Han So Hee in Talks for Female Lead of K-drama Gyeongsang Creature Opposite Park Seo Joon

I feel like I’ve seen this show before – the ingenue that comes out of nowhere and after one memorable role is cast in a succession of high profile gigs, and then kinda doesn’t live up to expectation. The last bit hasn’t happened (yet) but K-actress Han So Hee is definitely the It Girl of 2021 after playing the mistress role in The World of the Married in 2020. She’s back on the small screen next with Nevertheless with Song Kang and also headlining the cable drama Undercover. She was also in talks to replace Seo Ye Ji in Island but that didn’t pan out. Now K-ent is reporting that she’s been offered the female lead in period drama Gyeongsang Creature opposite Park Seo Joon which is a mega high profile project. It’s slated for production in 2022 but still, her name being in sooooo many projects just makes me feel like someone in K-ent is trying to make her happen, and I feel the same way with a K-actor like Song Kang who gets cast in show after show. If she really has the chops then it’s fine but dang the pressure is totally on her.


Han So Hee in Talks for Female Lead of K-drama Gyeongsang Creature Opposite Park Seo Joon — 106 Comments

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    • If you watched the trailer of her new drama (with Song Kang), you’ll know that her pronunciation and vocalisation are really bad, even worse than his. I can understand Korean so it’s easy for me to catch it, but I think it’s also obvious enough for most people who are familiar with K dramas. I’m a bit surprised at it honestly. I didn’t watch World of the Married so I’m not sure if she’s always been this bad or if she plays to the level of her acting partner.

      There are indeed very few celebrated actresses in her age range, but I also got the same feeling as Koala that people are trying to make her work. I guess it’s because WotM was a huge huge hit? Perhaps her resemblance to SHK also helps.

      • Thought I was the only one who hears their bad pronunciation and vocalization in the trailer, it’s like they have slight lisps haha she was one-note too in TWOTM. She’s still trendy since last year i guess that’s why she’s getting offered/attached in high-profile projects, but not yet overexposed like SK. Her post-TWOTM dramas has yet to air

      • I don’t have high standards personally, so imo they are pretty terrible since it caught my attention.

      • Honest question and sincerely, am asking out of curiousity

        Is pronounciation in K-drama really that important? I can understand this for sageuk because of the sageuk speech but does it applies to modern drama as well. I mean, there’s nothing much ones can do if that person has lisp or short-tongue. I know it could probably sound a little bit annoying but does it really matter but the actor can actually act/emote? I don’t really think that vocalization really that affecting for English-speaking movies/dramas and even in my country, we can just overlook the bad/lacking in pronounciation.

      • It was pretty pronounced in the trailer and it is annoying to listen to. I’m not sure if it’s a big deal though, but personally I feel regardless of the language enunciation is important.

      • The way SHS speaks is so awkward.
        While she is really pretty, acting wise, pronunciation and vocalisation is quite bad for a lead actress.
        I watched her in WOTM her mouth and facial expression was awkward. Not sure she has improved maybe people are pushing her rise too fast.

      • @kitai – I agree her pronunciation is awkward but as long as she can emote and the role isn’t a sageuk, it doesn’t bother me much, I can put up with it if she’s compensating in other aspects (emoting, chemistry, at least having some inflection in her voice while speaking)

  2. Not sure about the whole trying to make her happen but according to a recent article about HSH she is currently the most in demand actress in the 20s and every single script that is casting for an actress in the 20s age group is first and foremost offered to HSH. Which might be why her name pops up for so many things because PDs and Production Houses are apparently bending over backwards to cast her. She not only has the looks and the acting chops but the also the way she handled her mother’s debt has South Korea rooting for her success. By the way Undercover is on Netflix and apparently she was so good in it that Netflix production and crew have been raving about her. Song Kang is already a verified success story because LA, SH and Navillera have all been categorized as successful and/or critically acclaimed. Having said that Nevertheless is a slow burn drama that’s going to be frustrating to watch because the whole relationship and especially the ML is toxic but in a very realistic and relatable manner. Whatever the results of their dramas what HSH and SK have is their ‘sell out’ power and that is something not all celebs have so they’ll be fine irrespective of how their dramas perform because the nation has decided to root for them and they have an international fandom which is constantly growing.

  3. Why why jeopardy her career taking drama with song kang??It will be flop for sure.Navillera only get 2% in rating.Song kang just bad actor like jan king young cast in every drama but no one of them get succes or rating hit.Kyah another flop for Netflix Son.

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  5. Han Sohee being offered high profile dramas is no surprise. People were praising her since 100 Days and World of Married just cemented what was always going to happen. Her looks are top visual level and she can act so it was always a matter of time before she had a big breakout. Currently her and Park Joohyun are classified as monster rookies so expect them to dominate their era. Go Minsi is steadily rising in popularity too but her looks and height might prevent her from being a mainstream success. Instead Go Yoonjung from Law School has a higher chance of being a huge mainstream success. Her visuals and acting are strong and she’s got a movie opposite Yoo Ahin so it’s only a matter of time before she breaks out too. Finally the 20s is witnessing a storm growth in popular actresses because its been an empty house for years except for Suzy and IU. Once Jisoo and the Aespa girls debut it’ll finally be a party of star power and popularity.

    • Betting on Choi SungEun from Beyond Evil. She is very pretty and is actually good too, I think she was Park Joohyun’s biggest competitor for Baeksang best new actress

      • PJH was unanimous she got all the votes. Nobody was competition for her because the judges never voted for anyone else. She and the actress from movie call were the only ones who unanimously won. No competition from the other nominees.

      • Yes choi sungeun was really good in beyond evil but park joohyuns win was well deserved

      • PJH won with 4 votes in the second round lol it was between her and CSE, there was a naver article about how the judges voted. She did deserve it

    • Han Ji Hyun from Penthouse will be big too in the future. She and Kim Young Dae are the only ones who are trendy and good looking enough to make it from the younger casts. Kim Hyun Soo has her current popularity thanks to the loveline but she doesn’t have the fresh or trendy vibe to her nor the model good looks.

    • Is Go Minsi not considered beautiful in Korea? Because she’s so so pretty to me. She does not lack in talent, height or beauty (my opinion) compared to Kim So Hyun, for instance, who’s already praised and promises a lot.

  6. I would have to agree that people in K entertainment are trying to make her happen. I personally don’t get it. I’ve not been impressed with her acting nor her looks. Her face looks weird to me. But a lot of kdramas cast female leads because they are “popular” not because they are talented. She’s either very lucky or she’s got some very powerful friends. I suspect the latter.

    • Same goes for the dudes. Especially the dudes. Song Kang, CEW, NJH, Rowoon, Taec. And the list goes on and on and on. They range from average to plain shitty acting yet they still get cast. Because looks plus popularity trumps quality and the acting craft. And there are actually fans who ride hard for these blokes and aggressively make excuses for their atrocious acting.

      • I’ll have to disagree with Nam Joo Hyuk. His acting in phenomenal. There are scenes in Start-up in which I could almost see his heart attack due to the quality of the acting
        Why do you thing his acting is not good?

    • She does not have powerful friends or backers. What she did do is take on a role shunned by many young actresses and managements who do not want the stigma of a hated mistress attached to the “angelic rookie actresses” they are trying to market into the industry and her gamble paid off. Please don’t take this away from her, she earned her stripes deservedly. Pretty models and actresses are plenty in korea, those with guts are few and between. Her agency is also a small one and well known for being kind. I am happy that they have succeeded with her with WOTM.

