Kim Jung Hyun Posts Handwritten Apology Letter for His Bad Attitude and Behavior Surrounding K-drama Time

When a time in your life comes when you behave in a way that is screwing up so bad, the only way forward is to own up to it completely. Apologize, reflect, learn, grow, and don’t ever repeat. K-actor Kim Jung Hyun‘s career in the last four years has been such a rollercoaster and while I really like him as an actor for his performances it’s clear as a person he has much to take responsibility for when it comes to his professional conduct as an actor. He broke out first with School 2017, then headlining MBC drama Time, dropped out midway, took a year off, returned with the mega hit Crash Landing on You as the memorable second male lead, and followed that up with the big hit Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) as the male lead. It’s as wild a drama script and turns out his behavior on the set of Time was indeed that, like a boyfriend willing to do anything his girlfriend asked of him including attitude and actions which ended up tanking a drama. He has now come out with his response to the revelations this week that his misbehavior on Time was due to his then girlfriend Seo Ye Ji demanding no skinship scenes with his costar or interactions with female staff. His full apology, handwritten, is translated below. He basically took full responsibility for his actions, did not mention Seo Ye Ji at all, and every other word is contrition and acknowledgment that he did what he is being called out for. It’s the right step, no clue how his career will go from here.

Hello. This is Kim Jung Hyun

The drama “Time” was the first work I played a leading role in as an actor, so it was also a very meaningful project to me. But I brought deep disappointment and pain upon the director, screenwriter, fellow actors, and staff. I apologize for that.

My memories of the “Time” press conference remain in my head like thorns. Even I cannot forgive my attitude at that time. I have so much regret that I wish I could turn back time.

I brought the shameful incident upon myself due to personal issues. I was not able to fulfill my responsibility as the drama’s protagonist and an actor. I apologize without making any excuses.

The process in which I dropped out of the drama “Time” and the behavior I showed at the press conference were all wrong. I sincerely apologize to actress Seohyun who was hurt because of it as well as all other related personnel who worked hard at the time.

I believe I should pay a visit to each of the “Time” staff members and those who were hurt by me and personally apologize to them. Even if it takes a long time, I will go to the director and screenwriter of “Time,” the actors, and all of the staff members who worked [on “Time”] and ask for forgiveness.

I apologize to my agency O& Entertainment as morally right, and I also apologize to Culture Depot for causing them to be mentioned in a disgraceful way. I also genuinely apologize to my fans who always supported me, believed in me, and waited for me.

I bow my head in apology to everyone I caused discomfort to. As I was writing this letter, I was able to reflect on my mistakes and wrong behavior. If I am given the opportunity, I will take nothing for granted and work hard to become a healthy actor who reflects on and manages himself. I am sorry.


Kim Jung Hyun Posts Handwritten Apology Letter for His Bad Attitude and Behavior Surrounding K-drama Time — 50 Comments

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  2. SYJ’s agency needs to take a PR lesson out of KJH’s books. This is how to write a proper, sincere apology that doesn’t reek of victim blaming/irresponsibility/unprofessionalism. I want to know what her agency was smoking when they thought writing an explanation that:

    – Implied that she (and him) dragged their dirty laundry from their personal life onto the expensive production sets of dramas with hundreds of other people just trying to make a living. And that as actors, it is a legitimate demand to agree “mutually” (I use this term loosely because the demands that her agency said were mutual only seemed to apply to KJH’s roles) to NOT act.

    – Then after explaining that these words out of her actual mouth were in fact true and “completely normal of a lover’s quarrel” go on to say that “they convinced one another to do it” where there is no evidence of SYJ’s compliance (as shown in her romantic scenes in Lawless Lawyer) and deterioration that KJH visibly showed. So now she looks like a hypocrite too.

    – And if the above isn’t true, and she isn’t a hypocrite (and she knows when to be a “strong” professional woman who knows when to act when prompted), how is it acceptable to ASK her bf to sabotage and alienate all other female coworkers, just based on the sole fact that “she is the gf.”

    – On top of that, apparently her agency jumped the gun and placed words in KJH’s mouth and said he absolves her of all responsibility and assumes full fault…. when he doesn’t even mention her name. Just bows his head, apologizes, and accepts his own failings rather than trying to push blame.

    She and her team are trying to play the victimized woman with the blame game, when regardless of whether you agree with KJH’s compliance with her demands to be either foolishness or mental submission/abuse, that DOES NOT change the fact that she said those words at the expense of harming Seohyun and Time. I feel so bad for the production team on that drama – collateral damage for this fight that should’ve been kept at home rather than dragged to the workplace.

    It’s one thing to make mistakes and be human, it’s another thing to let it affect your colleagues and work… and STILL ask to be taken seriously in the industry that fed you.

