KBS Mon-Tues 1980’s Period Romance Drama Youth of May Wraps with 12-episode Run

I wonder if short dramas will become more common place, what with shorter attention spans and the fast pace of entertainment consumption. KBS aired the period drama Youth of May very timely premiering in May for a 12-episode run which wrapped today. It’s a romance set in the college student setting in 1980’s South Korea specifically around the Gwangju Massacre as a looming backdrop. Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si were the lovebird leads after playing siblings in zombie drama Sweet Home, he was a med school student and she was a downtrodden nurse but of course their love tried to overcome their different backgrounds and disapproving parents and political conflicts. Geum Sae Rok ran from the cancelled Joseon Exorcist to here and Lee Sang Yi came off popular weekend drama Once Again so the casting really did find rising stars. For those who watched, please share your thoughts and I did hear about the ending so for those who don’t want to be spoiled then don’t read as this blog is always a spoiler-ridden zone.


KBS Mon-Tues 1980’s Period Romance Drama Youth of May Wraps with 12-episode Run — 9 Comments

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  2. I wasn’t planning to watch this, but now that I know it’s only 12, I might check it out. Less is more, and the more K Drama follows the EXCELLENT example of J doramas by making shorter dramas, the more likely it is to arrest the creative slump. So many K Dramas are soggy, bloated and stodgy from taking a story that Could and SHOULD have been told in 12 (at most) and padding it out to 16 (at least). Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  3. Objectively the story isn’t groundbreaking and you won’t find any new twists. It goes as expected. Like this, the cast making the most of it is very important. It’s a very fast paced romance within a short span of time and for that to work, the leads must have strong chemistry and I think LDH x GMS has loads of it. Cute OTP. Add the 80’s and imminent tragedy, and it’s quite bittersweet – I love this type of melo romance. Despite being predictable this drama still made me FEEL, that is a feat and all I ask for. I cried buckets.

    With the right expectations set, I’d recommend!

    I look forward to the careers of the leads, especially GMS and LDH.

  4. I crave for a decent melo romance drama. Though this drama is not focus only for romance, It’s worth the time, it has heart and depth without feeling formulaic, the storytelling is told organicaly, so you won’t feel the recycle plot. I like the fact the setting of our lead sets in medical field, our male leads is medical student who has no urge to graduate. Our female lead is a nurse. The setting set in middle of WAR situation.

    The best part actually is the directing. for such a middle rating, the productions cost seems pretty high and handle by a competent director. kudos to KBS for producing this kind of drama.

  5. Ditto what the previous two comments have stated. I’m pretty jaded but this drama managed to wring a tear or two out of me.

  6. Koala, you don’t even watch this drama even a bit right?? I’m really curious what is your criteria of choosing dramas to watch? Only your bias’s dramas?
    Sad does not mean bad. This ending is far better than Mr.Queen or Dol Dol Sol Sol la la Sol.
    One thing I’m super impressed with this drama is how well all 4 main lead actors can act. In popular dramas these days, even in dramas leading by A-listers or Popular stars, I always find one or two actor/idol who screwed up with their bad acting.
    I always love Lee Do Hyun’s acting. Now, Go Min Si become my favorite new actress too, she is very good at acting.

  7. The story is very commonplace, the directing is mediocre. The acting is fine and the setting helped the drama a lot. I got annoyed by the leads though (I’m sorry) and I dropped it with a few episodes to go. I’ve never been a fan of Melos so perhaps that’s why.

  8. This drama was meh for me. The actors were really good but the story and the directing weren’t so good. The end wasn’t good. Not because a character died, but the reason why. It was badly written.

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