      • @Lydia1 Yeah her mother was in debt, and she grew up quite poor. She seems sweet, she still talks and goes to her old friends before fame b-day parties. Also, attends to her sick grandmother as well. People who worked w/ her said she’s actually nicer/warmer than they thought.

        IA that her risk/gamble paid off, WOTM became a sleeper hit and she took on a role many would’ve not done. Taking risky projects/works might seem like a blimp, but in the long run, it’s what makes PDs/writers/etc notice them. Agencies are fascinating talks. Small ones do cultivate better for their client b/c less competition, but they lack the backing/connections. Altho a bigger agency might call her up soon…

        My question is so many actors are now doing solo agencies/creating their own. Do you think this is a smart move? If your already established, do you think this is a smart choice? I guess for the talents, they make their own decision now, but it can be daunting.

      • All the people trying to tear down Han So Hee are just jealous their bias didn’t get her level of popularity despite being in the industry for years. Being a veteran doesn’t make you the better or more popular actor and I agree Han So Hee earned every bit of her fame and will continue to overshadow all the other young 20s actresses and former child actresses. She has more talent than most of them combined and is far superior in visuals.

  7. Let see how han seo hee will hard carry a drama with song kang because his visual is only good in the eye but his acting is not

  8. Between her casting and park seo joons, the ad slots for the entire drama and PPL placement allocations are likely full so production can heave a sigh of relief in terms of budget. Last year she was possibly the actress with the most number of endorsements in Korea as well so its a good indication that public interest in her is strong. PSJ is well known for passing on big budget dramas and being picky on the drama’s content. Like Jirisan, word is he felt he was a poor fit for the character and would not take it up even if its opposite jeon ji hyun. With the writers track record in producing hit dramas with great scripts, this will probably be one of the most anticipated productions for 2022. On diction, its true that the industry pride actors with clear enunciation. Han Seok Kyu and Lee Je Hoon are example of actors with flawless diction and delivery. I did hear Han So Hee grasp with a little lisp problem in the trailers. But her acting is actually decent and should be able to pull off her roles nicely. P.s – before anyone writes off Nevertheless, source material is very popular in Korea because of its realistic description of love and intimacy amongst young people these days. The fact that some eps are rated 19, its not your everyday fluffy love story. I am planning to be surprised how far they will go with the story telling and if the two actors will go the distance to challenge broadcast limitations. Especially song kang and his cotton candy image. Interesting…

    • Again solid insider comment! Its interesting who the PDs/writers push. For HSH, I get b/c she has the charm/looks/talent to be a superstar. But there are some, I’m huh about? Like the ML in Mine, is suddenly in so many projects. The industry just picks and gives roles to people that rise out of ‘nowhere.’ It does seem like actors can debut later in Korea, and still make it big which is an interesting contrast to Hollywood.

      As for PSJ, he’s def. worked his way up in small parts/roles before rising gradually. He can be picky bc he has the $$/projects to do so. Ju Ji Hoon was a much better selection in the end for Jirisan. Speaking of great actors that should get more better projects as in bigger projects w/ big talents. Lee Je Hoon should hopefully now, now that Taxi Driver/Move to Heaven did well. He’s another actor we mentioned briefly as someone who has no scandals, great diction, and talent, and yet is underrated or under appreciated. He would’ve been another stellar choice for the ML in Jirisan. Not to go off topic, but I do notice he never is up for higher profile projects opposite Hallyu actresses. Is there some insight to this?

      They better keep the ending for Nevertheless! Ugh, lets do something fresh K-dramas!!

      • The thing about Lee Je Hoon is that his popularity in korea is only considered so-so. He leans towards being an acclaimed actor rather than a commercial one so using him is a risk because his fees are not low yet his commercial draw is limited. If you put Netflix ASIDE, a Park Seo Joon drama will probably draw buyers from 80 tv and cable stations globally, but a lee je hoon headlined drama… you get the drift. Thats why ppl can argue to death about fees of artists but I can tell you with Lee Minho, its a royal flush with content buyers across the globe. Something Lee Byung Hun, Kim Soo Hyun even Hyun Bin (hes closest to it though) won’t be able to accomplish – acting skills good or not. Thats bankability.

      • @Lydia1 Thank you so much for answering! I always wanted to know why Lee Je Hoon never got the offers/deals he deserved. Despite his talent, appeal, and his clean behavior/history. I’ll admit he has gone for more un-mainstream picks so that prob. meant why he appealed to less. He’s def. going for Song Kang Ho route of Chungmuro status. I do recall for Where Stars Land, he was 3rd choice after Hyun Bin/Park Bo Gum declined it.

        This is so insightful! For Taxi Driver, his fees were 100, 000 per episode which puts him in the big leagues A List wise. Is popularity gauged by CFs &/or commercial success?

        Will you say his popularity in Korea is more better now due to his 2 dramas success, or still the same? Its unfortunate but I get it, dramas are a risk/gamble. It does suck sometimes when talented stars like a LJH don’t get those same offers b/c he doesn’t have the commerciality factor. I do notice he’s been doing more big CFs (Banks/Consensus). What do you think he needs in order to gain that Park Seo Joon type of bankability? I feel like the industry likes LJH a lot but he doesn’t choose the easy ones, or when he does, it flops (Tomorrow With You).

    • Sigh. LMH really has the poorest acting skills of any of the top Hallyu actors, so his bankability is galling. Dude’s acting is bland as white toast. I don’t know who his Western equivalent would be.

      • Despite his bankability, I don’t recall LMH ever being on any published list industry insiders most want to cast. Either his acting stinks that much or the money stinks. Because who wouldn’t want to cast someone so bankable? One name that often comes up is Kim Woo Bin, who has a relatively small fanbase and has only headlined one drama that wasn’t a massive hit. So what gives?

      • @bbc. Does not matter. If the name lee minho is on it. Nigeria, peru, even the most obscure tv stations in most unexpected countries globally will buy it. That alone in the eyes of any production company or investors is crucial to shelling out his massive salary. Apple tv included.

      • @bbc – True, Kim Woo Bin’s only drama as lead was kind of a flop (it didn’t do the numbers expected and ratings slid all the way to 6 percent by the end).

        BUT there’s one major thing in KWB favour – he headlined multiple successful movies (modestly to solidly successful) in his 20s which is VERY difficult for an actor in that age group to achieve and with his name top billed, no less. Plus his last released project before his cancer diagnosis was Master with Lee Byung Hun and Kang Dong Won, which also did really well. Like, none of his movies ever flopped. That’s a solid statistic to have on your side especially with proof that people buy tickets to his films and not just when there’s a bigger actor anchoring.

      • But I’m just wondering why he isn’t favoured by industry insiders if his name sells so well. The industry is in it to make money, poor acting aside, you would think he is the one insiders want most. I have no doubt is he popular, but I read he auditioned for role with Apple. So did Apple shell out the massive salary for the role because LMH stumbled in for the audition or would they have paid the same salary to whoever was cast even if he was much less popular?

      • I think LMH is good in acting. I watch his Gangnam Blues movie and he excelled there. Well he got the bankability because of the BOF drama wc adapted from the Taiwan drama that was so popular then. He got so lucky with that one particular drama and people around the world remembered him.

      • @Royal We, that is a valid reason industry insiders want to cast Kim Woo Bin despite his less than stellar resume in dramas. But the question still stands with LMH. If he is so bankable, why isn’t he among the industry’s top choices when it comes to casting? I mean money talks so his poor acting skills shouldn’t be an issue if they can sell his dramas to the most obscure tv stations.

