Barbie Hsu Announces Divorce From Husband Wang Xiaofei After 10-years of Marriage, His Side Blindsided by News

Welp, with Taiwan under the tightest COVID-19 lockdowns since the pandemic started 19 months ago, this is clearly going to be the biggest fish news for the tabloids. Taiwanese actress-singer Barbie Hsu (Da S) announced this morning to an Taiwan Apple Daily (owned by Next Media) reporter that her marriage is over to husband Beijing-born Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei and the divorce papers are in the process of being handled. When asked for his comments, Wang Xiaofei expressed shock and said he knew nothing about a divorce, and then apologized publicly to his wife for recent incendiary comments he posted on his SNS criticizing Taiwan’s pandemic response while touting Mainland China’s success. The reasons for the divorce from close friends is the distance as she lives in Taipei with the kids and his work and family is based in Beijing, their differing financial and materialistic values, and lastly Wang Xiaofei’s constant belittling of Taiwan on social media. Since news broke less than 24-hours ago, Da S’s mom and manager both said to the media that the couple is NOT getting divorced, Da S is just mad, this is normal couple fighting, and will be resolved. Errrrr, okay, sure, because she’s not a fully grown woman of 44 years old and need people to tell her what to do. If this couple does divorce they will be co-parenting two kids together.


Barbie Hsu Announces Divorce From Husband Wang Xiaofei After 10-years of Marriage, His Side Blindsided by News — 14 Comments

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  2. She’s always seemed like a levelheaded sweetheart to me. Could just be public image, but I genuinely like her.

    Based on his online Taiwan-bashing, he seems like a jerk. How could that not cause problems for his wife and her family in Taipei?? He could have just written it in his diary. ?

    I wish their family peace and space to figure out this new life change. Not all marriages last, but they’ll be linked forever through the kiddos.

    • This is very naive. Wang Xiaofei’s family is very prominent and they absolutely have to declare their loyalty to the CCP at every turn to keep the tap flowing.

      I’ve seen videos of them together and she seemed cold and controlling. That view has as much validity as the impressions you posted above.

      I’m guessing neither party is a saint although I know it’s oh so cool to bash men and let women off the hook for their own problematic behavior.

      • Could he support or praise the Chinese COVID response without bashing Taiwan?

        If he isn’t in a position to even respect his wife and consider all the problems he’s causing her… then probably better to separate. Why should she have to accept that from a spouse?

      • yeah he can praise ccp all he wants without belittle taiwan , so the fault is his ….. no one forced him to mock the country which his wive lived and build her career at all

      • He can declare loyalty to the CCP without disrespectfully bashing Taiwan the way he did. I didn’t see Li Rong Hao do this to Rainie? He can boycott Nike and Adidas and what-not like the rest of them. Doing what he did is just stirring the pot with the already strained relationship between Taiwan and China.

        I agree it takes two to tango for a marriage but you making this a sex/gender thing makes no sense at all.

  3. She is entitled to speak for herself. Can sense that her mom is interfering too much into her daughter’s life to feel the need to refute her claim even when she is already an adult, a mom some more.

    Who knows how she truly feel being married to him for all these years. He obviously cares little of her feelings and despite being married for 10 years, still not aware of what tick her sensitivity. Sound so full of himself.

    I wish her all the best, whatever her decision is and will be.

  4. He’s an idiot for treating the internet as his diary. How could she not be angry when everything he says and does reflects on her too? I wish her the best, I’m sure she knows what is best for her and her family.

  5. I found weird to announce that in the media before talking to the husband and make it public. But with the reaction of her mother, maybe it was smarter to get her freedom faster.

  6. From what I know of her, it’s probably over.
    She’s tough. I understand the sensitivities of politics between China and Taiwan. But in a relationship one has to respect each other. His constant posts demeaning the place she was born and grew up in, essentially where her whole life is centered on – is just an example of not respecting her. You can have your views but once you are together please try to respect others and learn from each other different backgrounds and cultures. If not, don’t cross-culture marry – it’s hard. If I were her, I will not be able to tolerate his antics. I guess this will expand towards how they view where their children should grow up in and be educated etc etc their lifestyle choices etc so don’t ever under-estimate background differences – yes love conquers all but you need to put in the effort and for that matter I think the fact that he fast blasts on these on social media shows he has not learned and does not try.

  7. Barbie hsu , i used to watch all her dramas . She is a legend for me as Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang . Sad but if it’s better for her , let it be . Don’t know nothing about her husband . Still remember her with Vic Zhou …

  8. I don’t know if she even still has a career but any potential one in mainland is probably over for her if the reason for the divorce is true. I don’t think cnets even like or care about her husband that much but they’d take the side of anyone that bashes taiwan lol

  9. The mom and manager’s reaction is sus. I feel like this is her only way to voice her opinion coz surely, a woman with children will not be impulsive announcing a divorce.

  10. Good for her, he seems like an absentee husband. Adding the fact he is posting stuff to belittle the country where his wife comes from speaks a lot about his character. His absence in her and their children’s life, can it be even called marriage? specially if there’s no respect.

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