2021 Baeksang Award Nominations are Out with a Murderers Row of Nominees in the Drama Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Categories

The 2021 Baeksang Arts Award nominations came out five days ago but I didn’t have a chance to write about it since the news was overshadowed by the hullabaloo that was the production of MBC drama Time and things surrounding it. This year’s nominations were solid but still plenty to discuss especially with real life scandal with one nominee. The Best Drama category has Beyond Evil, It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Flower of Evil, Extracurricular, and My Unfamiliar Family. I think it goes to Beyond Evil as It’s Okay is now tied up with Seo Ye Ji‘s scandal, so she can kiss her Best Actress chances goodbye as well. I loved Kim Soo Hyun’s performance but the Best Actor nomination will go to Shin Ha Kyun unless he wins the Daesang (high chance) then I think Lee Jun Ki is long overdue but both Uhm Ki Joon and Song Joong Ki could be the dark horse here. Like I said, a murderer’s row of nominees, and the same in the Best Supporting Actor category.

Anyone can win and deserve it, but Oh Jung Se won last year for When the Camellia Blooms so he’s out this year, Kim Sun Ho was wonderful in Start Up but the drama feels too light, so it’s really a three way race between Park Hee Joon, Kim Ji Hoon, and Choi Dae Hoon. The Best Actress award is going to Kim So Yeon, and Shin Hye Sun could have given her a real run for the money but for the controversy around Queen Cheorin distortion of history stuff. I find the nomination for Kim So Hyun here and Na In Woo for Best New Actor rewards for their hard work in River Where the Moon Rises moreso than actually a nomination worthy performance. I think Moon Chae Won was robbed of her Best Actress nod this year as was Yeo Jin Gu not getting a Best Supporting Actor nom. As for Best Supporting Actress, it’s probably Yeom Hye Ran winning and K-ent is also talking about how the drama and male lead Jo Byung Gyu didn’t get noms after his bullying controversy when earlier he was seen as a lock for a nom.

Drama Nominees:

Best Drama: 

Beyond Evil
It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
Flower of Evil
My Unfamiliar Family

Best Actor:

Kim Soo Hyun for It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
Song Joong Ki for Vincenzo
Shin Ha Kyun for Beyond Evil
Uhm Ki Joon for Penthouse
Lee Jun Ki for Flower of Evil.

Best Actress:

Kim So Yeon for The Penthouse
Kim So Hyun for River Where The Moon Rises
Seo Ye Ji for It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
Shin Hye Sun for Mr. Queen
Uhm Ji Won for Birthcare Center.

Best Supporting Actor:

Kim Sun Ho for Start Up
Kim Ji Hoon for Flower of Evil
Oh Jung Se for It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
Lee Hee Joon for Mouse
Choi Dae Hoon for Beyond Evil

Best Supporting Actress:

Park Ha Sun for Birthcare Center
Shin Eun Kyung for Penthouse
Yeom Hye Ran for The Uncanny Counter
Jang Young Nam for It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
Cha Chung Hwa for Mr. Queen. 

Best New Actor:

Kim Young Dae for Penthouse
Na In Woo for River Where The Moon Rises
Nam Yoon Soo for Extracurricular
Song Kang for Sweet Home
Lee Do Hyun for 18 Again

Best New Actress:

Kim Hyun Soo for Penthouse
Park Gyu Young for Sweet Home
Park Joo Hyun for Extracurricular
Lee Joo Young for Times
Choi Sung Eun for Beyond Evil


2021 Baeksang Award Nominations are Out with a Murderers Row of Nominees in the Drama Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Categories — 113 Comments

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  2. Kim so yeon could win daesang.
    The industry is just too competitive that it’s not easy to make it to the nominees list. every nominee here deserves their nominations. it’s not mere hard work but they have indeed shown excellent performance. Also, the result should be based on acting and not real life scandals but I believe baeksang would not want to take the risk and get criticised by netizens.

