Third Week Airing of My Roommate is a Gumiho Drops in Ratings as the Plot Stays Cute with Little Progression

I still really enjoy My Roommate is a Gumiho but the crackiness of the first four episodes has died down a bit this week. I found episodes 5 and 6 to be sweet cute watches but it also felt like the plot didn’t move much. While Dam and Woo Yeo continue to live together and get to know one another, we still don’t have clarity on the end game with the bead and what Woo Yeo’s fuller inner thoughts are. I enjoyed Dam’s friendship and getting love advice from her two college besties but the pace of the OTP romance should have progressed more by now. Her openness and meme-able expressions remain so entertaining to watch and I love how she always gets Woo Yeo off kilter sometimes with her reactions, when he said she was like family, like a niece I knew she was going to passive-aggressively make him eat those words. I haven’t read the webtoon so I don’t know if the drama version is following the plot closely but I hope the ending of episode 6 adds the needed layer of pathos and more meaty plot points as this week felt more like it was a sitcom.


Third Week Airing of My Roommate is a Gumiho Drops in Ratings as the Plot Stays Cute with Little Progression — 9 Comments

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  2. I don’t understand what’s up with Kdrama’s recent obsession with serial killers, like every other drama has one even when it would have been perfectly fine if there’s none. No matter what genre the drama is (romcom, melo, thriller, mystery, fantasy) or setting (law, medical, college, office, small town, big town…), geeessh but they are everywhere. Makes me wonder if there are indeed that many serial killers in S.Korea ???

    This week episode was rather slow, but it still manage to extract a few good laughs here and there for me so it still has some goodwill. Hopefully next week the pace picks up and after “uncle” we can keep progressing down the status ladder to “oppa” so we can finally close the romance gap!! Hahaha…

  3. I’m actually enjoying this drama. Surprisingly since I haven’t enjoyed Kdramas lately. Been more into Cdramas lately.

    My problem with the male lead is that he is too passive. Like he is there as a nice guy but compared to the second lead who is really active in pursuing the female lead, the male lead is too grounded. It might be part of the character as he is immortal so time must not mean as much for him but he just feels straight….. like he is just going in a straight line rather than a roller coaster ride.

  4. It must be one of those “different stroke for different folks” type things. As for me, I find this drama so, so entertaining and fun! Lee Dam and Woo yeo continue to be clumsy and sweet while they try to decipher their own feelings, and Hyeri and Jang Ki Yong are both doing a good job making it believable.

    Highpoints for me:
    1) Super romantic lead in, followed by Lee Dam getting niece zoned. Ha!
    2) Woo yeo thinking she loves steamed egg THAT MUCH
    2) Lee Dam’s mom!
    3) Hye Sun being adorable
    4) Lee Dam’s friends standing up for her, and Lee Dam not letting others define her worth.

  5. I watch this along but Doom At Your Service but got distracted with So I Married The Anti-Fan.

    I can’t feel the Doom so dropped it but I think I’m going to continue it later. I don’t know it gets uninteresting when the actors are doing great.

    With Gumiho, geez why did they pair two weak actors? Though I’d be looking forward Jang Ki Yong drama with Song Hye Kyo, thought they’d build a better chemistry, ?fingers crossed.

    Now I’ve come across So I Married The Anti-Fan and seems many people are crazy about this drama right. I’ve started it and binged 8 episodes, as I was wow. I’ve never felt such a strong chemistry in rom-com in a long time. Good thing it’s on Viki.

  6. agree…. the girl has similar expressions across the dramas she acted in. limited acting skills and nothing more than a girl next door and trying to be cute. She’s approaching 30 and if that’s all she’s got, I guess she will always be stuck in these roles but looking older. JKY is the only eye candy here that is worth watching however, it stays there. I hope the story line will develop into something more entertaining and less draggy. Doom as the title said it, it’s doom in my list. The male lead can’t lift my interest in the story as both leads have no chemistry and the girl is similarly concerned about how cute she looks. oh well, now with Penthouse, Mine and some Japanese dramas, there is enough to keep me oocupied.

  7. This drama is doing much better than Doom. How come tvN is not posting bts videos in yt like other dramas? So biased. I suppose tvn busy salvaging a flop.

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