    At best, her impersonal PR response reeks of victim blaming (KJH is such a weak-willed person who can’t man up and stand up to a woe-is-me woman) AND hypocrisy AND unprofessionalism (on WHAT world is it ok to knowingly try to make other actresses’s lives difficult because of her personal problems…. when she herself IS an actress. FAIL). And SYJ’s silence really isn’t helping her sinking ship as the controversy just spirals out of control.

  3. Should have apologized YEARS ago if he was truly sincere instead of only planning to meet each cast member/staff now after being exposed again.

    • The apology is interesting and skilled. In it he makes no mention of specifics of exactly what he did and did not do. Just “personal issues”. He drags no one down and the theme is one of repent instead of adding more fuel to the fire by adding more info.

      • While it does look like he apologized only now, b/c of this whole fiasco. His apology in K-entertainment or really in the acting industry was very well done. He owned up to his mistakes, no gaslighting, mature, and sorrowful. It actually feels sincere down to the handwritten nature of it. As they say, its a Hollywood type of apology where he called out the people he hurt, and listed them. He even apologized about the Joseon Annals thing too.

        He came out of this scenario (Knetz/mental health/etc naysayers), better than his ex did. A PR firm helped with it and it shows, its not the typical agency answer. It feels genuine, at the end, its the Time cast/crew’s apologies to accept. I wish him well, he’s hospitalized again for his issues. I truly do hope he gets better both physically and mentally (It’s said that his eating disorder is an open secret in the industry 🙁 so I hope he can recover.

        That being said, I also hope he re-asses his career and life. Sometimes, as much as one can love acting, the things that come with it (fame/attention/criticism/etc) can eat someone up alive. Only time will tell what happens. I say 10 months to 1 yr, and we’ll see what happens then…

  4. One thing nobody is even acknowledging is his mental health struggles. He has history of insomnia and eating disorder since School series. I personally think, no matter where his career goes, more important is that he finds stability, health and peace. Its bad enough that the whole world refuses to acknowledge men can be abused, the total gaslighting that he has faced is deplorable. I found this sincere, but the Time cast and crew can decide if they accept it. I hope he makes amends, has help and continues to manage his struggles better going forward. Everything else is secondary.

    • @gem Agreed. That said, this is also a lesson. There are consequences to every action. Mental health struggles or not. If your mental health struggles lead you to commit crime for example rape, murder or cause serious bodily harm or damage to life and property. You will still get executed, jailed or committed to a psychiatric hospital. If KJH was in the corporate world or anywhere really and he breached ethics or caused psychological damage to coworkers triggered by mental health illness, he would still get fired, get disciplinary action or asked to take some time off to seek therapy.

      In the end, I think the reason why people are not letting him off so easily is that there are thousands of men and women who have mental health struggles but still have to face the world and people everyday and have to be on their best behavior even if they are falling apart inside. Most of them are underpaid with loads of bills to pay. They don’t have the luxury to just apologize and go on hiatus with money in the bank if they mess up. They don’t have thousands of fans defending them like he does. There are also tons of celebrities who have confessed to have mental health struggles like him some in toxic relationships too but never cause psychological harm to others to the extent that he did and not apologized until he was forced to. This is just my cents on this but I agree with you. I empathize with him a lot after all is said and done.

      • @gem where have I asked people to let him off hook? Mental health struggles can be acknowledged here without doing that. Like there’s no nuance in this conversation that it requires. All I’ve seen is, “he is lying”, “he can’t be abused, he is a man”, “He couldn’t have suffered”, “God he was pu***whipped”, “what Kind of man is he to be abused and be dragged around by some womam”, “Is he even a man” floating around. What does this add to the conversation….legitimacy, dignity, integrity, what? Even criminals are allowed back into society after serving time, here the guy isn’t even being allowed that….First why doesn’t he apologize and now its so what if he has apologized…people have decided a person can’t change and get better hence he can’t do that.

  5. Her i-fans are just a mess. One sect says HE demanded she not do skinship first which led to that whole convo so he’s at fault. Then why hasn’t she been able to provide receipts like Dispatch did? And even if he made that demand first, shouldn’t her response have been something like: “Babe, we’re both actors. This is part of the job we both signed up for. If you can’t accept that, it’s a dealbreaker and we’ll have to go our separate ways.” Instead this strong woman who invented feminism (according to her fans) tells him not to do skinship scenes with his co-star. Tells him to be rude to and ignore female staff. Tells him to get rid of all romantic scenes. Tells him to make things difficult for the production. Encourages him to keep it up when he confirms he’s doing what she told him to do. Constantly asks for videos of what’s happening on set when she knows it’s not allowed. ETC. It’s on him that he went along and hurt everyone involved with Time but how is she innocent in this? Much less deserve an apology from him?