    • I agree. It’s not mere hard work but because they have showcased an excellent performance. The nominees are carefully screened and vetted by industry experts. They don’t evaluate out of “sympathy”. I see some people saying this actress or that actor is not deserving and the awards got rigged. But if their favs got nominated then the award show is the most valuable award show. The hipocricy ? I’m a fan of Shin Hye Sun but, whether she wins or not, it’s already an honor to get nominated among these great actresses. And I find it really harsh to discredit an actress/actor’s talent and to say it’s just hardwork ?

      • Exactly especially bcoz ksh was a fan favourite of knetz for nomination as well! And rwtmr is popular in sk! It’s in the top 3 most buzzworthy dramas weekly!

  3. I disagree with the site opinion that the RWTMR leads got their nominations for it because of their “hard” work. It wasn’t sympathy but in my opinion strong, nuance performances from both that could honestly give the other candidates a run for their money although they are both underdogs. It was well deserved. Their performances made me cheer and cry and it was all rendered so beautifully ♥️

    • Also there are numerous of articles on naver from notable reviewers and a baeksang judge that praised both the leads performances.

      • Now you’re the one getting your panties in a twist over something Koala wrote because this time she went after your fave? Hahahaha, the hypocrisy. It’s her site, she’s allowed to write whatever the hell she wants and share whatever her opinion is, whether it’s inaccurate, impolite or controversial. Deal with it.

      • @{} You’re just being rude, aren’t you? They politely called out Ms. Koala and I see nothing wrong with that. Had it happened to your fave, what would your reaction be? I’m not a fan of that actress but even I find it unfair that she thinks a nominee is just nominated for a hardwork. Tsk!

      • @marnie Thank you for the support 🙂

        @ {}

        I’m allowed to share my harmless opinion as much as the site master is allowed to share hers.

        Now let me apply some fresh paint and you can talk to the wall 🙂

    • I usually only laugh at the absurdity of her posts but making it looks like she’s questioning the inclusion of them on the list of nominees when it was selected by experts, is totally disappointing

      If it’s like that then those experts should change their career to Santa Claus on Christmas ?

      • @ ma

        You’re right, it’s very disappointing. The site master is allow to have her opinions but for her to question their inclusions in the nominations is simply impolite in my opinion. Imagine if someone questions her, the site master in one of her achievements in life? Unless there’s hard evidence that they gave those two nominations based on pity, then i honestly wouldn’t mention it out loud and keep it in my head

        @ Random comment

        I absolutely concur, she excelled in everything that was given to her in the drama. I think it’s kind of ornery and cruel to question someone’s nomination unless it’s obvious but that’s me.

    • Exactly. There are so many reasons why KSH deserves to be nominated. First, KSH portrayed three characters in RWTMR. Second, she did a wide range of things in that drama, action scenes, romantic scenes, heavy emotional scenes, etc. Third, I find her performance very nuanced, and I actually prefer hers over the over-the-top ones. I think it’s Koala inciting wars as usual lol
      I’m rooting for her and Shin Hye Sun

    • Don’t worry everyone knows you can’t get a Baeksang nomination for sympathy. This is the toughest awards show to get nominated in for TV in Korea.

  4. I think for the best new actor, if it’s only about acting skills and not popularity it’s really between Na In Woo and Lee Do Hyun.

      • then they also should include the arists from weekends drama, coz they’re the most hardworking one since they filmed like almost 100 episodes ? the judges should sympathise the hardworking artists ??

  5. For Best Actor, it’s super tough, but I’d say that unless SHK gets Daesang, he’s a shoe-in for this. If he does yet Daesang tho, the other three (not Lee Jun Ki) are so much more likelier to win it. SJK has been great in Vincenzo, UKJ is always fantastic but his performance in Penhouse is amazing! KSH was also phenomenal. Personally, I thought LJK was good but actually, I can think of a lot of others I’d nominate like SHJ for Good Detective or JSW for Stranger 2. But eh, maybe it’s long overdue to get nominated for LJK.

    For all the others, it’s pretty obvious. Looking forward for Best Screenplay and PD tho. I think the former is easily Beyond Evil. But the latter can be Its Okay or Vincenzo.

    • I actually wonder why Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joong Ki we’re nominated. They are good actors but there was nothing special in their performances in respective dramas. Was it because of the rating of their dramas?

