K-netizens Share More Great Future Pairings of Actor and Actress They Want to See Together in a Drama Including Park Bo Gum-Kim Ji Won, Park Seo Joon-Jung Yumi, and Kim Sun Ho-Seo Hyun Jin

The K-netizens GIF abilities and great pairing intuition once again delivers a treat for the eyes and food for thought. A new post circulating shares more potential K-drama pairings, mostly modern drama styles, that the netizens think need to work together because it’s bound to be awesome. The first is Park Bo Gum and Kim Ji Won, who almost did work together as she was first offered the role in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds along with other reported leading ladies including Kim Go Eun before the role landed with Kim Yoo Jung. I love that pairing and drama but could totally see Park Bo Gum and Kim Ji Won as needing to happen down the road as a great theoretical romance drama couple. Other pairings suggested by K-netizens in the post include: Park Seo Joon-Jung Yumi, Kim Sun Ho-Seo Hyun Jin, Song Kang-Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk-Park Bo Young, Kim Woo Bin-Han So Hee, Lee Jae Wook-Kim So Hyun, Kim Young Dae-Kim Hyun Soo, and Lee Do Hyun-Kim Hye Yoon. I think half of these pairings would be great in either modern or sageuk while others I can only see working in a modern romance.


K-netizens Share More Great Future Pairings of Actor and Actress They Want to See Together in a Drama Including Park Bo Gum-Kim Ji Won, Park Seo Joon-Jung Yumi, and Kim Sun Ho-Seo Hyun Jin — 63 Comments

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  2. Yesss on Kim ji won and park bo gum. Or Kim ji won with just about anyone, the girls a guaranteed chemistry queen. Since park bo gun’s in the army, Kim soo hyun is another ideal pairing.

    • Love Kim Ji Won but her PJ choices have been really bad recently. I do want her to pair up with KSH tho. But more than that, I hope she can do better projects because she has a lot of talent and can really be an A-lister in the future.

      • Lovestruck in the City was an odd choice but I really enjoyed it, the ensemble cast was great and the half hour format prevented all those usual draggy kdrama filler scenes and plotlines. I’m not usually a fan of Ji Chang Wook but both he and KJW were killing it in their respective roles.

      • I like that she takes risk and goes for flawed characters rather than the boring one dimensional characters. And that’s what lovestruck in the city was, a realistic romance that is self aware (with its rose tinted fluffliness in the beginning) followed by the later angst. Not fond of romcoms generally but I enjoyed lovestruck in the city. I thought she really did well in arthdal chronicles too. She never makes predictable choices that what I like about her.

      • @Royal We and Kailey b

        I think we’ll need to agree to disagree but I thought Lovestruck was a disastrous choice equivalent to Arthdal which was also terrible. I don’t see anything realistic in the former drama unfortunately. What I saw was a heroine I would never be friends with and who I cannot empathize with in a thousand years. I saw a hero who was a bigger whiner than a 5 year old throwing tantrums. And I saw direction that did not know where it was taking the drama. Which is simply shocking considering this is the same PD who did the fantastic IOTNBO.

        I love KJW actually. She’s a personal favourite but I’m not blind to her terrible decision making recently. I don’t think anyone could’ve made her latest character remotely likeable – not even JJH – but I have no idea why anyone would sign up for that. It was godawful and I hope she does something worth her (and my) time next.

      • @butterfly

        Yh it’s a case of agree to disagree. I like her post fight for my way projects rather than her earlier ones.

        I found the Kim ji Won’s characters in love struck in the city to be unlikeable and frustrating at times but at the same time that’s shouldn’t define her, she did a horrible thing but other than that she’s generally likeable (to her friends ). What made her do the horrible thing stems from her insecurities. To escape her insecurities she decided to take on a fake persona, she didn’t expect to fall in love pretty quickly with some guy.

        Realising that the guy is in love with this fake persona she decided to break it off and make him hate her then have him know her real insecure self. That’s the horrible thing which made her unlikeable at the same time it’s not that even that horrible, people break up, move on, thats life. It was Ji chang wooks character that decided to dwell too much over this 2 month love, drive himself crazy and act like a “5 year old throwing tantrums”. But what I like about ji chang wooks characters is on the outside to his peers etc hes deemed respectable, handsome and good at his job etc but we see his petulant childish ways (which he overcomes). One of the characters in the show pokes fun at his lovesick puppy ways but when he meets him there’s an instant respect for him lol.