    Her other group of fans have somehow deluded themselves that the texts are doctored. Meanwhile GM’s shit statement confirmed the messages are real. When they said it’s partly true, they meant that the part where he supposedly told her not to do skinship first was missing. That DOESN’T MEAN the messages are fake. They’re real, idiots.

    Plus, they’re cashing the feminism cheque way too much. Which is funny given how they used her to bash other actresses. And KJH hasn’t gotten away with it like they keep saying he has. His career is pretty much done (?). With increasing petitions by K-netz to remove him from the industry. So how do they keep pushing the misogyny narrative when most people criticizing their idol are fighting for Seohyun?

    It’s clear they’re in denial. Because they hyped her so high to the sky that now that it’s all come crashing down, they would go nuts if they had to accept the truth about their idol.

    • @zen I really hate women who use feminism to do mental gymnastics or to fit their skewed narratives. Most of them are usually misandrists too and I don’t support that.

      Let’s inverse this situation. This all went down in 2018. This was when SYJ was filming Lawless Lawyer, she was a rising star and the rookie too among the lawless lawyer cast. Now imagine if LJG had an actress girlfriend behaving like SYJ behind the scenes. Telling him to act cold to SYJ, ignore the female staff and cast, request the romantic scenes in LL to be scrapped, show the BTS videos to her all the time, or just basically be a zombie during the whole filming. How would she feel? Can you imagine how boring the LL promos, bts and drama would have been? The psychological toll it would have taken on her if LJG acted like KJH to her that time because of a girlfriend. Also can’t these fans put themselves in Seohyun’s shoes and imagine how they would feel if this happened to SYJ? Best believe if it came out this happened, they would be calling for heads to roll. So it’s better for them to be humble, keep quiet and not make things worse than they are already are for her.

      It’s a pity because personally I did like SYJ. I thought/think she has so much potential. I mean for someone to exhibit such toxic behavior could be they are very damaged psychologically. Why someone so beautiful and talented and rich is so insecure and angry to that extent? Unfortunately it seems from her agency’s statement and some of her staff who have come out to defend her don’t understand why there is so much backlash to her like they don’t see why she is in the wrong. If she doesn’t seek therapy. I can see her relationships with people not get any better.

  6. I find all these recent stories of past behavior haunting K actors deeply troubling. Many people think they should have a right to know and judge these individuals due to their celebrity status, but I view this is as the canary in the mine. I don’t think it is right that private contractual issues and private matters are exposed to the public for judgment by the masses, for whatever reasons (ongoing contractual relationship, vengeance, own sense of morality etc.). There are already growing cases of non-celebrities getting fired for stupid racist jokes posted on the internet when they were dumb teenagers or for racy bikini pictures forgotten on one’s private instagram. Someone’s career and source of income is no small price to pay, and as a society we decided to adopt a set of laws and institutions to deal with these issues and to step away from people seeking their own justice under their own version of the law of talion. I have a lot of sympathy for people seeking for changes in the system when the system failed them (such as stories of rape done by powerful people, violence on children, which is rarely well regulated or enforced, etc.),but there should be a limit and to take this guy example, he had been fired for his behavior and i would guess there may have been some indemnity paid, based on usual contractual clauses. So why is it ok for this to be exposed and judged by the public once more (with probably most of the info missing or incorrect) is very troubling.

    • Between the 2, they tanked an entire production, caused the company to go into debt and the writer and director having problems finding work after due to the low ratings product they put out? Lead actress having to go for psychiatric counselling. Staff having sleepless nights and haemorrhoids due to having to deal with these two unprofessional nutcases. How’s the reasons behind such unprofessionalism being revealed now being cruel to the perpetrators since its “personal” rather than vindication for the hundreds of other people involved. The word justice – does it only exist for some and not others? Its easier to bury things so as not to bring further problems to oneself that led to the sealing of lips of everyone involved 3 years ago letting these 2 go scot free. Him I blame less as he was so emotionally abused at that point, he couldn’t see a way out but blindly following her orders. Her. I have no words. Even her last hit drama had murmurs of being a hell hole of an atmosphere to work in. At least hes reflecting. I hope she does too.

      • As expected, great reply! Two nutcases indeed. Deranged/crazy lunatics. Like leave your bedroom antics/whatever dating crap outside your work life. You reap what you sow.

        How’s the word on the street over there in Korea on this issue? It can’t be great obviously. I assume KJH/SYJ are non grata rn, altho more on SYJ (even in the public too?) IOTNBO set really? I recall an article where a commenter said, “Notice how the 2nd FL has said great things about the cast. But not for Seo Ye Ji.” At the time, I was like huh, but just brushed it aside.

        Yet, Island PD/writers wanted to give her a lead role at the time, even despite all that? Damn, and with the Kim Nam Gil too? (Please don’t tell me KNG also has issues as well?) And I hear this was Island’s big blockbuster, so this could’ve been a HUGE hit.

