Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Statement that the Texts with Kim Jung Hyun are Just Fighting Between Couple But Denies the Education and Bullying Controversies, and K-ent is Reporting that She Will Leave OCN Drama Island with Kim Nam Gil

I’ve been through countless K-scandals and the process is always the same: shocking reveal, silence, either admit but add explanation or admit some part of it/deny others, and finally apologize and reflect. Seo Ye Ji may have been pulled into the conflict between Kim Jung Hyun and his current agency which he is trying to leave, and therefore text messages and her behavior towards then boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun during filming Time was made public. But like Ji Soo said when his scandal broke two months ago, he lived his life basically waiting for the other shoe to drop, maybe not from overwhelming guilt (I hope he did) but from anxiety about when his past behavior would catch up to his public persona. Seo Ji Ye’s agency Gold Medalist released a statement today admitting to the texts but said the texts were not complete as there were more conversations and that it was Kim Jung Hyun who asked Seo Ye Ji not to do skinship first for her dramas. GM chalked up those convos as “fighting between couples” and I’m just like mwahahaha I’m sorry lemme try that shit with Mr. Koala and see if he doesn’t think I just had a lobotomy that’s how extreme the convo between those two were to even put into the same bucket as normal bickering.

The statement also said the agency checked with Kim Jung Hyun (not sure if himself or his agency) and was given the go ahead to release this statement to explain. GM also said the additional bullying allegations against Seo Ye Ji (publicly slapped a classmate) were not true at all, whereas the allegation that Seo Ye Ji padded her education history was just a misstatement. She said years ago that she studied in Spain for three years and even repeated it last year on Knowing Bros show, now her agency says the first time she said that it was a mistake because she was nervous in a variety show and her then agency told her not to correct it and just go along with it. GM says she was accepted to a university in Spain to study Spanish but she didn’t go because she decided to continue her acting career. And last but not least, K-ent news reports are saying Seo Ye Ji will drop out of upcoming OCN drama Island (not clear if it’s willing or forced out), and the drama was reportedly going to start filming in June but will now be pushed back to July/August to rewrite the script. The female lead was reportedly written for Seo Ye Ji in mind and will now be revised, which I’m guessing is that the character is strong willed, controlling, and a bit crazy hence the rewrites to not align with her current image right now even if a new actress is cast.


Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Statement that the Texts with Kim Jung Hyun are Just Fighting Between Couple But Denies the Education and Bullying Controversies, and K-ent is Reporting that She Will Leave OCN Drama Island with Kim Nam Gil — 111 Comments

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    • We have Moon Chae Won and Moon Geun Young among the late 80s actresses. We also have Kim Tae Ri among actresses from early 90s. They are just not appreciated enough by International fans because they do not take popular and trendy dramas. They are also not given enough opportunities as the male actors their age group (Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Ji Chang Wook, Kim Soo Hyun). Just think about it, it’s hard for me to think of a popular actress today that is in the same age group as the guys that also started to get popular at the latest the early 2010s (except maybe Moon Chae Won. Moon Geun Young, Han Hyo Joo, Park Min Young, Park Shin Hye).
      Among the 3 girls I first mentioned, only Moon Chae Won has starred with the super popular actors of today (Song Joong Ki, Lee Joon Gi, Lee Min Ho) but her dramas with them are not exactly the most popular dramas of the mentioned actors.
      I believe this is the reason why the early 80s actresses are still the most popular today. The female leads that are the same age as Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki and the like had less opportunities to shine and were so disadvantaged.

      • Hallyu started way before these younger actors were even seen on tv lol. Bae Yong-joon, Lee Young Ae, Choi Ji-woo etc.

      • I thought of SHK, JJH, KTH, etc. who are also one of the pioneers of Hallyu when OP said 80s liner actresses. Didn’t mean to forget the names you mentioned

      • But Moon Chae Won started about the same time as Song Joong Ki or Kim Soo Hyun (most popular actors today of late 80s group). I would argue that she started getting popularity first before them, 2011 was her year with Princess’s Man and War of the Arrows. While Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun got mainstream popularity in 2012. Moon Geun Young who of course started earlier was also popular back then in late 2000s to early 2010s. They were not given equal opportunities.
        Among their age group that started early 2010s and before, I can only think of Park Min Young and Han Hyo Joo that is as popular as the male actors their age. (Just my observation on the popular actors, meant no harm)

  2. This statement doesn’t help her. She did Lawless Lawyer kiss scenes just fine whereas KJH was dry heaving at the thought of even interacting with Seohyun? You can’t tell me there wasn’t any mental abuse going on there. Anyway, it’s their private matter, so whatever. Both KJH and SYJ are not normal and need help. The guy is an ass who ruined a production and the girl is a manipulative bitch. All my sympathy foes to Seohyun and the cast/crew of Time.

    • You articulated my thoughts exactly. She was going about doing things just fine and he was the one being aloof and unprofessional on set per her orders. It’s clear who has the power in their toxic relationship.
      In any case, I don’t think their careers are ending just yet. They may just lay low for a bit and let people forget.

  3. It’s kinda normal they put the fault on KJH, it’s because of him that the messages have been released. Now, clearly they had a toxic relationship. Who is guilty? The both of them.

    It’s funny when I was watching the It’s Okay’s Swoony video, SYJ and OHS were super kind with their answers, when KSH was more direct like a bubble tea without bubble, it’s just tea. We really don’t know them in the real life.

