Production of OCN Drama Island Confirms Seo Ye Ji’s Departure and Will Look for New Female Lead, Brand Sponsor Also Begin to Drop Her Campaign

The Ji Soo fallout took all of four days, I think Joseon Exorcist getting cancelled took three days, and now in less than two days Seo Ye Ji has gone from newly minted Baeksang Best Actress nominee to persona non grata in K-ent. I don’t know if she’s done permanently or will go on hiatus to try and make a comeback, but for now she’s really not going to hard-nose her way through this scandal. The production team of OCN drama Island has confirmed that she will be leaving the production, which thankfully hasn’t started filming yet. It was slated to start production in June but will be pushed back a bit to make for rewriting her character and casting a new leading lady to join Kim Nam Gil and Cha Eun Woo. On her other work front, a brand New Origin has already deleted all images of her from its website where she was the face of its product campaign. She’s been on a hot CF streak since last year’s well received breakout role in It’s Okay to Not be Okay, which I loved the character and performance solely on a fictional scale. In real like Go Moon Young would be a terror even with her sob backstory, and now the whole reel-real feels blurred as her text exchanges with now ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun absolutely reflects that type of personality (controlling, demanding, emotionally draining). Her side says there are more text messages to flesh out their dysfunctional relationship but honestly the two of them need to have the professionalism to keep that to their personal lives and not bring it to a production set and actually affect the filming and outcome of a drama. I’m still digesting all the craziness around the shitshow that was Time.


Production of OCN Drama Island Confirms Seo Ye Ji’s Departure and Will Look for New Female Lead, Brand Sponsor Also Begin to Drop Her Campaign — 79 Comments

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  2. Honestly, who cares about who is more wrong – KJH or SYJ, even if I think there is too much male victim blaming of “why can’t KJH just man up and tell his possessive gf at the time to stop gaslighting and manipulating him into her wishes.” They both sound terrible for one another. People are human, they make mistakes, blah blah blah.

    BUT at the end of the day, these people are PAID actors. They have a job; they are expected to do it in return for payment. The fact that EITHER of these two thought it was remotely acceptable to establish a “mutual” (idk about that, sounds like SYJ had no problems with skinship in her dramas at the time) agreement of no skinship AT THE EXPENSE of the drama they were paid to do just shows their lack of respect for others involved and the money needed to produce a drama. If they can’t do their job (and promote the drama with good press), then they should rightfully have the professionalism and consideration to bow out before jeopardizing the efforts of innocent bystanders.

    She (and him) deserves to step out of the limelight for now and get their personal life in order before coming back and letting their negative backlash ruin any more production and requiring an entire team to deal with the consequences of their personal choices.

    Long story short, they both kind of suck if you consider their lack of professionalism in their jobs, and they kind of deserve the consequences of letting their poor personal choices affect their jobs. One of them definitely comes across more toxic on a personal level, even if this entire relationship sounds like a trainwreck.

    • Also, if this is how SYJ/KJH treats their fellow colleagues, I would not want to work with either of them. Period. Seems like my time and efforts are not valued because they are too preoccupied with themselves instead of helping me carry the team that paid me.

      • Agree. They both suck, period, and unprofessional borderline an insult to the profession and art that is, acting.

        Everyone s been demanding KJH to apologise to Time’s crew, staff, and Seohyun. He better apologises from the bottom of his deepest heart because what he has done was atrocious.
        But Seo Ye Ji needs to apologise to Time’s crew, staff and Seohyun just the same!!!!! Being a colleague in the same industry, being both females, being actresses, a profession and an art form where everything relies on emoting; I can’t believe, I CAN’T BELIEVE Seo Ye Ji would be this inconsiderate to SeoHyun. She must know how incredible difficult it is to act, but to act with a male lead partner that would not only NOT reciprocate the feeling, but made her life behind the scene and her job HELL.
        If you can’t honor your profession and respect the art of acting, please just exit. Plenty of people dreaming to have this kind of opportunity and would have given their all.
        I don’t know how SEOHYUN managed to come back after this kind of traumatic and unimaginably painful experience… I would have walked away because it would have left such an irreversible anxiety, trauma and pain in my heart. So glad she managed to find some light and healed and made a comeback (hopefully she got a lot of therapists and mental support!)