        As someone in the biz, for a scandal like this, we’ve seen stars lay low and come back. Some in top form in big budgets (Lee Jin Wook, ew), and etc. Do you think both KJH and SYJ will be able to go back to their former glory of leads in big/awaited dramas and/or films? Or their personal baggage is way too known to the public, that they won’t be able to bounce back? KJH’s reliance/co-dependence on his gf’s is his downfall.

        As I said before, if he marries, and his wife says quit acting, he prob. would. Set aside the rumors/truths of SYJ’s behavior/antics, she might go the Go Hyun Jung (of course, diff in career/acclaim lol) route of being known as temperamental/difficult to work with, but b/c of their images, they can still get leads.

      • I think the reason why he kind of got a less harsher reaction is how his past action and present action is actually different than when he did time. On the other hand, her demeanor is persistent throughout the years. It’s kind of showed that he knows he was a jerk, and now he try not to be a jerk and her is still problematic.

        As much as people want to say bad about him, the only timeline they can do is when Time happened, but her is just a whole another case when people said that she was always this way.

        both have their own problem adjust this is how I see why people have different reaction.

      • You don’t really address my point and instead re-litigate this specific matter. The core of my concern is that this new trend, is not an issue solely concerning these celebrities but is impacting everyone and raises serious issues about boundaries of what can and should be made public and probably other questions as to the power of certain entities to have access/use certain information, because consequences are really serious.
        And I don’t see why you think online mob justice is “justice” at all. You have no idea if what is being reported is true, accurate and complete, none of us has any information as to the full extent of prior consequences for any of the parties. And based on this, people are now losing their reputation, jobs and career, and not just celebrities you may like to gossip about.
        We adopted justice systems in order to deal with these issues, so that we can have a common set of rules for all. And as imperfect as those are, they are certainly more fair then people getting fired over rumors and half facts, alleged past behavior and stupid online comments.
        It is one thing to gossip about x, y z, it’s an entirely different thing to deprive anyone of their livelihood and career without any sort of due process.

  7. Well, it’s obvious he screwed up big time. He failed to behave responsibly and professionally. He was obviously very ill and not in his right state back then, because he seemed like a polite person normally.

    If he was at fault and hurt those people, he should apologise properly to them and it’s up to them if they accept his apology.

    Even though I can’t see him in the same light as an actor anymore, I still pity him as a person. I hope someone is preventing him from interacting with his psycho ex-girlfriend. She must be furious and blaming him for her downfall now. Considering how she manipulated him so easily in the past, I hope someone is there with him to help him not to end up in his ex-gf influence again. Gaslighting is real and it happens to men too. Imagine if those messages were reversed and those manipulative commands came from him instead of her. Would people still downplay it?

    I saw her fans angry that he didn’t include her in his apology and that she doesn’t deserve this. Maybe there’s a reason to that, don’t you think? Maybe just by writing her name makes his nauseated. Anyway, if SYJ didn’t do anything wrong, she wouldn’t be in this spotlight. It’s not like she’s being dragged down only because of those messages. There are several other controversies pointing at her now. If those other allegations are true, KJH isn’t the only man who ended traumatised because of her.

    The same goes with KJH, if he did something wrong, he should take responsibility for it. At least he didn’t make any excuses and his letter looked more sincere than SYJ half-baked official statement.

    • @Lizzie what is puzzling me about these demands for KJH to have included SYJ in his apology is for what exactly? They want him to apologize to her for complying with her demands as shown in their texts to each other? Or is it for dispatch getting a hold of their texts and releasing them to the public thereby exposing her toxic behavior and unprofessionalism? Or do they want him to apologize for breaking her fan’s illusion of the type of image they had of her? Or just in general why should she be getting an apology from anyone?

      The facts remain;

      1. Her agency confirmed that the texts happened between them. whether they are half of the conversation they had or whether he demanded the same from her. We don’t need further details to see how toxic she was and unprofessional both of them were.

      2. The Time Drama mess is the catalyst but her reputation and career downward spiral is a culmination of other controversies . One of them is embellishing her educational background which in her country and profession is a big issue. There is irrefutable video proof of her saying she studied in Spain from variety show “knowing bros”. Her online profile even had the name of the Uni for years. Her agency says she only enrolled but could not go. Her camp can’t even produce the enrollment letter to confirm this. Their silence on this makes her less credible now. Two, she was a no show at the press conference of her movie “recall” when she said she will show up and then changed at the last minute. word has it, she requested the production team to block questions from the reporters asking her about the controversy. When they told her it’s unavoidable she didn’t show up. That pissed some folks too.

      3. Then there is a whole slew of allegations about her school bullying and mistreatment of staff. Is this KJH’s fault too??‍♀️?