      • @bbc. Few can afford him. Plus he only works with very selected directors and writers. I.e – Kim Eun Sook, Park Ji Eun. LMH also has the tendency to hibernate like Won bin, doing just CFs. So he does like 1 drama a year. I dun wanna mention his salary because he has been tight-lipped about it and his agency does not like to mediaplay but put it this way everyone in the inner workings know its higher than KSH and by quite a bit too and this new apple tv drama is no different. Also when pr team puts out a schpiel on auditions and what naught, its a lot more complicated behind the scenes. Anyway you can take this for what its worth. If one chooses to disbelieve something, they either argue the point to blue or start cutting down the messenger so pointless really to keep advancing on these points. I’ve already put it out there. It is 100% okay to agree to disagree.

      • @Lydia1 Are you really dismissing the fact that he is not favoured by the industry because very few can afford him? What a joke, as I recall that list includes all the top of the top names like Lee Byung Hun, Song Kang Ho, Hyun Bin, Jun Ji Hyun, etc. Like LMH is so top tier that they don’t even dare to put him on their wish list? And the audition is complicated, I see. That explains everything, lol. I don’t give a hoot what his salary is, or anyone’s for the matter, but the fact remains that he is a very mediocre actor with no acting accolades to his name despite only working with select directors and writers.

      • @bbc. Do i think he is mediocre? Yes. In fact I absolutely avoid his dramas if I can. In his drama history I have only seen him in BOF, some parts of Heirs, some parts of faith and some parts of that son ye jin drama. He’s definitely not the top choice for many directors but definitely the no.1 choice for investors. Plus he is expensive and picky, most won’t even think of casting him unless they have a connection to him or something special on the plate that makes their projects get considered to be taken on in the first place. Anyway thats his career path atm. He will get bigger and bigger projects just because he can.

      • @Lydia1 If I didn’t know better, I’d thought he’s some sort of acting genius with only acclaimed projects under his belt the way you put him on the pedestal. Not only is his acting mediocre, but he’s also managed to make all his costars and projects he’s been in so far mediocre. Noticed how writers and costars he’s worked with all have no problem getting Baeksang nominations and awards with their other projects, except when they work with him? Think Kim Eun Sook, Park Ji Eun, Kim Go Eun, Jun Ji Hyun, even Park Shin Hye. Why’s that? You’d think they’re all quality projects with his super strict criteria that one must have something special on the plate for him even to consider (sorry, couldn’t help but LOL at this). Anyways, I’m done with you. Keep being delusional.

    • @Lydia1 I replied, but dunno where the comment is or when it’ll show up. Just wanted to reply now, when you’re here! Anyways, there’s so many politics/money involved w/ these offerings. Unfortunately, commerciality/SNS/etc are more weighed on heavier than actual talent/skills. Not saying this for HSH, just an observation for lesser talents.

      As for LJH, he doesn’t choose mainstream projects. Or when he does, they flop or don’t do much for him like Tomorrow With You or Where Stars Land. Other than Signal, (co-lead), he doesn’t have a drama where he headlined that was huge (Expect Taxi Driver). I don’t even know if he even wants to be a Hallyu star tbh? I do think he should get offered a big ML role in a blockbuster with a big Hallyu FL. Since Lee Jin Wook is the ML of a 40 million plus show.

      I never thought he was uber popular tbh. Interesting on his popularity being so-so in Korea. It does seem even Chungmuro stars can’t compete with Hallyu drama stars in popularity lol. I do wonder if his popularity has risen now b/c of his two dramas this yr, or if its the same? What can LJH do to get bigger offers? Can it happen to him? Or do you think b/c of his choices/high fees (100,000 per episode, that’s A List area!), PDs are afraid to do so?

      • His positioning is rather awkward to be honest. Pretty much like Yoo Yeon Seok, too well known, too old, too long in industry to hype up as next big S-league crossover yet their dramas do decent domestically when the subject genre is interesting and yet lead in romance dramas as solos all fail. So solo bankability is still very unpredictable. Add that to content sales bankability, its limiting. That is the biggest challenge to casting. Netflix in a way did change the playing field and other similar streaming platforms will slowly break the mold as well but from now till then things will remain status quo for a while. Producers either go all out to hire a bankable star like Song Hye Gyo and ran out of budget needing to hire a lesser male or borrow till they are neck in debt to cast 2 superstars if they can knowing that it will pay off later or do B list productions or web series or long form family dramas that is easier to recoup. Its a complicated industry … lol

      • @Lydia1 Oh hey! My comment appeared lol, but it was similar to what I wrote. Tbh, even I feel K-fans underrate him. When the whole stuntman issue arose, many netizens were like “Who is he to even get that much $$?” or “What has he done outside of Signal.” Oof those comments were heartbreaking, like even tho he’s not in blockbuster hits. His films have done well in comparison to its budget. Dramas minus Signal, less so. But it did show me that from the general public, he doesn’t really ring a bell.

        His position is awkward indeed. I actually think LJH should try for Hollywood, I know Justin Chon of Pachinko (PD) wants to work w/ him, and his English skills are solid. Perhaps, that might work in his favor? Romance is what sells/is hot (Internationally). If LJH did King 2 Hearts (ML) instead of Fashion King, he would’ve been more popular by now. But alas, dude doesn’t want the easy fame. Or when he does, it flops. Its honesty strange lol.

        I do feel tho for men, they do get better offers than females do. He did say he wants to do a passionate romance soon, so I hope he gets the romance project he deserves! So who knows? I feel like Hallyu status or not, LJH should be a bigger star than he is. Like he has the talent, looks, and charm. But as you said, there’s other factors in play, and he’s doesn’t choose/nor get offers like that b/c of his status/salary/nor bankability.

      • Honestly I think LJH is a good actor but weak when it comes to romance in dramas.

        People blamed his female costars in those dramas (Tomorrow with You, Where Stars Land) for them flopping but having watched them, I see that Shin Min Ah and Chae Soo Bin are actually decent at the romcom stuff, it was LJH – despite his acclaimed talent – who gave me these ’empty’ vibes in dramas built around the romance stuff.

      • @Lydia1 – can you send a bit more light into how Netflix is changing the playing field in terms of casting, boosting or making stars, and the types of stories being told? That’s something I’m especially interested in.

      • @Ophelia Not Lydia1, but on the Netflix stuff. Netflix is spending 500 mill this yr on K-content. And I noticed that the actors they chose are mostly film/theatre talents, established veterans, or character actors. Like Undercover (Netflix), minus HSH, the cast is littered w/ people who usually play 2nd ML’s or side characters. Or Mad For You, with a FL/ML who have seen better days, but are cast as leads. Or taking chances w/ whose in their projects. There’s more room for some newer things, and the international audience helps propel certain names. Like Kim Seon Ho w/ Start Up insta followers blew up a lot.

      • @Pam – thanks for the reply.

        I know about the $500M Netflix investment. I’m wondering if Netflix has reached the point where they can actually change how casting is done in Korea, or the types of stories being told.

        I also have noticed that they tend to have film/theatre actors aka ppl who can actually act headline their shows. And their stuff is much more risky creatively (eg Kingdom).

        Also wondering if actors/actresses/agencies are changing their strategy to try to get a piece of the Netflix pie first.

      • @Pam your explanation is completely nonsense when literally Netflix cast Song Kang, Jung Garam, Jung Chaeyeon, Youngjae and many other rookie or idol actors for their original productions. Mad for You isn’t even a Netflix product it was made exclusively for Kakao TV and sold to Netflix for international airing. The investment they are making has nothing to do with ‘elite’ talent because that is not how Netflix works. Their whole MO is to take unknown talent and turn them into superstars overnight ala Noah Centino and Lana Condor. Not to forget Sweet Home was made up entirely of rookies and is their biggest Korean hit alongside Kingdom and Love Alarm. Netflix gives creative freedom, no content restrictions and no ceiling on budgets which is what is changing the game.

