Kim Tae Ri Tops K-ent Insiders Pick for Top Choice as Female Lead, Followed by Gong Hyo Jin and Song Hye Kyo

The ladies version of the same insider polling results are out and deserves as much attention as the men. In a surprise (for me at least) pick, Kim Tae Ri got the most votes with 6 as the actress that industry insiders listed as their number 1 pick in casting the female lead. She was followed by Gong Hyo Jin with 5 votes and then Song Hye Kyo who got 3 votes. Kim Tae Ri insiders say is versatile with big success in every project whether movie or drama and is still so young with tons of upside. Gong Hyo Jin is the experienced race horse with two decades of track record and is still hitting new career highs. And Song Hye Kyo is the Hallyu queen and South Korea’s representative actress to the rest of the world. The following actresses all got votes as well, with 2 votes each going to Jeon Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin, IU, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Park Shin Hye, with these ladies each getting 1 vote with Han Hyo Joo, Honey Lee, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Bo Young, Han So Hee, and Shin Mina.


Kim Tae Ri Tops K-ent Insiders Pick for Top Choice as Female Lead, Followed by Gong Hyo Jin and Song Hye Kyo — 51 Comments

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  2. Indeed i guess producers are looking for young+ bankable actors who are rising up the ladder…no wonder psj and ktr topped..
    As much as we rave abt the a-lister early 80s actresses , it’s a fact that their age certainly puts a limit to the number of roles that they can choose..But at the same time i am impressed that Gong Hyo Jin came a close second to Kim tae ri.

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  4. 1. Surprised that Jun Ji Hyun and Son Ye Jin aren’t ranked higher. Maybe for JJH it’s because she’s so picky that casting agents gave up?

    2. Pleasantly surprised and impressed that Jeon Yeon Bin made the list already. She sure is on rocketship after Vincenzo. She deserves it though; she is so, so, so talented and one of the actresses I’m most looking forwards to seeing develop.

    3. Feel like Seo Ye Ji would’ve made the list if not for her scandal

    • The difference between #3 and all those tied at #4 is 1 vote. Seems like its all over the place. Only overwhelming pick is KTR which is kind of bizarre tbh, although I like her.

      • All the one with 1 vote have dramas coming up or airing at the time so their production houses voted for them out of desperation. They need any promotion they can get.

      • Kim Tae Ri is the biggest internationel movie star of that list that isnt JJH, Bae Donna, Jeon Do-Yeon,Kim Min Hee.

        She has starred in big Chan Park Wook film that was big in Cannes. Korean cinema is bigger in the West, Europe compared to kdrama.
        Here in Sweden people know mostly movie stars from S.Korea KTR, Kim Min Hee etc because they have starred in acclaimed Korean directors movies. Kdrama isn’t as mainstream in Europe as Korean movies.

    • @Timmy LOL bitter much. They were top for a reason. Talking about their productions house voted for them out of desperation is the most ridiculous thing of the day. You are probably too biased to ignore all the desperation voting from the fans to their favorite. Just because yours doesn’t make it to the top, you calling it desperation. You’re the desperation one here.

    • Seo Ye Ji is such a waste of talent and beauty. Although she probably will come back albeit in smaller roles and projects. I do find it interesting that Seohyun is getting a lot more roles now, Nampo actors helped but also a part of it seems like goodwill now that the truth came out. Had her controversy not been brought to light, SYJ would’ve been included 100%, esp since IOTNBO did amazing globally. She had a fierce look to her that made her stand out too.

  5. Another senseless list this one. KTR is a good actress but the one drama she was in was hard carried by LBH and KES making a writing breakthrough. Her last movie Space Sweepers she barely had any screen time nor was the role interesting. Little Forest wasn’t exactly a hit either so why her over KGE who has had more successful projects in comparison and is younger. JJH and SYJ getting only 2 votes makes 0 sense and HSH getting just 1 vote despite being the ‘hottest’ young actress in town makes even less sense.

    • Although she’s still considering, she has an upcoming drama with NJH so they must promote. They expect it to be a big hit. KTR is a good actress, but more indie than mainstream, I never thought she would choose this kind of drama…She will surely get popular and mainstream thanks to NJH

      • haha you guys are so funny
        “mainstream thanks to NJH”

        we are talking about Korea not overseas, she is bigger than him there
        even though she just made one drama its more successful than any thing that NJH made, someone who was overshadowed in his last drama

      • Does KTR need to be in every high profile project opposite other top stars? If she wants to be in a drama where she is the star and major draw factor, she can.

    • Yeah its a bit odd. Perhaps its b/c she doesn’t fit their beauty ideals nor has that IT factor, granted Gong Hyo Jin is heavily lauded. I guess, she’s still a question mark for PDs, maybe not the 1st choice, but 2nd or 3rd choice?

  6. Mediaplay list part 2. Agencies and production houses paying for promotion. No wonder knetz said the list was bizzare and nonsense.

  7. This list makes more sense to me than the men’s though I don’t really understand KTR getting the most votes. Shin Hye Sun should have been on the list over Han So Hee IMO.

  8. LOL this list is even dumber than the men’s list! Half the list doesn’t even deserve to be on it and last place names are all hilarious! Who paid to get them included? PBY her drama flopped big time!

  9. SHS over KYJ and PBY any day! She’s the way better actor and has more successful projects than either of them combined and she does it without relying on her male leads! Why are those 2 even on this list after 2 flop dramas!