    • So it’s his fault for exposing a major factor in his behavior and not hers for being a psycho?

      That’s victim blaming but it must be ok since he’s a man and can take it.

      • +1

        It always disgusts me when a celebrity is exposed to be a shitty human and their fans just lose all form of proper reasoning.

      • We don’t know what happened between them. In the messages, he doesn’t try to not do what she asked, she didn’t threat him or made emotionnal backmail. So I can’t judge if he was a victim, he was just stupid or they were playing a game and both were toxic.

        The victims were Time’s crew.

      • @Sayaris

        You really need some education on how abusive relationships work. Please prioritize it over commenting here, it will do you and people around you well.

      • @Butterfly and you should stop thinking you know everything about their relationship because we don’t. We only got a part of messages. So I don’t judge their relationship, the big issue is what their relationship did to Time’s production.

    • LOL, you’re doubling down and pointing the finger at him for playing along with the psycho. I hope that no one you know ever endures mental abuse and gaslighting as you obviously have no clue how to recognize it.

    • The guy hasn’t said anything does not equal to he won’t say anything ever. There are rumors and new allegations, fresh batch than she used to curse at stuff, check their phones to make sure they didn’t record her….would exhale smoke on their faces when she was angry to humiliate them. There were already rumors during IONTBO that she landed her ex in hospital. Lets see how long she can gaslight her way out of this.

      • what??? there were rumors like that during IOTNBO? wtf? she is seriously, seriously unhinged!

  4. I’ve seen bad statements released. But this takes the cake. Talk about gaslighting someone. This woman (and in extension, her agency) is messed up. If they were gonna release something so ridiculous, they should’ve just done it the Han Hyo Joo way and said nothing at all. Admitting guilt indirectly, blaming the other party, then belittling this issue like it’s a lover’s quarrel while the cast and crew of the drama suffered and the actor was written off mid way through? Yup, def a normal lover’s conversation.

    Boy do I feel sorry for Seohyun, I hope she’s over this terrible experience. As for SYJ, I’ve seen so much dirt being dug out recently on her. Her education, bullying, method acting getting dangerous, 4Men’s cancellation, blind items. The list just goes on. It’s interesting how much she’s gotten away with if all these turn out to be true. But hopefully this is the end of her manipulation at the very least.

    • Han Hyo Joo pretty much disappeared too because she didnt handle her controversy well. Well she was just average in acting so whatever. IU and Song Hye Kyo are the ones who are good at this PR thing. They have good teams working for them. They had their careers hanging on the line and reputations dragged in the mad many times but see how they are thriving.

      • Han Hyo Joo didn’t disappear LOL. She quite literally had a movie every single year and has been building her resume since moving on to movies after Dong Yi. Also, at no point have I said HHJ had a good PR team – I said if they were going to release such BS statements, they should have done what HHJ did which was say nothing at all.

      • HHJ disappeared where??? She literally got not one but two dramas offered to her this year. She just decided to build her resume in movies since after Dong Yi. So dramas haven’t been her focus. Just because you don’t watch movies, that’s not her fault Lol She even got a gig on an American show and she wasn’t playing some cameo. She was one of the main characters.

      • Film land is more forgiving than drama land. That being said, Han Hyo Joo is also trash. She’s lucky this was in 2016, before the internet blew up hugely then that time era. She knew what her brother did (led another soldier to suicide), and covered it up with her army dad. She’s trash period. She should’ve had her career gone down to tatters, perhaps it might in the future (altho BH agency is more powerful than Gold Medalists). She didn’t do dramas since 2016 when the scandal broke, and did films and a U.S debut. Now, she’s slowly back w/ Pirates 2/drama roles again.

      • A Nana’s fans twitter account. It is said that SYJ dated the PD of 4men, and the female lead role was supposed to be hers. It eventually was offered to Nana. Allegedly SYJ got upset and made the PD’a life a living hell that he even needed a hospitalization. Not sure if this claim is legit, the person only attached a screenshot of some papers in hanguls that are supposedly the source.

    • I am so, so disappointed at GM. They should have just issued a sincere apology to everyone that were a victim of this toxic couple. And then banish SYJ to timbuktu and promise everyone that she will repent and take counselling until she becomes a decent human being – which I think, given how unhinged she seems to be, will take her a long, looooong time.

  5. Read this interview of SYJ with Women Sense back in 2017 where she addressed rumours and false information regarding her study.
    Basically people said she dreamed of becoming an announcer and graduated college in Spain. However she never dreamed of becoming an announcer. She only studied in Spain because she liked the country but she did not graduate college there.

    • In knowing Brother when asked whether she studied in Spain, she nodded. Please don’t tell me an adult actress can mistakenly the yes and no question and nodding?

      • Do you not get it? She DID study in Spain.That’s why you’ll find videos of her speaking Spanish etc in interviews when requested because she’s can speak Spanish. However, poeple are saying she lied about her graduating college in Spain. She didn’t graduate college in Spain and she never said she did.

      • I was confused by this too, so I looked up the article. She did study in Spain but not for college/university. It is also not stated how long she was in Spain but apparently she does speaks Spanish well. So technically she didn’t lie if she was just asked if she studied in Spain.

  6. Oh please ! They were in a toxic relationship . The problem is that they didn’t separate their private life from their work and that’s not only unprofessionnal but also rude to all the people who worked with him / her during that time . And they weren’t teens anymore ! So SYJ ‘s agency should sell another story. Or not even explain, there are plenty actresses and actors who are waiting to get roles .