        I love its okay to not be okay, it’s now one of my favourite shows but I can accept that it’s hard to overlook the female leads actions in beginning . She literally forced her way into the ML life, stalked him, blackmailed/manipulated him to live with her etc etc she did alot of problematic things… It all worked out in the though. I just give it leeway cause its fiction

      • I thought Arthdal was an interesting and ambitious mess but the mess isn’t the fault of the actors who were all great. I thought KJW did really well in her role, and I’m impressed that her and Song Joong Ki had different chemistry based on which character he was playing.

        As for Lovestruck, I thought she and JCW did a great job playing characters with actual flaws, and it was pretty well written to show her character’s mindset and development. And JCW did great work too, it’s a long time since I see him in a funny role but he really pulled it off.

  3. Kim Woo Bin and Han So Hee would be amazing I think. I just saw their images side by side and I feel there’s be so much chemistry there. And just wanted to add: Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Tae Ri would be another pairing I’d love to see.

  4. Haha knets strike again. I want a lot of these pairings to happen now, Park Bogum and Kim Ji Won would be a good fit based on their acting styles. So would KJW and Jang Dong Yoon, there’s no costar she doesn’t have great chemistry with!

    I personally want a Kim Woo Bin-Kim Ji Won pairing, their chemistry in Heirs was out if this world but we got robbed of a love line.

    Kang Haneul and IU is another reunion pairing I would like (Moon Lovers was a mess but they were ??? together)

    Oh and for additional pairings I would also like Kim Hye Yoon/Park Bogum, Kim Tae Ri/Jang Dong Yoon, Park So Dam/Lee Won Geun (he’s not very well known but he’s talented and in the military rn), Gong Seung Yeon/Lee Do Hyun, and I will always accept Kim Woo Bin/Lee Yubi reunion too.

    • Hmm in heirs I loved KJW’s chemistry with kang ha nuel. Lol its the KJW factor even in arthdal chronicles she’s shipped with 3 characters.

      • I’m all for KWB-KJW reunion. Their step bro-sis explosives/spitting fire banter had more chemistry than LMH-PSH tbh. I don’t mind KHN-KJW though this combo would be a tad more subdue.

      • I would love to see her with KHN too! They had good chemistry in Heirs but that drama had her and Young Do flirting so much from ep 1 while her/KHN storyline really came out of the middle of nowhere which is why I’m not a Hyoshin/Rachel shipper lol

        (no fault of the actors, both KJW and KHN have great chemistry with literally everyone, the shippability is insane)

      • I actually mentioned KHN/KJW as a pairing I would like to see in a sageuk in koala’s post last month about knets wishful pairings for sageuk lol. They both have the skill for it and we already know they look good together, she was the best part of Heirs for me (Kim Eun Sook writes much better supporting characters/couples than main ones imo)

  5. Back to liking JCW again lol got swooned by him in lovestruck in the city, turns out the he can do romcoms very well (with the right script and partner like PMY and KJW) . I want him next to be paired with an actress that can match his charisma and his visual, I’m thinking Seo yea Ji or Nana.

    • Right partner for you? Kim ji won and Park min young? Lol

      These two are the most overrated actresses in the k dramaland. Isn’t lovestruck a f.l.o.p drama? Even with the yucky kisses they never trended in twitter. They were in the top 10 on 10 netflix but even sisphyus was on top 10. Just saying.

      • @joane Please haha I’m laughing at your passion on trolling. You’re one nasty stain that keeps on spreading as I brush it. I guess you’re not getting the attention anymore because you’re a known troll here. So for the sake of your worthless opinion, we agree with you LOL

      • You’re here again Joane… Get lost. Just don’t watch her drama if you do not like KJW. You’re spreading negativity. Okay?

      • KJW? Overrated? She should be thousands of times more appreciated and praised than she is now. Are you blind and deaf?

    • JCW’s acting in lovestruck was really good esp in emotional scenes and his comic timing improved a lot but his character and his story arch with kjw was irritating at its best… that without a doubt was the worst character he did… Even his not so macho character in backstreet rookie was relatable but his character is lovestruck was too unreal for a drama that’s heavily promoted as a realistic drama…
      Before lovestruck I used to think kjw is a good actor but after lovestruck I understood she is a limited actor and can only do good in particular roles and when she plays second feddle to the male lead… When the story’s main focus becomes her character she falls flat… Kjw, pmy etc are good when the drama is a rom-com and the most important aspect is the chemistry b/w the leads but they are not capable of doing dramas like strong woman do bong soon or mr.queen were the entire drama has to be carried out by the female lead…

      • “limited actor”, KJW? Please give me whatever you are smoking cause that stuff must be strong if you think her range as seen in Fight My Way, Arthdal, Lovestruck in the City or even her early projects like Horror Stories and Anticipate Love, are evidence of a ‘limited’ actress. Same for Park Min Young, she’s never bad in a role and suits dramas from sageuk to modern precisely because she’s known for her clear diction. How is that ‘limited, idek. And then some people here go around defending idols who don’t even have 5 percent of the range or talent of these women….wtf.