    • Keep being salty. ?
      KYJ and PBY are more in demand than your fave. Oh, I like SHS by the way. She’s so unlucky to have you as her fan that’s why she’s not on the list.

  10. The production company that worked with her in Mr. Sunshine wasn’t even included in the survey but sure her 6 votes are all paid or something lol so obvious that commenters here are heavily biased towards the early 80s stars or earlier batch of Hallyu stars in general lmao anyway

  11. The male list and the female list, I don’t know which is more ridiculous and funny.

    It is like it was being compiled by a Mischievous troll

  12. Airite, I don’t know if this list is media play or not like a bunch of ppl are yelling (@Lydia1, where you at to clarify?), but I am most excited to see Jeon Yeon Bin on the list. She has so much acting range and doesn’t look like a cookie cutter actress.

    Ppl were saying Han So Hee rose quickly but JYB has the fastest rise I’ve seen. I checked out her drama resume before and she went from minor lead, to landing FL against SJK in her second drama, to leading her own Netflix drama on her 3rd bat. Talk about leapfrogging to success.

    Nice to see the industry recognizing talent instead of solely visuals for once.

    • She already said her thoughts in the other article. The list is apparently correct according to her, PSJ is guaranteed ratings and reasonable rates while KTR has been in demand since Mr. Sunshine due to successful transition to drama from movies but both are very picky. Her words not mine.

    • @MMM Actually the emphasis is not so much her picky. But most scripts + character bible are largely written for female protagonists in their mid 20s to early 30s. Actresses in this age group with star power and good acting is less than a handful. Which really leaves only Kim Taeri, Kim Go-Eun and Park Shin Hye when it comes to having a huge hit drama (lesser degree IU since some directors still actively avoid idol actresses). Kim Taeri’s crossover was a big success plus she’s considered traditionally pretty by korean standards and refreshing, naturally became the top pick after Mr. Sunshine.

      • Ohh that makes more sense actually, thank you for clarifying. Didn’t know KGE is considered as an actress with a star power and good acting, I dunno I just can’t watch her in Goblin and TKEM I guess and she’s been constantly criticized by knetz too. On top of my head is PSH, KTR, IU, PBY in the 90s liner. HSH is probably on the way there too. Shin Hyesun is a bit in an awkward spot maybe? But she can carry a drama.

      • @MMM

        Well, you also had Seo Ye Ji in the 90s lineup until she shot herself in the foot with her behavior. She really had the potential to go all the way. Aishhh.

        Park Shin Hye and good acting don’t belong in the same sentence…

      • @MMM – Bingo on HSH. Thats also part of the reason for her meteoric rise. She’s in the right age bracket, has decent acting skills (which don’t really get into controversies as big as Suzy’s panned acting or PSH’s intimate scenes), throw in goddess like visuals adored by advertisers and production field you get the next big thing. Nevertheless and its ratings won’t derail her any time soon. I am just more worried about how these merciless witch hunting netizens and negative press will affect her emotionally. Every person has a breaking point and she IS moving up wayyyy too fast.

      • I haven’t seen any immense uncalled criticisms on HSH yet at least domestically so I think she’ll be fine in that front but I might have to agree she is rising too fast even though it doesn’t show yet in her filmography.

  13. There was another list abt rising stars..
    There Lee Do Hyun and Go minsi topped with 8 votes each..followed by Han so Hee 5 and Song Kang 3.
    So people Hsh is still one of the hottest names in the industry rn..Girl only needs to choose a better project next time..That park seo joon drama can indeed give her another break.
    However, i m quite surprised..candy boy Cha Eunwoo didn’t manage to get a single vote..Rowoon was the only idol actor with 2 votes.

  14. According to a list I saw on Twitter, JJH, SYJ and IU ranked above KTR and SHK didn’t even make the top five – which seems so much more realistic tbh – so this is news to me lol. JJH at the top makes the most sense, SYJ had an incredible 2 years and IU is, well, IU, so this top three is confusing when 2/3 have not had a truly successful project in years. Not sure if SHS is still feeling the effects of the controversy professionally but I wouldn’t doubt it :/

  15. I read online that the list isn’t that prestigious, the polling only have a few voters, and that they’re not those in power (these so called insiders), those who truly make casting decisions. So it’s not a big deal and no need for anyone to really argue who deserves or not to be on the list haha

  16. Honestly speaking, the list is perhaps only important to fans who want to brag that their faves are highly sought after, but that in itself is pretty childish (obviously). The only thing that matters is if they have any upcoming work, and whether that project is good. If they are in demand they get the better scripts, true, but ultimately if it’s a hit or not depend on a culmination of different factors, and the biggest of all: luck.

    • @kitai – I think the list is interesting from a curious bystander perspective to know who is “in”. There were some names I didn’t expect. Ofc what actually bears out in reality is the work itself, but if we all just stuck to the output there’d be no lively discussion.

      • I don’t see any “lively” discussion about this list, everyone just comes across as salty, insisting that their faves need to be in. You are also looking at a sample size of 14, one-vote getters can essentially be discounted.

  17. Bhahaha Song hye kyo need media play for next drama because her male lead was weak and bland actor! She will hard carrying her drama because jky doesn’t power bringing high rating!Jan ki young rating drama right now 3%.Goodluck!

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