      • Yoona dumping kim soo hyun in the past and it because he was a weirdo/psycho in real life.

      • These clowns have lost all reason and are now believing every shitty rumour related to syj and eny celeb connected to her in any capacity. Dont try to understand. They’re like a pack of rabid dogs rn

    • Right. So according to a blind item – of which you have absolutely no way of proving it’s KSH/SYJ or any cousin – you think KSH should “marrying” her because he’s a psycho like she is?


      God the stupidity has no bounds.

      • Girls, park ki wong reveal kim soo hyun personality isn’t all that it seems.Kim soo hyun personality is geeedy and senseless.Everyone knows by now that kim soo hyun attitude is not all that cool.Basically,he’s the complete opposite of his gentle image.Just wait until his scandal came to light.

  7. If all of this is true, both are seriously messed up. Not only because of the toxic relationship, but also for being delusional and not understanding the world they live in. So, do you really think you can ask an actor that has taken a romantic role to not display any emotion or avoid physical contact? And the actor thinks it is ok to do it and goes ahead with it? If anything, she could have asked him to refuse the role or abandon his job, but what they had going on is just absurd.

  8. Her shameless and annoying fans are just eating up that bullshit statement. They’re like “she’s innocent and deserves an apology”, “why are women still blamed for men’s actions in 2021?“ and some even go so far as to say this issue is in the past and therefore they should just get over it. Oh. My. Zeus!

    Regarding Island, I read another report that claims she hasn’t dropped out and that they’re still in discussion. I think she’ll get away with this. Until one day when she pisses off her backers and they drop her.

      • Wait what? LUTYN is a great drama. I love that he went goofy since he obviously has better talent in comedy. He didn’t fare well in the “sulking image” they tried to milk from the later stage of QSD aka Tragic Bidam.

      • Kim Nam Gil is Kim Jung Hyun’s well wisher. I believe he knows some of it. Because he sent him coffee truck once, asked him to focus on the present, act and eat well. It kind of all makes sense now.

      • @Gem KNG and KJH were in O& Agency together, until KNG departed for another one. As for SYJ, KNG interacted w/ her when his friend Kim Jae Wook’s film came out and he moderated the panel. So its really full circle moment when SYJ was going to work with KNG on Island. Now, with all these news coming out oof. I think had she had stayed on, it would caused issues on set with her ML as he has had some acquaintances who knows her. I wonder if Kim Nam Gil was aware a bit of Kim Jung Hyun’s issues with his ex gf (Seo Ye Ji?) prior to her name being on the cast list for Island??

      • @Pam I think Kim Nam Gil may have known about Kim Jung Hyun’s anxiety or eating disorder, not sure he knew about his ex or ex related incidents. As for Seo Ye Ji, my understanding is industry knew about her to an extent. I mean entire Time cast and crew knew it, Seohyun knew it so it was one of those hushed up rumors circulating on the downlow. She wasn’t well known enough to have it become issue for her so that lack of fame protected her. But these rumors aren’t new. Its just people can add them all up now.

    • Exactly. The #AplogizetoSeoYeJi started by her fans really showcased something very wrong in her rabid fans antics to be enablers and considering such rotten personality and toxic behaviour completely normal.

      If there’s anyone to apologize to, it should be Seohyun and the entire team of Time.

    • @Gem Thanks for the context! That’s nuts imo. But yes, allegedly he and Seohyun met up in a coffee shop (dunno time?), and he apologized to her. He said it was for mental reasons, and not personal (gf). So I think for KJH, he kept it quiet on the real reason perhaps. But this being an open secret in the industry just make me wonder what other secrets out there that people know but keep quiet about?

      Hmm…I guess SYJ had powerful connections, and something that made people forget that regarding her? She became more known with Lawless Lawyer, then IOTNBO blew her up into a star. But I guess, because KNG has personally interacted and spoken with SYJ before, he probably didn’t know to this extent.

  9. Sexism goes into both ways i guess..Till yesterday people were going let’s wait .. Dispatch is fake..blah blah..and now when her agency basically confirmed it but gave a meaningless statement toning down their toxic relationship,they are now doing victim blaming cause she was dragged into this mess. Only if the roles were reversed and kjh had so much dirt on him like yeji, would people still have defended him??..
    That man was clearly unwell only when he was dating her+ those text messages clearly insinuates she was partially responsible for his behaviour..
    Seohyun and time crew surely deserves their apologies..
    But at this moment i m more worried abt his mental health..He once said that he had thoughts of like standing at the edge of a cliff all the time and thinking why was he even alive..Now people are bullying him again when he has no one to back him up ..Both the agencies threw him under the bus..
    Yes he was unprofessional but the lack of sympathy towards an ill person is appalling..u don’t have to forget what he did but atleast think abt his current mental health too…
    If Yeaji was innocent like her company said..she wouldn’t have demanded videos, pics as proofs .

  10. Seo Yeji ‘s loud rabid stans were not on good terms with so many fandoms.. Obviously they won’t let her slip away with it no matter how much her stans play the feminism card…
    I am just waiting for Kim Jung Hyun’s response..Seems like he needs to do a lot of consulting with his lawyer before speaking up. Aahh…i love seo ji hye though… hope she is okay..