      • Song joong ki best performance in arthdal chronicle(althought didn’t get any nominated and rating flop) and now vincenzo,so he deserve get nominated.

      • I didn’t watch Arthdal and it’s not one of the nominations. An actor can’t be nominated because he performed well in another drama.

        With Vincenzo, so far has not ended yet, SJK performance is good but nothing special to be nominated.

    • LJG deserved, he is second for me in the category performance-wise, first is SHK. But SHK biggest competitor is UKJ. It’s KSH that I am side eyeing in this list of noms but whatever.

      • Right?? Like i am not even Lee Jun Ki’s fan but he did a phenomenal job in portraying a character who wasn’t able to feel any emotions..Even Seo Yeaji also had the same type of role where the character had APSD..And both got nominated..I don’t know where op thought that it was like any other common role..

        Besides, i agree with you..the weakest one out there is Kim Soo Hyun..Cho Seung Woo was really amazing in his role..lol maybe Sysiphus really brought bad luck to him

      • Even YJG gave a stronger performance than KSH lol another person already said it, very bizaare that Stranger 2 didn’t get nominated in anything.

    • Lol if there’s anyone in the list most deserving of the nomination it’s Lee Joon Gi. He was nominated not because its long overdue for him but he gave an outstanding performance and everyone can clearly see it but you.

      • Yes he’s long overdue in getting recognized but also he has always given his best performance in each one of his projects regardless of the quality of the project itself. So if you wanna throw shade on him for being at the bottom of the so called barrel and not getting recognized that’s your problem but you have no right to say he got the nomination because he was long overdue tskk ?
        If you can’t appreciate someone’s great performance just stay quiet don’t go around spreading hate?

    • @Butterfly

      Just to straighten the fact for you regarding LJK being long overdue to get nominated…This isn’t his first Baeksang nomination.

      He was nominated for Best Actor for “Iljimae” at 45th Baeksang Award.

      So, the nomination is not because it’s long overdue but because he deserves it for his strong performance in FOE.

      • It *IS* long overdue for LJG. He’s been in the industry since I dunno – 2005? If his last and only Baeksang nomination if for Iljimae, then what has he been doing this entire time?!?!?!?!? So yup, long overdue.
        Compared to everyone else in this list and others *not* in the list – they all have multiple nomination and many of them have won the thing. LJK is bottom of the barrel in terms of recognition or even nomination in his age group. So again, yup. Long overdue.

  6. With the amount of praise KSH and NIW have been getting for their performance in RWTMR those nominations are for sure not for hard work and frankly everyone works hard. There are articles daily about KSH and NIW even more than Penthouse or Beyond Evil leads for performance. KSY for sure is going to win the category unless she wins Daesang but best new actor could be a two way tie between NIW and LDH unless SK wins on popularity alone.

    • MCW was never in the running to be nominated. Neither experts nor audience had ever shortlisted her. Bae Doona was another strong contender who could have made the list but MCW never had a chance.

      • Yea definitely agree with this. MCW never had a chance – and frankly, her performance was good, but not outstanding.

        If anyone is snubbed, it’s the case of Stranger 2. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the season personally, but the performances were great. In season 1, JSW *won* the best actor award. This time he wasn’t even nominated. Bae Doona should’ve also been there but I do agree with the Women’s list in general. Everyone is strong in that category and while I didn’t see UJW’s drama, the other ladies were indeed deserving imo.

      • A big mystery is how MCW continuously gets snubbed. I guess she doesn’t play the game nor is a trendy actor? Interesting, how she never gets brought up for these things. A shame, her career could be better but I guess, she’s ok with that as she’s very private.

      • @Pam I’ve noticed but MCW isn’t considered a great actress in South Korea. Don’t even think she is considered popular but her agency is at fault for not giving her better media play.