      • @rjpv

        shes the opposite of limited, its soo evident. There’s people that don’t even know that the heirs, dots and fight for my way are all played by her. she consistently immerses herself in her roles without leaving a trace of herself.I think the limited actor is JCW, I loved him in lovestruck and his early projects but how bad was he in melting me softly?! Even if the script was bad. He clearly has no knack for comedy as his acting came across as unnatural and forced, compare him to PSJ in fight for me way who played that role naturally/effortlessly. JCW is an example of a limited actor but is still a good dramatic actor nonetheless.

        In Lovestruck in the city, KJW pulled off a layered performance very well (giving it a mysterious vibe) and had more to work with than JCW aswell. In the beginning maybe her acting seemed off cause she had to pull of a fake persona, it was clear she was uncomfortable with it and we see it in snippets.

        On your point about KJW and PMY only being good as a second fiddle to ML’s , you could say the same about JCW and his reliance on a really good actress ( see the flop melting me softly). Also, healer would not be as beloved without PMY’s character.

        On Park min young, you’re clearly underestimating her. She was amazing in when the weather is fine which btw is not a romcom nor was it carried by the ML. You must be basing your opinion on WWWSK….she has proven herself in her earlier works and her latest work.

        Lol strong women do bong soon…. that character can easily be played by KJW or PMY. Didn’t fight for my way come out the same year and become a sleeper hit, with Aera imitations going viral and even A lister’s hopping on the bandwagon. She was rightfully lauded for her performance, I don’t think I’ve come across a female character as funny and charming but at the same time as badass. Without PSJ, she could’ve easily carried the show, she wasn’t just a mere love interest…..

        On Mr queen I agree with you partly because Shin Hye Sun is way too talented and versatile ( and also one of my favourite actresses). I don’t doubt PMY and KJW’s ability to pull of such a role, maybe not as well but that’s more of a testament to Shin Hye Sun’s amazing talent rather than a lack of theirs. As a fan of both KJW and PMY I want them to go for projects like that.

  6. I saw many fanvideos of Seonho and Hyunjin set in romcom and they’re really well done, I hope someday they’ll work together. I think Nam Joohyuk looks better with Kim Taeri actually…Noonas but not that older than them.

  7. I love the pairing of Bogum – Jiwon. Their chemistry had been tested already when they hosted KBS. Even Hyunmoo who was there co-host then said they look good together to be in a drama. They realy look good together and yeah I would like a romantic -comedy -legal genre for their tandem or a sageuk genre will also suit these two. I think Jiwon will be pretty in hanbok. This collaboration has been waited for a long time so I hope when uri Bogum returns from MS he’ll be able to do this.

    I’m YES to pairing of Seojun-Yumi for a detective drama, Kang-Suzy for a school genre, Seonho-Hyunjin for a romantic comedy and Woobin-Sohee for an action genre drama.

    • I like the pairing of PBG and KJW but my ultimate FL to pair with Bogum is IU for a sageuk drama. Bogum and Tae Ri pairing is also great. For Bogum and Suzy tandem and chemistry, well, gonna wait for Wonderland in the 2nd half of the year. Gonna see there how their superior visuals will blend in.

  8. None of the above excites me except Lee Jae Wook-Kim So Hyun & Kim Woo Bin-Han So Hee. The first pair has potential as sageuk couple of the century if done right lol. The 2nd pair appeals to viewers who dislike idol actors per se. Kim Woo Bin was so damn charismatic in Heirs even outshone ML I dare say (cue trolls coming to his acting defence). He and exotic beaut Han So Hee would blow screens up. If you check out her IG this girl is surely someone unique & out of this world. I can picture them doing something like FOE. It will be deliciously dark, evil & foreboding. Having a date at the morgue is like romantic for them.

  9. If confirmed, my dream already came true. Jung So Min reunites with Seo In Guk in movie Wolf Hunt, dunno whether they have any scenes together or like Negotiation Hyun-Bin Son Ye Jin type plot. I would to see him with Han So Hee maybe playing a Joker and prosecuting attorney type like Heath Ledger & Maggie Gyllenhaal, really dark & twisted.

  10. It was totally unnecessary to say the offered role for MDBC. Sure, you can hype the pairing of Bo Gum and Ji Won without it. Yooj made a stellar performance. The role was befitting for her. Do you think if they accept the offer they would be able to do the same execution of character? Ofc it will be different.