    • Her international fans are not helping her cause at all. They need to STFU. She barely has a fanbase in Korea. No staff from her precious productions has come out to defend her. If she starts getting dropped out from movie and drama productions and cfs maybe thats when they will wake up and smell the coffee. Or when she stars in the next drama and it flops so hard. They are no match for the thousands of antis she has gained now. Kim Soo Hyun fans were already having a distate towards her because they said her fans were downplaying KSH’s contribution to IONTBO. They also said there was too much mediaplay around her during the drama airing almost to the point where KSH was invisible. Talk about Kim Jung Hyun fans who will drag her for ruining the reputation of a rising actor because of all this, and the thousands of snsd and solo fans of Seo Hyun. Total mess.

      • @zen about baeksang though. I mean she has a chance at winning it and objectively speaking she acted her role well. But Kim So Yeon and Shin Hye Sun are even more likely to win it because not only did they deliver good performances. Their dramas had super higher high ratings compared to IONTBO.

        If I were to bet, Kim So Yeon has the highest chance of winning it compared to all the nominated actresses because her performance has been critically acclaimed all the way round. I want to see how they will drag a veteran actress on twitter if she wins, they will just look stupid and grasping at straws to save unnie.

        Its a pity though. Just when her career was beginning to take off, all comes tumbling down. I hope all can heal from this.

      • Mediaplay, indeed. She did do a good job as KMY but it’s interesting that instead of trending for her acting, she was trending more for her looks, ant waist and fashion.

        And the way her stans kept putting him down made me wish for a moment that he’d picked a flashy role that was centered around him for his comeback and then gone on to do IOTNBO afterwards. But he saw something in the project, took the risk and here we are down the line with 8 freaking Baeksang noms. Yet even before IOTNBO fans could celebrate that achievement, it was (and still is) overshadowed by her scandals, giving a free pass to haters to bash the drama and her co-star.

    • Its when she stops getting cast in high-profile film productions and working with A-list actors that they will wake up and smell the coffee. There are no match for the thousands of antis she has gained now. From KSH fans who already though her fans were overhyping her for IONTBO at KSH’s expense. Seo Hyun’s and Kim Jung Hyun’s fans for obvious reasons. They need to stfu because they are not helping her cause at all.

      • @RubyRed @Anon

        BOOM to your comments!

        Girlie just hit it big with ONE drama and just like that, her stans crowned her the Queen of Sheba everyone must bow down to. They dismissed KSH as a nobody and attributed the drama’s success solely to her. They continually blast her agency to smithereens claiming they’re not good enough for her so she should leave them. And they’re salty that KSH is the way bigger star and lands more deals so they’re always shading him. I heard some of them were coming for KNG when it was announced he’d star in Island. They dragged LMH, PSH, Son Ye Jin and others. Even shaded JJH in favor of Yeji. And now they’ve aggravated Seohyun/SNSD + KJH stans. And because of their idol’s wrongdoings, people were dredging up stuff to drag KSH down with her. Let’s not even get started on the delusional Hyunji shippers who were defending her. But if the scandals were reversed, those yeyes would have boiled him alive. If/when she doesn’t win the Baeksang (and I hope she doesn’t), watch them lose their minds and attribute it to this controversy they say she’s innocent of.

    • Spot on. Her international fans need to shut up because they are just making things worse for her. Not only Kim Soo Hyun, but her i-fandom has dragged so many celebs like Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, Yoona, Suzy, IU, BinJin, etc. who are either established names or more popular than her. She’s just a rising actress but her fans are some of the most cocky and toxic out there. It’s no wonder so many different fandoms are dragging her everywhere.

      • You’re right, I really don’t tolerate fan wars. But I won’t forget how some of SYJ’s fans dragged PSH and Suzy on twitter to the point of saying that they only got roles for getting sexually involved with directors. It was such a stupid comment. But he got so much support from SYJ fans. I thought hey someday they will mature. But yesterday they were attacking Seohyun calling her an immature, crybaby and a liar. Just because she was the victim of this situation.

      • @Isaa

        Yes, I remember that too. 🙁 Yeji’s i-fandom is crazy. Some of them are even bringing in the late Sulli and Jonghyun to justify their #ApologizetoYeaji hashtag. Insane.

  11. I wonder if Kim Jung Hyun leaked those text messages to divert attention from himself. They could also serve as a “justification” for his rude behavior: He’s not the bad guy, just being controlled by his partner. Why would his agency or anyone else have access to his personal conversations with his girlfriend. It’s a smart move. People are more focused on SYJ than him.

    • It’s pretty obvious he did. Look how the news are all diverted to SYJ now. I don’t see any benefit to his agency for leaking the text messages, or even how they would have access to his texts from 3 years ago.

      • Generally, the party that controls the media play/narrative are the winners in any situation. I’m amazed at all the ire directed at SYJ while KHJ ends up smelling like roses, he’s really playing the victim card. She has become the most hated person in Korea at the moment. Really savvy media play by KHJ, gotta hand it to him. Whoever advising him right now is doing a bang up job. ??????????????Wonder if things will die down now, or if they’ll be more information tomorrow? Smh. Sometimes, things that happen in life are truly stranger than fiction.

      • @Adal – well he really was a better person before and after he met her. In fact industry insiders were all rooting for him because he walked out of his depression, became kinder and happier hence my own facepalm when he killed his own career a second time trying to screw over his agency who helped him then. I sure hope this time its fully 100% on his own stupidity than due to bad influence from a current relationship. Anyhow he’s lost everything this time. The general consensus is that career wise, this is it for him. He has no agency support, financially still only so-so,no prospects of a career left since the cast has been set in stone for him. So no worries on him “controlling the media”. The reason why all the hate is on her now is because he has been full-stopped and completely cancelled.

