The Red Sleeve Cuff and Two Other 2021 K-dramas Selected for Best TV Drama Nomination at the 34th Annual Korean PD Awards

I mention The Red Sleeve Cuff specifically because I think it’s a shoo-in to win but seeing what industry insiders pick as the best K-dramas of 2021 definitely validates the critical acclaim these three dramas received during their runs. In addition to Red Sleeve, Taxi Drive (Deluxe Taxi) and Youth of May round out the three dramas nominated for Best TV Drama Award at the upcoming 34th Annual Korean PD Awards. It’s selected and voted by the PDs in the industry and more of the awards are in other television program categories like news, variety, music, documentary etc. It’s hard for me to look back at 2021 and find another drama better written than The Red Sleeve Cuff and combined to stellar acting and solid directing it’s definitely cohesively one of the best dramas of the year.

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What K-drama Ending was the Most Traumatic and/or Tear-inducing, You Still Can’t Get Over it?

This week KBS 1980’s period romance Youth of May wrapped up and perhaps the cheerful posters and seemingly innocent romance setting mislead viewers or the production chose to downplay all the Gwangju Uprising backdrop, the ending was of course T-raumatic … Continue reading

Screenwriter of KBS Romance Youth of May Discusses How the Ending was Pre-planned and Her Commitment to Storytelling Consistency

Recently concluded KBS period romance and political drama Youth of May is only screenwriter Lee Kang‘s second full length drama, after Spy and also doing drama specials. I love love love male lead Lee Do Hyun but didn’t like the … Continue reading