2021 Baeksang Awards Releases Votes Received and Informative Behind the Scenes Discussion

Well this will put naysayers and conspiracy theorists to rest (I hope). The 2021 Baeksangs Awards released tons of behind the scenes information related to the voting for the winners and hold your horses because this stuff is super illuminating. Yoo Jae Suk was given the Daesang with 6 votes in the fast voting time this year in any category, but Beyond Evil did get 1 vote. Drama Best Actor went two rounds, with the three finalists in the second round being Shin Ha Kyun with 5 votes, while Lee Joon Ki and Kim Soo Hyun each got 1 vote. Drama Best Actress was a two-way between Kim So Yeon and Shin Hye Sun, each getting 50% of the votes in the first round, but Kim So Yeon pulled away in the second round 5 votes to 2 votes. Beyond Evil won Best Drama in the second round.

Drama Best Director was a tough call finally the Flower of Evil PD winning with 4 votes as the Beyond Evil PD got 3 votes so close race. The most heated race was Drama Best Supporting Actor, took the long period of voting and discussion, and in the second round it was still Oh Jung Se, Choi Dae Hoon, and Lee Hee Joon neck to neck. The final votes went Oh Jung Se 4 votes to Choi Dae Hoon with 3 and Lee Hee Joon 1. Yeom Hye Ran swept every vote in Drama Best Supporting Actress. Drama Best New Actor was super close every nominee got 1 vote in the first round and in the second round Lee Do Hyun won with 3 votes. Drama Best Supporting actress was a two-way race between Park Joo Hyun and Choi Sung Eun and in the second round Park Joo Hyun won with 4 votes. On the movie side, Yoo Ah In won over Byun Yo Han by just one vote for Film Best Actor, and Jeon Jong Seo took home Film Best Actress with unanimous votes. And finally Lee Seung Gi took him Best Variety Star in the second round with 4 votes over Moon Se Yoon with 3 votes.


2021 Baeksang Awards Releases Votes Received and Informative Behind the Scenes Discussion — 36 Comments

  1. JJS outshined everyone in Call even OJS who admittedly had a small role. SHK was an obvious win but good for LJG getting 1 vote. YAI is on a winning streak.

  2. I wonder how many judges were in the first round, cos if there were 7, then it shouldn’t go to second round as there’d be a clear winner with odd number of judges.

    Btw, for best supporting actor, the votes should be 4, 2, and 1 for the actors listed in the post.

  3. It’s actually caused/causing a whole other stir on stan Twitter. One actor’s fans using the results to drag another actor and discredit his whole career just because they both got one vote. I swear, international hallyu fan culture is hella toxic and a fxcking cesspool.

    • You are really vague with your comment. So SHK fans were rabbit and discrediting LJG / KSH’s whole career? Or LJG / KSH fans are discrediting each other? Are SJK fans involved? It’s a vague af comment and there’s finger pointing from you without being clear at all. It will cause a powow here too so you should either get to the point or don’t say anything at all and just say Twitter fans were having a war because what’s new? ? Also, not like everyone here are oh-so-mature either. Fandoms in general are toxic, that’s not exclusive to Hallyu stars or S. Korea.

      • My comment wasn’t meant for you so I don’t give much of a hoot if you got it or not. Go on now and have yourself a nice day.

      • Who are you to tell someone what to say? If you’re that curious, you could have maturely asked the OP for more info, instead of your childish, triggered response. You’re damn right about people being immature here. And you’re clearly one of them.

      • Adorable ? This is prob a difficult concept to grasp but it’s a public website where anyone can comment whether you meant it for them or not. Don’t be butt hurt about being told off for trying to instigate a fanwar with a pretend innocent vague comment. Or you could be butthurt. That’s fine too. But yup, I’m having a nice day, thanks. I’ll keep coming back though, so deal with it.

      • I can say whatever I want just like you’re doing right now. LOL I am not curious to find out what the OP is talking about because only idiots would fall for such comments that will start a fan war. You don’t see through the instigative works? That’s gullible. You’re damn right about maturity and the lack of it. Who has it vs doesn’t is upto the each person reading.

      • @Lily

        Agreed. I actually know what the Twitter fanwar was about, it was a big discussion point yesterday. It has huge potential (read:100%) of happening here too which hey, why not, it’s entertaining ?. The last post was a war zone.

        No but more seriously, I do agree about either getting to the point, or not saying anything at all. The in between “vague”/“hinting” comments causes fan wars that weren’t even existent previously lol.

      • So true. Fans in general are toxic, her included. It’s funny because drama stans claim to be better than kpop stans because they “stan for talent,” but then there’s comments in other articles here shitting on actors’/actresses’ visuals or lack of popularity haha.

    • lol I don’t think anyone is dragging or discrediting one actor’s whole career based on the result. If the other actor’s fans choose to be overdramatic and ooversensitive over one person’s opinion and cause a whole stir then idk what can i say

  4. It also caused a stir too and knetz wasn’t happy that out of 70 attendees only 13 stand up and clap for Yoo Jae Suk..Others neither stand nor clap. That was pathetic

      • haha this is the first time im seeing this whole korean entertainment heiarchy thing brought up whats the deal with this

  5. I saw this info floating around in Twitter. It was really interesting to see the 2nd rounds and people who got eliminated within the nominees. Two surprising things to me – KSY not moving to 2nd round for Daesang, and SJK not moving to 2nd round for actors. I haven’t seen Vincenzo so can’t comment myself but his fans made it seem like he was a sure shot if SHK gets Daesang. Seems like it would’ve been KSH or LJK instead.