    • @Lydia1 Your insights, woah!! The Island news now makes sense unfortunately.

      I can’t believe this was open gossip, and yet with all the rumors swirling nothing was done to stop her from obtaining more roles? I guess, she had a powerful sponsor, and connections. So a lot of the rumors of her bad behavior and what not were buried deep. Makes me wonder why Dispatch didn’t contact GM/SYJ’s team first that “Hey, an expose is coming out about you, either pay up/do something for us or nope.” I’m surprised that they didn’t, b/c I would’ve begged/done/payed away the reports of her involvement and she would’ve just gone her way.

      As for KJH, WOW. Seems like this was an awful time for him. Who would’ve known she was the culprit? Double WOW, at you saying his career is now dead. I seen countless A-holes still get careers up and running, so it does seem a bit cruel esp. for a guy who is highly sensitive/mentally unstable. Damn, I think perhaps its time to switch careers, b/c the pressure is now on KJH. Jeez Louise…

      • Yea. Genuinely sad for him really but if you have been reading my other postings, his biggest failure as an entertainer is his emotional weakness and clingyness to his partners. No sympathy though on his unprofessionalism both times round. It should not be an excuse for the harm he inflicted on everyone involved then and even now.

      • @Lydia1 A sad situation is all I can say. You were right on when you said he should’ve just fulfilled the 11 month contract. Then, he could have moved on. But it seems a dilemma was there, as his was up this month, but they wanted to extend it. At the time, I saw many who were on KJH’s side than O&. I guess O& got pissed at them feeling sorry at KJH, so they went full villain.

        As for KJH, its doubly sad b/c he has the chops/looks/charisma/sex appeal to be a big star. If he debuted a bit earlier like before the surge of idols/models/etc in the industry, he would’ve stood a chance more. But now, it seems he’s in career jail w/ more insight on Time debacle (I did hear he was great before and after that show), its sad that those positive stories are being buried by this news. Eventually, one can’t win against the machine/higher ups. Unfortunately don’t know where his career will go from there, if his emotional attachments to women are what might end his career/rise. A waste of talent.

  12. Sabotage. The word for what this couple did to the Time’s team and production is sabotage. Do you know what is sabotage? It’s the most common thing in the world. It has many faces and reasons for it. Many of you can look back on your work or personal relationships and realize that your team at work, or your family were sabotaged, one time or another, by the people you either trusted, or had no idea they had hidden interests in being around you.
    Stop pretending it’s some passionate love-jealousy relationship. People like SYJ only love themselves and their own interests. The people in entertainment industry, male and female, of all ages, do such acts to their rivals all the time. SYJ sabotaged her industry rival’s drama using the willing participant – idiotic boyfriend. The people in the industry will sweep it under the rag because they do it too – the sabotage. Maybe they do it not to such extent, maybe not as brazenly as SYJ who singlehandedly almost destroyed a drama AND her boyfriend’s career… But she is not the only manipulative one out there, she just got accidentally found out.
    The question is, knowing now that SYJ likes powerful men who can give her roles and status. Did she pick up (she is the one choosing men, not the other way around) the mostly unknown at the time Kim Jung Hyun to be her real boyfriend, or was he just her temporary tool, like others? Mark my words, she’ll get away with most of what she’s done. The only positive thing out of this scandal, is that her potential future victims are now more alert to her personality.

    used for these kind of purposes, besides sex? I doubt he was her only boyfriend at the time, and he will never admit it out of pride.

    • Agree with you Marina. Actresses/actors having sex with powerful men to advance their career is the oldest trick in Hollywood. Weinstein hello? Not surprised that male or female artistes would do the same in K-wood. I was wondering why SYJ would pick KJH to be bf at that time. Now I know, he’s easily manipulated, submissive & mentally fragile. Bingo. Easy tool. No sympathy for both. She can get married to any guy if he still wants her baggage. With the money she earned thus far, she can migrate to Spain, study, buy a B & B/cafe and live a quiet life. Same for KJH, he won’t starve. He can sell his Seoul condo and live quietly in some remote village doing farming or pearl diving in Jeju. I feel sorry for all the production crew & former co-stars these 2 have messed up. The low salary workers who worked the longest, hardest, being abused by them for pittance as Lydia said. They don’t have millions in their bank account to fall back on.

      • Ditto. If KJH is mentally fragile he shouldn’t be in the entertainment business. It is a brutally competitive, immoral & dirty cesspool industry. Better go back to college, study something less taxing like art therapy, counselling or psychology then do something meaningful with his life.

      • Yes. Get help please both of them. For their own good and the good of others. More dirt is gonna come out seeing that he’s yet to issue any statement.

      • Allegedly, back then Korea(similar to Hong Kong industry then) industry had gangsters in their industry. So a lot of people working up had to appease in order to rise. I heard allegedly L33BH (shocker), slept with big name actresses (some he worked with/not) to advance their careers. I also heard allegedly Jo !n $ (had some favors to do) before rising, so its not only just women but men too. Allegedly, SHK has a powerful sponsor in China. The iconic KHS also had to deny she had one in Korea back then. But Jang’s case (RIP) showed that there are many creepers still working (PDs/writers/etc) that will never know. It was said that Mystic PD was rumored to be on it, and he’s still working ew.