    • How is she not considered a great actress? I know she’s not the best best actress ever but her performances are always good. I bet if she starred with a drama that has extremely high ratings, she would be nominated at least.
      I stand by my opinion that the reason she’s not extremely is because she’s a girl, plus she wasnt able to act with a big hallyu star back then that would boost her career more. If I remember she was closest to the female equivalent of Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun back in early 2010s (if we’re not including Han Hyo Joo and Moon Geun Young). Like them, she had starred and got acclaimed performances in both her movie (War of the Arrows) and drama/s (Princess’s Man, Innocent Man) around the same time. Just so most people forgot her achievements today.
      (Sorry, just my opinion, I know other nomineees are great too).

      • I consider Kim So Hyun an extremely talented young actress since she was very young. I can never forget her acting as villain in both Moon Embracing the Sun and Rooftop Prince. I feel like she can really pull off Kim So Yeon’s performance in Penthouse in 20 or so years.

      • Why not add all the deserving actors and not limit to a certain number of nominees.

        I also love MCW and her performance for FOE was so good and imo too she’s snubbed from this.

      • Innocent Man and Shining Inheritance exists so she has had her fair share of Hallyu dramas and actors but never got acknowledged because according to the audience she doesn’t stand out. It might not be fair or right but I agree with OP her agency is to blame for that.

      • ‘According to the audience’ ???

        Any article for that? I have never seen anyone saying she doesn’t stand out. In fact, she stood out a lot for Brilliant Legacy same with IM. It just seems like since she is very low key and don’t do media play.. so people just don’t really follow her and it shows from the comments. Hallyu dramas = Innocent Man and Brilliant Legacy. And no mention of Good Doctor? A Korean drama that got 3 International remakes (US, Japan and Turkey) with US is now having its 3rd seasons 🙂
        And let’s not even mention her sageuk works which she is well remembered and always well loved by knetz?

      • Exactly. she might not be hyped as much as other actresses but to say that she is not considered a good actress what a joke. Even though i haven’t watched all of her works I know enough that she has given great performances in princess man, good doctor, innocent man and now flower of evil. Some of her choices of projects have not been so good before flower of evil so she might have been sidelined for some bit but in no way is she not considered a good actress period.

      • @mandy
        Innocent Man and Shining Inheritance are hallyu, but not as hallyu as DOTS or Secret Garden (I could be wrong about Shining Inheritance). Plus she’s not the main female lead in Shining Inheritance.

  7. The judges are industry experts. What makes you think that their nomination is based on hardwork rather than being worthy of it because of their talent? Baeksang doesn’t only focus on ratings. Because if they do, would Uhm Ji Won also get nominated? She got nominated because she’s a veteran who showed wide range of skills. So Hyun even though young but earned many critical praise (articles around Naver). Or the factor that might hve let you think they don’t deserve it is because of writing? It might not be the perfect one but the category is Best Actress and Best New Actor, not “Best something because of controversy” “Best something because of hardwork” or “Best something because of script.” Saying the actors earned it that way, doesn’t it also make Baeksang less credible if that’s the case? I heard the judges are 40 experts who masteref in the entertainment industry. Don’t tell me they have one mind and agreed altogether that they should nominate these two actors just because of their ‘hardwork’

  8. LOL. Peeps have short memory. Oldest click bait trick ever. Most newish commenters have no clue whatsoever. The mere mention of KSH or anything remotely shading her will set off a hot debate. Preparing my popcorn stash.

    • Hey! That’s my line. ? But Seriously, I find them overreacting sometimes but this time, they have a valid reason to be defensive. If Baeksang really choose their nominees based on hardwork then everyone should really be nominated LOL. Ms. Koala sometimes can be a bit y’know. It’s for advertisement. Debates, fanwars etc. are money makers for her. Shshshshahs

      • Always works. 100+ replies now. Koala knows what she’s doing. ?

        Now, I haven’t seen the series, so when I read her post, my initial thought is, “ah okay, i don’t need to watch the drama then, since she’s surprised they were nominated.”

        So having the fans comment that they are worthy of nomination means I can still check out the drama and decide on my own.

  9. Like bees to honey, Kim So Hyun fans fall for it every single time. The top 10 most commented and viewed posts in this blog will give you a clue.

