Yoona Cast as Lee Jong Seok’s Leading Lady in Legal Drama Big Mouth

Woah, I wasn’t expecting a leading lady casting this quickly and also did not expect this particular one. Yoona will be joining Lee Jong Seok in the upcoming legal drama Big Mouth, which will be the first time they are working together and probably about time. Both are top of the small list of drama leads in their age group and this pairing will definitely generate buzz. Lee Jong Seok plays the titular Big Mouth, a lawyer with just a 10% success rate who only knows how to run his mouth, but suddenly finds his life and legal practice thrust into a mysterious conspiracy when he takes on a murder case. Yoona will be playing his wife who isn’t just a flower vase but a former capable model with class who gradually turns into a brazen woman with plenty of curse words. The drama is from the PD of While You Were Sleeping and Start-up, with the script by the screenwriter of Empress Ki. The drama is slated for end of 2021 on tvN.


Yoona Cast as Lee Jong Seok’s Leading Lady in Legal Drama Big Mouth — 31 Comments

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  2. Woah it’s about time! They are close friends since pre-debut, so hopefully this translates well to their on-screen chemistry.

    I always trust LJS, and Yoona plays brazen type so much better than candy roles. It looks promising so far.

  3. I have watched almost every kdrama of ljs except probably While you were sleeping..The reason being the fl..Seems like the same thing is going to happen again ..☹️..
    On the other hand …i was hoping for a ljs and shs re-union..The hymn of the death was so good.

  4. She hasn’t given a hit drama in ages and mostly play side roles in movies opposite top A listers. And her botox is so clear these days. Flop actress

  5. Has her acting gotten better? I only saw her in one drama (with Ji Chang Wook) and she was not great. Not horrible, but mediocre at best. It’s been a while since then though.

    • The storytelling is a bit wonky to me so far. If writing keeps going south, it’s such a waste of all 5 leads’ talents. So much potential but hopefully the writer & PD can add more plot to the script to keep it interesting. I love the cast to bits but fantasy romance is such a tricky genre to navigate. Sigh.

  6. At least he’s not playing a sad/tortured genius yet again this time lol.

    I can actually see this pairing working well, Yoona has a charming and natural presence when she’s in romcoms and she’s good at comedy even in her earlier dramas. If they’re not awkward together, they could have really good chemistry (other than Lee Boyoung, LJS’ best chemistry has generally been with female leads who are close to him in age).

  7. This sounds a little different from LJS’s bread and butter – which good for him. He usually plays the same character with a different name and different variation of geeeeenius that it’s a bit of an eye roll now. He’s never been my fav and neither has Yoona, but we’ll see. I felt the same about W and it turned out very well even if objectively, HHJ is a more capable actress.

  8. Not Joane, more like the jcw troll. Grammar all over the place & sound like those who like to cancel actors they deem unpatriotic & unworthy.

  9. I can’t say I’m thrilled but I have only watched her in K2. This role sounds like a big departure from that one. I’m going to be optimistic about this casting. It could have been worst. I miss LJS

  10. LJS is lucky to be in a project with Yoona. She’s on the rise after Best Actress noms for hit movie EXIT whereas his career is stagnant with his last drama under-performing despite being a romcom-slice-of-life.

    • “Underperformed”?

      Romance is a Bonus Book ended with peak (6 percent) and average ratings (5+percent) at least a full percentage point ahead of some other “hit” tvn dramas like Startup that aired the following year and were hyped to death. The numbers don’t lie.

    • Yoona is the one who flop and should count herself to be able to get a chance to act with LJS. Her Hush drama is nothing but a flop

      • If you have just watched it you would say ratings do not matter at all because Hush drama is an excellent journalism – related drama. I enjoy watching it. Great actor Hwang Jungmin, YoonA and the supporting cast did well.

  11. Please, no. Why don’t they cast an actress that can actually act? This is the definition of “sit still, look pretty” ?

  12. Did she get any better? Last drama I’ve watched of her was k2 and i didn’t even got to finish it. I guess another LJS drama i’ll pass. Shame since the last time i’ve seen him was through W.

  13. Could care less about who can act or who can’t just happy to see LJS as something other than a genius and hopefully it stays that way. I’m surprised they’ll be playing a married couple wasn’t expecting that amount of maturity but they are both in their 30s so it should work.

  14. I agree. I also love SIG & PBY but if the writing goes south, not even their visuals can save the drama. I’m normally quite generous with my assessment of SIG’s choice of dramas. This drama however have some comedic scenes that don’t quite gel with the darker doom & gloom elements. The OTP development feels rushed to me. I prefer a slower build-up of relationship to make it more believable later on when OTP encounter a crisis. I’m really stumped writer chose to rush the OTP into hand-holding & moving in together so swiftly. God forbid, I hope it doesn’t turn into Oh My Ladylord route. The saving grace would be listening to Ailee, Gummy, Baekhyun & SIG singing the OST.

  15. I watched K2 coz I love Ji Chang Wook but Yoona was overshadowed by the actress who played her stepmother. I find the chemistry between step mom & JCW to be more sizzling than Yoona’s character. I’m hoping against hope that Yoona’s scting will have improved. This year’s been weird with some popular actors paired with actresses with questionable acting skills. Yoo Seung Ho with Hyeri & Jang Ki Yong with Hyeri (again).

    • Hyeri is a good actress if the plot is alike with Reply1988. He should have taken plotline that she is kinda pabo or innocent pabo like roles and bubbly because that’s where her strengths lie on.

      I just hope her recent drama will be good. Sorry to say this but Jang Kiyong doesn’t have that star power. All of his dramas don’t have a good numbers rating wise and just going down the drain. His last drama has 2.3% average even shown in KBS public network. We’ll it is the same with Hyeri. So I hope this drama has a good plotline.

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