        In H-wood, its a dirty open secret to sleeping w/ creepers to advance. Its kept hush/hush even til this day, no doubt K-industry doesn’t either. Knowing who’s who helps, dunno if KJH even has that unlike SYJ. It’s why Sh!@ Labeof is able to work b/c he has a very powerful sponsor behind him. It’s cesspool all around. The sane ones, ex. Han Ga In marry early and semi-retire before the industry spits them out for a young bait. You’ve to be messed up in a a way, in order to thrive/survive in the industry, and trampling others for success. The SYJ/KJH’s of the acting world are plenty afloat, but its been kept secret (until it gets exposed).

      • @popcorn For both their mental sanity/careers, I think both of them should be taking a very long hiatus from the industry. As for KJH, he has the talent/charm/looks to make it but as @Lydia1 said, his reliance on his partners/mental is his weakness. He seems like someone who does take it in, and I feel like esp. in a small industry like Korea (where you bump into people/co-stars even if you don’t want to), its hard to escape.

        I feel like its best for him in the long run, if he decides to retire or do something else. He said he would do manual work (making stuff) if he weren’t acting Or, I would brush up on my English and as he said, advance to Hollywood, Bae D. style and come back to Korea when he has some clout. But yes, I truly worry about his mental fragility, if he marries, and his wife objects yet again, I just don’t see how he can’t get out again. He was actually doing some mental help radio thing after Mr. Queen too, so I think its best he re-asses & leave the entertainment biz.

      • @Pam, I love your discussions & thoughts. Mature, sensible & civil discussions. Looking at the bigger picture. The HK drama & film industry is controlled by triads too. Heard of Carina Lau? Tony Leung’s wife? In the 90s, Carina was a top TVB actress & dating tycoon scions. She was supposedly kidnapped, raped and naked photos leaked by triads when she refused to bow to some of their orders. Even the biggest names like Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Stephen Chow and Andy Lau have to kow-tow to those powerful sponsors. One of the reasons Jackie’s and Andy’s wives and children live overseas quietly is because they fear harm will come to their families if they remain in HK & fans’ rabid obsession over their marital status.

      • Agree with you Pam. That’s why actress like Nam Ji Hyun is a smart cookie. We fans have been talking why she seems to work less and less each year after graduation. It’s very easy to tip over the mental abyss in K-ent. NJH studied psychology and she seems like a genuine humble kind person. Always supportive of her co-stars and they mostly become great friends. One needs to detach from the acting world from time to time. NJH is also very lucky to have her mother acting as her manager for 15 years shielding her from filthy cesspool elements when she was a child actress. Soop is her first and only agency so far. She’s doing a good job balancing between acting and personal life. She’s very popular amongst crew members and would even visit some of them long after a project is over. This is the kind of artiste we would like to see more in K-ent.

      • @Pam, I heard of it too. Male & female K-artistes have to bend their knees to certain sponsors to be alive in K-ent. There was a documentary on k-pop trainees. They have handlers sitting out of camera angles to supervise what these trainees said when interviewed for the doco. Many K-pop groups & solo singers have to pose in the one eye covered sign for magazine photoshoots. Ever wonder why this is the same in H-wood & ent. circles around the world? Read articles in on the power of symbolism. The website analyses pics of the month & what’s happening in the music and showbiz world. Not for the faint-hearted or immature types. Intelligent discussions.

      • @cheeky, not a coincidence or de rigeur for almost all artistes covering one eye during cfs or photoshoots. I notice over the years top tier K-artistes like BTS, SHK and Rain been doing it on magazine covers too. Some kind of ritual or signal that they belong to the sponsors and have to do their membership pose?

      • @popcorn Thanks a lot for that compliment! I think that in the grand scheme of things, these actors are just a small pond in a much larger pool. As in, actors are replaceable to a certain extent, and its up to the powers that be when the time is ready for them to come back. It’s why a lot of bad seeds were able and are still able to work, sure they’re smart to not let it affect their professional career. But they make sure to let their dirty stuff un-seen/protected/buried in their personal lives, and with Korea’s defamation laws, a lot of it is kept under wraps.

        Even Dispatch has connections/connected in some way w/ the Korean government. The gov. knew what the power of culture/entertainment would bring, and its ingrained. As long as the artists keep making them $$, a lot of people turn a blind eye. Even in H-wood, Johnny Depp got booted off/tanking b/c his professional career kept getting botched. I’m still irked that the texts he had w/ his pal Paul Bettany (that were disturbing) got buried, a la Jang Dong Gun/Joo Ji Mo’s texts.

        Yes! I heard about the Carina case/HK gang ties. It’s scary, how much is intertwined. I feel like I don’t blame those who do their work well, and are extra private/cautious in rl. But I also feel for those vulnerable ones w/ no power/$$, getting schemed/thrown into a disgusting situations to advance their careers.

      • @popcorn (Aww that sucks about the comment!) I hate when that occurs!

        @Hyunnie Fan Nice to hear that about Nam Ji Hyun! She seems level headed/grounded esp. as a child actress. I think her graduating from college, and taking some time off shows how grounded she is. She’s having a Plan B in case something happens. That’s good on the crew stuff too! Unfortunately, it seems people like that are rare in the industry. There’s suspiciously a lot of media play when actors try to make themselves look good, and over-pad their ‘niceness.’ The people who don’t buy into the mumbo jumbo of it all, and aren’t just friends w/ just celebs have an ounce of humanity.