      4. Last but not least, her own agency failed her or herself too because she must have consented to the release of their statement, by not admitting her part in this mess instead they trivialized the whole thing and worsened the public backlash on her.

      So again I ask? Why should she be getting an apology? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way round? She is the one who should be groveling in apology to so many people first to the Times drama crew and if the other allegations are true, to the victims of her bullying and her staff who felt mistreated by her, and the brands who suffer financial loss because of all this.

  8. Just some thoughts, feel free to disagree.

    1. Kim Jung Hyun appears to be both a victim and a perpetrator. One can be both. He was the victim of emotional manipulation by his girlfriend. But he chose to do her bidding and perpetrated his unprofessional conduct to the cast and crew of Time.

    2. Dating an emotional manipulator brings pain that no one else can understand. I did and it derailed my career for many years as, one example, I could not talk to other men at work without it causing problems, and how can one do a job without talking to any coworker man or woman. But I chose to acquiesce to those demands and that’s on me.

    If someone pointed a gun to our head and told us to shoot another person, and we did. Then we are both a victim and a perp. That’s the law and it’s correct. Because that third person who got shot was solely innocent. A gun to the head everyone will feel sorry for, but emotionally manipulation is harder to explain and garner sympathy. I absolutely feel for Kim Jung Hyun. He looked like death warmed over at the press conference, even if he was just being a jerk he wouldn’t have looked so unhealthy. The relationship was clearly toxic to his health at that time.

    3. Seo Ye Ji – legally she didn’t do anything wrong. That doesn’t mean ethically she’s in the clear. Whatever she told KJH to do, he chose to do it. He could choose not to do it. It’s the case of the girl who kept telling her boyfriend to commit suicide. He did, and the law tried to prosecute her for murder and only managed to convict on involuntary manslaughter and even then it was setting precedent. Because words telling someone to do something so far in most countries does not render a person liable.

    4. I like KJH’s apology in that it’s clearly sincere but it’s also coming after all the facts have come out. He has a lot of growing up to do. Maybe being in entertainment isn’t the best place for him, he seems really emotionally needy, sensitive, and eager to please.

    5. Life goes on, the cast and crew of Time should feel a measure of solace to have what they went through made public but it’s of little consolation now. Perhaps this will be yet another warning to mishaving actors/actresses in K-ent, eventually karma will get to you too….. and they will start behaving with more respect and professionalism all around. It’s the bare minimum to ask, to do your job and be kind in the process.

    6. If Kim Jung Hyun has good bro-friends, I wished someone would have told him “Hey dude, don’t ever stick your dick in crazy.”

    • This!!
      I hope you are okay now koala..
      I do feel bad for Seohyun but I can’t stop sympathising with him at the same time..In any case, i think it’s better that he takes a long break since according to reports he broke down again and is in medical care right now..
      Manipulation can work in both ways . That’s why I don’t like it when people were calling him stupid and a “grown ass” man.. Even the individual was rooting for him ..Otherwise why would cloy director would pursue him to take the role when he caused saw much trouble in his last drama..But since now the reason has been completely revealed,i wonder how the industry people would percieve him.. Anyways i hope he comes back when his health is better and people forget abt him..But it would be pretty much difficult to recover from such a massive 2nd blow to his career..

      • The reason CLOY team cast him was solely because of his agency (the agency he’s also fighting now because he refused to prolong the contract for 11 months, the amount of months he took off after TIME’s controversy).
        That’s also the agency of Son Ye Jin, so most likely it’s the 1+1 deal we usually see in dramaland. The agency probably begged CLOY team and guaranteed them that KJH would not be repeating the same mess he did with TIME. Son Ye Jin was a pivotal and irreplaceable female lead choice for CLOY, so the team probably had to take the risk to cast KJH.

      • @M

        What are you even preaching about?!?! He was/is not in the same agency as Son Ye Jin. SYJ is with MS Team.

      • @M what has this got to do with Son Yen Jin? Son Ye Jin’s agency is MSteam while Kim Jung Han’s agency is O & Entertainment? They are from the same agency.

      • @M

        If you want to create some lies up then do it better than this lol. Son Ye Jin and KJH have NEVER been in the same company.

        And you are clearly writing a fan-fiction here. Since you brought Son Ye Jin and CLOY up.. anyone of us (CLOY’s fans) knew very well from from the press con where the PD said he had to sit down with KJH for more than 1 hr to convienced him to participate.

        Go to youtube and look for CLOY’s press con and watch before you go spreading nonsense here.

    • Well said.

