Youn Yuh Jung Wins Best Supporting Actress at the 2021 Oscars, Attends with Costar Han Ye Ri, and K-netizens Fete Her Win While Dissing Her Loser Ex-husband

It was yet another historic year for the Korean film industry at the Academy Awards, after last year Parasite winning Best Movie and Bong Joon Ho taking home Best Director, this year it was on the acting side as veteran actress Youn Yuh Jung won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Minari. The Parasite cast was not nominated for any acting awards at last year’s Oscars but this year Minari gave a nom to Youn Yuh Jung as well as male lead Korean-American actor Steven Yeun though many felt Han Ye Ri also gave an award winning performance but alas the Best Actress category was stacked. Youn Yuh Jung’s acting Oscar win is the first for any Korean actor or actress and she was so funny, humble, thoughtful in her acceptance speech. K-ent and netizens are understandably so proud and thrilled for her, and even more protective of this national treasure as the knives are coming out towards Youn Yuh Jung’s musician ex-husband. She left acting for a decade to move to the US with him to raise their kids and he cheated on her so she divorced him and came back to Korea and gradually resumed her acting career after first being blackballed for being a divorced woman. Now that loser ex is speaking out after her Oscar win saying he’s so proud of her, so regretful of cheating on her and the divorce, and saying her win is the best revenge against him for what he did to her. To which netizens and everyone dumped proverbial shit on him because her win has nothing to do with him and why is he inserting himself into her historic accomplishment even if to praise her. Just shut the f*&k up douchebag! Queen Yuh Jung is off to keep living her best life.


Youn Yuh Jung Wins Best Supporting Actress at the 2021 Oscars, Attends with Costar Han Ye Ri, and K-netizens Fete Her Win While Dissing Her Loser Ex-husband — 11 Comments

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  2. It’s kind of amazing how people throw shit at others with such a holier than thou attitude. It sounds like a nice gesture from the ex-husband. At worst, ignore it and move on. Why so much hate?

  3. What a douchebag. Some people just don’t know when to shut it.

    On the other hand, so happy for her!! Her speeches have been the best too! Just what I would expect from an Asian mom. lol

  4. Now all those folks who ate at youn’s kitchen can brag about being served by an Oscar winner! ??. I love her. She’s just lovely.

  5. Her ex is a joke!! But Youn Yuh Jung is an incredible women, she raised two sons who went on to Columbia University, and becoming a top actress too. Her speech was humble/funny. It also showed me that, it comes down to luck/timing/opportunity. Youn’s friend knew the director of Minari’s, and thus was offered a script, and that turned out to be a blessing. Nice to see an Asian American film get recognized, and see it helmed by one behind the camera too.

    She has a pivotal and substantial role in Pachinko. So I hope she can leverage that into a possible Emmy win next year!!! So she’ll be a half EGOT winner lol! Hopefully, it won’t be the first nor last time we see an Asian talent win or get nommed!! P.S: Han Ye Ri should’ve gotten nom’d too, but alas…she’s another actress who signed w/ a U.S talent agency, so I hope she does well in pursuing her Hollywood path!

  6. Congrats to everyone’s favorite Asian grandma!! Wow, Woo Sik and Ms. Youn should probably display their SAG and Oscars trophies in the next season of Youn’s Stay lol.

  7. He congratulated her ….which was fine but then he made comments about the cheating and how it was best revenge on cheating men that their partner becomes successful, I was like why? Say congratulations, Best wishes and move on. He is getting flak for the extra things he said.

  8. I love this lady. At the apex of her career she chose to give up her highly applauded career to be a wife and mother. The marriage didn’t fare well and from all purposes when they divorced she got nothing while she also took responsibility for their 2 children. So yes, when she has said time and time again for her EX-husbanded to stop alluding to her or mentioning her name, I would appreciate it if he respected her wishes but clearly he does not since he keeps doing it. I call that disrespectful when you willfully choose NOT to respect the other party’s wishes.

    And most importantly, Congratulations she is a phenomenal actress and a great human being from what have been presented in the media.

  9. Her ex is Jo Young Nam he has multiple scandals, he’s a fraud painter & had a disagreement with actress Kim Soo Mi which led to her mental health distress. He also made fun of Mamamoo’s name, asking if the name meant they have no moms.

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