Netflix Schedules Period Drama Gyeongsang Creature with Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee for December 22nd Premiere Split Into Two Parts Like The Glory

The timing and the airing schedule just looks like Netflix wants to generate another mega hit like The Glory from last year in 2022. The Glory premiered part 1 on the last day of December and then three months later part 2 continued the strong reception with a satisfying conclusion. This year the streaming platform has put the big budget period drama Gyeongsang Creature in the holiday season time slot, with the Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee starring drama confirmed to air December 22nd with part 1 with the second part to come. I hope the drama is super good otherwise splitting it into parts only deflates the urgency to watch.

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Production Company Studio Dragon Releases CF Presentation Promo with First Look at Upcoming K-dramas Including Gyeongsang Creature and See You in My 19th Life

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Netflix Mic Drops First Stills for 2023 K-dramas Including High Profile Gyeongseong Creature, Lee Doo Na!, Remake of Someday or One Day, Sweet Home 2, and Many More

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