  10. What’s with the dismissive tone about Kim So Hyun’s nom like she’s some kind of mediocre actress who got a pity nomination? I have seen comments like that elsewhere too. She has even out acted her adult counterparts when she was a child actress. Her performance is amazing in the drama. She is the lead and feels like a lead not just the female acting as an appendage to the male lead. She earned that nomination fair and square.

  11. OMG, just realized that for the first time ever, I am familiar with all these actors/actresses and most of these dramas, mainly due to the pandemic, where most of my free time is spent watching dramas lol. I really mean it, k-dramas and maybe for some people the entire k-pop entertainment (variety shows, BTS, etc.) probably saved thousands of people from boredom and kept a lot of people sane in the past year.

  12. The most interesting nominations are for Best Drama because none had very high ratings and excluding IOTNBO none had very high online buzz nor were they very popular internationally. This list was carefully crafted based purely on performance and quality. I thought best drama would go to Penthouse because of ratings but it’s not even nominated. I’m surprised Vincenzo got only one nomination considering its popularity. Clearly ratings or buzz were not the criteria for selection of nominees which is a good thing.

    • i just realised about this. so your statement must be correct. baeksang isn’t about popularity.. but based on quality and performance

    • Lee Joon Gi was consistently and mostly on number 1 on good data most buzz worthy actors during it’s run, tailing just behind was Moon Chae Won and Flower of Evil was on the top most buzzworthy drama during it’s run.

      Vincenzo was competing with Penthouse was which leading the buzz. With the ending of Penthouse, now it has picked up.

      • Tale of the Nine Tailed was always on top as well by that logic they should have also been nominated for everything. That isn’t how nominations or winning works.

      • Baeksang is not about popularity but about quality and best performance.

        What I was saying that contrary to what someone stated above that Flower of Evil is not popular but it was actually during it’s run.

        I think Lee Joon Gi is not popular here (sorry if he is) but his performance in Flower of Evil was outstanding. It was not an easy character to pull off.

    • If Best Drama were based on popularity or online buzz, then CLOY would have won last year.

      This should go to Beyond Evil, easily. Unless of course it wins the Daesang.

      • WTCB was not any less on popularity or online buzz or ratings when compared to CLOY. How can you assume it didn’t win on popularity?

  13. I think light dramas and everyday characters can show good acting also, maybe it’s not that noticeable as a dark character or murderer character, or a comic character. It’s a hidden performance with a more difficult character research since they have to make them stand out. I would have nominated Im siwan too and by the same I think Kim Seonho also has a chance.

    I agree that Jingoo and Chaewon should have been nominated.

    • This.

      Totally agree. We could see what type of roles that the Baeksang committee are leaning to based on their selections. They are good but you can see the trend there

      • Actually crime thriller genres are only getting the recognition now. These genres were always left out from award shows.

    • Based on the character and amount of screentime, Yeo Jin Go would have been in the leading actor category. Shin Ha Kyun was picked for the nominations.

  14. u suddenly become dumb with ur kind of thinking for thinking that baeksang nomination was based on ‘sympathy’ or ‘hardworking’..tsk tsk tsk… baeksang also known as korean oscar. never knew that it’s level is that low for nominating artists based on sympathy and hardworking, and not based on performance. the judges are not that clown, okay. they are an expert in their area. and more importantly, they are korean. so they knew their things like how good the dictations and how well the artists delivered their lines. unlike we, outsiders, who only relied on the subtitles to watch the drama, but then think like our assumption is the correct one.

  15. Performance for Best actor, that is no brainer, should be Lee Joon Gi. His performance was impeccable in this drama.

    Best Actress – no one really stands out. Kim Seo Yeon is a fine actress but Penthouse is Makjang are over the top in nature. Guess, she’d probably win a Daesang as Makjang is kind of a trend in Korea. I also think Moon Chae Won deserves the nomination.

    Best Supporting Actor – he is such a genuine actor and that shows in his performance in IOnTBo.

    Best Supporting Actor – again no brainer on this got to be Lee Do Hyun. He’s young but watch the drama feels like he was

    Best Drama – Flower of Evil. It has genre that’s bears heavy emotion and strong sense of thrill. Combining strong genres in one is such a brave move of the production team. With great directing, well written script and amazing performances, the production pulled it off with 7 stars.