        I can’t believe how cruel we can be in the name of “LOVE” to another human being, to another fellow female in this same difficult field where your job is to be in character.
        The abuse of power, the abuse in the name of forever love, the unkindness of it all. This display of behaviour shown in the message exchange between KJH and SYJ… I cannot. Inexcusable, and they both need to endlessly apologise to Time crew staff and SEOHYUN for the pain, emotional struggles they all had to go through!!!!!

  3. One of my friend said that she didn’t do any wrong because it’s a personal matter but her rumour/accusations isn’t just about her love life, it also comes with the four men fiasco, staff bad treatment, being a difficult on set and how she sticks her nose to her ex-stuff. Dominant-submissive relationship shouldn’t inconvenience other people .

    One of the reason she got work when the staff complained is because the public like her and since the public doesn’t appreciate her manipulative world view , she gets what she deserves. People don’t want to work with difficult people.

    • Hmm…sounds like SYJ type of demands…but of course everyone is okay with it because none of his ex’s have released damning text msgs yet.

      • If I’m remembering he was criticized for that post and he apologized or so. Until his skeletons come out, let’s refrain from dragging him into this.

      • Not the type to engage in gossip. Then proceeds to go dig up a pre-fame 2008 post by a then-young actor. I wonder what you’d be like if it was actually in your character to engage in gossip.

      • Hanging out at sites like Koreaboo and then prefaces the comment with not one to engage in gossip, but still finds the way here to comment ?

    • @ITR Did you read the 2008 post by Kim Soo Hyun I linked to? You misunderstand why I mentioned him. It’s not for gossip, it’s for pure analysis purpose. Even at his tender age the guy doesn’t want a controlling, mistrusting girlfriend. Sounds like he is terrified of the type. That’s why I don’t believe that Kim Soo Hyun even dated Seo Ye Ji (as implied by Kmedia) before she started dating his cousin – she would be too controlling for him.

    • Hmm. Did you read the post I linked to? I was praising Kim Soo Hyun for knowing what kind of girlfriend (controlling, mistrusting) he DOES NOT want, even at his tender age. Therefore it’s unlikely that he dated SYJ before she got to his cousin (according to Kmedia) because KSH is terrified of controlling type girlfriends. I think my analytical attempt was misunderstood as gossip. Oh well.

  4. Damn. Welps. This role and drama alongside KNG would’ve brought her career to new heights. Any guesses on the new FL? The writers made the role based on SYJ. Is there an actress similar to her acting and aura minus the messiness?

    What an utter clusterf*ck of a situation. I wonder if she will be able to regain her career again? I can’t imagine it going back to the way it was before she did IOTNBO. If KJH’s statement comes out, and paints her in an awful light, I think she’s done…

    • If they wrote the character based on SYJ, then I’m not sure anyone could play it exactly like she would. Which is why they’re going to rewrite the character, maybe tone her down and tailor it to another actress. I saw someone on Twitter throw Lee Elijah’s name into the ring. But I’m not too familiar with her work to tell.

      • She is so beautiful and elegant! I liked her way more than Shin Min Ah in Chief of Staff.

        She’s one of those young actresses who really got shafted by shitty drama casting processes.

      • Lee Elijah is a nice choice, I have a feeling that they’ll reduce the focus on the FL if they are drastically revising the script so she’d have to be relegated to 3rd billing after CEW… hope that would not be the case

  5. I personally think Kim Jung Hyun is not a horrible person because the only time he fucked up was when he was dating her..Even the industry people seemed to support him..I remember during CLOY press-con the director said that he had to talk for hours with him to convince him to come out of his hiatus and take the role..If he really had a bad reputation of being unprofessional without any reason to the point of changing the entire plot of the drama , why would such an expensive drama team like CLOY would want to cast him when there are far popular and non-scandalous actors out there …
    I genuinely hope he apologizes to the people whom he hurt since his condition seems to be better now..
    As for Yeji, well Pandora’s box is just starting to open…and i already see people blaming him for deflecting the blame..Well, her being shitty to her staff is not his fault..

  6. Was browsing the KOFIC list of actors and her name is in there. Wonder if she will be bumped out of the list and will be replaced by someone else.