      • @Nova I took a look at the lineup of Netflix originals for 2021 and it disproportionately helmed by serious and acclaimee actors: Bae Doona, Lee Jung Jae, Gong Yoo, JJH, Yooh-Ah In, Jeon Yeon Been. I don’t see as many idols or unknowns.

      • @Nova Its hilarious when people keep saying nonsense things about Netflix when Not So Worth It, Undercover, Now At Our School and Extracurricular exist. Even DP Dog Days and Sound of Magic have so many new stars in it. People think Bae Doo Na or Gong Yoo automatically mean Netflix only casts veterans when the literally built their fan base through rookies. Even their movies like Moral Sense only has idols. What a joke to think Netflix would rather cast veterans.

    • Interesting! For all the tantrums certain stans here like to come in and throw over how their fave is the biggest actor/actress in the 20s age group or for Hallyu, there’s a lot of denial about upcoming and actually competitive younger stars like HSH who are starting to bring in the money and not just be recognised as “that character from that one drama”.

      • @Royal We For Tomorrow With You, he was 2nd choice after Lee Min Ki had to drop out due to his scandal. And Where Stars Land, he was the 3rd choice after Hyun Bin/Park Bo Gum dropped it. So in terms of his pickings, he was given left overs to be frank. Perhaps, if they were written w/ him in mind/played to his strengths maybe? I always felt like he can do passionate romance like TWY, if its w/ an equal partner but someone not like CSB, it could fall flat. Altho the writing wasn’t that great tbh.

        He did do well w/ Suzy, which is why people love that film till this day. Interesting, on the ’empty’ vibes. I guess he either needs to find the right role/project to display his romance skills or he’s just not cut out for them. I do find it ironic that in rl, he really wants to do a rom-com or a romance Melo. So it seems like he himself knows if given the chance that he could pull it off, but no one has offered him it b/c his works in romance haven’t worked out.

      • @Pam – that’s exactly why I pointed out that Chae Soo Bin had a decent record in romcom and in terms of chemistry with her onscreen partners.

        people rushed to pin the problems of Where Stars Land as a problem with CSB because she’s the “lesser” young actress while LJH is the acclaimed actor, but having watched that drama I don’t think CSB being his partner was the problem at all. She herself was a second/third choice too in quite but somehow the role not being specifically written for her wasn’t a problem on her end (agreed the writing was bad though – both actors have done much better in other works), but with LJH it is? I would even see it as a one-off problem if it was just this drama but like I said, I got the same feeling re: TWY and Shin Min Ah so I don’t think it’s a female costar problem, it’s to some extent a writing problem combined with for whatever reason, him not suiting romance dramas (movies are different and considered less conventional – who knows whether that caused a different approach to be taken by him).

      • @Royal We Thanks for your honest opinion! In terms of passion/intimacy, he does bring it imo. Altho for TWY, that was an intense Melo, plus he had a major actors crush on SMA for 10 yrs so all those feelings poured into the show. The writing might have been subpar, but I felt he and SMA brought it. That being said, he’s someone who excels playing oddballs/thriller roles, but put him in romance, and his charms might falter.

        I also think his character in WSL was stiff/trauma filled. Plus it was more focused on the other airline stuff. Perhaps he and CSB (both talented, she is good with YSH in Robot drama), so I just don’t think they were a good match.

        Interesting indeed, from what I’ve seen, he’s really good at the intimate/lovey dovey scenes. But maybe, he lacks the experience? Or hasn’t found the right script yet? What do you think will take for him to get out of his romance rut?

        All I know is despite his turn in romances being less than successful than his non-romance works, he’s very desperate for romance genre lol. I do believe if given the right one, he could make it work. Something more mature w/ an older veteran like Secret Love Affair lol? His film works are mostly/most non-romance, which suits his unconventional taste. I recall Lee Joon Hyuk saying that rom-coms are hard b/c you’ve to see yourself as super charming/great, but it can also make you feel awkward/insecure to view yourself that way. Perhaps, LJH needs to let loose in them?

      • @Pam – I should also say thanks for your considerate response, and for understanding what I was trying to say! Many people aren’t as reasonable as you about perceived criticism of an actor they like.

        Romance drama-wise, it’s true some actors are just not super comfortable with it (Kang Dong Won has spent like 15 years avoiding romance works lol, and Lee Joon Hyuk is another interesting example – great in roles like slimy Seo Dong Jae in Secret Forest or in The Lies Within, but flat in anything that had a romance angle eg Bluebird’s House). LJH clearly seems to want it to work but imo maybe one way to make it land would be a less fluffy work, so to speak – a mature Ahn Pan Seok kind of romance like you suggested, or a drama with a more serious tone or one where romance is there but isn’t the main focus.

      • @Royal We Likewise! If only more people were as open minded lol.

        Yeah, some actors just aren’t good at romance b/c its hard to view/find yourself as utterly charming for X amount of time. British actor, but Hugh Grant is excellent at romance lol, even tho he’s not super attractive, it just shows you, you need that X factor/charm to make romcoms work. Not many actors can seamlessly pull that off.

        LJHyuk works best in slimey characters. In romance, bland. At least he’s aware of his faults lol. As for LJHoon, he really wants to give his romance chops another go. Maybe to prove himself/critics, he’s been begging for an adult passionate melodrama lol. Hope he can get that offer, where he can show off a mature role(TWY/WSL his characters were immature/stand-offish), in a cool/hot role, w/ a proper veteran as his partner, where the plot surrounding romance is equally strong, it’ll fit him way better!

    • @Lydia1

      Yup what matters to the investors is the commercial ability / skills of the actors/actresses not if they are well – acclaimed. There are really actors /actresses that are talented but dont have the star power to sell the dramas or films on big OTT and to other countries. It is nobody’s faults, it is just the nature of things. Well as a businessman, I would rather choose a celebrity that would ROI. Business is busines, thats the harsh thing of financial world. Actors / Actresses need to attract as many as possible investors to continue the projects and to pay for the bills of the staff, crew and artists and for the studio that handling it will make ROI also. However,celebrities have their own will also to choose from what they want to do.

      • Mentioning about casting an A-list actress like SHK then casting a B-list actor because the budget has given much to SHK. Well, these have B-list actors dont have any choice but to grab the opportunities.

        Well Im just happy for Han Soo Hee. She just needs money this time for her family so girl strike while the iron is hot. Don’t think about the critics here and there because what matters most is what you put on your family’s table.

  9. Honestly, I hope Han So Hee lives up to her early promise – TWOTM was a surprise hit and she as 2nd FL could easily have ended up a hate figure but props to her for making it work and winning the audience over instead.

    She earned those offers by her own talent and not some pre existing media played popularity which seems to be a requirement for drama casting for such a long time, and I say good for her! If she sustains it with a later hit project, it’s good – the 20s actresses field is a bit slow rn with many of the most popular ones aging into their 30s over the last couple of years (Park Shin Hye, Park Bo Young and the 90-line, Shin Hye Sun, Park So Dam, Kim Taeri, Kim Go Eun etc) and the 99-born Kim girls being the only remaining ones to make any lasting impact as actual actresses.

    • HSH being this popular despite the 2FL antagonist is rare and people here don’t seem to want to accept it. The only other ones who have achieved fame despite being the ‘hated’ female character were KTH and KSH. It’s a huge deal because it proves how difficult it is to win over an audience who were conditioned to dislike you. The 20s has been shockingly sparse but competition is picking up. A lot of the young actresses mentioned above by other commentators are sure to become big names in the near future but if you were to compare 20s actresses to 20s actors it feels like the actors will overshadow their female counterparts. The amount of fame these young men are experiencing is astronomical and the only young female actress having a similar popularity is HSH the others are not even close to her level.