    • Dabi: IMHO, I think Koala didn’t make any offensive intention about that stated facts regarding Bogum-Jiwon scouting for the drama MDBC. Since the Knetz were hyping this pair again at this time the history would always be mentioned. Oth, I agree with you that MDBC is designed for Yoojung. MDBC is made for Bogum-Yoojung tandem that’s why it succeeded.

  11. I have never liked Kim Ji won. I would always press past forward button whenever I see her on Descendants of the sun. I did not watch and arthdral and lovestruck because of her. She’s an overrated actress.

    • Cute.

      But really – honest question. Other than Kim Yoo Jung – who’s footsteps you worship and who probably is embarrassed to have you as a “fan” – who do you like anyway?


      • She doesn’t like anyone. And she’s not a real Yoo Jung fan. She just doesn’t have anything else to do other than hate. Long time commenters on this blog knows that she’s only trolling here so they leave her alone.

      • She hates literally almost every actress. She hates Kim Go Eun, Kim Hye Yoon, Park Shin Hye, Suzy, Moon Ga Young, Kim So Hyun and the above actresses she mentioned. I’m sure she’s not a real Yoo Jung fan. Maybe what she likes is to just troll. Long time commenters on this blog know that. That is the reason she’s so passionately trolling but she doesn’t get the attention because she’s a “known troll” LOL. Let her talk to the wall.

      • Funny enough, I saw a comment from her heaping praises on MGY after TB ended. Other commenters were shocked! But then again, that could have been her never-before-seen good twin who made that comment. Lol.

      • @ylang-ylang I saw that comment and maybe it was her twin because she usually spells “joane” with small “j” but that user spells her name with capital “J”. Or maybe it was “Joane” in an alternate universe. ?

  12. The 2nd to the last pair, they are both on PH right?
    I could see the potential for KJW-PBG but, wow the possibility of KWB-HSH ??
    KSH-LJW, although I like that they are of same age, I want to see her pairing with LDH/PBG more.

  13. Song Kang and Suzy, Joo Hyuk and Bo Young, I’d like to see this.


    Bogum and Bo Young would be cuteness overload.

  14. Nam ji hyun and park bo young should never happen… I have seen 4 dramas of njh as a lead and 2 as supporting character and never liked his acting in any of them… He was decent in startup but easily got completely overshadowed by kim seon ho… He isn’t strong enough of an actor to grab the screen from a better actor…
    Park bo young on the other hand is an amazing actor and I don’t want to skip her dramas because her partner is strictly average…

    • NJH is an odd case, he’s actually ok as a supporting actor as long as the actress is good, like School Nurse Files, Weightlifting Fairy, The Light in Your Eyes etc. Basically when his job is to just get out of the way and let a great FL actress do her thing, he’s fine.

      It’s just unfortunate that his look means he keeps getting lead roles that he, uh, just doesn’t have the charisma or skill to carry which leads to better actors like Yook Sung Jae or Kim Seon Ho stealing the show from him.

    • Nam Joo Hyuk is an actor (pronoun-he). Nam Ji Hyun is an actress (pronoun- she). If you refer to a guy, use “he” if a woman, use “she” otherwise just use “they” to be PC. Lol.

  15. I can picture Jung Yumi and Park Seojun in a friends-turned-lovers plotline due to their real-life camaraderie. Somebody on Youtube did a mashup of Yeo-reum from “Discovery of Love” and Dong-man from “Fight My Way”, and it was a fitting pairig.

  16. I would love to see kim so hyun paired up with kim min jae and kwak dong yeon.
    I think she has never been paired up with 97 liner. So, it will look good to see her acting along side somebody who is much more closer to her age.

  17. Seo in guk with any actress . This guy had chemistry with every actress he worked with . The same goes with Kang ha neul , Lee Jun Ki ,Park hyung Shik,…

    • Agree to a certain extent. However I don’t feel his chemistry with older actresses Lee Ha Na, Jang Nara & Jo Yoon Hee. Proof that noona-dongsaeng pairings don’t generate fiery chemistry. Seo did well with younger or nearly same age actress like Jung Eun Ji, Nam Ji Hyun (her sis even follows him on IG, lol) & Jung So Min. Hopefully, Park Bo Young will do well with him.

  18. Anything with Kim Ji Won – Park Bo Gum, Jung Hae In, Kim Woo Bin.

    Anything with Kim So Hyun – Yeo Jin Goo, Park Bo Gum, Lee Do Hyun, Hwang in Yeop

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