K-drama Fans Create the Perfect Sageuk of Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won in GIF Form, Dream About Their Reunion in a Period Drama

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of Nice Guy (The Innocent Man), and don’t think I’ve forgotten how much I love this drama, how indelible it was to live action, and of course how much I adore Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki individually and even more so together onscreen. Each have a successful, high rated, and well received drama most recently under their belts but Nice Guy-dom is still waiting for Kang Maru and Seo Eun Gi to return their sizzling chemistry to our screens again. No melo they can do again could possibly out-perfect Nice Guy so netizens are in unison wanting them to do a sageuk. The Princess’s New Man? New Sungkyunkwan Scandal? Tree With Extra Deep Roots? The Scholar of the Wind? The possibilities are endless and this GIF set shows us it will be electrifying when it happens. Until then, Chae Won-ssshi will have to decide if she’s cheering for old hubby or new hubby to win Best Actor at this year’s Baeksang Awards. Answer – there is no wrong choice.


K-drama Fans Create the Perfect Sageuk of Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won in GIF Form, Dream About Their Reunion in a Period Drama — 34 Comments

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  2. Both among my favorite actors. I just dont like them being mentioned together anymore. Some people cant get over this ship especially when Song Joong Ki had married someone else. Moon Chae Won was interviewed even back in 2012 that she only considers Song Joong Ki as a colleague and nothing more. The reason I dont want them mentioned together is because all future leading ladies of Song Joong Ki will be compared to the ex wife and bashed. (Just look at youtube, lots of youtube accounts creating fake news on Song Joong Ki and most comments blame him for divorce. Imagine the hate Chae Won will get).
    As good as Innocent Man is, Moon Chae Won’s best KBS drama is Princess’s Man, period (as much as most people hate the male lead). It is that drama’s 10th year anniversary. today, and let this be the drama that Chae Won is remembered more since she received more recognition for this drama than Innocent Man. It’s been 10 years, get over this Chaeki ship.
    (Just my opinion, please dont hate me).

    • I totally respect your opinion BUT I think it’s completely valid for Koala to write about a reunion of the actors SJK and MCW in a drama in the future. And since the Korean viewers created those gifs, apparently there is a wish from their side as well.

      I don’t think this has anything to do with MCW and SJK as a ship. In the end, MCW reunited with LJK as well.

      However, realistically I don’t see SJK and MCW work together in the future again. But I wouldn’t be unhappy if they did. Especially in a sageuk.

      • Actually me too, I would watch if they work together again. But I just dont want them to since I can really imagine a lot of bashings they will receive (I’m so sorry). Because if you search for SJK in youtube, thwre’s a lot of fake news youtube accounts mostly hating on SJK, and I dont want it for Chae Won.

    • That being said, their sageuk projects are actually among my most favorite works of them both and I will actually watch because they are both great actors if they act again. The chance of acting together is so low though. And I’m gonna be prepared of the hate Moon Chae Won will get (Jeon Yeo Been is getting some from what I’ve seen on some people on twitter posting about facebook hate comments on her what more Moon Chae Won who’s fandom was involved in shipping war againt SJK ex wife during DOTS era).

  3. I love Chae Wonnie, and nice guy is one of my favourite dramas but I hope her next project would be female centric with a well written script, and it will be more refreshing to see her pair up with other actors whom she has never worked with.

    • This would be better. A female centric drama that does not focus on romance would be the best careerwise for her (even though sageuk is my dream next project for her). But at the end of the day she’s the one who’s making the decisions so I’m going to respect.
      A reunion with SJK is unlikely at least in the next 2 years at least, from what I know he is doing his movie Bogota, the film he was doing in Colombia when the pandemic suddenly stopped everything, and he’ll do Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 too as soon as covid is over since it was confirmed before the pandemic happened (they cant film since some of the settings of the drama is in Brunei).

      • i hope they cancelled filming arthdal 2. I want Joong Ki in another character. I don’t want him trapped in multiple season drama.

      • I hope song joong ki not joining arthdal chronicle because before vincenzo shk fans and knets bashing him that drama will another flop,his image decline after divorce.He just need another drama like hospital playlist or taxi driver or cloy to make knetz love again.Arthdal chronicle was bigger flop in history with budget 54 billion won with major promotion and hype drama.