      • Lee Honey also broke into lead roles proper after outshining the FL in Shine or Go Crazy, it was a late breakout but she was magnificent and deserves all the love she gets.

        (btw by “KSH” do you mean Kim So Hyun? Girl played antagonist roles as a child actress but it wasn’t till she played the younger version of the FL that people realised she’s actually a star in the making). Same with Kim Ji Won – mad talented and pretty but stuck in 2FL roles for years until Kim Eun Sook deliberately gave her a likeable 2FL character in Descendants of the Sun who had her own love line and wasn’t in a love triangle with ML/FL.

        The point re: 20s actors vs actresses is interesting to me because if anything it’s the opposite – the male category is brutally competitive, military service means actors need to establish themselves and deliver at least one hit before going away, and no one who’s bad at acting actually gets to become a big star (they might get roles like Nam Joo Hyuk or whatever bland pretty face types but those guys don’t become top stars the way Lee Jong Seok or Kim Woo Bin etc do. Think of the model-actors of LJS/KWB’s age, Hong Jong Hyun etc never got that popular or into main lead roles). Also it’s MUCH more common for male actors to become popular from playing a second lead and doing well, than it is for actresses (eg Lee Jae Wook, Kim Seon Ho, a few years ago Kim Jung Hyun etc) – so you always have new faces rising and no one can truly get big off nothing but good looks.

        With the women though, there’s a lot less likelihood of breaking out from those 2FL leads at all (which is why it’s so impressive that HSH did it), and FL mainly get cast for image/popularity rather than whether they fit the role. Sometimes you get dramas where the lead is an actress who’s acclaimed for movies (eg Kim Taeri in Mr Sunshine, Jeon Yeo Been in Vincenzo) but most dramas just seem to look at FL image and popularity while casting, rather than whether they can act or fit the role.

      • @Royal We – “No actor who is bad at acting actually becomes a big star.”

        Um…Lee Min Ho?

      • Kim Tae Hee too isn’t a good actor but everyone loves her because she is the standard of beauty. Top star status has nothing to do with acting abilities.

      • @Ophelia – I don’t think he’s *great* but he does have some baseline ability to emote, he’s not like Taecyeon (who I would actually consider a bad actor and gets away with it on account of being an idol)

        @Mush – lookism is real haha. But that’s exactly my point – Kim Tae Hee can get that top star status despite her bad acting but it’s much harder for a male actor who’s similarly bad at acting but pretty, to do it because the male field is too competitive.

      • @Royal Me I really disagree about Nma Joo Hyunk. His acting is phenomenal. I could almost see Nam Do san’s heart fluttering in some scenes. Why do you think he acts bad?

    • @royalwe

      You forgot Suzy haha, she’s bland as hell but you can’t deny her popularity.
      In Han Do Hee’s case I’m not hating I just don’t understand her appeal which is subjective. We all have people who’s hype we understand or dont, I can’t wait for the extracurricular actress to blow up now her appeal I understand.
      Equally I didn’t understand lee min Ho’s appeal or right now Song Kang’s. Ah man, im a bit salty that there are actresses born on the 90s nearly 30 that didn’t make like Kim ji won, kang sora, Lee si young and nam Ji hyun oh well I still think they could have interesting careers in their 30s.

      • I think Suy being an idol-actress, the “idol” image tends to come before the acting part in the public eye. Like, IU is even more popular (and a better actress), but even in her case her image as an idol is very strong and she’s not really seen as an ‘actress’.

        And btw I share in your saltiness about the 90s-born actresses not getting the hype and respect they deserve! Though Kim Ji Won and Nam Ji Hyun have at least made it to “established leading lady” category after having successful projects that proved their capability as FL (KJW last drama still did well but I didn’t mention her cause she’s now in her 30s by Korean age).

  10. Lee jehoon is good at acting but everytime I watch his drama or movie either I dropped it or snoozed off even though he’s scene was the one I’m watching at. Either he’s not good at picking project or his acting, still has something he lacking, I don’t know what it is. He’s good looking and all, but I just don’t think he has that attraction like the power to pull others to watch him. People either just respect him and praise him. That’s it. I kinda understand why he’s still not working yet. Although he gets high salary, but he is not that memorable in villain role too. He looks too kind for it. His acting too.

    • Thanks for your comment! I too have heard some commenters that have said, he’s charisma less or so. And of course me being a fan, I was shocked lol. I think he is charismatic, but really I think its more of his intensity and natural smolder that is his appeal. He’s also changes with every role, so it could be harder for people to pinpoint him compared to PSJ who does a lot of rom-coms.

      Interesting. Perhaps, his works aren’t your taste? He did say even he knows he doesn’t pick mainstream picks that align w/ the general public. Hmm I think what he’s lacking is maybe that star wattage factor? As in, he can do intense/serious, but comedy wise, he doesn’t seem to let himself go? Like Kim Nam Gil is both a star/actor b/c he can go there w/ his comedy.

      What is intriguing is LJH is A List in Korea (Salary wise/talent wise/status) that there are still some who don’t see it that way. If you saw Bleak Night (his breakthrough), he plays the villain there, and he was excellent in it. I just think he needs someone to offer him/give him a chance to shine in a huge project.

      • If I was an actor personally I’d love to be in LJH’s position imagine being A list and being lowkey, not overexposed and mak
        majorly respected. Rather that then being everywhere and people get sick of you and start turning on you. Similar case in hollywood, some actors are highly respected and gave Oscar’s but they’re not recognisable cause they might not go for blockbusters.
        Also a unpopular opinion, I love PSJ but somehow I don’t feel like I’m watching PSJ the famous star acting and I can’t unsee that.

      • @Kailey b Well for them to do so, those actors need to stop taking on the same roles that they know brings them easy success. But really, for LJH’s case, he did say he turned down romance roles after Architecture 101. He turned down the ML roles in King 2 Hearts and Misaeng, which tells me he doesn’t want to be tied down to a certain look/genre.

        Good point about Hollywood. I feel like in the West, b/c its more diverse/bigger. You see actors who are able to be successful but also low key. Like a lot of British actors like Rachel Weisz & Cillian Murphy do blockbusters, but they’re not in your faces, and yet are very respected, and are still able to do the smaller films.

        I heard some critics regarding PSJ. Tbh, a lot of Hallyu superstars status undermines them imo. Like Song Jeong Ki/Hyun Bin, sure they’re talented, but they’re too famous that it eclipses their talents that I see them like Tom Cruise is. So for LJH, while he’s not as famous as those guys, he’s in a solid position as he’s A List, well regarded, low key, under the radar, but not tied down by big star burdens/images as a result. The irony is we say this, & he does get a big Hallyu drama lol but I digress.

      • @Pam: I feel like the bankability of American/British actors has less to do with CF deals appeal (which seems to wholly be a Korean thing, correct me if I’m wrong) and more on if they can actually act and carry a film/series. The most bankable stars aren’t necessarily “top visuals” standing there looking like flower vases, but almost all of them have some acting credibility and won acting awards. I can’t think of the Western equivalents of LMH, Suzy, Kim Tae Hee, etc.

      • @pam Yh the talent pool in hollywood is more diverse. Like my fav Saoirse ronan is another example too, girls got 4 oscar nominations but the average person in the street would not know her name. If she did a blockbuster like her peers Emma stone and Jennifer Lawrence then she’d be well known. I think some actors revel in not being that well known. In hollywood there’s also a genuine dying breed of movie starts, currently there’s no Tom cruises, Tom Hanks, Nicole kidman or even Jennifer Lawrence.

