First Teasers for Doom at Your Service Immediately Bring Sweet OTP Scenes Between Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk

I think the production of upcoming tvN drama Doom at Your Service know that the make or break of this drama is going to be in the emotional connection and resonance of the two lead characters. That’s why all the posters are of Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young and the first two teasers also highlight the inexplicable path crossing between an ordinary woman with days left to live and the middle man between heaven and people realm that is Doom himself. It’s nice to see that the two leads have chemistry right off the bat even in the brief scenes in the teasers, not to mention the central premise of her choosing to have meaning in her life going forward however long she has feels universal if anyone is faced with that option.

Teasers for Doom at Your Service:


First Teasers for Doom at Your Service Immediately Bring Sweet OTP Scenes Between Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk — 17 Comments

  1. Hahahaha, thanks ockoala but your are way behind. The third teaser was already out PLUS a BTS interview with all five cast members. Check it out in tvn channel in YT & tvn IG. Soompi just dropped Kang Tae Oh and Shin Do Hyun individual posters too.

  2. The 3rd teaser signals the new trend this year. Apocalyptic doomsday thriller genre is taking over time travel romance. What’s with the cig lighter? It’s in Vincenzo and now DAYS? This is new K-trope, lol.

  3. Gosh, the third teaser is soooo different from the first two. I get the fun Louis vibes in first two but man the last one is like from Deep Impact or 2012. The start and later. Dar, really dark. Sitting in a dark looming mansion like Batman Bruce Wayne.

  4. It just gives me the chills. Filming confirmed finished. April 16 PBY started official filming of Concrete Utopia with PSJ and LBH. Park-Park hubby-wife team up. Woohooo. PBY fans rejoice

  5. It looks sounds very biblical. The beginning and the end. Quick glimpses of missiles/asteroids/death. I hope DAYS have elements of Love and Monsters currently airing in Netflix. Love the combination of dark humour, pangs of first love, fighting monsters of all shapes and sizes to reunite with said love. Maybe Doom has to fight off demons to be with PBY’s character.

  6. Just can’t guess which direction this drama going to go. Started off light & funny then snapped. Hope it won’t become a mess story-wise please.

  7. A commenter above said filming has already finished. Has time to polish off whatever needs to be perfected. Edit out any offending scenes less some factions go nuts again. So far looking good. Trusting SIG’s instinct in choosing scripts.

  8. Stills of SIG cameo in Navillera is out! Appearing in Ep 9 tonite. Playing ballerino Hwang Hee. Looking damn hot with silver streaks on his hair. Wish he would be in leotard though.

    • Sorry for sounding a bit pervy. Same here, dying to see him in leotards dancing. He sure could swing his hips especially if you have been at his live concerts. Lol.

      • Wei, wei, gals. Cool it. We need to organize another get-together for 2022/23 once this damn covid thingy dies down.

    • The semi animated poster of DAYS is out too. Lovely cheerful green on PBY’s side and dark tornado-ish ala Tim Burton vibes on my master’s side. It’s like fallen angel tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. Lol.

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