        @cheeky I heard some incriminating stuff about children too in H-wood, not sure in K-wood. Just awful. I really feel for child stars/talents. Not sure about the symbolism, but I feel like in K-wood, I suspect its much harder/entrenched b/c its not as global/wide as H-wood is. I feel like those who become big/huge stars, lose a part of themselves in the process, and the ones that take a step back, focus on family/other stuff, tend to be the most grounded. The industry chews you out and spits you out for someone younger, better, hotter, and etc. Its not for the faint of heart, and you can have it all, but if your not well equipped for it, then its bye bye.

  13. Everyone has done some if not one bad thing in their life, even the perfect ones. Just waiting to hear about everyone else’s scandals so I can judge them on their behavior because it’ll make mines look decent.

    • Ah! So you’ve done worse that instruct your boyfriend to screw over a production, cause an innocent woman trauma, and cause misery to hundreds of staff working to make a living? Youve also intentionally put your colleague into harms way in the name of art? Also, you’ve potentially lied about your degree, possibly bullied your staff making them starve because you’re in a bad mood and maybe you’ve bullied your way to adulthood.

      If you’re waiting for worse than that so you can make your behaviour look decent, then that says something about your mindset if not your actual behaviour itself.

  14. this is super messy. he clearly had some mental issues at the time so I don’t think she and her company can brush this off as just lovers quarrel. also I wonder if the reaction would be a lot different if the genders were reversed. I’m seeing a lot of “he’s a grown up. why would he let his gf influence him so easily?” completely ignoring his mental state at the time. people tend to not be as sympathetic to men being emotionally abused.

  15. Does she need to face the consequences of her actions? Hell yes! But I noticed that people seem to have flocked in on her instead of dividing the blame equally between her and KJH. The entire situation is messed up but you can’t just say that “KJH is manipulated, therefore he has lesser culpability” because that is some bullshit. I mean even if you look at his current situation now, his willingness to break his contract just to be with his present girlfriend, it’s clear that he has issues with the way he handles his relationship.

    • He has been cancelled way long before, like he paid the deeds then get into scandal again, also his reputation isn’t always good since time drama.
      He disappeared 9 months after time, did cloy, on hiatus then do Mr queen, he also isn’t the biggest star of the drama. Popularity equal criticism and he gets his share in bits. The difference with SYJ is that he is known to have changed, people from his past before SYJ and the present back his character shift while her has no one for her defense

      • I smell a Korean Constance Wu. Biting the hand that feeds you. And the result is no one came to Wu’s defense, only negative reports. Very suspicious. This being a widely known industry secret also disturbs me as well. I wonder how lesser/talented good working/kind actors feel when this occurs seeing two drama queens ruin a drama b/c of their foolishness. I’ve seen actors who thought they were better than thou, and came back down to earth now either gone from the industry or in daily/weekend dramas now.

  16. Lol Lovers quarrel, my ass! Did that include her telling him to not greet the staffs too or to get the script changed? I still don’t understand how he got away with it. He wasn’t even an A lister to do that. And they were dating while she was shooting Lawless Lawyer. She had a bunch of skinship and even heavy kissing with LJG then had the audacity to make demands. I’m getting chills that while she was having fun around on her set, she was texting manipulative nonsense to her boyfriend and we were none the wiser lol. He doesn’t get a free pass though just cause he looked unstable. Seohyun and the Time crew are the main victims. At first I admit I let it go because I thought he was just weird at the presscon and maybe apologized later. I didn’t think it went on during the drama shooting and he tried to completely change the plot of the show to avoid skinship with her. Like the wipe thing??? Poor girl must have felt she was dirty and was the problem. This is why when people act like those celebrities are saint and can’t do no wrong, I chuckle. They are humans just like the rest of us. They just have the resources to hide their secrets better than us well until they piss off someone lol

  17. Giving me shades of Emma Roberts/Evan Peters scenario. As in Evan (KJH) was so head over heels over Emma (SYJ), and they constantly fought and were toxic together. But Emma (SYJ) was the instigator, and had a lot of issues of jealously, curtness, and toxicity. Ironically, both actresses are known for playing Queens B’s. Evan had to take a lot of time off after that toxic relationship ended, to go back into dating again why is why I can see hearing Seo Ji Hye taking care of him during CLOY led to dating. Shame all around.

    How mortifying having your private texts be released for all those to see. And to think SJY’s career was going from high to another high working with big name talent Kim Nam Gil. I think she should’ve been more professional and still attended her movie press call, at least to save face by bowing and crying profusely. Missed opportunity girl…pull a Lily James, and put on a brave face and promote your work. Had she at least done that today, and not chickened out, she would’ve come out of this scenario stronger.

  18. Wow kim jung hyun successfully made a scapegoat with all this woman she drag i wont judge anyone cause truthfully you should be responsible for your action his piece of trash who running on his tail dragging everyone to his pitfall worst ex-bf not even standing up for himself i understand his in pressure but be a man and get on your knees his not even on bit apologetic about it eww

  19. So now Jang Tae Yoo (PD for My Love From Another Star) is now denying that he was ever in a relationship with Seo Yeji. Another blind said that the reason Four Men was stuck in development hell was that Seo Yeji was dating that PD and had promised to cast her as female lead but the production ended up going with Nana instead and the PD ended up dropping out.