        LHJ is in a good position tbh even in is 50s he’ll be solid rather than actors who rely on visuals (though I find LHJ really good looking).

        After watching arthdal chronicles I’ve changed my mind about SJK, he’s proved that he can easily disappear into a role something I havent seen Lee min ho, hyun bin and PSJ (not yet) etc. He deserves all the hype and more, I also couldn’t take him seriously when he was announced as a Mafia and now he’s won me over lol.

      • @Ophelia Its hard to say. In Korea, CFs are annoying/silly. But in the West, there are A Listers like Jennifer Garner hawking Credit Cards lol, or Jennifer Aniston w/ Vitamin Water/Vitamin Ads. So they do CFs, but one or two, not like double digits like K stars do. For actresses, nabbing luxury ad campaigns/beauty brands are another factor to their success as in their viability/mass appeal. Bae Doona is Louis Vuitton’s brand rep/model.

        It’s hard b/c there are some cases where stars w/ SNS followings got a role over talented stars like Saoirse Ronan not getting a Marvel role for that. I also feel there are some movie stars that I don’t get their appeal, they act the same, yet are famous like Chris Hemsworth & Ryan Reynolds.

        Its harder in Korea, b/c they hold their celebs to a higher degree. Plus, lookism so actresses are there as visuals, but rarely do they take any risks/offered edgy roles. The best ones are those that are top stars, well regarded, yet low key, and are settled down w/o needing to bend over to fans/public expectations. Like Julianne Moore and Ryan Gosling.

      • @Kailey b Oh hey! Loving this great convo btw 🙂 Hollywood is international, actors can work in that system, and then go back to their quiet life in wherever. For Korea, its harder b/c its a way smaller/less diverse industry. Plus, the public expects way too much/places so much on their celebs/actors. Even lesser known actors can’t escape this, its unfortunate.

        I love Saoirse Ronan too! She’s a child actress turned right! She got turned down Jean Grey in X Men to Sophie Turner, b/c she didn’t have the star power. Yet in a way, Saoirse won b/c she’s well regarded/acclaimed, but has a boyfriend, a great career, and under the radar. Hollywood is opposite to Korea when I see them trying to cast these young 20 yr olds in big roles/parts, every yr. Movie stars are dying, they hold some weight, but its just not the way it used to be esp. w/ how many things are vying for our attention now. Even in Korea, they keep giving big roles/projects to late 30s to 40s, it does feel like where will the industry go/be in the future?

        LJH is a certified stud!! He’s gotten only more hotter/attractive since Signal! That being said, I do feel like he could easily rest on his looks, & do easy wins like romance but he has chosen not to. He’s an actor I feel will bloom even further/get the proper recognition when he’s in his 40s. He’s someone who has longevity/staying power (might not pop out as much now), but in the future, he’ll be the one winning major awards/leaving a legacy behind.

      • If I were to make a comparison lee je hoon’s acting is little too texbook-ie, it’s like a perfect recipe, completely following the instructions given, it has all the right flavour, but lacking the ‘wow’ taste. Maybe he could add a little ‘MSG’ for people to be addicted with, although it’s unhealthy, his too healthy, too perfect, too following the rules. Maybe that’s why. His vibes sometimes reminds me of Joseph Gordon Levitt, I like both of them and they made me remind of each other.

      • @Pam – True. Forgot about Jennifer Aniston hawking Vitamin Water. But Western stars maybe do 1-2 CFs. They still make much more money from tv and films, and not CFs, unlike in Korea.

        Saoirse Ronan actually turned down Marvel years ago. She didn’t get passed over. Sophie Turner did get cast as Jean Grey, but the reception to her acting was so poor that I doubt she’ll get cast in a big commercial role again soon. People have less patience for bad acting.

        Agree with your points on West being more diverse and Korea being a smaller pool and focusing on different things (e.g. visuals).

      • @Ophelia – I have to agree with you on the western equivalents part, even if you look at actors like Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie (or in the 90s, Winona Ryder and Leo) who have a lot of stans for their looks, they’re at least ok at acting or not consistently BAD, you know?

    • @jcw Holy crap!! Did you read my mind? I always thought LJH reminded me of JGL too! Well when JGL was transitioning from cute guy to hot leading man! They also had similarities to me, both did more intense/un-mainstream work prior to their success. But their indie sensibilities or their quirks kinda stop them from becoming an even bigger name than possible. Altho for JGL, his looks as a leading man were sorta on the way out w/ Marvel guys coming in. Plus, his follow ups were bad/he took time off once he had kids.

      I’m impressed is how we both felt similar to how LJH reminds us of JGL! I think we might be the only ones lol? Both have that everyday appeal that appeals to all ages, both are charming and cute, but can be suave/sexy when needed. The only difference is LJH’s body/built is more fit/ripped lol. What about you, what are the reasons for thinking they’re similar?

      I found your comment intriguing! The dir. of Phantom Detective said LJH always surprised him on set, so he’s def. likes to play w/ his role on set. Weirdly I guess that doesn’t show on screen? Or perhaps, he hasn’t found that role for him yet?

    • @Ophelia Some influencers shill awful stuff like diet pills and what not. But those are Z listers. For A listers, they’re selective w/ what they choose to hawk. Usually its a beauty deal or fashion deal, as those are seen classier, and they do pay well if one gets a contract w/ them. It’s really about being selective and exclusive, and what fits your brand. Jennifer Aniston/Vitamin Water fit so well b/c she has the fitness/health vibe in rl.

      Its not like Korea where actors shill the most random stuff for easy cash grabs. I much prefer actors like Kim Nam Gil who could easily done a lot of CFs after Fiery Priest, but instead waits/is more selective w/ his choices. He waited and now is the new face of Kia’s luxury car. I know the big $$ is for CFs, but I think the key is to do a few like 1-3 instead of like a lot, b/c it kinda cheapens your brand/integrity imo. Also it has to be the right fit for the talent too.

      For Saoirse, Sophie said her SNS followers gave her the push over to someone more acclaimed. All I can say is Saoirse is someone who has been up for big tentpoles (The Hobbit!), but either due to her low key nature/such, she doesn’t do them/is given them. But she’s still young/very regarded, so its only a matter of time so she chooses to do so. Actresses like her are very lucky to excel in their field, able to have a normal life, whereas in Korea, actresses like her would A) Never get the depth of roles she gets, B) Nor the privacy. It’s a shame imo, and a reason why there aren’t many 20’s aged superstars/acclaimed actresses.

      Korea is a smaller industry, they could market to Asia, but even then, domestic wise, Korean actors would want to excel in their home country lol. I do think its smart when they do something like Pachinko or Minari,dipping into a pool where other Asian creatives are there. I think the smart actors sorta go international, and work with creatives not only in Hollywood but Europe/Asia like Bae Doona. Going International gave her more cred/respect. I do think the whole visuals aspects stagnates the actors (More for Dramas), & the lack of diversity (in terms of faces/bodies) kinda makes it harder to stand out imo. Unfortunately, don’t see this changing anytime soon…

      • @Pam – yeah I have never seen an entertainment industry AS obsessed with visuals as Korean entertainment. And their idea of visuals is very one-note too. Yes, all entertainment industries place a huge emphasis on looks, but for other industries, top stars need to have SOME acting skills. You can’t just coast along on only your face (eg people like Suzy, Kim Tae Hee, Yoona).

        Imagine having to watch Kendall Jenner / Gigi / Bella Hadid on your screen all the time.

