Kim Tae Ri Tops K-ent Insiders Pick for Top Choice as Female Lead, Followed by Gong Hyo Jin and Song Hye Kyo

The ladies version of the same insider polling results are out and deserves as much attention as the men. In a surprise (for me at least) pick, Kim Tae Ri got the most votes with 6 as the actress that industry insiders listed as their number 1 pick in casting the female lead. She was followed by Gong Hyo Jin with 5 votes and then Song Hye Kyo who got 3 votes. Kim Tae Ri insiders say is versatile with big success in every project whether movie or drama and is still so young with tons of upside. Gong Hyo Jin is the experienced race horse with two decades of track record and is still hitting new career highs. And Song Hye Kyo is the Hallyu queen and South Korea’s representative actress to the rest of the world. The following actresses all got votes as well, with 2 votes each going to Jeon Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin, IU, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Park Shin Hye, with these ladies each getting 1 vote with Han Hyo Joo, Honey Lee, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Bo Young, Han So Hee, and Shin Mina.

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