River Where the Moon Rises Time Jumps in Upcoming Episode 17 with Kwon Hwa Woon’s Arrival and Production Apologizes for Incorrect Chinese Characters Used Onscreen

KBS Mon-Tues sageuk River Where the Moon Rises is rounding into the final stretch and everyone must be exhausted and deserving of that sigh of relief when it’s all done. Next week’s episode 17 is confirmed to have a time jump that turns the teenage crown prince into adult broody Kwon Hwa Woon, which means no more drunk and guilt-ridden daddy king on the throne. The drama has confirmed that filming is nearly done including all the reshoots so big hugs to all that effort that went into salvaging this drama. Last week’s episode had one scene where a letter was shown written in Chinese characters (Hanzi) which was used in that era in Gorguyeo, Shilla, and Baekjae. Netizens are not complaining about that (thank god) but complained that it used simplified Chinese rather than traditional Chinese characters which was inaccurate as simplified Chinese was not introduced until 1956 by the Communist government of Mainland China. The production has apologized for that oversight and will correct it on the episode for streaming platforms.


River Where the Moon Rises Time Jumps in Upcoming Episode 17 with Kwon Hwa Woon’s Arrival and Production Apologizes for Incorrect Chinese Characters Used Onscreen — 19 Comments

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  2. River is aligning with the forgettable kind of drama. It was talked about coz of the bully and less coz of the drama’s merit. The main leads are being overshadowed by the villains, as writing for them is weak(then we also have wonky editing, directing and
    maybe more charismatic actors as villains).

    • Fair warning: Any River fan who can’t handle contrary opinions better not read my comment. If you read it and get triggered, go throw a tantrum elsewhere.


      Ditto on everything you wrote. Everything is just meh and underwhelming. And I heard KBS wants to submit this drama for an International Emmy? This drama?
      Sorry but this drama doesn’t deserve to be submitted for an Emmy much less get nominated or win. Sure, everyone worked hard on it but hard work is not and shouldn’t be the criteria. There are way more deserving dramas than this one. Period.

      • Just a curious question. I’m not a fan and I’m asking because I really don’t know but what makes this drama undeserving for an award? This drama promotes korean culture and history (they said and I’ve seen it too). And What are the dramas that are more deserving than this one? Just a curious question.

    • @j I think you don’t watch river but read a lot of comments on river discussions and totally misunderstood. The villains are not in any way written better than the main leads. All four characters are written poorly. The second leads romance is too forced. Go Geon’s character turned 360 to be evil and Mo Young is still that monotone Silla spy. They are not likeable at all. The leads are equally charismatic with the second leads and their romance is sweet and natural. Or maybe it’s just your opinions that the second leads are more charismatic than them. I don’t know. Watch the drama because your comment is misleading.

    • Unbiased comment here as I’m not a huge fan of any of the leads, although I lowkey like the lead actress. The villains are definitely not better written than the main leads. The second leads started out as interesting, both have potential to be really fascinating and complex grey characters, but the second male lead just suddenly turned into one-dimensional villain after getting rejected by the woman he supposedly loved, even to the point of wanting to destroy her. Someone here commented that he could’ve been a Snape, but turned into a boring Voldemort.
      I’ve liked the second female lead all throughout the drama, but I’m super disappointed with her now. She’s sacrificing everything (even her loyalty to her kingdom) and doing everything for a man who, for the most part of the drama, was in love with another woman and has only ever blackmailed her and made her feel like shit. She’s a clever woman, I don’t know why she’s such a fool when it comes to him. Not to mention, the romance between the second leads are so damn forced, like, you’re telling me he was madly in love with the female lead and then quickly switched to another woman, all in a span of one episode? Yeah, nope.
      At least the main leads’ love for each other is deep and they share the same goal (better Goguryeo).
      As for the older villains (Gochuga and the Queen), they aren’t very interesting either, all we know of them is that they want to rule Goguryeo, we weren’t shown why.
      If we’re talking about the performances, I only ever see people talking about the acting, chemistry and charisma of the main leads, so no, the villains are definitely not overshadowing anyone.