      • @Ophelia I feel like its worse in drama land than films. Altho even in films, you see idols popping up now. I mean yes looks sell, but if you wanted to rely on looks. Just be a model lol? Yeah, the people they built as visuals are non threatening but attainable.

        IA. Its a bit much, like when they’re crying, but trying to not look ‘ugly’ which is ridiculous. I feel like we’ve seen a few faces pop up (more in the film realm) that don’t fit those standards, so hopefully that kinda changes. But yeah, if you want to look pretty, just be a model but even then models have higher standards/more diversity lmao.

  11. Make her happen? She earned it you salty op
    Ahe stood her ground against senior actoes in twom and made viewers hate her. Which is job of actor
    She has tens of cf deals
    And she is earning those projects
    Op go and stan likes of suzy who get offers because of companies
    Whereas an actress who made her way to top isnt your cup of tea

  12. based on trailer, I’m not too fond of the shot they take… Seems the feels is not getting there. Like they seems more like an MV trailer than a drama trailer. but we will see.

  13. A true actress who made her name from ground to top. Made name in a show where she played a vamp
    An actress who has most offers in 20s age actress groups, tens of cf deals
    Op go and stan people like suzy who has big company
    This girl is new queen in making and not a showpiece actress
    But an actress who have strong roles
    Not many actresses get big with vamp roles based on acting . This girl did
    Media hype is all earned
    Her future is bright and she is getting best roles
    Shr has tons of cfs deals. Because korea loves her. She is natural beautu as well. A goddess level beauty like taehyeji. Not idol level cheap beauty

  14. Very interesting discussion happening here.
    About Han So Hee, I was pretty impressed with her performance in TWOTM. She was the mistress, but she made me both hate and sympathise with her. She was able to make her character vulnerable and complex, rather than just bitchy and selfish. In 100 Days My Prince, she was again the “bad” 2nd FL, but again she was able to earn my sympathy. Maybe she chose these 2nd FL roles well, and is good at picking the ones that has more depth and complexity. Of course she is also really gorgeous, though I wish she would smile more in her roles. I am v curious to see her performance in Nevertheless where I hope to see a more light-hearted character, though I suspect it will get pretty intense in the storyline.

    @Pam About Lee Je Hoon, I had similar discussion about his career trajectory with another Kdrama fan recently. I’ve seen him in Signal, Move to Heaven and part of Taxi Driver. For sure he is a good actor, very intense and is quite good looking too. But I don’t get drawn to him or his character in all the 3 works that I’ve watched him in. Instead I am more drawn to his other co-stars. I think maybe he is missing that X-factor and screen presence to become a major S Tier star? Just my opinion and observation. As for why he has not become a “hallyu star”, it might be a combination of the projects he chose and that extra screen presence or audience affinity that is missing? IMHO.

    • @ssy Was this discussion on this site? I’m curious about that discussion!

      I heard some people say he doesn’t have charisma, like I get it if they said his acting’s not for them. But anyways, imo he has big screen presence. But its also his choices too, like he turns down romance projects or projects where it could’ve garnered him success for lesser/diff characters like Secret Door instead of Misaeng or Fashion King instead of King 2 Hearts. I do think after Signal, his old agency tried to make him a bigger star but didn’t work as intended like Tomorrow With You/Where Stars Land. His film work is more diverse.

      Perhaps its also b/c he’s such a chameleon that people forgot its LJH, so people see the role not the star which is good. But to be a major S Tier star, could be an issue for people to pinpoint him b/c of how he’s diff. in each role. Interesting, I def. think his intensity/smolder prohibits him from those projects imo, put him in a rom-com, and more likely there’s going to be trauma/sadness. I thought he & SMA had electric chemistry, they saved the show.

      From your career trajectory about him. If being a Hallyu star isn’t in his cards (tbh, I don’t think even he wants that since he’s turned down those parts/or maybe timing wasn’t right since he had to enlist asap after Architecture 101). Then where do you see his career going from now, esp. w/ his 2 Hit Dramas this yr? Do you see him striking in the future? Or just becoming an award winning actor like a Song Kang Ho?

      Its weird for me lol, b/c he has the looks, charm, body, & etc to be a bigger star. But yes, his works tend to be good w/ smaller audience, or when he chooses romance, it doesn’t work out well. So either its the scripts, his FL’s, or him not finding the right one, or him being the wrong match. If he did Something in the Rain type of drama, that would fit him very well imo, and could be the drama that gives him that major popularity that’s been eclipsing him.

      • RE Lee Je hoon, it was a discussion via private chat and not an open forum. I don’t profess to watch enough of LJH’s work to make the most rounded conclusion so this are just my thots. The topic came up cuz he has 2 high profile works this year that I was interested in ie Taxi Driver and Move to Heaven. From the 3 works I’ve seen of him, LJH played characters that are not immediately charming. So it may be his choice of roles which prevented him from getting the big fan base. In Move to Heaven, I was not that sympathetic with his character until the last few episodes when he discovered what his older brother did for him. That crying scene was really amazingly done! In all his roles, I find him intense, acted well, but I don’t feel like I want to know more about him – he doesn’t give off the hints/ vibes of that hidden mystery or personal story that I want to find out more (not sure if you get what I mean). There are other intense actors who don’t do comedies too like LJH, but as soon as they appear on-screen, I am drawn to their character. One actor I can immediately think of is Lee Byung Hun (he’s not my fav now cuz of his past scandals but cannot deny his charisma and screen presence).

        But I believe film and drama fans appreciate LJH’s works and performances. He will likely do better by going the direction of movie actors like Song Kang Ho playing quirky, interesting, offbeat roles that earns acting accolades rather than that hallyu or idolised star status. And I do believe that’s the direction he is purposefully heading for. I’ve not seen him in rom.com roles so not sure how well he fares there. If he can hit the jackpot with a role like Shin Ha Kyun in Beyond Evil and create an unforgettable character, either in a drama or movie, I believe his stardom will rise even higher.

      • @ssy Omg! Totally understand! I love these discussions from an unbiased pov! It gives more truth imo! I watched/read a good amount of LJH, and the guy for the most part wants to challenge himself, and not box himself in. As I said above, he turned down romance parts/projects that would’ve gained him easy success/fast fame. That being said, it does intrigue me that he also has been putting in the work drama wise. 2021 def. gained him a lot of new fans/attention, his SNS followers did go up. What intrigues me is he left his longterm agency in April, so if its rumored that he’ll be a solo agency, then his choices that follow will intrigue me more. B/c Where Stars Land/Tomorrow With You were def. agency picks imo after Signal gave his career a big boost again, but it didn’t go as planned. However, his films were well received (non romance). Park Yeol/I Can Speak. Altho he didn’t get any awards/noms, he did say he done those films b/c the FL’s were able to shine from them. Which tells me that he’s ok w/ sharing the spotlight/letting his costars shine, which I dig and tells a lot of his humility.

        Your right! Even in Tomorrow With You, his character starts off kinda creepy/a-hole which drew people off. His characters tend to be brash, serious, intense, and on the edge which is ironic b/c his persona in rl is the opposite. Its interesting b/c a lot of rom-com leads kinda are problematic looking back, but those guys went on to be huge so dunno why the disconnect. But I guess, he picks roles/projects that on paper seem like a big get but nada like Fashion King/Secret Door. His drama picks have been subpar (I think he did them to gain more footing/popularity), b/c he could easily reside in film land. So I guess either him or his old agency thought he had potential to be a big star, but then again, he turned down romance projects after Architecture 101/King 2 Hearts to not get typecast, which tells me he’s someone who wants to differentiate himself. He’s a smart guy, he said recently that the industry constantly wants new faces, so he has to bring something new & that makes the audience want him.