    This is seriously a bewildering scandal for me because I can’t wrap my head around it. I mean, I’m really baffled how a rookie actor was able to make such demands on set. It’s not like he asked once. From what I’ve read, he asked a total of 13 scenes to be edited and rewritten. Was Time a small-scale, couldn’t-secure-proper-funding type of production that they’d allowed a not so well-known actor influence the direction of the show? I’m not trying to excuse his behavior in any way nor invalidate whatever he was going through during that time. I’m just weirded out by the fact that they allowed him to reign in and sabotage the whole production that way when he wasn’t exactly in the position of influence. From what I understand his management company isn’t that big and influential either.

    SYJ has serious issues. That much I can say. The fact that her management didn’t even refute the content of the text exchanges. And if rumors are true about her behaviors on set, I don’t think it’s wise for KOFIC to promote her as one of their bests when the intention of the campaign is to introduce and market their actors to international film projects.

    • Eventually once the dust settles, the truth will come out. I think in a few months time, it will be more easier to understand where all this leads up to. But I do have rme, when Lee Byung Hyun (allegedly) has done worse by hushing up his alleged baby mama, and dumped her, and he’s now fine. Gross, makes my blood boil. While these pairing’s actions were awful, one toxic, the other deranged. Is it career ender, imo, no? But they just have to trust and hope that the public will forget this, and a worse case/scandal pops up after this. Which is how SJK/SHK’s marriage/rumors were able to die down as GHS/AJH’s divorce stuff took over.

      As for KOFIC, that whole thing seems like a fluffed up PR piece. Best of Korean cinema talents, lol ok. Also, the KOFIC CEO guy (head of cinema) got arrested or something like that. So they’re postponing the next batch of talents. Messy.

      • It might as well just be PR fluff, but KOFIC is a state-sponsored organization and serves as an important support body to the Korean film industry. I tried searching for the arrest you’ve mentioned, but the only recent controversy I could find was the recent appointment of KOFIC’s secretary general who had embezzlement issues in the past. Even so, the campaign seems to remain in full swing since they’ve just posted a new batch of introductory videos of some of the actors on their YT channel. Given that the campaign hasn’t actually stopped, I don’t think SYJ’s issue will be sorted out anytime soon and her inclusion in the list might be seen as detrimental to the campaign.

  7. Idk why but I dropped its okay because I can’t stand her, idk if it’s character or just her aura. It creeped me out no matter how mich I love KSH.

    • Same here! Can’t even pass through the second episode no matter how I like kim soo hyun. I have no issue with syj and even now I won’t condemn her but I just can’t watch her in IONTBO and feel that there is really something off with her..

      • I remember on running man SYJ kinda creepy too. No female guess behave like her. Now it makes sense I guess

  8. What a mess. So many rumors about SYJ from years ago has resurfaced, from school bullying, antics at filming set, up to her dubious educational background. It’s such a shame because I thought she has potential to be a star but there’s NO way I could ever see her in the same way ever again.

    Somehow although KJH also messed up big time and was thoroughly irresponsible as an actor, I am inclined to feel sympathy for him as he was reportedly in a bad mental state during filming according to staffs involved with Time production. There was a rumor years ago that he had attempted su*cide. I hope he would apologize cleanly and come out of this mess safely.

  9. He just published his apology. He even apologized to O&Entertainment as well Guess what? No mention of SYJ – AT ALL. And GM insinuated in their release that KJH will exonerate her. Good on him. I was still afraid that he might be suffering from Stockholm syndrome. It is what it is. Truly these two need to leave the industry and start reflecting. Learn some professionalism and acquire more humanity. Become better and happier people please.

    • If true, good for him for having the professionalism and respectfulness to not play the blame game and start pointing fingers. I hope he just leaves it at that and not make any mention of SYJ – forgiveness or blame.

      Regardless, sounds like karma is coming for SYJ hard… and there isn’t military service to save her. You reap what you sow.

      • Its brewing really ugly according to articles in naver. The penalties from her CFs campaigns fallout alone will be in the millions. Now dominating the headlines is faking of spanish university acceptance thing. Koreans are very sensitive when it comes to education and her pathological lies are seemingly catching up with her. Today might be the last day I keep informed on whats happening on thar front. It is getting exhausting… So much drama. The good news though, adding Island to my must watch list.