      6. KJH is good friends with Byun Yo Han/Suho/Park Jung Min/etc from his Korea National University Days. Ironic is Suho is from SM, and knows SNSD once his training days. Very awkward, and how linked are all these people. Lol at “don’t ever stick your dick in crazy.” I don’t need to know whose top or bottom in the bedroom, or their sex life lol. That’s their business but here, those texts just so awkward. I’ll never forget “Only you can touch my hand.” “Stiff Kim”, “Yes, Ma’m” remarks. Those texts even as time goes on, cringy and disturbing.

      I know she probably won’t, but SYJ ought to have an apology or referral (don’t think she’ll), but honestly if she did and she gave sympathy to her ex bf, and then “This issue has transpired into something far bigger than I had imagined. I sincerely apologize to Time/Seohyun for these actions. I wish everyone involved in this situation a peace of mind.” Or something like that. She should’ve gone to the film press release still, and still done her job. I read the film/Male actor of the film was upset at her for cancelling.

      There are so many layers to this situation, and this being a widely known open secret in Korea also speaks volumes. Whose protecting who, and the lengths agencies/sponsors/etc do to protect their client. What has been done, has been done. Whatever happens from there, is up in the air. For their sake, it would be heaven sent if everything can die down, and they both lay low until the next bigger scandal arises/stance on not mixing professional/personal into their work environment.

    • I can so relate to your #2, koala. I myself dated an emotional manipulator and my university grades suffered because of it. This happened even though
      I, myself, believed I was a strong-minded person. Nothing can shield you from bad, lying and manipulative people. After seeing a proof that he was cheating, it was fortunate that I had the courage to end it abruptly. However after the breakup, I was depressed for months and lost a lot of weight. When I saw my mom crying because of what’s happening, that’s the only time that I finally decided to move on. It was extremely hard but it was freeing.

      It’s definitely much harder for KJH as everything is under public scrutiny and his actions have caused so much distress to a number of people. But apologizing is a start. I hope he really does what he promised – apologize in person, to each of the staff/actor of Time.

      SYJ should undergo a therapy or anger management treatment too as she is mentally, emotionally unstable if the stories are true.

      Both have mental problems and it SHOULD TAKE A LONG WHILE (yrs actually) for one to fully heal. They should take treatment seriously and those fans who genuinely care about them should be patient for years to let them heal. That’s the only solution they can do for now. Find another job or hobby aside from acting onscreen.

    • @koala this whole debacle will eventually. Its been three days now. I give it a week and the media hype surrounding them both will die down even without another next hot news. People are fickle beings and get bored easily. There is already news overload about them.

      KJH- He has a chance of recovering after a hiatus, he isn’t that popular but has good acting skill. His statement after a while will garner him goodwill because it is well written. It was a one time occasion too not persistent behaviour like someone said. So this might work for him. They may be some whining when he makes a comeback but people will watch him on tv if he is attached to an ensemble cast maybe in a thriller with veteran actors like Han Sun Kyu, Son Hyun Joo, Kim Hyun Joo etc. Or he could be unlucky like Ji Soo and just be completely cancelled which would be a pity.

      SYJ – Its tricky but she could crawl back up maybe not to the same level as before but its very possible. If she is unlucky could be spat out by the industry like Yoo Eun Hye and never fully recover. Its bad enough that the advertisement industry have dropped her. Girlie was raking them ads. She rarely does editorials maybe three at most per year. But am beginning to think if her attitude problems are as severe as they say, I can see why she is rarely booked for photoshoots with magazines. Photoshoots are exhausting and no one likes working with divas no matter how pretty. There are 100s who can do magazine spreads who are not divas.

      Anyway, she is an actress so il focus on that. Someone said earlier, she seem to have an inflated self-importance(like pride. I dont know how to explain it properly) so there is no way she would be willing to go back to minor roles just to get on the industry’s good side again if she was to stop being cast in lead roles. Depending on her backing, she could star in indie films like Kim Min Hee if she has directors who are close acquaintances which I presume she does,seeing how many indie films she has done in a space of three years. Then she can slowly ease her way back with daily and weekend dramas on public broadcast. KBS and MBC desperately need actors with clout. Their dramas keep flopping. They would gladly pick her for a lead role even in the mainstream mini dramas. Or if her connections are really strong she could still land lead roles as usual. People were ready to swallow Jung Hae In alive after his Baeksang Center scandal? but he still gets lead roles. Only time will tell.

  9. Okay, her i-fans have officially gone batshit crazy! They’ve blamed everyone in the world but their idol for her own actions. They’ve mentioned Western artists in their arguments and even stooped so low to use deceased K-celebs to defend their girl. The newest low? Now they’re trying to point fingers at the other Best Actress nominees. I shit you not. I nearly lost it when I saw these tweets, typos and all:

    “She is currently being nominated for Baeksang Award for her role in IOTNBO. All these rumour are only started to sabotage her nomination. Perhaps it is initiated by another nominee who is so afraid of her taking the award because she played really good in IOTNBO.“

    “Yes. I think the same too. I wonder if it is Kim So Hyun,Kom So Yeon, Uhm Ji Won. These are the weak nominees. I would not think of SHS who played in Mr Queen because she used to get Baeksang. Korean really need to be smarter about this kind of sneaky strayegy.”