        Ooh intriguing on the hidden mystery aspect! Is it b/c you find him boring? Or he’s one of those actors whose persona isn’t larger than life, that it doesn’t really intrigue you to know more? I kinda get what you mean, certain actors I find talented/screen presence but I don’t care to find out more about them in rl. LJH did do some comedy in Collectors, he looked super hot in it lol. But I find his intensity/smolder would lend better to a spy thriller like Lust, Caution or a noir. Unfortunately, Korea doesn’t make those films, but if they did, he would do so well. Even something like The Night Manager or The Bodyguard w/ LJH as the ML would be smoking’!! On LBH, I know what you mean, minus his personal life, he is super charismatic/X factor that makes him S Tier.

        I’ve read several comments that have said LJH is charisma less or someone who lacks that X factor. Of course, as a fan, he is charming/full package, but I also see why they would say that too. Its hard b/c LJH is a heartthrob in Korea/A List there, but his looks and his status isn’t treated that way. As in, he’s not getting big projects w/ huge big names like LBH or Song Kang Ho, or working with Bong Joon Ho and the like. Like the industry supports/respects his talents/skills, yet something’s missing to make him a huge star? Either his choices to do some un-easy roles (which is another factor)/the roles/projects he chooses didn’t pan out as expected which happens.

        But yes, IA. Going the Song Kang Ho (He said he’s one of his idols) route is an option (Unless he gets a big Hallyu drama soon lol, which could change his path). In terms of romance (he’s done more Melo/intense romance w/ cute moments), I think he’s great at kissing/intimacy w/ his FL’s, but some comments say he’s the issue as in romance something’s off? Like he doesn’t fit in that genre? But when he does romance (TWY/WSL) it flops/doesn’t do much for his career, I know he really wants to do a romance but his bankability in that genre is not secure. I love this talk, thank you btw! Good call, while Taxi Driver/Move to Heaven helped raise his profile even more (esp. from I-fans), it does feel like the Stuntman issue in S.K (Some who didn’t get his high salary) shows me even K-fans underrate him, as in they’re aware of him, but other than Signal, he doesn’t really stick by their minds which intrigues me b/c he’s considered A List/his films do solid), but I guess he’s just low key/is cool w/ taking the backseat at times. He really needs that one film and/or drama w/ a memorable/iconic character to really give him his due. Altho I thought Taxi was that for him, ratings were solid/on Wavve it was #1 for its duration. But this is the first step to him going further in his career. Obviously he’s famous in Korea/well regarded as an actor, but Baeksangs haven’t nom’d him in TV yet, nor has he won major awards since Bleak Night. It’ll be interesting/fun to see where he goes/takes as he gets older. Actors in their 40s tend to get more cred/respect, maybe Park Chan Wook or Bong Joon Ho call him up & give him that mega role?!

    • @ssy Hey! Not sure if your still here! Thanks for your talk! Just wanted to write this to show you I did reply to your comment! So hopefully when it shows up, we can discuss it! Also apologies as it turned out quite longer than expected lol!

      • @Pam Wow, such a long reply from you. Firstly, there might have been some miscommunication about what I wrote earlier of LJH’s hidden mystery of lack-off – I was actually referring to the characters he was playing and not his real life (don’t kn much about his real personality). I meant that his performance did not make me want to find out more about his character. Again this is a personal experience which may differ for you and other audience.

        As for his desire to venture into romance roles, all the best to him. I guess romance dramas/ movies may seem easy but it’s tougher than it looks. The ability to make audience fall for you and believe that the female lead will fall for you, is easier said than done. Maybe he might be better for him to take up more realistic romance shows rather than the typical rom.com which might not be his forte. He seems to thrive in serious roles so portraying a realistic romance character in a realistic romance drama or movie (I think movie is better) might work for him.

        I do not know how A Tier status is given in South Korea. Maybe he is A Tier based on his acting and works, but less so when it comes to commerciality? He needs to be able to lead (not just co-lead) a big commercial project and ensure investors of its success (or investors are confident of his ability to bring in box office or ratings). But I don’t think he is at that level yet? Again this is my perception based on what I’ve seen and read about LJH on K-ent news so far. You may have more insight than me since you follow his career more closely.

      • @ssy I know haha. I wish I wrote this long response in a private forum lol, or cut it down a bit. I got a bit carried away, and realized how much I written in the heat of it lol, as soon as I clicked send. Unfortunately, I don’t think one can delete here ugh lol. Hopefully no one like steals/takes my reply or finds it ever lol.

        But on a serious note, ah I see! Yeah, some or his most known roles are pricks/a-holes/oddballs. His breakthrough role (Bleak Night) was in that viscidity. Yep, realistic romance where he plays a mature role w/ an equally amazing veteran talent or a serious melodrama where romance isn’t the main focus. He can bring the passion/intimacy, but he just needs that dynamic script, whether its in film or drama. A passionate romance film could help him ease himself into his next chapter of his career, into a grown man.

        He’s considered A List in Korea, but b/c of his film status (His films while not blockbusters, are successful). In dramas, less so, but Taxi did show me he gets paid A List level. His fees are not small, but his solo bankability is not solid as @Lydia1 recalled. He’s considered a bankable leading man in film, but his disaster project fell through due to lack of funds. I guess, for epics/blockbusters, producers are hesitant to give him that yet. I think for smaller budgeted films, he has the bankability. But he’s also someone that has turned down romance films/dramas during his rise to stardom. PDs/writers respect the guy, wouldn’t be surprised in 2-3 yrs, he gets offered one. Perhaps, he might even go international, outside Korea in the future?

  15. So miss koalas is indirectly implying she has a sponsor. Welcome entertainment industry worldwide is dirty. If u assume she made to top with a push, then every actor without rich family did
    Even lee Y A married a grandpa and he was rumored to be her sponsor. And she is hallyu queen of all time
    Hsh is most in demand 20s actress and cf queen. And she earned it by her good acting and hit drama. Unlike woozie who needed company like jyp to land her roles

    • Hahaha welcome to entertaimnent industry.Don’t think actress or actor suddenly landed role without sponsor or help.Remember late jang ja-yeon?Just because you A-lister doesnt mean you can cut relationship with sponsor.Song hye kyo carrer get help by rumored sponsor lee byung hyun and also help lee min jung career.Lmj didnt find succes after boys before flower so she decide come to lee byung hun again but too bad she just bad actress.Thats why she married him.

      • Lol you’re so funny. Song Hye Kyo was popular before LBH came into the frame with her. Such hater always accused Song Hye Kyo of buying sponsorship.

  16. It’s well known that Suzy through an audition got the role of Architecture 101,after the huge success of her role in the movie, she got many offers and became a cf queen! Meanwhile you said her company got her offers but praise hsh earned all by herself! What a double stand! I know why you do that, evertime you try to praise your oppa lmh, you dragged down her, when you try to praise another actress, you dragged down her again, you hatter just never leave her alone!

    • Why on earth are you Suzy stans constantly perched in threads about other actresses anyway?

      It’s rich of all of you to be whining when you stans are constantly in threads about other ACTRESSES shitting on them because we dare to say they earned their chances by talent unlike your fave. Defensive, much?

      And as for the straw man “oppa” argument….interesting that male actors like Song Kang and Lee Min Ho are criticised and called bland here but no one flies off the handle on their behalf. Hell even the Lee Je Hoon fans in this very thread behaved reasonably and don’t behave like thin-skinned psychos when I criticised aspects of his acting. Maybe because they don’t have as much to be defensive about.

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