    As for KSY – she was just EPIC. She really should’ve been a part of the discussion for Daesang IMO. It’s surprising but maybe it’s also drama quality being considered and definitely while Penthouse is crazy addictive, it’s no Beyond Evil.

    • lol i think it all started when some lame journalist decided to publish an article saying SHK wins baeksang best actor over SJK. i guess they forgot there were actually 5 nominees

  6. Not hating on kim soo hyun but its surprising he got a vote. He was weakest contenders for best actor. He literally was overshadowed by his own co stars.

    • Its not hating. Everyone has their opinion. LY, didn’t think KHN stood a chance against NGM, HB and PSJ either. Experts have their own criteria and ours are just opinions – there’s dime a dozen around. KSH was a part of the 2nd round finalist while 2 others weren’t so he’d be the opposite of weak contender to the people who actually count. As for being overshadowed, I respectfully but undoubtedly disagree.

    • I wonder too why he got Voted? Kim Soo Hyun is the weakest link among contender. Though It doesn’t matter cause he only got 1 vote..

      Might be due to his status. I was a huge fan of him in his earlier days (Giant days) cause he was so good there. I’m no longer fan since he got very famous. I hope it won’t happen with Song Joong Ki.

      • You sound like a bitter SJK fan, downplaying one vote in the second round when your fave was eliminated with zero vote. He made it to second round which means votes were close enough to call for second round of voting. Just because his role required more subtle and nuanced acting doesn’t mean it’s any less challenging.

      • Actually, I don’t think you understand the was the voting system works so let me explain ?

        Kim Soo Hyun went to the 2nd round. That means it was a MAJORITY of judges who voted for him to move to the 2nd round vs other nominees (ie UKJ and SJK) who got eliminated on the 1st round. During the finals (where the ONLY options were SHK, LJK and KSH) did he get just 1 vote. In summary, he wasn’t even competing with SJK – because SHJ got eliminated already. Frankly, he doesn’t need you to be his fan considering the sheer volume of how many he has. But lol, don’t drag SJK saying you “hope it won’t happen to him” – because frankly? He doesn’t need you either ?

      • I actually glad Song Joong Ki Doesn’t get even one vote. Hopefully, he realized it soon that great project which require good acting might be not bring you popularity but acknowledge your acting power. Hopefully, he will choose another project which required nuance acting skill and good character

      • @missjb


        So let me get this straight. You are “glad SJK didn’t even get 1 vote” (where he couldn’t have possibly since he wasn’t even a contender) but then in your next breath, you hope he realizes “great projects might not bring you popularity but acknowledge your acting power”.

        Are you… trying to contradict yourself…? ??

  7. Supporting actor was always the toughest to me too! OJS was such a shoe-in when I saw PBIO. He was absolutely, utterly phenomenal and that scene with him and KSH in the hospital was simply one of the most gut-wrenching scene of last year. Then BE happened. THEN- Mouse happened. Still, OJS deserved it. On the movies side, personally, BYH would’ve gotten my vote but that’s just me.

  8. Its not hating. Everyone has their opinion. LY, didn’t think KNH stood a chance against NGM, HB and PSJ either. Experts have their own criteria and ours are just opinions – there’s dime a dozen around. KSH was a part of the 2nd round finalist while 2 others weren’t so he’d be the opposite of weak contender to the people who actually count. As for being overshadowed, I respectfully but undoubtedly disagree.

    • Oh whoops, this is a response to @Dimple Chaudhary. I cant delete it myself somehow but please delete – i shall repost!

  9. Awards are great but to pick one winner among different bodies of work will always have some level of luck and subjectivity to it. It’s not like an exam where whoever gets the highest score is the clear winner or a marathon where whoever finishes first gets the gold medal. Agree with grandma Youn YJ’s speech at the Oscars, how can one say an actor is better than the other actor when they showcased their talents in different films. Hence, every nominee is a winner, whoever gets to bring home the winner’s trophy is just the luckiest not necessarily the best.

  10. Missjb,your love and dedication to SJK was unbelievable too bad he even doesnt know you are exist in the world.I saw your comment in past few year seems you are falling in love and obsessed with him.If just hope you recover and take some rest on hospital.Okay???

  11. Missjb also likes to think her taste in kdramas and actors are far more superior than anybody else and discrediting other actors when in fact some of her opinions are just borrowed from others.

    There are actors who regress and improve. While I do like SJK and acknowledge he is good, I don’t personally like his choice of projects.

  12. After seeing the critics’ comments,i think Shin Hye SuN deserved the best actress award..Girl literally played multiple characters in a single role and with her acting even made us believe that there was a man’s soul inside her body..Judges really played safe and continued with their tradition of awarding the best actress to makjang dramas …It is even more saddening to know that she was the runners up even in her other category of Best new movie actress as well… Anyways,i am sure shin hae sun will win the Baeksang award one..Lmao…where are Yeji fans now who were claiming the scandal affected her ..lol!! She didn’t have any chance to begin with

  13. CJENM delete all vod mr.queen lol.Kim hye soo more deserve win best actress on baeksang award.I mean why botter nominated her if she didnt win anything.From 2017 she always get nominated best actress but they ignored her all over again.Justice for Queen kim hye soo.True queen.

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