    • Do you think either KJH or SYJ can ever make a comeback in the industry again?

      I read the translated Korean netizen comments and they are vile. Seems like they are very unforgiving. What KJH is wrong, but his apology seems sincere and he placed the blame on no one but himself.

  10. Im sorry if this is a simple question but how did Dispatch got those text messages? Legal or Illegal? If illegal, can KJH file a case against Dispatch?

    • Why would KJH be sueing dispatch. Fat chance he was the one that leaked those messages to throw his ex under the bus and shield himself in the first place. Isn’t it obvious who benefited from those messages being leaked. The public’s anger and outrage have shifted towards SYJ. It would have been much worse for him had those messages not been leaked. Poeple now have a new target to attack. He didn’t mention those leaked messages once in his letter of apology.

  11. Kim Jung Hyun has apologized. His statement is more matured than the one gold medalist(SYJ agency) released. I do think he will come out ok from all this after this all cools down. Here is to hoping SYJ does the same and owns up to her contribution to this mess and repair her image.

  12. It’s him admitting that the mental health deterioration was all bullshit that’s the most upsetting to me… and it took him three years to properly apologize to Seohyun and Shigan team, when he blew up and was trying to screw up his contract with his agency (second case of unprofessionalism) and hell broke loose. Anyway, I want him and SYJ blacklisted but that’s not up to me to decide.

    • He never admitted that his mental health issue was fake… He only said that he had problems due to personal issues and mental health problem is a personal issue… Do you think a rookie actor who made an entire production team suffer will get projects like cloy and mr queen if he was just being arrogant and hard to work with… The insiders cleary knew he had problems at that time and that’s why he messed up… The cast of mr.queen and cloy only have good things to say about him and even the dramas he did before time, he got along with his costars well… Its only during time he was so messed up and it might be because of his mental health issue and having a controlling gf…

    • @Q, I am not Lydia (clearly, lol) but regarding your question about BTS V’s appearance fee, that was mediaplay done by his agency, likely to dissuade companies from even inquiring about him, because there is no world in which someone who had a minor role in 1 drama 5 years ago (a role which was completely unremarkable, at that) would have the same appearance fee as the likes of KSH, regardless of distribution outside Korea. As for KSH, I believe that the reason he’s thought to be the highest paid actor is not because of his pay per episode but because of all of the endorsement deals/CFs that he has on the side.

  13. Her rabid fans are now demanding an apology from Kim Jung Hyun..Lol!! He didn’t even mention her name in the first place..Why are u getting angry at him when it was Dispatch who leaked all those messages..??Her downfall is the result of her own problematic behaviour..The fake feminists are now saying why all the focus is shifted on her..Who is going to tell them that if Kjh had dirt on his sleeves , his other deeds would have been revealed too..It isn’t his fault that she was accused of bullying and mistreating the staff.Karma would surely hit her back no matter how hard her fans try it..Infact her fans should thank him for keeping his mouth shut regarding their toxic relationship.

    • It all goes back to the shoddy GM statement in which they implied strongly that he would echo what they said and exonerate her. But when he didn’t do that, those inane fans of hers are trying to stone him. Her backer or backers at GM really need to get their shit together before their biggest star and earner becomes collateral damage from this. What an incompetent agency.

      • The company is really clueless on PR101. They are busy mediaplaying his salary-AGAIN. I have never seen an artist with as many leaked articles on being the highest paid than this one while other top stars shun the topic like its taboo. Too bad he’s actually NOT. That apple tv deal with LMH was quietly rumoured to be a killer one. Once again – tight lipped. Doesn’t need such news to reinforce his bankability. I once asked a high powered TV executive why does LMH keep getting roles and top monies when my personal impression of him is that he is such a so-so actor to me. His reply – distribution. Apparently LMH’s name alone moves the content sales to even the most remote of countries. Thats when I realised its myopic to judge his success purely on korean shores. Seeing how they have been handling her PR as well… *facepalm*

      • I remember there was a recent korean article which said Kim Soo Hyun would be getting a staggering 500m won per episode or something for his upcoming drama…but then they said Hyun Bin and Song Joong ki were already past this threshold..If that’s the case then how come he is the highest paid actor???

