating, but their two sides quickly shot that down and said not true. Shortly thereafter Dispatch released pictures taken of the two down in his building’s garage and heading into the elevator, showing the two casually strolling in. I mean, they definitely look like a couple heading back to the abode after running errands. Dispatch also reported that the two had been dating for the past year and is known in the industry, and they have dates at home due to COVID-19 and not wanting to be spotted publicly. Also Kim Jung Hyun is in talks to join Seo Ji Hye’s agency Culture Depot. After the Dispatch release, both sides continued to deny they are dating, said they are just noona-dongsaeng good friends and met at home recently as Kim Jung Hyun was in discussions to join Seo Ji Hye’s agency so wanted her advice. Whatever, stick with your story babies cuz I am off here dancing in happiness that these two cuties took their amazeballs chemistry onscreen to real life since I don’t buy their “denial” at all. Just a river in Egypt people.


Dispatch Releases Pictures of Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung Hyun Entering His Building After the Two Sides Deny Earlier Dating Rumors — 43 Comments

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  2. I love the second OTP of CLOY more than the main OTP actually. If this so happened to be true, I am happy for both CLOY pairs. But I respect their decision to deny and if they wish to continue dating in secret (thus the denial), so be it. Wish all good and happy in the house of CLOY.

  3. If they’re still denying, then either it’s really not true or they’re not ready to go public just yet. I adored both in CLOY but I personally can’t/won’t “dance in happiness” at the sickening invasion of privacy by Dispatch yet again. I’ll believe their denial until they confirm themselves. Dating is hard enough without the extra scrutiny. Good luck to them both.

    • Same here. Can’t really be happy to hear this since this is horrible invasion of privacy. Whether they are dating or not, they don’t want to or not yet ready to share the news.

    • Let them deny it’s their business. It’s better this way than admitting right away only to to jinx it and end up breaking up.

      • “Let them deny it’s their business.” Did I say they shouldn’t deny it or that it’s not their business? Did you actually read my comment?

  4. she went on record saying that the dating news was “absurd” so it would be hilarious if they end up having to publicly confirm they are dating

    • Yeah, don’t say things like “She is definitely not dating KJH. We are bewildered.” Now you have to explain away the Dispatch photos. Business meetings, people. Hehehe. Just a polite “No comment” would suffice.

  5. Lol. Haven’t people learnt? Look at HB SYJ denying earlier in 2019. They single-handedly turned it into an artform. LA grocery shopping, no no, no we just met up with our entourage tagged along coz we’re in the same town, peeps, nothing to see here. Happy for this couple, just leave them alone, paps. There will be other couples to be revealed. I call it the COVID love effect. A year from now, a baby boom will follow. Lol.

      • Anon, it’s well documented. The baby boom after WW2 produced the term Baby Boomers. Covid-19 created the Covid baby boom. The gold old Guardian UK reported NZ’s Covid baby boom quoting midwife Kelly Lowson “I have never seen so many bookings for Jan & Feb 2021 come through all at once. Kang So Ra will be delivering her baby this month. Bless.

      • OMG, I so wanna see my OTP come true too. I call them the meow-meow couple.

      • @crystal… speaking of Kang Sora..wow she is going to become a mother soon…The date was April if i am not wrong..
        Meanwhile there were reports of Hyun Bin’s potential marriage within this year..
        Good to see them move on and being happy with their respective partners.

  6. This was so sudden like out of nowhere .The leads of CLOY were expected but not this…I see them following the same pattern like HB and SYJ . Rumour>Denial>Pictures>Denial again.
    However, Dispatch did a really shitty job by releasing those pics..There must be reasons why they didn’t want to come out in public…I remember once Kim Jung Hyun said Hyun Bin and Yejin are just co-stars and nothing else whereas other CLOY casts were just giving out vague answers..This man seems to respect privacy of others so much…what more if it comes to his own life.
    He is having some trouble with his current agency as well and would probably move to her agency.. Anyways friends or lovers they seem to be quite close..So i hope Dispatch doesn’t do any further drama.

  7. I am sorry but this thing looks so funny to me..Other drama fans keep praying and shipping so that their faves end up together in real life..Lmao..But CLOY gave out two couples on its own ,the second on…nobody expected??..I just can’t with those comments like “CLOY is the new tinder” , Even k-netz renamed it to CUPID LANDING ON YOU..
    There is so much drama surrounding this kdrama..People never get bored.
    2019- HB and SYJ rumours , start of drama.
    2020- The drama breaking records domestically and getting popular internationally as well. More denials from HB and SYJ.. HB and SHK rumours>denials.
    2021- The 4 leads caught dating by Dispatch…One pair might even end up getting married according to K-media.
    2022- CLOY musical..I am really curious regarding the cast for this.I have heard many renowned actors are willing to give audition.

    • Yes, CLOY keeps on giving. Being COY about your love life is the new tag-line. Lapping it up. tvN is shaping up as the Cupid mother station, lol. Hyeri & Ryu Jun Yeol in Reply 1988, HB & SYJ in CLOY. Ahhh, who is the next tvn couple in 2021??????

      • The tvn phone lines will be inundated soon. Hello? Hello? Yobosayeo? Anyone? Could you please match me up with so and so in this drama? I’m desperate for a date/gf/bf? Rotfl.

    • I didn’t mean he knocked them off during the entire show. I meant that he was the hot topic of the finale and that he was over HB and SY while the drama aired. That’s a huge deal.