      • It’s your opinion. I watched both dramas yes Shin Ha Kyun is good too and has always been a fine actor but not for Best Actor this time. I think Lee Joon Gi performance deserves better. Good luck to both of them anyhow.

  16. So weird that Stranger 2 had no nominations at all and PBIO got almost everything… Jo Byeonggu and Kim Donghee would’ve been nominated too for Best New Actor if not for their bullying scandals, but anyway, I think it’s almost sure Beyond Evil, Shin Hakyun, and Kim Soyeon will not go home empty-handed.

    • And to add, Record of Youth for Best Screenplay like what? LMAO Stranger 2 wasn’t as good as the first one but it was still better than most of these nominations.

    • Beyond Evil will have the most number of wins at the end. Flower of Evil might win the technical categories but not the acting ones.

  17. Surprised at Extracurricular being nominated for best drama over Sweet Home. Next year OTT will be giving an even stronger competition to TV with Sea of Silence, Squid Game, Mr Brain, Pachinko etc. At some point they might need to make another award show just for OTT.

  18. All the nominations are solid and deserving and thankfully not focused on over hyped dramas which is normally the trend. Anyone can tell this list was based purely on performance and nothing else. Good job to the judges and experts.

    • its still focusing on hype. or else Kim Soo Hyun the male actor has no business being nominated with that kind of performances.

      or Yeo Jin Go who give his all will be in this list instead.

      i love Soong Joong Ki but this drama is not his best acting too…. they pick based on buzzworhty rated.

  19. Even without the scandal, it’s Beyond Evil who will win Best Drama. The quality just does not compare to IOTNBO. That drama is close to perfect.

    The only way IOTNBO wins Best Drama is if Beyond Evil somehow wins the big prize (ala When the Camelia Blooms and Hot Stove League last year)

    • This year Daesang will go to acting not drama its already been mentioned by knetz. Which is why people are debating between SHK and KSY.

  20. For the Best Actor i bet Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Joon Gi will be neck and neck when they tallied up the winner. I betting just between these two ?

    • One of them will win Daesang and the other will win their category. Either way they will both walk away with top awards. Early congratulations for their wins.

    • Hmm, not so sure about Kim So Yeon for Daesang, Best Actress sure. But Daesang, nope. All the prior winners for Daesangs typically have their shows also nominated in the major categories (Best Script/Best Drama/Best PD/etc), while Penthouse is more of an ensemble cast where KSY isn’t the only dynamic performer there. Whereas Shin Ha Kyun is a veteran of the industry, and also is the true lead of that show. (He could win Best Actor).

      Despite IOTNBO controversy regarding the FL, minus her, the drama does have social talks/awareness about mental illness (I could see them awarding it to KSH). I know lol, crazy but eh, just throwing his name out there, since IOTNBO has the most nominations out of all the shows. If they wanted to award the show/not have it go empty handed, it could be a possibility.

  21. I think dramas that have not finished airing on TV shouldn’t be in the list, the same for their actors… It’s weird.

    I don’t think Beyond Evil and It’s Okay deserve the title of Best Drama, they were far from perfect. I hope My Unfamiliar Family will won. This drama was about people and did really well, without trying to shock the viewers, the actors were great too. Extracurricular was pretty interesting with an antihero.

    I’m sad that Stranger 2 wasn’t nominated, for me it was better than the one. The writting was so good, yes less shoking than the first one, but the character were well developped and the story made sense not like the 90% of cop/law shows.

    • Beyond Evil will win best drama there’s no doubt about it. Both the critics and netizens have picked it as their life drama. It received rave reviews the whole time it was on air and people are still talking about it. Why should dramas that are on air not be nominated? Last year Hospital Playlist and it’s stars were also nominated. The only rule is 1/3rd of the drama needs to air before nominations are announced that’s all.

      • This is true BE will win for best drama. One of the reporters who is also a judge already hinted it.