      • @Val. – 400mil an ep is what was reported and no – HB and SJK not even close. But LMH apple deal however is shrouded in secrecy but the gossip is that its ALOT (They paid Jen Aniston and Reese Witherspoon 2mil each an ep for the Morning Show and this is their foray into Asia. The negotiations were done between US apple TV execs and his US rep. You get the drift?… ^^)
        @Q – sadly yes. But the figures are usually inflated for the males and under-reported for the females. Its so strange…

      • @Lydia1 it’s my first time learning that female actresses’ salaries are under reported wow…. another question, I read a translated article from an army that BTS V has so many love calls to do acting and his starting salary at minimum 200M lol is that even possible? And since you mentioned distribution outside Korea plays heavily into the casting and salary, does that mean acting idols have more or less the same salaries as the actual top actors and actresses?

      • @Lydia1 Pachinko is a limited series right so about 6-8 episodes, 1B won per episode for LMH seems too small LOL if we are gonna compare his per episode salary in a regular kdrama

      • @Lydia

        KeyEast mediaplayed his salary too. Now GM is also doing it? I don’t understand why they think it’s a good idea when it always brings criticism and negative attention to the actor. When IOTNBO wasn’t getting high ratings, salty fandoms used the salary to mock him and the drama. Then the second mediaplay became a whole hullabaloo about pay inequality. It also puts undue pressure on the project he’s currently working on to be perfect. This agency. Smh. After Real, you’d think he’d have learned NOT to mix business and family but look where we are. On Twitter today, I saw a fan passionately cussing out that “faction” who’s got many different names because the actor’s name keeps getting dragged into the mess because of him. Unfortunately, the actor’s stuck with this turd agency so fans can only hope for the best.

      • @Lydia1 That salary mediaplay frustrates me to no end. I don’t understand why his agency keeps doing that. and then clueless fans keep saying it like it’s the gospel truth when logically speaking, he couldn’t be the highest-paid because there are other actors who have been in the industry longer than him and, naturally more bankable than him. Add the fact that in an Asian setting, humility is really admired while showing off is frowned upon. I really, really hate his agency for that.

      • Why are you all so sure it’s his agency that leaked the number? Because they want to draw criticism and be scrutinized by the National Tax Service? It was first reported by one news outlet as a prediction but they quickly changed the headline and number to high amount after GM said they cannot confirm since the actors’ fees are part of a confidentiality agreement. The news was then picked up by other news outlet and repeated as allegedly. It doesn’t matter who or how big the actor is, this type of news will always elicit negative reaction, would they be that stupid to ignite the negativity?

      • @lol – have you ever seen other top actors salaries being revealed EVERY single time they take on a production? Yes – there’s confidentiality clauses in every contract. And you don’t have to worry about their taxes. They have expert accountants looking over them. Top actors generate top monies for endorsements. I guess ksh must be really unlucky. He seems to meet “loose-lipped” production companies every single time who seemingly make it a point to disclose to the press about how much they paid him.

      • @Lydia1, how many dramas has he’s been in as lead actor? I can count 5, and it’s reported every single time? The initial report was said to be a prediction by the reporter and then later changed. Bae Yong Joon’s and Lee Byun Hyun’s salary were also reported when it was highest. Of course only what is thought to be highest makes headlines, because it is newsworthy. I guess KSH just likes to inflict negativity on himself. What can these actors do if media wants to write about their fees. It is done in Hollywood and other entertainment industries too.

  14. Objectively, speaking she is a collateral damage. Kim Jung Hyun agency is obviously the culprit of this in cooperation with Dispatch.

    I don’t believe that she was abusive, that is so far out. Either She is clingy and a jealous girlfriend but far from being abusive or Who know’s she wants to break up but created a scenario as reason or trigger for the break up. I do believe KJH has depression. That could be the reason. It is not easy to be in a relationship with someone depressed. It’s an illness that could infect another person. So if you are in this kind of relationshi, It’s either you stay with that person or get out.

    People should be reminded, she was professional in her work. If you look at her performance in her works, she was great in all his dramas or movies. She looked radiant and lovely. She’d probably was suffering but you can’t detect that in her performances and appearances.

    So I don’t understand why she has to suffer for someone’s behaviour?