      So yeah, no offense but not sure how anyone could say that the villains are more interesting, when there are barely any layers to them lol

    • It reminded me of the king who wear a mask? That drama, it isn’t good either and KSH is also the female lead. Contrary to what people said, she doesn’t suit saeguk

      • Well, she got a Baeksang Nomination for a segeuk role. So I agree with you that she doesn’t suit segeuk LOL. Plus, Ruler has a shitty writing but she still gave a stellar performance. Good Job for shading her and I agree with you a lot.

      • Right, that why she’s been labeled as Goddess of Historical drama lol!

        Nice try tho?

      • You should try to watch RWTMR, it’s very different with Ruler: Master of the Mask. RWTMR is better for me and better role for KSH. KSH really deserves a baeksang nomination, her acting is really good there. I had predicted that KSH would definitely be nominated for Baeksang. The Korean mass media also praised her acting there a lot. You should try watching RWTMR with an open mind.

    • I really like this drama. For me, RWTMR is very colorful drama. Sword fighting action, war scene, romance, happy and sad scene, politics, history, everything is here. Those of you who watched seriously from the beginning to the current episode might have felt the same way as me. I understand that if you don’t like the main character, of course it’s hard to like this drama too. If I don’t like the cast, I usually won’t watch the drama, I’m also very picky, but I don’t feel the need to blaspheme the drama. I think people who are serious about watching from start to finish are the ones who have the right to give comments, not just a few episodes of watching or just hearing people’s comments and adding. I will miss this drama. This drama will never be forgotten, it’s one of the best dramas I’ve seen, even the best saeguk drama I’ve seen.

  3. Koala has nested this drama like a mother bird would nest her eggs and protect it with her life and shelter it from winter by sitting on it and warming the eggs(RWTMR) but unfortunately the eggs hatched long time ago

    • Same. I’m still sad about Joseon Exorcist, but this drama is the one that saved me from mourning the cancellation of JE too much lol

    • We are truly the minority here! Was about to reply on the first and second comment but I already read some reply that I agree with and I may be viewed as bias since I’m a fan of the lead actress.
      But we’ll, this is definitely one of my fave of hers and I will never forget that this drama is one of the very few female centric kdramas, and it’s making me sad that including this week we’ll only have one week remaining? I’m not ready to let go of pyeonggang yet.

      Oh btw, congrats to the baeksang nomination uri PyeongOn couple. I know it’ll hard battle, but seeing your names as part of the nominees is enough for me❤️

      • Count me in to the minority. But I’m actually glad that this drama only have 2 weeks remaining for airing because at last I can binge watch the second half. I’m also happy for the nominations of the main leads, they are deserving for it. I’m not actually a fan but I’m looking forward to their future projects. They grow on me through this drama. I will surely gonna miss them a lot.

  4. This drama was surprisingly good, even before the former lead’s issue I have no plan of watching it as I’m blinded with my biased thought of Jumong and Seondeok still the best. But I was proven wrong, the writing is the weakest but the cinematography was toptier dont even mention the unexpected yet so addicting chemistry between the leads!they totally swoon me over. I also love how the the princess is so ambitious and fearless she reminds me of my girsl Lee yo won,like there’s no trace of jojo in here lol. I also loved how the princess and Ondal have a different views which were both valid and that they’re trying to meet in between but failed to do so; well that’s the reality of life and politics, bloodbath is inevitable for the vision of peace. I decided to watch this after seeing it trend on twitter and watch some clip and now im so invested. As a long time kdrama watcher since Lovers in paris, River may not be the best but nowhere forgettable it is one of the gem I would highly recommend to sageuk lover.

    • “May not be the best but nowhere forgettable”. I love this words a lot. Some people may forget this drama because they don’t like it but for those who like it, it’s truly nowhere forgettable. I love that this drama is female centric. A girl who’s brave enough and knows how to protect herself. Damsels in distress are so damn overrated. I will watch this drama until the end.
      Congratulations to the Leads for their Baeksang Nomination ?

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