  4. I am probably in the minority but I really don’t get Moon Chae Won’s hype. The few dramas/films I’ve seen, she is okay, she acts well but gets outshined by those around her. If Song Joong Ki ends up doing a Sageuk again, then I’d like to see him paired with Park Min Young again.

    • Disagree that she gets outshined by those around her. I suppose it’s our difference in personal taste. Her acting style is subtle. If you aren’t into a subtle acting then can see why you feel that way.

      • I never said everyone will agree with me @Clara that said, you don’t know jack shit about my preference so should have just ended at that.

      • @Clara I never said people would agree with me…that said, you don’t know anything about me so that was quite something when you tried to explain my taste in acting to me. Don’t remember when I asked for your 3 minute dissertation on it?

      • @Gem

        And no body asked for your opinion (which you said in minority. Hence, the replied to you about personal taste for acting style) yet you still write it, no? Same logic and standard here. I and others can also freely disagree with it since you wrote it in public site. Get it?

      • I disagree. I watched Briliant Legacy and I fall for her & her character more than the leads. I felt the emotion she delivered in her acting. Yeah, it’s just a personal taste matter.

      • Sir or ma’am, I don’t care about your disagreement. If it’s a matter of personal taste, why did you feel the need to reply to my comment at all?

      • @ITR

        Take it easy. It’s easy to see she made a wrong reply and the content of reply wasn’t directed to you but to OP. Lol

      • By any chance, are you his/her spokesperson? Or you’re the same person posting with a different account? Regardless of who they were referring to, my reply still stands.

    • Chae Won is seriously good after abit weak start In Flower of Evil. I’m basically suprised she is not getting nominated.

      Might be your impressioned of her weakened since she doesn’t has any memorable performances since Nice Guy until Flower of Evil come. There is also a times she is outshining Lee Joon Ki, too.

    • If you two can express your opinions then others can beg to differ/disagree with your said opinions. This is called freedom of expression especially in a public forum. If can’t handle them then don’t write from the start. If you can write then you should be able to handle the arguments and stop telling others not to contradict your opinions. And what’s with the rude responses? Makes the two of you looks like haters than anything else and very childish at that.

  5. I watched this drama because I like joongki in running man but I ended up loving Eun-gi noona more and watched MCW dramas after this +the princess man. Although goodbye mr black is kinda disappointing and I dropped mama fairy.

  6. Would love to see SJK and MCW reunite in a drama again, whatever the genre. They have, undeniably, great chemistry plus they are good actors. But, this is far from happening. If it will, all hell will break loose.haha

    • Anyway, would love to see them together again in one project because they have great chemistry on screen and both freat actors but I dont think it will happen in the near future. Maybe one day ^^

  7. You guys don’t have to understand. Acting is subjective. Different strokes for different folks. Other people might also don’t get the appeal of your favorite actors and that’s okay since we all have our own pov in acting. But you don’t have to try to shit on other people’s preference 🙂

  8. I don’t care about real-life ships or whatever, they are two great actors who have already shown that they have amazing chemistry opposite each other and (very important) both are amazing at sageuk and they haven’t done a sageuk project in a decade*. They shouldn’t be denied that chance to show us another great project just because their fans behave like dodo brained children with no grip on reality!

    *(I don’t consider Arthdal Chronicles a sageuk, it’s not based on any period of Korean history)

  9. Didn’t expected Fans in Korea make a gifs. I Watched youtube channel and suddenly All Song Joong Ki past drama pop up as my reccomendation. Might it’s also because I watched Vincenzo related LOL. And Innocent Man Drama is one of them which pop up and I discovered KBS channel as of late release Innocent Man relate to my surprise!

  10. I realy know SJK and MCW are talented actor and are good at Nice Guy , on screne they both had good chemistry and gotten best couple at KBS dramas Award 2012 , but i don’t think good to pair both again in new dramas, better is both get different new project, and i think better to make Nice guy only one and memorable dramas. On the real/fact MCW got bushed from ex sjk wife’s fans,i think so pounding our heart , if they both pair again in the future.

    • what about Park Si Yeon and Song Joong Ki together again? I really like their pairing in Nice Guy… I actually, one of the best thing in Nice guy is their tragic story of what could have been. And they are really still a good friend until now.

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