Hyun Bin Pumps Up His Intensity in BTS Video for Making of Under Armour CF

I still remember the early days of Hyun Bin‘s career when he was the scrawny flower boy type, cut away to nearly twenty years later and he’s channeling The Rock physique more and more. He’s got a way broader set of shoulders and muscles underneath his suits and shirts that we see onscreen when he’s playing a character. He’s also traded thoughtful quiet intensity for more active piercing physicality as seen here in a new Under Armour making of CF official BTS video. He’s the face of the athletic brand in South Korea and shows us that he’s a great fit for the image of an actor who treats athleticism as also part of his repertoire.

Hyun Bin Making Armour:


Hyun Bin Pumps Up His Intensity in BTS Video for Making of Under Armour CF — 9 Comments

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  2. Love the ads not focusing on the brand but Binnie on his everyday thoughts. It’s hard to maintain a career spanned almost 2 decade.

  3. *fans self*

    While HB is one of the better actors in K-ent (both film and dramas) on a purely shallow note I have loved his physique in the last decade (not so much during his scrawny Secret Garden days). He looks like a man and not your typical flower boy. He is the ideal dashing male lead.

  4. It reminded me when he told that he used an old method (with a cord?) to train for his role as a King in Fatal Encounter.

  5. I’m guilty for being shallow as well. HB has eased into a real man’s vibe not puppy cute flower boy type. I love actors heading into their mid 30s to early 40s. So Ji Sub’s abs in Oh My Venus is a good example too.

  6. Oh guys did you hear the rumour about hyun bin cancelled all schedule to prepare wedding with son hye jin next year?Staf from confidential assigment 2 saying he will be married.And hyun bin parent already looking new house for the couple.Ah I’m feeling dejavu on blood couple and song song couple they just strike married without knowing each other and dating for long.I hope just rumour because son hye jin also cast in new drama.

    • Isn’t it pretty much a known thing they will likely get married? I don’t think they would have confirmed their relationship otherwise. It’s also pretty well known they have been together since 2018 most likely. Their first rumor together was Jan 2019 with those supermarket pictures. They only said they were dating for 8 months to make it seem they weren’t dating during CLOY. They have been together and and solid for a few years now so I don’t think they are rushing.

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