Lee Min Ho Basks in 2021 Spring Vibes in New CF Pictorial

The full spring mood hasn’t arrived for me yet, the weather waffles between still cold late winter and muggy early summer from day to day. I want true spring, the soft light touch that says life is coming back to a gentle breezy state. Lee Min Ho really brings that in his latest CF pictorial for clothing brand AndZ. The clothes are ordinary and the backdrop rather unimaginative, but I love the colors and his je ne sais quoi aura. His smile in the one picture with the lemon is worth a million bucks for sure. Earlier this year he was in Canada filming the Apple TV financed series Pachinko adapted from an Asian-American writer’s novel about a family in South Korea and Japan in the occupation era time. The same time last year he was back on the small screen with The King: Eternal Monarch will remains an eternally underwhelming series that had all the ingredients to be more but alas the writing was the main weakness. Still I think he’s picking projects that appeal to him and Pachinko should more in the prestige television category than the popcorn King.


Lee Min Ho Basks in 2021 Spring Vibes in New CF Pictorial — 11 Comments

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  2. I must be crazy cause the whole world seems to swoon over this guy’s looks..but as much as i try, i can’t find him handsome .I blame it on TKEM for giving me a bad experience..?

  3. I still believe LMH is still the one of popular, if not the most. When even my Dad, who does not watch Korean dramas and do not like any of it, “only” knew LMH like his name and how he look. Considering that there was stereotyping that korean actors or idols all look the same.

    Personally, I like him the best in City Hunter and I can see why people find him as the superstar that he is now. He does have that X factor.

  4. Soft spot for him always, TKEM dampened it a large degree but I always remember how he popped in city hunter, still one of my favourite cities and I think one of his best. I hope he choose something edgier next drama and not just go for big names or buzz – he can act but sometimes decide to just dial in because the role doesn’t expect much.

  5. LMH is undeniable. I love watching him in The Heirs and Legend of Blue sea. Liked him in City Hunder. Drama aside he was still dreamy in TKEM.

  6. I find it interesting that the drama was one of Netflix most watched dramas in the world in 2020 yet you continue to call it underwhelming…I guess there’s no accountability for your lack of good taste or sound judgement.

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