      • Because there are already a lot of dramas that are over and you can’t judge a drama without knowing the whole story. In dramas, the ends often are disapointing like SF drama, they’re good the first 1/3 and then the writer has no idea what he/she’s doing the the rest is bad…

        Beyond Evil had great actors, no doubt, but the story was meh for me. They chose the shocking over the writting. They completely did whatsoever
        with the procedural side, it didn’t make any sense.

        But I’m not really surprised, it’s the trend in Korea.

      • Those dramas weren’t good enough and the ones on air and their actors obviously were. You’re just dumb.

      • And what? When half of the characters are cops, the plot is about to find the serial killer, then the murderer of the sister, you can’t just shove this part. It’s not an excuse.

      • They were literally breaking the law to catch the serial killer, that’s like… part of the plot. But agree to disagree then ??‍♀️

      • MMM> in the same genre, I think Watcher was better written and the acting was great too.

    • Stranger 2 is snoozefest.
      People like it because it’s “different” than the usual Kdrama but it lack emotional depth and engaging a script, everything is just like a video game quest when you have to meet this to find another things for 15 episodes . Had he sleazy guy from season 1 didn’t come back, it even less memorable.

      • It didn’t lack emotion depth at all. The main character is different because of his brain but he still cares and Han Yeo-Jin was still the heart of the show. The writting was so smart. Every details had its own place. But yes, it’s kind of drama where you have to focus and be patient.

  22. My unfamiliar Family was a very good drama from the debut to the end . The cast did a great teamwork , no actor didn’t overshadowed each other and create a real family . One of the best dramas of 2020 . But i admit that there are this year a lot of good actors on the nomination list .

  23. Nominees for both best actress and actor are so solid and all worthy though it saddens me seeing no MCW on the list. Flower of evil is so good, I hope they bring home the bacon, either for the drama or through LJK.
    Also, though I’m on Kim Soyeon or SHS for the win, its so wrong for koala to shade the RWTMR leads’ acting as if hinting their unworthiness to the nomination, better watch RWTMR for clearer skin and pit of sadness & extremes.and if hardwork is what it takes to get nominated then your simply hinting that the other actors who are not nominated lacks that.
    No ma!,Baeksang is a very prestigious awards for film industry it is not a charity case, judges are elites on the field; and you expect them to be moved for any external influence outside acting capabilities, you’ve got your logic all wrong

  24. Kim So Hyun deserves to win Best Actress Baeksang Awards 2021 ?. Of course she also really deserves this Best Actress nomination. She got it not because of hard work but because of her acting skills. The jury’s assessment must be based on her excellence acting. I’ve watched almost all the dramas of these 5 Best Actress nominations. I think Kim So Hyun is outstanding in all the scenes she plays. Her acting in RWTMR is very colorful (action, sword-action, romance, sad, happy, bubbly moments) and brilliant. Not all actors can act with impressive action movements + face expressions like Kim So Hyun. Female lead acting with intensive sword action is also rare in Sageuk dramas. When I accidentally saw the early episodes of RWTMR again, I was blown away again by her action skills. Her emotional acting is also amazing, very deep, I cried several times when I saw So Hyun cried ? (usually I never cry when watching k-dramas). Her voice tone is also great and she played her voice tone according to the scene. She’s a really great actress Her acting is also really impactful, you can’t imagine this drama without Kim So Hyun as Princess Pyeonggang. She can still act steadily and outstandingly even though she has to re-act with a different male actor. SoHyun deserves the Best Actress Awards. Many articles on Naver also praise Kim So Hyun’s acting (made headlines 3 days ago), I hope this is a good wind for Kim So Hyun too.

  25. Kim so Hyun is average at best and get a nomination. What a joke.
    People have mention other name that he snubbed. Like seriously, have Kim so Hyun actually have great performance n a lifetime? Her drama is average at best as highschool drama and didn’t even get big boost or as critical acclaim like beyond evil.

    The girl is fine but her skill is overrated with overbearing fans. 1st time I see actress like this. It because she has a lot of project, even if it a disaster, like love alarm.

  26. Hope Shin Ha Kyun wins daesang. He’s absolutely amazing in Beyond Evil. Also rooting for Shin Hye Sun because I’m not really into the makjang overacting in Penthouse, although KSY is extremely talented.

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