    “To me, it is still an attempt to sabotage her nomination. If the Baeksang juries agree with public assumption that SYJ did play herself in IOTNBO, do you think they will even look at her acting? I dont think so.”

    Others checked them but they still cling to their delusion. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Somebody, anybody, save us from these morons!!!

    • LOL. Sometimes, I wonder who these delusional fans think is listening to them? Do they think SYJ is monitoring twitter and personally thanking each of these rabid fans, who probably condemn her to more hate by now dragging even more OTHER innocent bystanders into her own mess?

      It is a sad thing to see that these fan’s moral compass are so weak and succumb so easily to their biases’s whims… all in some futile attempt to garner their acknowledgement. People need to separate their fanaticism from reality. Unless of course, their morals were loose even in daily life and see nothing wrong with slight sociopathic tendencies. Both sound pretty bad.

      Best thing she and her fans do is humbly apologize for the trouble they caused Time, at bare minimum, and move on into obscurity in hopes that this controversy fades, and she can return. Whether KJH was the one to perpetrate the act of sabotage, it is undeniable (confirmed by her own agency) that she voiced her wishes to the complete disregard for the success of Seohyun and the others. It just looks bad on a professional perspective, and it is no surprise her career is tanking as no one wants to become liable for her bad professional conduct. Divas only work when they have more clout and history backing them. Right now, her fans are turning it into SYJ versus the world of entertainment (Seohyun, sponsors/production staff for Time, KJH, the other Baeksang nominees etc). She and her fans shouldn’t expect the public to shower her with CFs/roles/awards/money if she doesn’t even respect the industry that helped put her there.

      • SYJ needed to do the H-wood style apology which KJH did. Showing remorse, and sorrow is what’s going to make people at least (a bit) feel her sincerity. She needs to learn from the Yoon Eun Hye school of thought, and not bow/do that 3 yrs later. Tsk tsk, time is running gurl. Better get down on your knees or what, and be remorseful about your actions.

        If GM/SYJ were smart, I would do what you said. Face the music, and take responsibility for her actions even though she wasn’t on set, her bf was the victim in their conquest. IA, with everything you said btw! I’m just appalled at how bad her apology was, and also GM like come on?! They must think they’re teflon, speak up/apologize/do everything in their power to stop this issue from snowballing.

        If she/GM were smart, I would release a statement/apology once agin (final one) that shows her remorse/reflections/sincerity. Most wouldn’t take it, but over time, it’ll be remembered than pulling a Yoon Eun Hye and doing it years later, when its too late for that. Sighs. This is where H-wood style PR/apologizing/firms are needed. KJH’s apology was very good, and he owned up to his mistakes/named the people he hurt, and more will remember his apology in a good light the more time passes, esp. in comparison to hers.

  10. I am aware SYJ has many other controversies that are coming out also but the fallout is way, way bigger on her side than his. Does he not have any CF contracts after CLOY and MQ?

    • I am not sure what were they …but he did manage to land some cf deals post CLOY and Mr Queen.According to an article the brands have started to drop both of them.
      Also, he even had his own Japan Fan meeting after CLOY..Then Mr.Queen happened.He really was a rising star..
      Same goes for yeaji… Although the drama didn’t garner great ratings like Mr Queen or CLOY, but it created lots of buzz back in her home country which pushed her to stardom..Too bad she couldn’t get to enjoy her 2 seconds of fame properly.

  11. Yes i saw some of their conspiracy theories..??..Okay..Then why were there no scandals during last year’s Baeksang??? please!! She isn’t even an A lister..??..tbh I feel bad that she wasted a seat..I m pretty sure it was between moon chae won and her for the 5th place but they picked yeji because she was more popular.
    Anyways, atleast she got a nomination in Baeksang..She didn’t have any chance against Kim So Yeon in the first place to begin with..But now she can kiss the prospect of winning a trophy in the future, good bye … because Korea is mass cancelling her.
    I saw the articles related to them on naver have over million views??..Like i never witnessed a mess of this scale..She is pretty much over..
    Kim Jung Hyun is still in hot waters but after her horrible deeds were exposed maybe , they were able to not excuse him but understand why he was like that..He still needs to go on a hiatus.
    There are few more accounts of how she lied abt certain stuffs in her movies and brought trouble to the director…

    Besides, i saw people playing the fake feminist card that why the shift is focused on her..I mean maybe because she has got more dirt on her than him.

  12. Park Hyung Sik is in a new apocalyptic thriller drama with Han Hyo Joo. Later in September he will star in Golden Hairpin. 2 dramas back to back. Peeps, time to move on to other news. Lol.