    • Sorry but since this is coming from you, that’s not objectively speaking. Anyone who checked all the articles related to her knows that you are one of the fans. You have been on her side since day 1. So that can’t be said as ‘objective’ speaking. And look at all those excuses. You tell us she is not responsible for someone’s behaviour? Oh yes, her fans love to ignore those kakao messages as they aren’t real lol. Who asked him not to greet the staff and change the script again?

      • Kudos!! This person is still somewhat trying to stay neutral but another one called @Adal have been blaming Kim Jung Hyun for dragging Yeji when that man didn’t even take her name…Infact it was her agency who threw him under the bus..Yeji is getting the karma for her own deeds..
        According to Girls Generation fans, he was fine at the beginning…it was only before presscon that he started acting weird..
        If she was just a clingy gf..she would have freaked out when he mentioned that he asked the script to be changed ..but no she was encouraging him to do it more and he was just complying.

    • @Lana I am not a fan of her. It is objective because I am not judging. How can make a conclusion? She probably has temper, who doesn’t? Girlfriends acts up when they are with their boyfriends. Those who experience relationships know that, unless many of the commenters never had any romantic relationships.

      FYI, a support to Seo Hyun does not mean SYJ is at fault. It is just a confirmation that SH has suffered during filming. Is their any proof that SYJ misbehave in public? Give me the link! Who said exactly?

      • She has a temper lol

        Did you even read the kakao messages? If you already did and still make it so lightly then well.. anyone who read your comments can make their own judgements whether you are ‘objective’ or not. Again, people can still look back to your other comments 🙂

      • Seohyun!! Lol!! Yeji herself was an actress and she knows how important is skinship in kdramas..Poor girl bad she must have felt after reading those messages where another fellow actress was clearly asking her co-star to be unprofessional towards her.
        He abided all his command like a slave but she didn’t..Power imbalance??.

      • Looking “radiant and lovely” (lol) and giving a good performance is just one aspect of being professional in her work. She has former staff calling her out on her mistreatment of them and diva behaviors. Not to mention, based on text messages that her agency said were legit, she commanded KJH to get the script changed and told him not to greet female cast and staff lol. Yeah, that’s definitely professionalism brought on by a “normal lover’s quarrel.”

    • “She looked radiant and lovely”
      “She’s probably was suffering but you can’t detect that in her performances”
      “It’s an illness that could infect other people”
      “I don’t understand why she has to suffer for someone’s behaviour”
      “She probably has a temper, who doesn’t?”

      Good god.

      Do you even hear yourself? If that’s not a delusional, bitch-defending, screw-reality thinking SYJ fan, then I dunno what is. I feel sorry for you if you truly can’t see what’s wrong with your thinking.

      • @Butterfly, you should feel sorry for yourself to being part of a scheme of destroying someone’s life even if you know nothing about the truth, oh well unless you are a paid troll.

  15. Good for her. She deserves all this backlash and more. After seeing KHJ’s statement and the maturity of it, it shows further what a manipulative biatch she really is. Gaslighting someone for your own damn actions. She disgusts me and I hope she doesn’t come back anytime soon.

    People get what they deserve in the end. She might be a b*tch but karma’s a bigger one.

    • @Butterfly i don’t think that karma has something to do with it . All the people who are dying because of COVID 19, who are treated as slaves all over the world , who have to migrate just because of their religion, who are mistreat just because they are black, asian, …are they getting what they deserve ? I’m not defending her just stating the fact that what she did was wrong but not to the point of being treated as a murderer .

      • Errr… I’m not sure I know what you’re trying to get at. In fact, I haven’t a clue. If you think what I said is “treating her like a murderer” then you must think me very kind lmao.

        Also, umm, thanks for your deep thoughts on COVID or refugees? It’s grossly inappropriate to say the least tho. But good on ya.

  16. This is good news. I really want to watch Kim Nam Gil in Island. Now looking forward to this since this b*itch is no longer the FL. Bravo!!! Rejoicing.

  17. Too bad this is Korean Entertainment, where an artists personal life greatly affects your ability to find work. In my country even of you’re a known cheater, drug user or have had altercations, it won’t really affect your work as long as you try to change for the better. The audience is very forgiving.

