Cha Seung Won Celebrates His 51st Birthday on June 7th

When you see celebrities frozen it time it seems weird, but much more cool to see them age but still look oh sooo enviably handsome/beautiful. It comes with the territory of being an actor or actress and this week I had another WTH moment when I saw tributes to K-actor and model Cha Seung Won who celebrated his 51st birthday on Monday June 7th. I mean, come again? Chajumma is 51?!$ My Jo Guk from City Hall is the age he can qualify for some senior discounts and yet he still looks that AMAZEBALLS? I’ve been having a lot of jaw scrapped off floor moments recently but this one takes the cake. I’ll celebrate his amazing three decade long success in K-ent, no scandals, and an evolving and acclaim filled career.


Cha Seung Won Celebrates His 51st Birthday on June 7th — 9 Comments

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  2. Ageless. He looks better than many in their late 30s. Even with the latest looks, the god awful long oily hair. I bet the abs still there.

  3. No scandal? Didn’t have one because of his son? But yeah, not him directly.

    He did great in his career as modal and actor.

  4. This man needs to be in more Rom Coms ASAP. I enjoy seeing him be LSG’s wingman and all, but he really shines as the leading man.

  5. One of my absolute favorite celebrities (on and off screen). I’m late to this but just watched him in City Hall last week ❤️ And I ended up missing him as Dokko Jin. Two completely different roles but one awesome actor ❤️❤️ Based on Sinkhole’s promos, I detest his current look too! But looking forward to his upcoming drama just the same~

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