    • Han Hyo Joo must feel so lucky to escape b/c she is so shady too. That military case with her brother leading another soldier to suicide. She’s so suss in covering up the scandal w/ her father, and BH covering/helping her with it. The SYJ’s/KJH’s of the industry are kept hidden/prob. hoping their drama/crap doesn’t get leaked. Can’t believe this all began with KJH foolishly leaving the agency b/c of his new gf, the agency that tried to help in/cover Time debacle. Foolish man. It seems he’s a simp for women. If his wife tells him to quit acting, I think he might…

      But yes, for both actors, they better hope that this issue can die down/no more news on this. As I said before, K-netz have a short memory, they hold grudges lol, but generally its not to the extent where the actors can’t work per say. As they say, today’s newspaper, is tomorrow’s trash.

      • The extent of the damage they did to Time production will turn off production companies and actors to work with them lol even advertisers will hesitate. Unless they have powerful sponsors it will be hard for them to recover. Anyway… it’s not like I’ll personally watch anything with them in the future so moving on

      • Although the outcome of HHJ’s case is much more severe (someone committed suicide because of her brother’s bullying), I do not think they are comparable. She merely protected her brother and was not the instigator. The question is whether one should love family members so much that they are willing to cover a crime for them. Some will “rat” their own family out, others will not. So although HHJ did something morally wrong, I do understand her “blood is thicker than water”-mentality. SYJ, on the other hand, is the originator of this scandal for which there are no real excuses. My two cents.

      • Ironically, the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’ means the exact opposite. The blood of the Covenant (or any pledge between comrades sealed in blood) is thicker than the water of the womb.

    • Can’t wait! Hehe..I love park hyun shik and I like HHJ. Hope this will be good! It’s been awhile since I was so hooked over a drama!?

    • Concur. On to happier things. Sad that due to the whole JE fallout, production had to replace Park Sung Hoon but I am all for PHS coming back earlier and playing a cop too. Very interesting premise. Looking forward to the script since its done by Watcher writer. Haven’t been excited about casting news for a while as the trajectory is seemingly moving towards top actor/actress + lesser or newbie cast (budget issues likely).

  13. Omg this is getting deeper. Another article on naver is trending about tvxq Yunho and Yeji..They were rumoured to be dating in 2014 but both denied.. However the person who talked abt this situation in his video revealed that although he is not sure whether they were lovers for real but Yunho’s personality did take a 180 degree turn mid filming…He started behaving weirdly, although not to the extent of Kim Jung Hyun but Yunho also suffered from massive weight loss..??

      • She gives off Lee Mi Sook vibes. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more skeletons in THAT closet other than the affair with a much younger gigolo type.

  14. Both had a toxic relationship , and let their private affair affect their entourage, all the persons who worked with them . So they are at fault for that . For the rest they should seek for mental heath care . That’s what matters because without treatment there are great chances to repeat the same kind of behavior . It’s up to them . Apologies after being caught aren’t enough . MEDICAL TREATMENT IS GREATLY NEEDED .

  15. I suppose to many of us who thankfully did not go through emotionally and mentally abusive/draining/toxic romantic relationships, we can just say, well, he was weak-minded. But they say that’s the tricky part about being “in love”, probably the love hormones/chemicals do trick the mind in thinking that you have to make the other party happy no matter what, regardless of whether your behavior will harm others outside of your relationship. Thank goodness the “in love” phase does not last forever and people get out of that stupor. That said, their behavior is in the extreme of the spectrum (yes, no death nor crime committed, but who knows right) and both of them need mental health therapy, I really do hope they seek help.

  16. @M what has this got to do with Son Ye Jin? Son Ye Jin’s agency is MSteam while Kim Jung Han’s agency is O & Entertainment? They are not from the same agency.

  17. With everything happening i’m not suprised Seo yeaji will suicide and inflict bigger depression in this witch hunt i think what she facing now is more bigger than his Ex anyway korea like that they like cancelling people

    • I really hope not. People act haughty and diva like isn’t the answer, but I do hope she can amend her ways and realize her behavior did hurt people in the past. But yes, its awful how many awful articles have been coming out about her since. It’s like I know that a lot of folks are interested rn, but its gone beyond that.

      I fear and worry about her mental sanity rn, an issue where she was dragged into. I think the constant articles and etc/comments are witch hunt, I think sometimes we forget these are humans behind the facade. Netizens man, such a pendulum swing, until its too late. I hope both can heal, as I heard even if you stay away from SNS, its hard escaping the wrath as close friends/family call you about said news. Dispatch getting those private texts and the agency debacle and all of this is just nuts. I hope that doesn’t happen here, she still can prove herself, as she’s very talented, and show how she’s changed.

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