  18. Exactly. I personally think that their personal life shouldn’t affect their careers but in this case though, their actions affected a whole production, am in this line and I know how shitty that can be for the professionals on set

  19. Wow, just reading these comments and realized how toxic the language is here. JEEZ. Yeah, people are stupid, they make mistakes, especially when they are in love. What she did is wrong and I hope she learns from this, apologizing to her fans and those she hurt but I don’t know her enough or any of these celebs enough to just call them bitches or other worse words. They lost work, they lost their status, this should be enough. The harsh words are definitely what can lead anyone to harm themselves and even contemplate suicide.

    • With such lofty standards, I certainly hope that you’ve never called someone a bitch since it’s pretty much impossible to really ‘know’ everything about another person. I’m thinking that being called a bitch is the least of her problems right about now…

      • Your right, I don’t randomly call people names when they have no connection to me or created any issues for me. In this situation, I acknowledged who is wrong and yeah they deserve to lose sponsorship and work because this already is good enough punishment but the name calling and speculations for other things with no facts, really? All I’m saying is, words and unverified rumors can hurt. We have seen it, time and time again through suicide cases within this industry.

  20. @NightNight Well said. Whatever going with their personal life should be handled privately and not bring it to the workplace, especially given their profession.
    They both come off very unprofessional and not very respectful to the people that involved in a filming production. It baffle me how they both think that it’s okay to do what they did given that they chose acting as their profession.
    As for who is in the wrong and who is right. I think they both are wrong because one is willing to take and the other willing to give.

  21. The Korean entertainment industry isn’t that big. Why in the world wouldn’t they have a “no a-hole” rule. I don’t know if this couple’s relationship was abusive or toxic or messy, and I’m not judging by selectively released texts. However, she really just started to break-out with Lawless Lawyer and then bigger with It’s Okay. Yet people allege she was rude etc for years and years. Don’t hire her. How about that.

    Regardless of the crap that went down years ago, this dude doesn’t deal with things well as seen by his recent mess with his company. They got him out of the drama quite well and then come back with CLOY and My Queen. Dude, you did fine with this mgmt. Finish out the contract and he could have avoided all this.

    • Yes and no. While it would be nice to have a no a-hole rule, I suspect that they count more if you can pull off the work/acting more-so than their personas?

      As for SYJ, I’ve heard a mix of nice/bad stories, but she does have a lot of positive fan encounters. I suspect there’s a lot more similar people in the industry, that are kept hush/hush. Go Hyun Jung also left Return due to rumors of her hitting/threatening the PD. And she had a FL right after that fiasco. Perhaps SYJ playing high strung females worked in her favor lmao?

      Altho I’m a bit huh on this whole scenario, b/c they kept getting lead roles consistently for a while now. So someone must have liked what they brought over to keep them? I guess there are two truths, one person can be nice, and mean too. If we were to invade all the a-holes in the industry, it would be a very small circle of actors counting on one hand lol.

      Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, I think trying to move into a new mgmt shows that he isn’t equipped for larger fame? I feel like in Hollywood, you can do your work (small/large projects), and have a private life too. But in K-wood, its harder to do small/quirky works, b/c they force you to be a star. Zac Efron was pushed to be a film star by his big time agency, and it made his mental health/physical health decline. If KJH gets pushed in that similar route, I worry that the same thing will happen. Perhaps, the demanding/gross biz isn’ for him?

      • I first started hearing about the “no A-hole rule” from actors who moved into producing. They saw how known problem people ( not just actors but directors etc) could poison the set. It’s the same in a generic office tbh. The thing is the people were known to be issues and kept getting work. As you say, they are good at their jobs. These people drew the line and said no. And I’m not talking about general diva behavior that is all over the place but seriously crosses the line. It would solve a lot of this and there is no way people weren’t aware of this gal unless a lot of people are not being truthful.

        Whether it is America or Korea, the entertainment industry is brutal. It is gig culture where you are always worried about your next job, but I would say that Korea expects a lot of their celebrities or they get criticized.

  22. Ok, peeps. KJH finally came out with an apology. He said sorry to fans, Seohyun, Time director, writer, all related staff & even his own agency. He said he would personally visit the ppl concerned for his apology. Sounded way more sincere, full of regrets and not making excuses for himself. Good on you boy. Way better than GM’s statement. He’s reflecting peeps so he took the Hollywood style apology, bow and scrape to everyone. Lol.

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