    Take this all with a can of salt, of course. I’m not sure if I believe all this because her career wasn’t exactly the brightest until IOTNBO happened.

  20. so when will her baeksang nomination to be revoked? she didn’t deserve the nomination coz she doesn’t have the ethic to work in this profession.. same goes to kim hyunjung.. i just read her mistreatment towards the staff. if she’s truly innocent, why no single person came out to defend her? even her agency statement did not give her a good light

    • Nope. Women like her will always have some people they will reward financially or be super nice to as they still need their help in the long run. Top stylists who are very in demand, make up artists, hair. Essentially the beauty team who has the ability to pick and choose their clients. Its like you treasure your Hermes bag instead of your zara bag because you paid dearly for it or the fact that the limited editions, even if you have a ton of money might not successfully get an allocation for one. She is probably gonna get them to write the support posts for her. People like her choose to only be nice to those who can advance them and trample on those who can’t. Its definitely in line with extreme narcissism.

    • If they do that, then Moon Chae Won is a worthy nominee to feel the blank. My celebration for Flower of Evil getting 5 baeksang nominations was not complete because she is missing in the list. I mean Ye Ji and everyone nominated is very deserving but Chae Won has been snubbed from all the award ceremonies when she gave the performance of her life in Flower of Evil it just makes me sad she will not get awarded for it. But thats wishful thinking, Lee Byung Hun has had countless scandals and he never got his award nominations revoked during the scandals.

      • This. I just cant accept all the awards shows snubbed her. Not even a single nomination. If you look at her wikipedia, it seems like Flower of Evil is just a normal drama of hers, when we can argue it’s her best performance since Princess’s Man. I just wish TVN had award shows so she can get recognition somewhere. Even people who arguably did not do a good job as her in Flower of Evil got some recognition because their drama is in a public channel that has year end award shows.

  21. They are both getting chewed up in South Korea, internationally though KJH is getting a lot of sympathy for being her victim.

  22. It’s kinda sad because I actually like her. I’ve watched some of the stuff she’s in and she’s a really good actress. But if all the statements and rumours about her are true and if that’s her true personality, then bye sis.

    As for Kim Junghyun, he definitely did wrong to Seohyun and the staff of “Time”. Being in the kpop scene since 2008, I’ve always known Seohyun to be the most genuine and sweetest person in the industry. So seeing her being treated like that is just upsetting. But I’m also taking in to account Kim Junghyun’s mental health issues. I think it’s pretty apparent that he was in a toxic relationship with Seo Yeji.

    I’ve seen friends who are in abusive relationships. They can be fun, sweet and smart outside of their relationships but when they’re with their partners, all of that and their logical reasoning to think straight went out the window. It’s because they’re emotionally vulnerable and their abusers take advantage of that. So I hope people would stop victim blaming and calling it stupidity. No, it’s not stupidity. It’s manipulation. When you’re being manipulated by someone you think you genuinely cared about, you lose all reasoning.

    That being said, I do hope that Seohyun and the production staff of ‘Time’ received personal apologies from Kim Junghyun. Despite him not being ‘himself’ at that point in time, I think it’s his responsibility still and he should personally apologise.

  23. That is definitely not a normal lovers quarrel. There’s an old Soompi article I looked up, “Kim Jung Hyun commented, “When I was filming SBS’s ‘Don’t Dare to Dream (Jealousy Incarnate),’ Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin always smiled and greeted me. At the time I was very nervous, so that really gave me strength.” He continued, “After becoming a lead I could understand. It was very tiring and difficult, but it made me think that lead actors need to pay attention to more than just acting. I realized that rather than showing that I was having a difficult time, it was more important to hide that and be considerate of others. So I tried to brightly greet people.” This relationship with her changed his mindset, manipulating him to behave rudely and he was dry heaving on set. Both are not right.

  24. Can anyone provide proof that Seo Ye Ji misbehaved? KJH could have been depressed even before their relationship. Considering that he was the one who was abusive towards his co star, how on earth the internet siding at him?

    • Those texts???..She was asking pics and videos as proofs from him to show her that he wasn’t interacting with female crew members…
      Besides during the first few episodes he was fine with Seohyun ..You can check out the bts.Even Sones agree with this fact.It was only after first few episodes that his persona changed 180 degre.. Surprise surprise who was demanding him to change the script and not greet the staff??It was Yeaji..It is not a rocket science to understand the difference…Even k-netz agree that He was fine before and after dating Yeji.

    • Text conversation is the proof. You got to be kidding me. I wonder how much injustices there is in your society if you judge others based on selective conversation.

      “Him demanding the script?” It’s his attitude and his frustration- how can anyone blame anyone of his action?

      Based on that, maybe he was the one who is manipulative, considering you got manipulated into believing just based on situations that Seo Ye Ji were not even part of.

      Do you have any proof that or third party that say SYJ is bad or have been manipulative towards others?

      “He is not greeting the staff.” again it is behavior and attitude.

      I am not judging KJH because he could be a victim here by Dispatch or his agency. He could have been blackmailed by his agency. And this is their damage control strategy- throwing SYJ under the bus.

      • Sorry, but your devil’s advocacy isn’t working. She’s done and from what Lydia is saying, he’s done too.

      • There were many statements from the staff that he behaved in that way because of gf problems… Anyways it won’t matter whatever I say..His company is surely suspicious but if she were innocent it wouldn’t have taken them 2 days to come up with that bs of a statement..
        Besides that she has bullying and mistreating her staffs rumours too

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