  8. I guess they are following the example of OTP #1, deny till the end. Just that dispatch had pictures. I like this couple. Leave them to be. KJH seems like a sensitive soul so it may be better to be Low profile. Cloy must have just been a happy film set – :p I have never heard of any drama coming out with 2 OTPs going from reel to real

    • As far as I know, the kdrama All In from 2003 was the only other drama that came out with real life couples (correct me if I’m wrong). Lee Byung Hun & Song Hye Kyo, Ji Sung & Park Sol Mi (it was mentioned here in the article of the wedding of either LBH, Ji Sung, or Park Sol Mi).But of course none of these couples ended up in real life.

  9. Personally, I didn’t like so much their couple in CLOY, it was too forced. But this excuse didn’t really help him with his agency… They don’t agree about the date of the end of his contract. Maybe saying they were dating was the best solution after all :p

  10. Take this with a pinch of salt. Its insider rumours only. But during mbc drama TIME, when KJH left midway due to “health reasons” and now his agency is insinuating that its a false coverup they did for him (real reason is personal woes involving a woman and mere unprofessionalism instead), this whole thing might blow into something much uglier. If i were him, I will sit out the extra 11 months and shut up further as his agency seems to be throwing out the threat of washing his full dirty linen in public if he continues his ways. At this point its looking like its headed to the courts. If Cultural Depot is smart, they should sit out on his signing. Once that TIME fiasco – real reasons for his departure get released, a currently very famous actress will be dragged into the mess as well and its gonna be no turning back of ugly denials and lawsuits threatened left right center. Pass the popcorn!

    • The public opinion is changing as several staff spoke up about witnessing him struggle with eating and sleeping disorder and panic attacks. He apparently lost 7 kg in 2 weeks because his body rejected food.

      Newer articles on Naver are starting to suspect his agency to release those dating rumours because they came out of nowhere. Let’s see how the whole thing ends.

  11. I really like Kim Jung Hyun. He’s the next potential Alist crossover to me. But sadly the dude’s got too many women issues and if he continues like thus, hes headed to failure because scandals will overshadow his talent. A waste really.

    • Kim Junghyun a potential A-lister? LOL the guy rode off SYJ/HB hype in CLOY and SHS in Mr. Queen. A decent actor with no charisma and has lots of issues when he’s basically less than a decade in the industry LOL

      • A salty Seohyun stan detected! Not over that press con yet? Your flop actress couldn’t save the drama after he left because she has as much charisma as a piece of wood.

      • Who said I’m a SH fan? LMAO okay oppa apologist panda eyes, I didn’t even watch anything with her how can I be her fan ?

      • There are several agencies who want him and he’s been showered with projects. He didn’t ride on anyone’s popularity, his character knocked HB/SYJ from the search rankings during their finale!!! He trended for 1 whole day on Naver.

        As for Mr. Queen he was the most popular actor in the charts. Shin Hye Sun first, and he was right after her. SK LOVES him and they like him even now despite whatever his agency is trying to do to him. He has gained over 30.000 followers today (didn’t lose any) and knets are infuriated with his agency for overworking him and throwing dirt at him. He sells everything he wears which is why he became Panasonic’s and Ulos main model (his Ulos adds have far more views than Uknow Yunho (pre scandals). They are 5 and 7 million views. Try again, he doesn’t need anyone to shine.

      • @May I don’t agree with the OP said abt riding on HB and YJ popularity because KJH had his own charisma and got love for his role..But u saying he knocked off Son Ye jin and HB who were like on top of Good data rankings for 10 straight weeks is a reach .He trended on Naver because his character was killed suddenly .. Obviously people would get mad if they randomly kill a character who redeemed himself and had a sad past..After that , CLOY pics were released where the fl appeared pregnant…it became such a hot topic that the studio dragon had to issue an official statement..And the next day after that dating rumours and denial happened..

      • LMFAO he died in the finale for shock factor ? proving my point that he got clout off the actual A-listers ? Let’s see then if he can carry a drama with a partner less popular than him ?

    • It’s his personality and his apprehension/scared of fame is what’s going to be his detriment. He’s talented yes, and has the looks to do well. But reading his interviews, he seems too in his head, and nervous about fame and acting. He might pull back when he gets all this huge spotlight (this time as the sole main).

      • The thing is many people think that his fans think he’s perfect. We don’t think that. We understand he made a mistake back in 2018. It doesn’t matter why he was sick (be it the role, heartbreak, or the pressure from his agency), he WAS sick and he LOOKED sick. Another thing, he has apologized MULTIPLE TIMES (even bowed during CLOY’s presscon) and he’s been forgiven. He stresses a lot because he’s a perfectionist, but always means well. We think that when he changes agencies he’ll feel better and be able to become the big celebrity he’s meant to be.

        He has been praised as an “irreplaceable actor” since Waikiki. SK media and audience regard him as one of the best actors of his generation and he has no way to go but up because he’s immensely talented and charismatic.

        @JCW: Maybe he’s not handsome to you, but women in Korea find him super attractive and that’s what really matters, isn’t it? To each their own, I guess. He’s a model with very good selling power and that’s (together with his talent and versatility) why agencies want him. He was one of the main reasons for the ratings rising during MrQueen too.

      • JCW is a known troll for bashing certain actors looks. Coming here to stir hate like joane.

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